Ecstas Online – Volume 8 – Chapter 4

Chapter 4      The island closest to Heaven



Calharias, who turned the rudder, stared at the bow of the ship with a surprised look.

– I’m surprised… despite the waves pushing the ship back until now… we advanced normally.

– What do you think? Can we reach the island closest to Heaven?

Calharias looked up at me as if glaring at me.

– Hey, Demon King, what kind of magic did you use?

– I told God to open the gates because I’m going to pay him a visit.

Actually, it was only because the expansion was applied.

– Hehehe… that’s good. Don’t worry. We will reach the island.

The silhouette of an island is floating on the horizon. It’s the island I’ve always been interested in, but I didn’t think it was the gate to heaven. As the ship approached, I noticed a line extending from the center of the island to the sky.

On a closer look, it was a spiral staircase.

– Forneus. Is that the entrance to Heaven?

– Hmm?

Forneus, who flapped her wings and floated in the air, makes a visor with the palm of her hand as if looking into the distance and squinted.

– Oh! It is! It’s the stairway to Heaven. If we climb that, the Heaven’s gate should be there.

The end of the spiral staircase is in the clouds. I don’t know what’s beyond that.

– Alright. We’ll land first.

However, because there was no port and the shallow sea kept going, the Hellzard and transport ships were in danger of being stranded. Thanks to that, it was necessary to make boats go back and forth and disembark. It seemed that it would take about two days to bring in soldiers, materials, and supplies.

Standing on the sandy beach, I stare at the boats going back and forth.

– Hey, Dou──Hellshaft.

Asagiri came running, looking a little troubled.

– What’s wrong?

– The islanders….

When I take a look, there was a group looking anxiously at us in the distance. Were they around 50 people in total? They look like fishermen. Many of them have harpoons and kitchen knives in their hands. Wait, are you telling me that they’re going to fight with those things?

– I didn’t know there were any people living on this island. So, what do they want?

– They want to talk to the person in charge.

– I see. I shall meet them.

I went to the place where the islanders were gathering. Because they shrunk back as if escaping as I approached, it took some time until we started talking.

When I finally managed to catch hold of an old man who seemed to be the chief of the island, he asked a question while trembling.

– W-who are you? What did you come to do?

– I’m the Demon King Hellshaft. They’re the Demon King Army, which I led.

– I-it’s what we thought!!

The islanders began to murmur worriedly.

-This is a place under the direct control of the kingdom of God. It’s an island protected by the waves of God. It’s not a place for the Devil and the demons to come! Take your leave at once!

I expected them to have such a reaction. Should I try persuading them for the time being?

– We didn’t come to invade this island. I have urgent business in Heaven which is at the end of that staircase, so I came. You’re of no use to me.

– I-in Heaven!?

– As expected, the war between God and the Devil has begun!!

Hmm, chaos ended up spreading.

If possible, I don’t want trouble before the battle with God. Besides, if there’s a village, it’ll be easier to get a forward base set there. If so, lying is convenient, too.

– I didn’t come to battle. I came to talk.

– To… talk?

– Correct. I, the Devil and the ruler of this world, want to meet with God, the ruler of heaven. What’s so strange about it?

– Well….

The islanders discuss in a low voice.

– Additionally, you may have noticed that the waves that protected the island have disappeared. That’s his sign of welcoming us.

– Hmmmmmmmm.

The chief of the island folded his arms with a grim face. He’s denser than I thought. What do I say now to persuade him…?

– Hell-samaaah. My belly cries for fooood.

The carefree fallen angel comes flying dreadfully weary. I thought──it was troublesome, but the moment the islanders saw Forneus, they stood at attention all at once as if coming to their senses.

– Sama! An-Angel-sama!?

– Why is Angel-sama here!?

– No way! As a messenger of God!? Then, that conversation thing was true!?!?

The puzzled Forneus turned her not-thinking-about-anything eyes towards me.

I have no choice but to use it! This chance!


– Look well   The white feathers the Heavens granted

  Those are wings of peace flapping in the sky

  Celebrate and extol the summit meeting of God and the Demon King

  Attending!! The Demon King Hellshaft!!


The islanders prostrated before me and, “Uoooooooooooo!”, let out a moving cry.

– Yes! This angel is the reason why the Demon Lord Hellshaft decided to have a meeting with God! God also wants it. This meeting with me!


– Certainly! Certainlyyyyyyyyy! We apologize for doing something such as doubting thy! Please forgive uuuus!

– You’re forgiven! However, we have to get ready to go to Heaven. Do you mind if we use your village?

– Not at all! Please use it as thy like!

– Alright. Also, let this angel eat something. Aside from the taste, the amount is important.

Looking like they were completely sorry, the islanders rubbed their heads against the ground.

Seeing off Forneus, who was guided by a very courteous hospitality, I was immersed in a sense of fulfillment of finishing a difficult task. Looking up at me, Asagiri muttered as if she was half amazed.

– I’ve always been curious about it, but that speech… is it a poem? Or magic?

– … Well.

It’s a magic called encouraging shout and bluffing.



+      +      +



There were many vacant houses and cottages floating in the sea in the village. The scene reminds me of Tahiti, Maldives and resorts on the southern islands in the real world. If it was implemented, it would be used as a resort area as well, or so the plans said.  

Thanks to being able to use the village facilities, the establishing of the forward base went smoothly. Since we were able to procure local water and food, we can preserve our provisions. By the way, we don’t loot them, we pay for them normally. In this world, even if you go to an isolated island, the currency is the same and has the same value, which makes things easier.

After giving the main instructions, I left the rest to the Hellzekter and returned to my cottage.

Adra, Grasha and Satanachia are working devotedly as usual. I imagine Forneus is still eating food. Or maybe she got tired of eating and went to sleep.

The role of Forneus on this island is to be served by the islanders as an angel. For this time only, I shall overlook that, even if she does nothing.

I need to prepare for the battle between God and me.

I cross the bridge stretching to the sea and enter the island’s largest and finest cottage.

The interior makes me feel the warmth of wood in a tropical-resort-like atmosphere. The large windows give a feeling of freedom, and there is a large jacuzzi on the wooden deck outside. Beyond that there’s a magnificent view of the cobalt blue sea spreading out.

Since this was a rare chance, I took off the Demon King Armor, changed into a bathing suit, and lay down in the jacuzzi. Without making bubbles on purpose, I stare at the quiet water and take a deep breath. My heart calms down like the surface of this water.

Yes, this relaxing feeling will strengthen the pulls! It’s just an occult feeling, there’s no scientific foundation at all──but that’s the feeling I’ve got!

I opened the menu and selected 『Magic Tool Summoning』.

Namely, Gacha.

As I retorted myself, wondering if it wasn’t too late to have this gacha as my unique and last ray of hope, I heard a knock on the door.

– Are you there, Doumeguri-kun? It’s me, Ririko.

Eh? Asagiri?

– Yeah. I’ll go open the door now.

I got out of the jacuzzi, hung a towel on my shoulder and headed to the entrance. When I unlocked and opened the door, Asagiri was standing with a basket in her hands.

– Oh, were you taking a bath?

– No, I used the outside jacuzzi instead of the pool.

– I see. Then, can I get in there too?

While saying that, she hands the basket to me. Inside was a bottle of juice-like liquid, fruits, and bread.

– These are special products of this island. I bought them because I had never seen them somewhere else.

When Asagiri moves her hands and manipulates the menu screen, her usual clothes instantly turn into a bikini.

– What do you think? I bought it in Arzheim the other day.

A glittering white swimsuit with turquoise as the accent color. It’s both elegant and mysterious, it truly seems to be an elven product.

– Amazing, it definitely suits you. You look like an elf.

– Ufufu ♪ Thank you.

I get in the jacuzzi again and open the menu.

My heart is totally out of control, but now that the Goddess of luck has come, an equilibrium has been reached. No, it’s rather a plus. With this, I can win!

– It’s the gacha you mentioned before, right? After all, are you aiming for the one-turn kill?

– That’s right… If I pull it, it’ll be the quickest way….

– Good luck!

Asagiri’s smile is dazzling. It makes me somewhat happy, but I feel a little pressured.

– Yeah, that… t-the Goddess of luck has come after all! I’ll go for it!

– G-Goddess of, luck….

I wish I had come to my senses and hadn’t told Asagiri who muttered embarrassedly. Now I’m embarrassed.

Good grief, don’t go saying something so unusual!

I kept pulling the five-chain gacha.


– … I’m sorry. For being an unreliable Goddess of luck.

– No… I’m sorry. I couldn’t live up to your expectations….

The most undecisive man in this place. That’s me.

It was even a magnificent failure. It could be said I had very good luck in the opposite sense.

The items I got were almost all medicine. The only thing that stands out is an 『Embarrassing swimsuit』.

– I used all the magic stones I got from Zeragiel….

– Will we get some more… on our way to heaven?

As I groaned that we’ll have to do that, the front door was hit violently.

– Open the door. It’s me.


It was a bit difficult to deal with her when she feels down, but if I ignore her, she’ll get scary later.

Having no choice, I let her in, and when Shizukuishi saw Asagiri immersed in the jacuzzi, she makes an angry face.

– Are you obsessed with sex or something?

– No!

– Please refrain from doing things that disgrace Hellshaft-sama. You are and aren’t Hellshaft-sama. A part that makes the being called Hellshaft-sama appear in the world. In anime, you’d be like his voice actor.

What the hell is that metaphor?

– Doumeguri-kun and Hellshaft-sama aren’t equal, but they aren’t completely different beings. Work hard to get close to him as much as possible. As I said before, aim to live as Hellshaft-sama. If you don’t──I’ll kill you.

What a terrifying last line….

– He〜, I didn’t know Nonnon had such a sexy swimsuit.

Shizukuishi also changed into a black bikini and submerged in the jacuzzi.

– I bought it a long time ago. It was when we went to Sandiano for the first time, I wonder?

That’s right. Wearing this black bikini, Shizukuishi sang and danced on a deserted beach. That was a shocking scene.

The eyes of Shizukuishi, who was staring at me, threatened me with 「If you open your mouth, I’ll kill you」

– So, are we ready to fight God? Are the items ready?

… Was she worried in her own way and came to see how the situation was going?

– About that… it was a complete failure.

– What a worthless man.

So ruthless!

Looking worried, Asagiri tilted her head.

– But even if we had gotten the one-turn-kill thing, would it have really worked against the last boss?

– Actually, I’m a little worried about that too.

No matter how rare the item is, is it configured so that the last boss can be easily defeated with a single item?

– In the end, I have no choice but to invest in a large amount of Stronger to increase my attack power…?

How far will it work?

– There’s one thing that worries me as well.

Shizukuishi crossed her legs in the water.

– What do we do if the mastermind mixed with the 2A Guild can freely access the system? Isn’t it meaningless to send an SOS from the Devil’s Altar?

Shizukuishi’s worry is reasonable. But in that regard, I had a certain conviction.

– About that mirror mask that came into contact with Asagiri… I’ve met him too. Rather than that, it may be better to say that I found the crime scene.

– You too, Doumeguri-kun? Where?

– At the large library in Astel. I went looking for documents about the Devil’s Altar, but I was one step behind him. I happened to meet him just when he was stealing them.

– Was it that time when you went with me…?

She involuntarily silences herself and mutters with a soundless voice. When I close my eyes, the act of Asagiri pleasuring herself seems to be revived behind my eyelids.

– No way, Doumeguri-kun…

Ignoring Asagiri’s fixed gaze, I continued talking.

– I-I went after him, but he escaped. Although I had the chance to caught him, and pressure him, he got to steal it.

Shizukuishi nodded seemingly convinced.

– The fact that he was seen means it’s a problem for him. It’s like confessing that it can be used as a means of contacting the outside world.

While saying that, she twisted her body and reached for the control panel of the jacuzzi.

– Since this is a great opportunity, I’ll make it bubble. There’s an aroma option as well? What is this, I wonder?

When Shizukuishi pushed the button, bubbles spewed out of it. And a flowery scent begins to drift.

– Wow, it smells really good.

– Indeed. It has a really nice scent… my heart… is throbbing somehow…

– Eh?

The facial expressions of Asagiri and Shizukuishi are strangely sexy. A hot sigh leaks from their half-open mouths with a spellbound look.

– N… aa… haan ♡ it feels as if bubbles caress my whole body… n ♡.

– Aan ❤ … It feels good… ah, w-what is this? Isn’t it kind of strange?

While blushing, Shizukuishi stared at the Jacuzzi control panel with suspicion.

– Aroma effect… maximum aphrodisiac. It derives a pleasure that is impossible in reality. If you use this, the person in your heart will do as you say. Succumbing to pleasure 120% confirmed──what the hell is this!?

Shizukuishi glares at me while trembling.

– How would I know!?

I mean, as expected of Shizukuishi. Her bath-related bugs and troubles are on levels of divine pulling!

– A-anyway… turn off the aroma option fast.

My extended arm was grabbed by Shizukuishi.

– Why stop it? When it feels THIS good… fufu.

She stared at me with a bewitching smile.

──She has succumbed already!? Shit! She’s as simple-minded as always!

– Asagiri. Turn off the──eh?

Asagiri came near me with a hot gaze.

– Doumeguri-kun… that swimsuit of moments ago… wouldn’t you give it to me?

That 『Embarrassing swimsuit』!?

– S-sure, but….

When I opened the menu and executed the transfer of the item, the beautiful elven swimsuit of Asagiri was replaced by a swimsuit with outrageous exposure.

I mean, is this really a swimsuit? A doubtful V-shaped micro bikini. A V-shape with a string extending from the crotch to both shoulders. On the way, it barely hides the tip of her breasts.

– Ehehe, what do you think? Doumeguri-kun.

Asagiri bends her body and takes a pose like a gravure picture. Normally, it would be an unthinkable action, but she’s under the effect of something similar to Ecstas, so I can understand it.

As soon as I said “You’re almost naked, if you move slightly, even just a little, I’ll see lots of things”, I catch a glimpse of the tip of her pink breasts.

– Pervert ♡.

She wears a mischievous smile and makes a sweet voice.

Asagiri has completely succumbed too!?

– ──Guh?!

My chest suddenly started to throb violently. From the depths of my body, an uncontrollable urge begins to rampage.

Wha… what is this? An uncontrollable desire grows in my lower half of the body. I want to touch, lick and mess up Asagiri in front of me, I can’t help it. Asagiri shows a thin smile as if seeing through my feelings.

– A-Asagiri…

– Yeah. You can’t stand it anymore, right? It’s okay, don’t restrain yourself.

– Asagiri… no way, is it because of the swimsuit’s effect!?

– The moment I put it on, it came into my head. It’s an amazing effect… as long as I have this, Doumeguri-kun is my sex slave ♡.

For Asagiri to blurt out something like this… what a terrifying maximum aphrodisiac!!

– Asagiri-san isn’t the only one here. I’m here too.


Shizukuishi began to take off her bikini bottom excitedly while saying so.

– Shi-Shizukuishi!? In such a direct manner!?

– It can’t be helped… I’m at my wits’ end.

Shizukuishi throws the bikini bottom she took off on my face.

– Buwa… hmm?

It stuck to my face because it was soaked in hot water, so it was naturally wet──but the very part where the crotch touched it wasn’t hot water. A sticky and stringy liquid was clinging to it.

– Yeah… my, it’s pretty soaked… but you’ve seen it….

Shizukuishi looked upward a little, let out a painful voice and stiffened her body.

– Nh! Kuu… ❤!!

Her throat quivered and her body twitched.

– Fufuh, Nonnon… you came already.

Shizukuishi sighs deeply and stares at Asagiri with a sexy gaze.

– There’s no way for me to go against this… actually, it’s the second time I came, you know? What about you, Ririko?

Shizukuishi seems to have regained her composure. However, a string of drops is dripping from between her unconcealed, open legs.

– Me? Of course, this whole time and for a while now, you know?

– A-Asagiri….

Asagiri showed the proof by sliding the crotch part of the top of the V-shaped swimsuit to the side. Her other lips are shining with sexual fluids and are twitching wistfully.

It’s futile. I completely lost my reason and went towards them.

The swordswoman and the witch stare at me with lustful, glittering eyes.

Even though Asagiri and Shizukuishi are like this, the desire I feel is further strengthened by the 『Embarrassing swimsuit』 effect. So to speak, a running Ecstas on top of Ecstas put on top of Ecstas.

I can’t fight against it anymore.

I embraced two of the most beautiful girls in my class.

And the three us had sex while obeying our instincts.

An excitement and pleasure that don’t seem to be part of this world. If the aphrodisiac effect hadn’t expired, it would have been impossible to get out of this pleasure hell.

Two hours later, when the effects of 『Embarrassing swimsuit』 and maximum aphrodisiac wore off, calling it being embarrassed was simply not enough.



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