Ecstas Online – Vol. 8 – epilogue

At last, F*CKING FINALLY, this series is over.

I hope you enjoy the epilogue! By the way, Ecstas Online will apparently have new content released but I’m not going to translate it, so please do not insist. 


As for Seiken Tsukai no World Break, I’m currently translating the next chapter (which is simply fantastic) and I’ve translated 16 pages out of 44 so far. I won’t have much time this week to translate stuff due to celebrations but I’ll do what I can to finish the chapter asap. 

After I share the complete version of Ecstas vol. 8, I’ll start with the suggestion thing again, so look forward to that announcement! 


And last but not least, a big, BIG THANK YOU to Alfonzo and Jacob for their donations! Any amount is appreciated!!! I hope you have enjoyed my fan translations!! 


Don’t forget that this chapter is brought to you by the amazing support of my patrons!!

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