Unbreakable Machine-Doll


As of 12/13/2020, this series will no longer be translated by me. Another TL Group reached out to me asking me to give them the fan TL to them. since they’ll be dedicated to this series, more chapters can be translated, which is good for the fans following this series.

This is their site: https://setsugetsukatrifecta.wordpress.com/


Description copied from novelupdates.com:

Raishin Akabane is attending the Royal Academy in Liverpool in order to become a Wiseman. Accompanied by Yaya of the Moon, his cute companion who has the form a lovely girl, he plans on opposing and taking revenge on the one he hates. That is, obviously, with the help of friends he manages to make at the Academy.

These two links only include translations done by me (Basically from Volume 5):

Global folder (google drive)

Global folder (mega)



Volume 1: Facing “Cannibal Candy”


Volume 1 – Illustrations

Volume 1 can be read here



Volume 2: Facing “Sword Angel”


Volume 2 – Illustrations

Volume 2 can be read here



Volume 3: Facing “Elf Speeder”


DL Link (Thanks to @Asaki for the link): Solidfile

Volume 3 – Illustrations



Volume 4: Facing “Rosen Kavalier”


DL Link (Thanks to @Asaki for the link): Solidfile / mega

Volume 4 – Illustrations



Volume 5: Facing “King’s Singer”


PDF: (mega) / (google drive)

EPUB: (mega) / (google drive)

Read online:

Volume 5 – Illustrations

Volume 5 – Prologue

Volume 5 – Chapter 1

Volume 5 – Chapter 2

Volume 5 – Chapter 3

Volume 5 – Chapter 4

Volume 5 – Chapter 5

Volume 5 – Chapter 6

Volume 5 – Chapter 7

Volume 5 – Epilogue



Volume 6: Facing “Crimson Red”


PDF: (mega) / (google drive)

EPUB: (mega) / (google drive)

Read online:

Volume 6 – Illustrations

Volume 6 – Prologue

Volume 6 – Chapter 1

Volume 6 – Chapter 2

Volume 6 – Chapter 3

Volume 6 – Chapter 4

Volume 6 – Chapter 5

Volume 6 – Chapter 6

Volume 6 – Chapter 7

Volume 6 – Epilogue



Volume 7: Facing “Genuin Legends”


Read online:

Volume 7 – Illustrations

Volume 7 – Prologue

Volume 7 – Chapter 1

Volume 7 – Chapter 2

Volume 7 – Chapter 3

The translation from this point onwards will be done by another group, go there by clicking >>here<<

23 thoughts on “Unbreakable Machine-Doll

  1. finally. even tho I’m not one of those who recommended this (cause I recommended a non fantasy romance like oreshura), I’m still extremely thankful for translating this. I really like the anime but kinda disappointed since nobody’s translating the novel even tho it’s already completed. I really want some dose of yaya’s yandere cuteness. XD. any way. thank you oh great translator-sama

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  2. great news!! so long I’ve read this .(insert meme Tiranic “its been 84 year). the last volume was 4 volume 5 a review…. and no more ,,,(I also vote for oreshura.I’ve got the last 4 volumens in raw-jpg) and from this LN I’ve got vol.6 & 7 from the defunt twin dragons light novels group” in spanish)
    vol 6-7


  3. Hi there! i translated volume 4 from english to spanish some like 2 years ago. I cant translate from japanese so I Stoped, but i have volumes (from 1 to 14) in RAW, you can send me a mail in the future if you need it, i can upload they. And thanks for be translating from japanese, Its hard but still you’re amazing 😀

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  4. I’m so freaking happy someone actually decided to pick up translating this again. Thank you great Translator-san please don’t drop this!

    Liked by 2 people

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