Hundred – Volume 9 – Chapter 2

Revival of Touka / The Resolution of the three / The person I love


– Haaah! Yaah!

In the early morning of Little Garden, high-spirited yells were echoing.

Subsequently, the intense sounds of sword clashing against sword reverberate continuously.

It’s near the dormitory where Hayato lives.

– Shinshishō, how about this!

It’s Kenzaki Touka that attacks Hayato with a black sword in her hand.

She’s a girl who yearns Hayato as a shishō*.

*TN: Remember: Shinshishō is new master, and shishō is master.

– … kh…

The black sword that Touka is swinging is the one that Little Garden’s Main Technologist, Charlotte Dimandius, made based on the sword that Touka’s father, Kenzaki Hokuto, made with Variable Stone——《Hokuto・Revised》.

Hayato continued fending off the attacks with a wooden sword.

– How is it? You said that I was fine already, yes?

– Certainly, your condition seems to be coming back almost to its normality, if I say so.

It’s probably because of her high innate healing ability.

The injuries she suffered in individual matches of the World Martial Arts Tournament, the sharp pains that were pounding her, seem to be really recovering.

Every time he received a hit, his hands became numb.

– Please watch carefully, because I can do this only once, okay!? Haa!

Touka kicked off the ground and jumped up, then slashed at Hayato while twisting her body.

– Kenzaki Style New Technique <<Whirlwind Slash>> Senpuuzan!

It’s a powerful blow.

Even when stopping the blow using energy, the blow was of such degree that his body was sent flying to the back.

However, Hayato didn’t fall.

He managed to stay on both feet.

– You sure are strong, Shinshishō.

– Same to you.

While showing a smile to each other and breathing with their shoulders*, they exchanged words.

*TN: their shoulders going up and down due to their breathing.

– But, this isn’t over yet.

Saying that, Touka kicked the ground again and when she was about to close the distance with the separated Hayato.

– … ack…!

Touka falls to the ground, crumbling down from the foot she stepped forward.

– Hey, are you okay!?

Hayato rapidly throws the wooden sword and rushes to where Touka is.

– I-, I’m okay!

The face of Touka was bright red, and she tried to stand up using the sword.

There, Hayato called her out.

– That doesn’t mean that you are in your best form yet, so don’t overdo it, okay? Even Mihal-san, and Charlotte-san said that you shouldn’t be excessive, right?

– … yes. But…

– Then, that would be for today, this much is enough.

Hayato interrupted the words of Touka and said while giving her a hand.

Then Touka, who was trying to stand up grabbing his hands, immediately starts to object.

– But, Shinshishō. I’m still――.

– I’m telling you, it’s enough.

Asserting clearly, Hayato put his hand on the head of Touka.

Then he immediately began to pat her.

– If we keep doing it, then you’ll get hurt again and you won’t be able to do special training, so won’t that have the opposite effect?

– Uu… I understand.


Certainly, she thought that it was as Hayato says.

Although dissatisfied, Touka seems to agree with him.

– Well then, Shinshishō. See you tomorrow, and thank you very much!

– Huh, tomorrow?

Hayato was looking blankly at Touka who bowed her head.

– You can’t? I’m planning to train again every morning so…

– …umm, well…

Hayato is bewildered, being stared at by the supplicating Touka who raised her head.

If he accompanies Touka, he will have to get up early every day.

There’s no problem if it’s a holiday like today but doing it during weekdays is tough.

He also has training at school, and sometimes he associates with Emilia to do training at night.

But, as she was staring at him, supplicating him without moving, he couldn’t bring himself to turn her down.

– … well, if it’s once every two days, then I can help you out.

That’s his compromise mark.

He gave an ambiguous reply while turning away his eyes and scratching his cheek, but for Touka it was such a thing that she couldn’t help but be very happy.

– Thank you very much, Shinshishō!

Touka continued speaking, showing a smile on her whole face.

– Then, I’ll be under your care! See you tomorrow!

– … eh?

She said tomorrow?

I want you to wait a moment.

While staring in puzzlement, Hayato thinks.

– Hold on, just now I said once every two days――

– Then, if you excuse me!

Without hearing Hayato’s words until the end, Touka ran towards the guesthouse where she lives together with Karen and Sakura.

– Ah, wait…

The voice of Hayato reached her back.

Has she reacted to it?

Touka quickly stopped and looked back,

– Shinshishō!

She was mistaken with the day after tomorrow.

He thought that she was going to correct so but,

– Thank you for today!

As she said that, she waved one hand and took her leave as she was.

– Err, umm…

After all, the misunderstanding wasn’t corrected.

– With this course of events, it will be absolutely necessary to help her with training tomorrow…

Even though he will be sleeping, she will unmistakably come and wake him up.

He has no choice but to give up already.

– … haaa…

Hayato decided to enter the dormitory after taking a huge breath.








The place he just entered in the dorm is a large lobby.

It’s the place where the students eat.

– Hey, if it isn’t Hayato. Where have you been since early in the morning, huh?

Fritz suddenly started talking to him.

Now, the other members aren’t in the lobby.

The current situation is that he is alone with Fritz.

– No way, you are coming back since you spent a hot night with Emilia?

In response to the words that were a hypothesis, Hayato became red.

– Wha, what are you saying…!

– I’m joking, I’m joking. You went to accompany Touka with her training, right? I heard your voices, you know. She has reached the point where she’s able to fight again, isn’t it?

– Still, she isn’t completely recovered yet. So, we finished training and came back.

– Moreover, you look pretty tired.

– Even though we were practicing, she suddenly went with all her strength. She doesn’t miss to do training every day, but I have the feeling that the skill of the sword will be released soon.

– That’s because motivation is stronger than anything else. And it seems like I’m being scooped by Latia too.

– Scooped by… with her full armament?

– Pretty much. Well, she hasn’t fully adjusted it yet, but she has room enough to catch up though. She didn’t even use it in the tournament.

– … but, if she’s cornered, she’ll use it without hesitation. That’s what I feel.

– It’s my role as a Long Shooter type to be of assistance and not end in that kind of situation.

Saying that, Fritz made a gun with his right hand and with a “BANG”, he imitated a shoot.

– … and, they are baking bread. They were just about to bake mine. Do you want something to drink?

– I want water for now.

– Roger that.


After Fritz finished eating the served breakfast.

When he got back to the room and lied on his bed, his whole body became drowsy.

It’s been barely a week since the World Martial Arts Tournament has ended.

Even though his vital and energy are perfect, the fatigue that can’t be seen anywhere in his body is accumulating.

(… I’ll take a nap till noon…)

As soon as he closed his eyes, Morpheus came right away.








– … hmm, Karen…?

Around 2 hours have passed since Hayato fell asleep.

– … no, that’s not it…

The voice of Karen reaches his ears.

But it was the ringtone of the PDA.

(Oh right, Karen did this one…)

It wasn’t made to anyone.

It was made for himself only.

And to tell the truth, he was very pleased with it.

It’s an incoming call from Emilia.

『Hey, Hayato. Won’t you go to Central after this?』

He didn’t answer, she immediately began to talk.

– Eh? Why?

Hayato asked back.

『I haven’t gone to Central since I came back here. I’ve been wanting to eat lunch at Biant for a long while. Let’s go together!』

Biant is a western cooking restaurant that is in Central, and the favorite store of Emilia.

Last month she came out from Little Garden for the whole tournament and she hasn’t go to Central since she came back.

He guesses that she has wanted to eat there for a long time.

– … I see… if so, let’s go…

Hayato also likes the cooking of Biant, but even though the menu is different every day, he got tired of the school cafeteria and the breakfast served in the dormitory.

He doesn’t have a reason to refuse.


When Hayato answered, a really happy voice came back.

『Well then, see you in an hour in Central. Umm, the meeting place is——』








Exactly at the appointed time.

Hayato finished changed clothes and arrived before the water fountain near the heart of Central.

– Oh, Hayato!

Turning his eyes towards the direction of the voice that called him out, it was Emilia who is getting closer with a small run.

Emilia, who came close to Hayato took his arm and,

– Then, shall we go?

She brought her body to such a distance that they could feel the temperature of each other.

– … hey, stop it.

As she was getting too close, Hayato rapidly pulls his arm apart, and Emilia pouted her lips.

– Why did you do tha―t. even though this is our long-awaited date…

– Because it’s embarrassing…

– There’s no need to be embarrassed, you know. Our relationship is already known by everyone ❤.

– Why are you saying that… he-, hey!

Emilia went and got his arm again.

– Why, you say? Because we spent a night together in the same room ❤.

– What are you saying…!

Hayato confirms his surroundings to the left and right while his face is bright red.

Here and there, some people were paying attention to them from afar, but they didn’t seem to hear the conversation.

(What a relief…)

Hayato felt relieved.

Even though they played an active role in the World Martial Arts Tournament, the existence of the two is no longer rare in Little Garden.

A few days after returning from Calbrera Island, on their way back to the school and the dorm,

There were times when they were greeted with things like「Thanks for your hard work」,「I watched the matches」, 「Congratulations for the championship」, etcetera, but that has calmed now.

On his way to Central, he got called out only once.

Little Garden is a floating academy city which is not docking now.

It seems that the people they meet that give their blessings are just acquaintances.

Still, Hayato revealed his dissatisfaction to Emilia.

– But, it’s the truth. Even if it was for a little time, we lived in the same room of the same dorm――

– That’s why――, that…

Hayato’s line of sight got pinned to Emilia’s left hand.

It’s because he saw a shining thing on her ring finger.

– Ah, you noticed it. This is the ring I got from Hayato.

Emilia showed a complacent smile on her face, holding out her left hand so that she could make a display of it in front of the eyes of Hayato.

– I was thinking that I had to wear it because this is a great opportunity.

– I, I guess you are right…

– Ehehe…. Then, let’s go!

Incidentally, when she grabbed the wrist of Hayato with the hand that had the ring, a voice called out the two people.

– Ara, it’s Hayato-san and Emilia-san. Are you two on a date?

Hayato and Emilia stopped their feet and turned around.

The figure of Kashiwagi Mihal, the person who works in the general hospital in Little Garden, was there.

– Oh, Mihal-san. You don’t have to work today?

Hayat asked because Mihal’s appearance wasn’t the usual nurse uniform but plain clothes.

Her big breasts are emphasized, her clothes were very fantastic for Hayato.

– No, it’s for a date. I was invited by Emilia to eat food in Central for a long while ago…. It’s because Hayato-san and Emilia-san went to Calbrera Island for a long time.

Mihal slaps with both hands her breasts looking like she agreed to it.

Then, *BOING*, the big peaks bounced.

– Err, umm… I see…

Emilia noticed the destination of the line of sight of Hayato,

– *Annoyed*.

And knits her brows.

(I can’t believe it. Even though he’s with me, he acts lovestruck* while looking the boobs of Mihal…)

*TN: Word used here is deredere, it’s hard to find a matching word here (and whenever used), as this doesn’t have a translation per se.

But, the power of those breasts is mighty.

Enough to make even Emilia admire them.

If he’s tempted by those breasts, then Hayato might end up being snared by them.

(Alright, it’s time to show my superiority here to make sure that no improper conduct happens between Hayato and Mihal!)

Deciding that, Emilia held out her left hand in front of Mihal.

– Hey hey, Mihal. Look at this!

– Hey, you!

In a hurry, Hayato grabs the arm of Emilia who is trying to show Mihal the ring and took it down.

However, it seems that Mihal didn’t fail to notice it.

– That just now, was a ring, correct?

– Yuup, that’s right!

Emilia raised her arm again and showed the ring to Mihal.


– I received this from Hayato! It’s beautiful, right?

– Absolutely, it’s truly a beautiful ring.

– Right right? I got this as a birthday present!

– … but, Emilia-san. The ring of the ring finger has the connotation of engagement――

– Of course, I know about that. It’s to emphasize that this is an important thing!

– Oh, I see. That’s very charming.

*Fufufu*, Mihal smiles.

A smile with no maliciousness at all.

– … which reminds me…

After holding her finger on her lips, she clapped her hands in front of her big chest.

– Hayato-san and Emilia-san, are you going to the moon?

– …eh?

Emilia also has her eyes round in surprise, and the two of them look at each other’s faces.

– By any chance, is there a rumor that we are going to the moon?

– No, that’s not it. Because Karen-chan said that she’s going to do training to go to Lunaltia Base next year, so I thought that Hayato-san and Emilia-san would also go…

– Oh, if you meant that then we’ll also go.

However, they aren’t being stationed there.

After all, they are the guards of Sakura and Karen.

Hayato tells Mihal that it’s their duty as bodyguards.

– So, it has been decided like that. If Hayato-san and Emilia-san are the guards, then I’m sure that Karen-chan and Sakura-san can sing feeling secure.

– We aren’t the only ones, Fritz and Latia are also going.

– The Prez and Erika-san seem to be staying at Lunaltia Base, and to tell the truth, there’s no need for us to go but…

Emilia is saying that while showing a complacent smile, and turned her eyes to Hayato and said the reason.

「Hayato is worried about Karen-chan. Hayato is a siscon

– Yes, that’s right! I’m sorry for being a siscon, okay?!

– Hee-hee, no, not at all——

Emilia laughs happily at Hayato, making his face go bright red.

Mihal said, looking at these two people while chuckling and smiling.

– You two are really close, isn’t it?

– You think so——?

Emilia once again takes the arm of Hayato and pulls his body towards herself.

– Hey, stop it!

Hayato pulled Emilia apart and asked Mihal.

– Which reminds me, Mihal-san hasn’t planned to return to Yamato on spring break?

– … eh? What do you mean?

– I have planned to return home on spring break because there’s an interview of my home town.

– I’m also going with him.

– I’m telling you, stop clinging to me!

Mihal, who saw Hayato trying to pull Emilia apart, answered with a smile.

– Unfortunately, we don’t have spring break.

– Oh…

Hayato realized once he was told so.

Spring break is a privilege of students.

– So, I’m not going to be able to return home this time. That’s why, you two enjoy yourselves.

– It’s not that we are going by ourselves only, Sakura and Karen――also Fritz and Latia…

– It would be fine it was just the two of us but――

– Ah!

– Eh!?

Emilia pulled suddenly in one go the arm of Hayato

Hayato, lost his balance and due to that, collapsed into the direction of Emilia.

– Ouch…

– Ouch, that hurt…

Hayato and Emilia were intertwined in the street.

It looked like Hayato had pushed down Emilia.

As expected, the residents of Little Garden also weren’t able to hide their excitement due to the state of the two people.

They gathered around the two people and stared to make noises.

– Uwaa, how indecent.

– Those guys, having the nerve to flirt in this place.

– Either way, those two people are already doing it.

– … how should I put it, Emilia-san. You aren’t wearing the ring on the ring finger!?

There were also a lot of people holding their PDAs, and *Click-Clack*, camera shutter sounds are sounding.

(Aaah, why is this happening!)

Hayato rapidly stood up and separated from Emilia.

– Umm, Mihal-san…. This…. We are leaving for now. Let’s go, Emilia!

– Wait, Hayato!

Hayato pulled Emilia’s arm to get her up and ran away to escape from that place.








– It’s here…

Stopping his legs, Krovahn said.

Following him, Nakri and Nesat stopped her feet.

There’s a huge door leading to the Student Council Room in front of the three people.

– Are you here, President? I brought Nakri and Nesat.

– Yes, I am here masuwayo.

Following the voice of Claire, the door opens.

Thereupon, Erika was standing next to it.

– Please come in.

Obeying the words of Erika, Krovahn and the girls step inside the Student Council Room.

– You came in time 〜awane.

Claire spoke to the three people standing in front of her while sitting in front of the office desk.

– I had something to ask the three of you, that is why I had you to come to this place today.

In response to that, Krovahn answers.

– I heard from Mei Mei that it’s a conversation that can’t be spoken outside the Student Council Room… so what is it?

– You know about Lunaltia Base, correct desuwane?

– The thing about the base of the moon. Yeah, we know about it.

– In a few months, more than 10 Slayers, including me, will head from Little Garden to Lunaltia Base masu. In this regard, we want the three of you to accompany us to the moon desuwa.

– Wha…!!

– We?

– To the moon…?

Krovahn, Nakri and Nesat, the three of them looked at each other with very surprised faces.

– Of course, it is not compulsory and I am not going to say that you need to draw a conclusion immediately masen. I think that you three people have to carefully decide about what would you do masu.

However, Krovahn responded immediately.

– If the three of us are together, then I don’t see the problem.

There’s no need for hesitation.

That is his conclusion, and his behavioral principle.

– I think the same.

– If the three of us are together, there’s no need to stick to the earth.

– Yeah, just like Nakri said. We, we have no relatives except ourselves.

Krovahn said for a second time.

Then, the expression of Claire became quiet.

– Relatives, you say…?

– What?

They probably noticed the unusual phenomenon of Claire.

Krovahn narrows his eyes and glares at Claire.

– To tell the truth, I have one more thing to talk with you. Erika, explain them――

– Yes.

Erika nodded, and brought the bag on the desk of Claire to Krovahn and the others.

– What is this?

Krovahn cocked his head in puzzlement, pushing out the bag.

– Letters of gratitude towards you.

– … gratitude?

– You are now donating most of your salary that is provided by Little Garden to child welfare organizations, countries and private support groups in the Middle East region, correct? Those are their thanks desu. Besides――

Erika turns on the monitor installed in the Student Council Room.

There were the figures of children who are smiling in front of the gifted building.

– Letters of gratitude and photos of the buildings made with your money have also arrived a lot masu. And of course, e-mails desu.

– You made these children smile. I think that it’s something to be proud of masuwayo.

Switching the monitor, naturally tears began to emerge in the eyes of the three people who are viewing photos and e-mails displayed one after another.

Everyone is pleased.

They are thankful for their actions.

They couldn’t bear the happiness.

This is because it was their first time.


– … no, not yet.

Wiping away the tears that came from his eyes, Krovahn continued.

– This isn’t enough, we need to help a lot more people. Don’t you think so, Nee-chan, Nakri?

– Yeah!

– More…. More, to make a lot of people smile, we have to work hard.

Looking at the figure of the three people, Claire was naturally smiling.

– That is the spirit desuwa. So, continuing with the conversation――

– Huh? Wasn’t this that another conversation?

– The story continues desu. The letter――

Erika took a letter from her chest and presented it to Nakri.

– Nakri, that is addressed to you.

– … to me?

Nakri received the sealed letter from Erika and confirms the recipient’s name and address of the reverse side.

– This is…

– It is from your mother desuwa.

It was Claire who said that.

– … eh?

Nakri blinks in surprise, she can’t believe it.

– A few minutes ago, you mentioned that you had no relatives except yourselves, but apparently it is not like that desu.

– Wait a moment! The adults in our village were all killed…

– … I also heard that…

Nesat agrees to the words of Krovahn.

Following her, Nakri also agreed.

– Me too. But, this… a picture of mom came in.

The hands of Nakri shake.

In the picture she had in her hands, she saw the figure of her mom, who turned older since they were separated for many years, and it showed the people who lived in the same village.

– But it seems that it wasn’t the case desuwa. It looks like a few people were able to successfully escape and made it to exile to another country desu.

– And among those, Nakri. Your mother was in there.

Erika supplements the words of Claire.

– But, how did she know that we are in Little Garden…?

– The World Martial Arts Tournament is a worldwide competition. The videos have been broadcasted on various media, and the results are being informed masu. And that’s not different in the Middle East region desuwa.

– Besides, you are now famous in the Middle East region. It wouldn’t be strange if they hear that rumor, don’t you agree?

– … so, Nakri. What’s written in the letter?

– She wants to meet me, in person…

Nakri muttered while reading the letter.

– To meet her or not meet her, you are free to choose desu.

Claire said so, turns her line of sight towards Nakri and asks her a question.

– Would you like to meet her? Or you don’t want to?

– ……

Krovahn said to Nakri who was pondering deeply.

– It’s fine if you want to meet her.

– … yeah…

Nakri nodded and gazes at Claire――

– I’ll meet her. I want to meet my mom.

– Alright desuwa.

– By the way, it looks like your mother was saying that she wants to take care of all of you desu.

– Eh, to take care of us you say…

Visibly surprised, Nakri asks.

– Exactly as stated, she wants to live together with you.

Saying that, Claire turned down her eyes and continued.

– Thanks to your active participation in the World Martial Arts Tournament, Little Garden won the championship and was able to take the hegemony in the development of Lunaltia Base. Besides, we have already observed you and we comprehend that you aren’t an evil influence to the world anymore masu.

That means that Krovahn and the others are free.

– So, decide on your own after you meet your blood relative about what you are going to do.

– Based on the matter of Lunaltia Base, your options will be divided into three particularly important ones.

With that as the introduction, Erika begins to explain.


The first choice.

That is

『Leave Little Garden and live with your family』

However, the condition is that they belong to Little Garden as reservists.

They must not fail to do training as a Slayer every day, and to receive training at Little Garden or in a related institution several times a year, and in case of emergency, they can be obligated to be dispatched and fight as one of the Slayers of Little Garden, and of course, they are going to get paid whenever they are dispatched and when they do their daily training.

That amount of money is enough for a family of four to live wealthy, even if one person goes to the trainings.

The second option is that they’ll be living the same life but in Little Garden.

The last of the three is that they head to Lunaltia Base as members of Little Garden.

– One thing to end――

After Erika finished telling all the options, Claire said to add.

– Now you are an important fighting force of Little Garden, and important companions desu. I would like you to go to Lunaltia Base and without fail demonstrate that power.








The day before Nakri will go to meet with her mother.

Krovahn and company, that is the three of them, stayed in a lodging house of Al Salaam that is in the Kingdom of Khmer.

It’s a special room for visitors, the interior design was pretty much like a hotel.

Three big beds are lying next to each other.

Over them, Krovahn, Nakri and Nesat were lying down.

– Nee-chan, what are you doing?

Krovahn talked to Nesat who’s lying on the bed next to him and is touching the PDA.

– I’m reading novels…

– … novels? Reading a book that only has characters, isn’t that boring?

– I, like them. I’m gaining all sorts of knowledge.

– … knowledge?

Krovahn got up from the bed and got closer to Nesat, then he snatched the PDA from her hand and turned his eyes to the screen.

– The hell is this…


I had the feeling that it I heard it that time, the sound of falling in love.

There is no doubt about it now, seeing the expression of Arisa talking with Selim.

That is the face of a girl in love.

 I wanted Arisa to fall in love with me.

I thought so.

But, seeing that my opponent is Selim――

(What should I do?)

My chest tightens.


– If I’m not mistaken, this is a romance novel?

– Give it back!

Nesat, despite being red, attacks Krovahn and tries to snatch away the PDA.

– Stop, Nee-chan! I’ll give it back!

Krovahn returns the PDA to Nesat by throwing it.

It was Nesat who caught and got back the PDA, but her face is still dyed red.

And then――.

– … !!

She was staring at Krovahn.

– I like battle manga that makes the blood tingle with excitement. I mean, what’s the knowledge you gain from romance stories, huh?

– … As for Krovahn, I don’t know.

– If so, does Nakri know about it?

– Huh?

The face of Nakri was suddenly shaken, her face got bright red, then turned her eyes towards Krovahn.

– Ah, about that I… there are things I understand, and things I don’t understand…

Nakri answers and removes her line of sight.

She was moving her fingers with hesitation in front of her chest.

– What’s that answer…

Not to mention the reaction, he doesn’t really understand the meaning of the answer.

– I really don’t understand you.

Muttering and exasperated, Krovahn deposited his whole body on the bed and look up the ceiling.

Seeing his state, Nesat thinks, while feeling relieved.

Nakri, do your best――








– You are heading to Lunaltia Base. Are you all okay with the conclusion you decided desuwane?

A few days after they met with Nakri’s mother.

Krovahn and the others came to the Student Council room and met with Claire.

It’s to report the events in the Kingdom of Khmer.

– Yeah, that’s right.

Krovahn replied Claire, who asked the question.

Of course, that conclusion isn’t just decided by Krovahn.

He decided it together with Nesat and Nakri, the three of them.

– ――Not only Nakri, I’d like to live with Krovahn and Nesat too.

That was the proposal of Nakri’s mother.

It would be a lie to say that they weren’t shaken by those words.

Still, the conclusion that the three people submitted was that they will go together to the moon.

– Why? Even though we could obtain our long-awaited happy lives…

The response of Nakri’s mother who heard the conclusion of the three people is obvious.

Nakri answered her.

– Err, umm…

Nakri said embarrassed, while scratching her cheek.

– In order for mom and everyone to have happy daily lives, we have to go to the moon. To protect the earth from the Savage, as well as to donate the money earned for the stability and development of this region. I think that’s what we must do now. Well, um… noburisu… Nesat, how was the name of that thing again?

– … Noblesse Oblige.

Nesat supplements the words of Nakri.

– Yeah that same Noblesse Oblige thing. Besides――

Nakri’s gaze was directed to a man holding a small child in his arms.

– Mom has… a new family, isn’t it? So, you shouldn’t be sad. Okay?

Nakri declared so, then walked to the child and touched his cheek with her fingertips. His cheek sunk. His cheeks are very soft.

The child raises a loud voice and turns a smile to Nakri.

– In this way, we have to work hard so that the children can small all the time. So, mom. Please root for us.

The days they spent together were very short compared to the time when they were away from each other.

Nevertheless, that time for Nakri, her mother and her family――.

And, for Nesat and Krovahn, it became a very, very important treasure.

– Well then, we’ll return to Little Garden.

– Wait――

Nakri’s mother called them out, the voice reached the backs of Krovahn and the others, and she said when they turned around.

– Nakri. Will you come to see me again?

– … yup, of course. I will come back again without fail.

Answering with resolution and with a happy smile, Nakri continued.

– When that happens, prepare the best delicious meal like the one the night before yesterday. In the moon, I don’t know if we are going to be able to eat delicious meals――








– That thing happened desuka?

Claire smiled.

――Noblesse Oblige.

It was because she was glad that the three of them have the same sentiment as her.

– Well then, the three of you are going to Lunaltia Base with me, is that correct desuwane?

– Yes.

– Of course.

Nakri and Krovahn answered in succession.

– … Nesat also agrees, correct desuka?

Claire asked Nesat, who was looking down and was standing behind the two of them.

– Eh, ah, yeah…. It’s fine, I guess.

Krovahn poked with his elbow the side of Nesat and replied.

– Nee-chan, why are you acting so vaguely, huh?

– … sorry.

Nesat apologizes.

Continuing, Claire said.

– Understood. Well then, I will make the arrangements masu. If you change your mind, please let me know.








Nest was feeling gloomy since the day when they decided to go to Lunaltia Base after the reunion with Nakri’s mother.

The reason was understandable.

It’s because she will be apart from the person she doesn’t want to be apart.

(… Kisaragi, Hayato…)

To be near the man one likes is one of the happiest things for a woman.

It was written on the book she read the other day that had compatibility with her feelings.

So, she has no doubt.


(… Noblesse Oblige…)

In order to keep her spirit, she will have to go with Nakri and Krovahn to the moon.

(I, the Onee-chan…. That’s why, I have to persevere…)

Nesat has repeatedly told herself that so many times.

Still, she’s gloomy, and can’t calm down.

– Nee-chan, what’s the matter?

– Eh?

He probably noticed the strangeness of Nesat.

Krovahn asks a question.

(This is bad, I was in the middle of eating now…)

The taken aback Nesat pierced the chicken saute that was in front of her with the fork and carried it to her mouth.

– Nee-chan has been kind of absent lately, aren’t you?

– Th., dath, that’s not true!

She rapidly swallows the chicken saute and returns the response.

– What the, why are you flustering like that. And your face is all red, you know.

– I’m telling you, it’s nothing!

Nesat answered, strongly hitting the table with both hands, and denied it with all her power while standing up.

The tableware makes a violent sound.

– Whoa, why are you agitating like that. You are absolutely different from usual.

– … because this doesn’t concern Krovahn.

Nesat, suddenly in a bad mood, turned away her face and walked towards the entrance.

Krovahn calls her out on her back.

– Hey, where are you going?

– Outside.

– … outside? What about your food? There’s still half of it.

– … I don’t need it…

Nesat leaves the living room without looking back.

Krovahn muttered while seeing off dumbfounded the unaffected retreating figure.

– Just what, on earth…

He looks to the face of Nakri while murmuring as if he was asking.

– Who knows?

Nakri answered with no interest and carried the chicken saute that is in front of her into her mouth.








– Haaa…

She was embarrassed because she was pointed out by her brother that her face was red, and felt like he had seen through her feelings for Hayato.

And then Nesat rushed out to the outside with the momentum.

– ……

The burning sensation of her face had quieted down with the wind, but she doesn’t want to go home right now.

Because there’s the possibility that Krovahn will be prying too much into it and there will be a similar situation again.

(…I shall run a little…)

If she stands motionlessly, she will be thinking unnecessary things, so she concludes that it would be better to move her body, and begins to run.

However, she had to stop her feet soon.

Because she saw the full moon in the sky.

– … the moon…

How much more time will pass until she has to go there?

In the meanwhile, how many times with that person――.

If I meet you, will I be able to speak with you?

When she thinks about it, her chest tightens.

– … huh? Is that you, Nesat?

– Eh?

In response to that voice, Nesat looks back.

– … Hayato? Why are you here? Uwa…

Looking at him, Kisaragi Hayato’s hands had a wooden sword.

Next to him is Kenzaki Touka.

– I’m accompanying Touka on her special training. And we were just about to go back. And what was Nesat doing?

– Eh, umm…

Nesat mumbles.

There, Touka opened her mouth.

– Shinshishō.

– What is it?

Hayato turns his eyes to Touka,

– … you are going to talk for a while, right? There’s a TV program that I would like to watch for a while, so if you excuse me, I shall take my leave.

– … hmm? Oh, it’s anime. See you then.

– Yes! Thank you very much for today!

While waving her hand, Touka run off towards the house she lives together with Sakura and Karen.

While looking her retreating figure, Nesat thinks.

(… I’m happy…)

With this, she’s alone with Hayato.

It’s possible to spend time just the two of them, with the person she likes.

– I’m sorry, she does things at her own pace. So, umm… what were we talking about?

– About what I was doing here…

– Oh, you are right.

It seems Hayato just remembered.

– The moon――

Saying that, Nesat continues.

– I was watching the moon.

– The moon, huh…

When he turned his eyes to the night sky, a big moon was floating there.

It’s a moon that looks bigger when looking at it in Yamato.

– Do you like the moon?

While looking up at the moon, Hayato asks.

– … that’s not it.

Nesat shook her head to the left and right and answered.

– Lunaltia Base… I’m going there, I was invited by the President.

– Eh…?

– Krovahn and Nakri too…

– So, are you going?

Nesat nods.

– If they go, then I will also go. We are together, the three of us. Krovahn and Nakri are also wishing for it, and I as the older sister, I have to look after them… so…

Hanging her head, Nesat stop her words.

Without moving, a few seconds of silence passed.

– … maybe Nesat doesn’t want to go?

– !

She felt that her whole hair stood on its end.

Why does this man know what I thought?

– Why, do you think so?

Nesat asks.

– Hmm…

Hayato showed a troubled look, and answered while scratching his head.

– For some reason or another, you looked like that.

– … is, is that so…

Smiling and feeling embarrassed while hanging her head, Nesat replied, having upturned eyes.

– … correct, I guess…

She timidly rubs her fingertips together.

– Is that so? Why?

– Eh…?

Nesat looks at Hayato with a puzzled face.

– Well, thinking about why you don’t want to go…

– … ah!

The face of Nesat gazed at Hayato, it turns red very fast in the middle of it――

– I- I think I’m scared…!

Nesat replied, turning her face away.


――It is painful for me to not able to see you.


She can’t tell the motive, so she hid her embarrassment.

– I see, it’s fine to be scared.

Hayato shows a soft smile.

– No one has been there, I don’t know what kind of dangers are there…. But, I’m sure if it’s Nesat, she’ll be okay――

– Eh…?

Nesat is puzzled, she’s being gently wrapped by Hayato’s arms.

Her face is also dyed red.

– Eh, umm…. Wh-, why, doing this…

– Why you say? Nesat is strong. She can stand, no matter the place.

– I’m, I’m not referring to that… Why are you doing this….

– Oh, perhaps you don’t like it?

– N-, no! I do like it!

Nesat objects desperately.

(What, what am I saying…!)

She’s already hopeless.

Her brain is boiling, and she doesn’t really understand what’s what.

She doesn’t even know what she’s saying.

– I, I see…. Then I’m glad. With this, I think you’ll calm down.

– Ah, yeah…. Calm down…. So, Hayato…

– … hmm?

– Let me stay like this for a while.

– Su-, sure…

– Thank you… I’m happy…

She turns her arms around the body of Hayato and embraces him tightly.

Thanks to that, Hayato was able to feel the two soft swellings of her chest.

Both Hayato and Nesat are only wearing a shirt on the upper half of their bodies.

– U, umm…

Nesat looked up while Hayato flusters.

Then, a gap is formed between the bottom of the neck and the clothes.

From there, he could see a fleeting glimpse of her breasts.

(… she’s not wearing a bra?)

With a gulp, Hayato swallowed saliva.

– Hayato… a bit more… like this…

– O-, okay…

Nesat begged with wet eyes, pushing her head to his chest once again.

(Umm, what should I do…?)

He didn’t plan to do that, and it feels somewhat strange.

What’s the deal with this? Hayato is confused.

Suddenly the PDA in his pocket made a sound.

It’s the ring tone of an incoming call.

It’s the song debut of Karen.

– I’m sorry.

Hayato separates from Nesat and checks the PDA.

– It’s from my little sister――Karen. Are you feeling better?

– Yeah.

Nesat nodded, and after a pause, she said.

– Because I will go back home.

– I see…

– Thank you, Hayato. Good night.

Turning around, Nesat runs away.

– Ah…

While thinking that he couldn’t return his good night, Hayato answered the incoming call.

– Hello.

Then, a thorny voice comes back.

『Nii-san, you were very slow to answer the phone. What were you doing with Nesat-san?』

– Eh, how do you know that…?

『I heard it from Touka-san. It seemed like there was a conversation between you two, so she came back earlier』

– Ah…

It seems they know that much.

(That Touka, saying unnecessary things…)

However, because she wasn’t forbidden to speak, he can’t blame her.

– Rather than a conversation it was a simple coincidence that we met here… and I already parted with her, I’m alone now.

『Is that true? So why did it take so long for you to answer the phone?』

– You’ll be surprised if you get a phone call while you are walking all of a sudden, don’t you think? Besides, I put it in my bag.

『You are not lying?』

– I’m not lying.

『Okay then, it’s fine if that’s the case but…』

After a little silence.

Karen said, as if she was muttering.

『Nesat-san has a dangerous smell…』

– Why are you saying that?

『Forget it, I was talking to myself』

– So, you need to tell me something?

『That’s right! It’s about the spring break but――』








– Ah, Nee-chan. You came back.

Krovahn, who was laying down on the sofa and was reading manga on a Tablet PC, greeted her sister and stood up while she goes to her bedroom across the living room.

– ……

But, there’s no reaction. Nesat goes through before his eyes and while she shows a smiling and grinning expression on her face, she enters her bedroom.

– What the…?

Krovahn muttered, he didn’t understand the reason.

– Say, Nakri.

Krovahn lies down on another sofa and speaks to Nakri who was playing games on a mobile device.

– … hmm what is it?

Nakri raised her face and looked at the location of Krovahn.

– Don’t you think that Nee-chan’s mood became better or something like that?

– Eh, is that so? I don’t get it though.

Answering, Nakri turned her line of sight towards the gaming device once again.








Nesat entered her room, then lay down on the bed and hugged the pillow tightly.

She remembers the thing of just a few minutes ago.

It was at the time when she was being hugged by Kisaragi Hayato.

She was very, very happy.


(This will stop, this will come to an end…)

Because she’s going to the moon.

That’s very frustrating, she was very sad.


The thing called love is really complicated.

She thinks so from the bottom of her heart.


She just wanted to be immersed in happiness while evoking memories of warmth happiness in the futon now.

– … hnn, Hayato…

Murmuring, Nesat closes her eyes.

While asking for a very lovely dream.


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