Ecstas Online – Vol. 8 – ch. 4

This is a short NSFW chapter, so don’t start reading it in public xD. 

Still unsure about what to translate after Ecstas, I might ask my patrons on Patreon if they have any suggestions in the next weeks. 


As for the next chapter of Seiken, I’ll finish it tomorrow (19/30 pages translated) and it’s so good, this volume has gone from great to awesome!! If you haven’t tried the series, I totally recommend it! If you watched the anime and want to start reading it but not from the beginning, Volume 6 would be the starting point since the anime just covered 5 volumes (and poorly :’c). But the series go from entertaining to great to awesome! 



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7 thoughts on “Ecstas Online – Vol. 8 – ch. 4

  1. I’m not a patron but if you don’t mind a suggestion for after Ecstas
    Redo of Healer LN
    It’s somewhat similar to Ecstas (I mean in the whole NSFW thing) and there’s no one translating the LN


    1. Hi, I’m not receiving suggestions for the time being, and as for your suggestion in particular, there’s no way that redo of healer won’t get a licensed version


      1. Alright, sorry for bothering
        Also, I hope you’re right. The WN is already pretty interesting, so the LN should be pretty good as well


      2. due to the popularity it has and the number of copies sold, it’s bound to have a licensed version. While I like reading the manga, idk if I could translate it since I’m not too much into the revenge stuff and Ecstas made me hate ecchi-focused light novels, for now at least.


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