Hundred Volume 7 – Chapter 2

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Calbrera Island / Fate / Friendly Reunion


The day before the opening ceremony of the <<World Martial Arts Tournament>>.

Participants and companions, including Hayato and Emilia, took off in 2 aircrafts towards Calbrera Island where the venue was located, while being sent off by many residents of Little Garden. Calbrera Island is originally an uninhabited island, located on the eastern coast of the continent of Liberia, on the side of the Sunshine State District.

Along with the decision to hold the <<World Martial Arts Tournament>>. It was purchased by Warslan Company from an individual owner, and development was advancing at a quick pace.

It’s said that in the future people will come and go from the moon base and the earth as this will not only be used as a souvenir facility but also as a sightseeing facility.

The air trip from Little Garden to Calbrera Island is a little over four hours.

Members who are focused to participate in team battles are on board of the personal airplane <<WL – 03>> and the rest of the people who are being transported in a jet airplane, landed around in the afternoon at a temporary airport built on Calbrera Island.

Little Garden attends together with more than thirty households.

First of all, they will move on a reserved bus to the hotel that they are lodging.

It’s a beautiful beach that you can’t think that people’s hands didn’t get in until several months ago.

After five minutes, the bus stops as soon as it reaches the section where buildings of thirty or forty stories are lining up, including those still under construction.

It can be seen from the window that its height is near twenty stories high, and from the style of the gate that it’s a splendid hotel.

– So this is the hotel that we are going to lodge, right?

Emilia asks Claire who is sitting in the front seat.

– Yes, as you said desuwa.

At the same time Claire replied, Hayato noticed that Warslan Company’s company badge was drawn on the signboard of the hotel. It’s possible that Warslan Company is doing the administration.

– However, it is only for the members who participate in team battles desu. The other members will be at the hotel that can be seen over there masuwa.

Claire turned her index finger towards outside the window. Beyond there a hotel of around 15 stories high is located, and it would take near 3 minutes on foot from this place to get there.

– After all it is the same as with the airplanes, the place that we are lodging is different from Hayato-san and the others.

Noah murmured that mixed with a sigh.

While the hotel in front of them looks like a five-star super luxury hotel, the one that they are going to stay at seems to be a three-star rating.

– Oh well, in the end we are no more than attendants.

It was Shuemei who said so in order to soothe.

From the first year of Little Garden’s Martial Arts Department, Ryu Shuemei and Noah Sheldon, and together with those two, Alphonse Brewstadt, are the attendants for the <<World Martial Arts Tournament>>, and together with Hayato and company, were visiting Calbrera Island.

Speaking of those three, it was because they raised their hands when the Student Council was recruiting attendants.

Those three people were chosen in consideration of the results of the people closely related to the participants of the <<Campus Martial Arts Competition>>.

– But even us, for the time being, will participate in the tournament…

– Well, that can be so but…


Both Shuemei and Noah are supposed to participate in individual battles of the <<World Martial Arts Tournament>>.

Shuemei, Noah and Alphonse were told about that after having decided to become attendants.

– Participate in a single match and try your own power.

That was suddenly told from Claire.

Naturally the three of them as well as the students of the Martial Arts Department from different years, were surprised.

It was because they couldn’t remain as one of the best 16 of the <<Campus Martial Arts Competition>>, let alone finalists of the tournament.

But Claire said that [the result doesn’t matter], and a relieving air started to flow.

– It is a great opportunity to try out how much ability you have, a test outside the school is a good experience.

Something similar to that.

– However, I believe that you should fight for the name of Little Garden in order to not besmirch its name masuwa. Have you understood desuwane?

Despite being nervous about the words of Claire, Shuemei and the others answered firmly with a [Yes!].

And thus, the reason why they are in this place.

Of course, there are also a few people who are attending to participate in single matches by their own will. Kenzaki Touka is one of them.

It looks like she heard the story of Shuemei and Noah. Claire said to answer the conversation of the two.

– Although certainly the hotel’s appearance and status are different, it does not change that it is from the same keiretsu* of Warslan, and the food served during the morning, noon and evening is the same.

*TN: Conglomeration of businesses linked by cross-shareholdings.

– Eh? Is that so!?

It was Alphonse that go up without a moment’s delay, and gave a happy voice.

– Surely, there will be plenty of delicious things, isn’t it〜?

– Ufufu, you are looking forward to it desuwayo. Besides, those who stay at that hotel are authorized people from Little Garden and Warslan Company. There are officials of Liberia and Federation of Britannia, but they are friendly people, and because security is also solid, so it is fine to say that you can rest assured at that place desuwa.

In other words, the possibility of terrorism and conflict to occur it’s said to be extremely low.

– After that… oh right desuwane. Sakura-san and Karen-san will be at the same hotel as ours, but I have heard that there is a business meeting right away――

– Claire-sama, it seems that the pickup has just arrived.

The eyes of Erika who said that, are pointing outside the window. It was Sakura who gave a voice afterwards.

– Really, Souffle!?

´- Yes, it’s Souffle-san.

Karen said following Sakura.

So when Hayato looks outside the window, he can see Souffle Clearrail coming out from the hotel bringing two hotel-keepers with her. Souffle is Sakura’s and Karen’s manager.


– Members of team battles will descend here masuwa. In this way the bus will take the rest and head for the hotel to stay masu. You are free to do what you want after arrival. However, those participating in single matches should take time to rest for tomorrow. Just because the meals are delicious, overeating is strictly prohibited desuwayo.

Smiling while saying that, Claire continued.

– Well then, see you tonight―― let’s meet at the opening ceremony.

Preliminaries for single matches will be held shortly after the opening ceremony.

So Claire went down from the bus by blasting. Subsequently Hayato and Emilia also bid farewell to Shuemei, Noah, Alphonse, and Touka and got off the bus.

Karen and Sakura also get off the bus.

Then Souffle who was approaching, called them out.

– Claire-san. Hayato-san and everyone, it has been a while. Thank you very much for bringing along Sakura and Karen until here.

After saying so, and lightly lowering her head, Souffle sets her eyes to Sakura and Karen.

– You will be moving to the stadium soon. Just take what you need now, and deposit the rest of your bags here. I will bring you to the room.

– Understood. Karen-chan, have you separated the necessary luggage?

– Yes, it’s done.

Sakura and Karen took out only small items such as small bags, wallets, PDAs, and gave into custody the suitcases to the hotel-keepers.

– Well then Nii-san, see you later.

– See you then, Hayato-kun.

The two of them and Souffle got into the courtesy car and begin to move.

After seeing them off, Hayato and everyone of the members participating in team battles, decided to check-in in their respective hotels.

– Oh, my room and Hayato’s room are next to each other.

– U〜, mine is at the upper floor… hey, Fritz. Will you exchange room with me? My room is next to Latia’s…

– Emilia Hermit, what are you talking about masuno? It is decided that men and women are in different floors.

– …eh? For real?

– It is obvious desuwa.

Claire sighs like being amazed.

– Besides, we have not come to sightsee desu. Because as members of team battles, as representatives of the organization, and unlike other people, we will be in trouble if we do not possess a firm awareness masuwa.

– Yeah yeah, I know I know…

Emilia clogs her ears with both hands to not hear the scolding. From there, Erika butted into the conversation.

– Claire-sama, the time for the representative meeting is approaching.

– It’s already that time desuno?

Claire checks the time with the PDA.

The time for the meeting has certainly drew near.

– The representative meeting is supposed to be for the three members of the Student Council masu. Each of you are free to spend your time until the friendly reunion at night desuwa.

– …then, does that mean that we can look around this island?

– That is correct, there is no problem wayo.

Claire replies to Emilia’s doubt.

– However, you must absolutely not spend your time beyond the friendly reunion. Are we clear desuwane?

After Hayato and the others returned an answer. Claire, together with Liddy and Erika, climbed the elevator while rolling the suitcase themselves. They will go to the meeting after putting their luggage towards their respective rooms.

– Well then, Hayato. Let’s go to put the luggage in our rooms too. After that, let’s gather here in this lobby.

– That means, that we are going to look around the island without taking a rest? Are you really fine with that…?

Hayato said, amazed.

He was so excited, with his heart going *DOKI* *DOKI* about leaving Little Garden for an extended period of time to then head to Calbrera Island that he could not sleep well yesterday. Therefore, he thought that he would take a short break if he entered the room.

– I’ve got tired of moving, but we are not fighting tomorrow. From tomorrow the number of ordinary guests will also increase, so if we go around watching the island it has to be today.

– That certainly might be a reason, huh.

Hayato is convinced by Emilia’s words.

There is a certain feeling that he wants to see the island, and then it may be good if it’s today.

Similarly to Hayato, Latia also thought.

– In that case, can we go look around the island together?

She asked to Hayato and Emilia from the side. Then she looked at Fritz.

– …of course, you also want to go look around together?

– If you say something like that, then I will go with you but――

While answering to Latia, Fritz looked at Krovahn, Nesat and Nakri.

– Are you coming with us?

– I’m not going.

– I think’ the same.

Nakri immediately showed consent to the words of Krovahn who responded frankly and continued.

– Sorry, but I won’t be with you, even if it’s going around the island.

Nakri walked to the elevator and pushed the button. The door opens soon and goes into it. Those three, Nakri, Krovahn and Nesat live under the same roof in Little Garden. Similarly, the same room was specially prepared in this hotel. It’s because that person can easily monitor the movement of those three people.

Though they did great efforts in the Third Attack, the monitoring of the three people was not solved. Therefore, the three rooms are on the same floor of Claire’s room and the members of the Student Council’s rooms, and a surveillance camera is also installed at the entrance.

Following Nakri, Krovahn also enters the elevator.

However, a person――.

Only Nesat doesn’t move.

She stood still and stared at a certain boy.



It’s Kisaragi Hayato.

Hayato noticed that glance.

(Perhaps she wants to go with us?)

To Hayato, her eyes seemed to appeal so. Thinking about making sure of that, Hayato tries to call her out.

– He――

However, his voice was drowned out by the voice of Krovahn that puts over him.

– Hey, Nee-chan. Why are you standing there doing nothing? Let’s go.

– …Ah! Yes, got it…

While looking back at Hayato and the others several times, Nesat gets into the elevator.

The door of the elevator closes, and the trio disappears.

(After all, she might wanted to go…)

Hayato thinks so, that is, because he noticed that she was turning her little sorrowful face at him. But still, he couldn’t call her out.

(I should have called her out, right…?)

A voice caught on Hayato who was thinking about that while looking at the door of the elevator.

– Is something wrong, Hayato? Come and get in, we are already here.

It belongs to Emilia.

– Eh…? Oh, right…

Looking there, Fritz and Latia were already on the elevator. Hayato got into the elevator with Emilia who called him out, and ascended towards the floor where their rooms were.






Fifteen minutes after entering the room assigned to each one. Hayato and company, that means 4 people, are in the lobby where they promised to gather and went out to sightseeing Calbrera Island.

While the city is wrapped in a bright mood ahead of the festival, the figure of security guards and Liberian army wearing heavy equipment is in sight, probably as a precaution of terrorism.


Nevertheless, when Hayato and the others passed by, smiles accompanied with [Good job] or [Are you participating? Do your best] and the like greet them.

That’s because Little Garden is also one of Liberia’s companies. If they were representatives of another organization or country, it shouldn’t be the same.

– Ah, err….!

Suddenly a voice was calling them, and so Hayato and the rest stopped their feet without thinking. Then turned their eyes towards the direction of the voice. Standing there, it was a boy.

Looking at him, his age seems to be less than ten. Behind him, the figure of his parents, and a little sister could be seen. As soon as the bow saw Hayato, he immediately rushed over with a cheerful expression.

– Um, you are Kisaragi Hayato, correct?

– Well, that’s right but…

– Truly? Hooray! May I have a sign if you like?

– Huh?

Hayato rounds his eyes to the boy who thrusts before him a memo and a pen.

– …a sign, me?

The boy nods with confidence.

– Hayato, sign it up.

– Err, but I, signing…

It’s Emilia who launched a lifeboat from the side to Hayato who is confused and can’t get a hold of that thing.

– Hayato, shouldn’t you write your name?

– Ah! … But…

– Look! Fan service is fan service!

– No, even if you say fan

Hayato received a pen and a colored paper from the boy.

– …but, how is it that you know me?

– Perhaps, you saw that CM*?

*TN: Commercial. It is written like that in the novel.

– Ugh…

Hayato’s chest hurt when he was told about the CM.

That is at the end-of-year――

It is just before Christmas. Hayato suddenly was called by Claire and asked him to appear on the CM to announce the <<World Martial Arts Tournament>>.

Of course, Hayato refused.

It was because he didn’t think that it was his job. However, it was already decided and against his own will and with no possibility of being substituted, he was forced to shoot.

It’s possible to say that the result was terrible. He fumbled his lines completely, and his facial expression was stiff.

But that is actually being broadcasted on TV now.

Of course Hayato couldn’t watch it properly. When it’s about to be broadcasted, he changes the channel immediately. It’s like a trauma.

– That’s a reason, but I’m a fan of Hayato since before that. Actually I, at that time, I was staying in the Zwei Islands――

– Eh? That’s…

– Yes, it was at the time for the attack of the Savage. It was Hayato-san who helped the participants who came to the concert like us at that time.

– What? How is that you know that? Perhaps you saw the video of the battle that was circulating on the net?

Emilia asked visibly surprised. Because the battle of the Zwei Islands isn’t written in the profile information of Hayato published for the tournament.

– Well, Sakura-san and Karen-san were talking about Hayato-san in a magazine interview. In that, it’s written about the time of the Zwei Islands. Thanks to Hayato-san, we can still be alive, and we can sing our songs――

– Those guys, saying such things…

– I think so too. Because of Hayato-san, I’m alive now.

– No, it was thanks to everyone else…. At that time, I was still just a novice.

– But, it’s certain that Hayato has defeated the Trenta at that time. Come on, give your signature quickly.

– Eh? Ah…!

Hayato writes [如月ハヤト]* on the colored paper.

*TN: His name, of course. Kisaragi Hayato.

– I guess this… is fine, right?

Hayato timidly returns the memo pad.

Then, the boy’s expression shone like the sun.

– Th, thank you very much! The rest, that is…

Fritz seemed to understand what he was trying to say looking at the boy who held the colored paper with great care, while his body squirms.

– Hayato, it’s a handshake. Am I right, boy?

– Ye, yes!

– You first, Hayato.

– Oh, okay…

Hayato stretches his hand towards the boy. To that hand, the boy grasped it tightly.

– Hayato-san, me too… that… in the future, I want to be a Slayer and save someone, just like Hayato.

– I, I see…. That… I also said such a thing, that if you want to become one, then I think you will surely be one. The Hundred will respond to the feelings of the user.

– The feelings of the user, you say?

– Yup, if you really want to be a Slayer, then you’ll become a Slayer. So, believe in yourself and do your best!

Following that line, it’s Emilia that said so. Finally, the boy said.

– …Hayato-san. Please do your best at the tournament! I am rooting for you!

– Ye-yeah….

After shaking hands, the boy went back to his family.

– Hayato, we can’t lose if it comes to this, don’t you think?

*POP*, Fritz clapped his back. Subsequently, Latia also hits his back.

– Don’t betray the fan’s expectations, okay?

– Don’t put more pressure onto this…

Emilia, Fritz and Latia gave a laugh when they saw Hayato showing a troubled look.


Hayato and everyone stepped forward towards the stadium where the opening ceremony will be held tomorrow. There, a lot of food stalls are lined up like in a festival, it was what they heard from the security guards.

After walking the road between buildings made of brickwork that continued from the hotel, and crossing the bridge, they can see a scenery full of nature and a huge stadium.

The surroundings, are also big parks.

– As you can see, there are various food stalls just like we have heard, it’s exactly like a festival!

– Yup, that’s true.

Emilia responds to Latia who looks around the park and shouts happily.

– Moreover this is a development concept called Gulf City, it is really a beautiful town, isn’t it?

Although the size is quite superior, including the stadium and the buildings on this island, it gives an impression that the atmosphere they feel there is somewhat near to Little Garden, and that is probably because Warslan developed it. The experience at that time, should of course be utilized.

There is only one point of difference, and that is, the river that flows everywhere in the city. It’s said that all of it can be used as a canal.

– Oh, it looks like we can board the ship from there!

Latia’s finger indicated a small pleasure boat that comes and goes from this place.

– What do you think? Aren’t we going to get on that?

– Why not? Hayato and Fritz, you are fine with it too, right?

– Indeed.

– I don’t mind it.

Hayato and Emilia, Fritz and Laita, each one of them pay the fee and board the pleasure boat. The course goes around Calbrera Island, and it is only available for 4 people.

– From what I can see, the customers are Slayers from Little Garden, huh?

Immediately after setting sail, the voice of the man as the sōda-shi* cried out.

*TN: It uses a term which I couldn’t found a translation over the internet. It is 操舵士. It is not helmsman as that is 操舵手. So, I’m gonna stick with that term. Take a literal translation which could be (steering wheel person)

– Yes, that’s right. You realized it nicely.

When listening to Fritz’s answer, the sōda-shi gave a loud voice and laughed.

– As soon as I saw that uniform… come to think of it, didn’t you guys appear in the tournament’s CM?

– Ah! Oji-san, you watched it!?

It was Emilia who gave a happy voice.

– Yeah, because it was being displayed in various places.

– Uugh, it was being displayed so much…

In addition, when he remembered what happened at the time of shooting, Hayato felt bitter.

– The Hayato of that CM was soooo cool, so don’t feel depressed. If you like, want to watch it now?

– Uwaa, stop it!

Hayato rapidly stood up to stop Emilia who tries to play the CM on the PDA. Then, the ship sways greatly.

– Uwaa!?

– Kyaa!?

Because of that Hayato fell down. Emilia also falls down as she was pushed by him.

– Ow ow ow ow…

Realizing it, he was in a posture like pushing down Emilia. It’s the opposite posture of New Year’s Eve time.

Besides, Hayato’s right hand is grabbing Emilia’s breast from above the uniform. Hayato has not noticed it yet.

(What is, this…?)

Hayato moves his right hand.

Thereupon, a sweet voice leaked out from Emilia’s mouth.

– Waai… Haya…uunh!

– Eh…? Ah! Sorry!

Hayato, who grasped the situation, hurriedly released his hand and apologized.

– Leaving that aside, are you okay?

Hayato stood up and stretched his hand to Emilia.

– Y, yeah… I’m okay.

Emilia takes his hand and stands up.

– Brother, please stop doing whatever you want. The ship will roll over, okay?

While laughing, the sōda-shi said.

– I’m sorry…

Even though it was a joke about the ship rolling over, it didn’t change the fact that it was a dangerous act. Hayato obediently apologized and sat on the seat again.

Then, the ship starts to move again.

After a while, the old sōda-shi man resumes talking.

– Anyway, I’m happy to give a ride to an amazing Slayer that appears on a CM. Besides, there was something I wanted to say to your company.

– By “company”, do you mean Warslan?

– Yes, that one. The space station, this island, the scenery of this Sunshine State district, almost everything changed because of Warslan.

The tone of his voice it’s not like he is blaming them. While smiling, the sōda-shi man said that.

Nevertheless, Fritz responds as being in shame.

– No, we apologize for that.

– You don’t’ need to apologize. I also liked the original familiar scenery for many years, but I think that the development of culture and technology can’t be stopped. Thanks to Slayer-san and everyone this world is also protected from the evil hands of the Savage, and I’m also thankful to Warslan for the job that I currently have now.

– We really appreciate those words from you.

– Well, leaving out that, I will support you in this tournament. To come up with a talk like this, it’s an encounter worth of treasuring*.

*TN: 何かの縁: from “chance encounter (worth treasuring); a connection made with another person by chance”.

– If that’s the case, then we must win the championship.

– Yup, definitely. The championship.

Emilia nods facing to Latia.

– We can do it!

That said, Emilia pushes up her fist towards the sky.

– Yeah!

But only Latia got on board.

That was kind of frustrating.

Emilia inflated her cheeks and stares at Hayato and Fritz.

– Come on. Hayato and Fritz, join us, join us!

– You are right, motivation is important for things like this!

Both Emilia and Latia were drawing closer, so Hayato and Fritz prepared themselves with an ‘It can’t be helped’.

– Okay then, let’s do it once more. We can do it!

This time, the three of them with a “YEAH!” gathered their voices.

*TN: I don’t know if this was intended or a mistake in the raws.






– That was very fun. The old man was a nice person.

– When he recalled the moment of the shooting, I suddenly got tired…

After they toured Calbrera Island in the pleasure boat doing a circle lap around it.

Hayato and the others descended from the pleasure boat and turned around the island on foot.

The place where Hayato and his friends are heading now is the square they found while on board of the pleasure boat.

There were many street stalls and food stalls lined in a row.

Even though the tournament starts from tomorrow, although there are many things being prepared yet to see, some of them have already started business in that place. Food stalls selling kebabs*, others selling pizzas* and hot dogs*.

*TN: All of them mentioned in katakana. About kebab:

A food stall grilling huge meat, and food stalls selling drinks including alcoholic beverages. It can also be seen street stalls and others that are drawing portraits.

There were open air stalls* selling original T-shirts, caps (hats) and shot glasses of this competition.

*TN: The term used is 露天 which means “open air”.

– Fuu fuu fuu… the thing over there, looks interesting, isn’t it?

It’s Latia who said so to the shooting stall that lies ahead of her line of sight.

It’s the typical type where you aim to something with an air gun.

Speaking of the target practice of Yamato, the gifts themselves are arranged side by side. However, in this stall, silver-like boxes were arranged in order from large to small ones.

It seems to be a mechanism where if one of them is dropped, the number of the tag in the box is checked, then you will receive a prize of the same number decorated on the prize shelf.

Gun aimed at the prize, this is a type of a one handed air gun by looking at the restrictions written on the explanations sign.

It seems like with this method, the prize will not be destroyed by its power.

– Are you fired up?

Fritz asks in regards to Latia.

. Uh huh, exactly.

– So, maybe I should try it too?

Continued Emilia who said that.

– …what about you, Hayato?

– I’m fine. Shooting isn’t one of my specialties. Maybe Fritz should give it a try?

His Hundred is a Long Shooter type, so he handles huge rifles.

However, his reaction wasn’t affirmative.

– Hmm. I’m gonna take a look for now.

He said so with a cool expression.

– Right then, it’s just the two of us.

Emilia and Latia approaches the shooting stall.

Then, the shopkeeper of the shooting stall frowned as if he was in trouble.

– No way, my first costumers are Slayers…

– Perhaps, we can’t do it because we are Slayers?

– ‘Can’t do it’, I didn’t saay that but.

To the question of Emilia, the shopkeeper answers with a bitter smile.

– Besides, you are Slayers of Little Garden. You are the favorites for the championship, so I’m guessing that the students are receiving training as regular mercenaries. You even have shooting, am I right?

– Well, it’s true.

Looking at Latia which makes *FUFUN* with her nose full of self-confidence, Fritz sighs as if he was amazed, and put his hand over her head and strikes it with a *PON*.

– Being proud, but you are an amateur.

– Shut up…! So, how about it? Can we do it? Or is it a no no?

– Okay, in order to confirm the ability of Slayer-san, you can do it for the time being.

– All right! Then, let’s do it, Emilia.

– Yup!

Latia and Emilia who paid with money, each one received a gun.

– It’s lighter than the gun we use for practice.

That was the impression of Emilia holding the gun.

– Is that so?

Latia who doesn’t seem to catch the difference, tilts her head in puzzlement.

– Well, in the end it’s an air gun. An ordinary gun and a produced one are different. In the first place, there are many types of guns.

Fritz cuts into the conversation from the side.

– Try shooting once for now, I think with that you can check the feeling.

– So I have three tries, huh…

If she hits even once, then it will be the end at that point.

It’s the form of getting the prize of the number in the dropped box.

Of course, there’s no bullet for test shooting.

– For now, I’ll be the one to proceed. First thing to aim are the big ones, then I’ll try to aim the small ones.

The distance is near 20 meters.

What Emilia aimed at is a white box of 10 centimeters square.


A gunshot echoes.

But, the target didn’t fall.

– No waaay… I missed…

Emilia unexpectedly puts out her tongue. Her bullet shot a little above the target.

– After all it has a different feeling than regular guns. The reaction after shooting was also light, it feels somewhat strange.

That was Emilia’s impression. But she didn’t give up.

– But, the next time, I’ll make us of it. A strategy that I came up with.

The next time she will absolutely drop it, her eyes were full of confidence.

– Before that it’s my turn. I’ll also aim for a small one.

Latia’s aim was also a small box of ten centimeters, the same size as Emilia.

Looking at that figure, Fritz enters to stop her.

– Wait a minute! I think you are severe with your arms.

– Shut up, first of all I’m the one targeting! The first one will be something like a trial shoot.

– Well, if it’s fine with you, play it as you like…

Fritz, a little surprised, puts his hand on the temporal side.

– You mentioned it about a while ago, but Latia is no good with guns.

Hayato didn’t know that well.

– …her rank is D.

Hearing that answer, Hayato’s cheeks have a cramp.

– So that means, she is lower than me, huh…

D rank is barely a passing score in the evaluation.

By the way, Hayato’s rank is C.

Emilia and Fritz are in the top, S rank.

– Dammit, I need to focus now. You guys must keep silent!

– Yeah yeah.

Fritz turned the palm of his left and right hand into the sky.

The silence arrived.

Latia, who matched the muzzle with the target, put the finger on the trigger.


Along with the gunshot, the bullet is fired.

It didn’t get the target, and it missed by a huge margin compared to the bullet that Emilia had fired.

– B- but why… I was convinced that I aimed properly…

– K’ then, next is my second shot. Seeing that I have two chances and that small thing is difficult, I’ll try to lower the level.

Emilia decided to aim for a different target than the previous one. Looking at her, Latia said.

– Is it the second smallest box in the series the target…? Is that the strategy that you were talking a while ago?

– The previous target, as that it’s on the top, it doesn’t have anything in the surroundings, so now I can hit another one of the boxes if I miss that one. Something like a lucky hit, don’t you agree?

Saying that, Emilia pulled the trigger.

Immediately after that――

One of the targets danced wonderfully in the air.

But, it’s not the one Emilia was aiming for.

– Ahaha, I missed but I got one.

In conclusion, Emilia’s strategy was successful.

The bullet that diverted to the lower left grazed another target at the right upper corner, and fell.

– Uncle, what number?

Emilia asked the shopkeeper who took the box to check the number.

– It’s the 45th.

The shopkeeper shows the numbered tag that was in the box.

– So it is the 45th… it’s that candy!

Emilia looks at the prize shelf and makes a bright expression. On the other hand, Hayato had a bitter smile.

– That thing, it’s a dagashi* that is sold in Yamato… isn’t it?

*TN: Cheap sweets. There’s a manga revolving about dagashi, named dagashi kashi. You can order them online too.

Delicious twelve sticks set. That was the prize placed at number 45.

– Have you ate this before, Hayato?

– I often ate them when I was a child.

– Look, here are 12, all different kind of tastes are included!

– Wow! I did it!

Emilia who received the delicious stick set from the shopkeeper has a full smile.

– Hey hey, Hayato! Don’t you think that hitting something from Yamato in here is kind of predestined?

– Predestined you say, what is with, that…

It seems she is very happy, so it’s hard to say, but the price for a single stick shouldn’t be that much.

It will be less than half of the price paid to make 12 shots.

(But, for a thing like this to be in a festival…)

The luxury goods that are lined up above the prize shelf, it should only be inside the small one.

In the first place, the way they are currently lined up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that such prize is contained in the box*.

*TN: That means, if the position of an item in the prize shelf is the 9th, the ninth box may not contain the number 9 inside of it.

– Here, eat one too, Hayato.

Emilia opened the bag filled with twelve delicious sticks, and offered one of them to Hayato.

At the same time he sees the flavor, Hayato distorts his mouth.

– That, it’s written as extremely hot…

– Eh…?

Emilia confirms its taste with an absentmindedly expression.

– Uwa, it’s true! This, how spicy is this?

– It’s spicy enough to sting around your mouth. Don’t dare to eat it without something to drink.

– Oh, you are right. Then, what about another one?

– Ok then, I’ll take this.

The one that Hayato took, was one with a consommé flavor. He used to like this in the olden days.

– Emilia, can I get one too?

– Yup, it’s okay. Eat one, eat one.

Emilia presented the bag, after the one she liked picked one, it’s Fritz who asked from the side.

– K’ then, I guess I’ll take this?

It was one with a cheese taste that Fritz took.

– I’ll eat this then.

Emilia opens the bag and chooses pizza taste.

– Yeah, tasty.

Emilia is very satisfied making crunchy noises while chewing the flavored stick.

– Latia, won’t you eat too?

– I’ll shoot this bullet.

Ignoring the bunch of flavored sticks pushed out by Emilia, Latia prepares the gun again.

Fritz asked, chewing a cheese flavored stick.

– Which one are you aiming for next?

– It will be the same small one as before.

– …Ha? What are you saying? Emilia gave up on that, right? It’s impossible for you…

– If I can concentrate then I’ll get it somehow. Even with the previous test gun, when I concentrated, I could shoot through the middle of it.

– That was a coincidence. It occurred only once and…. Your arms are trembling now. In that state, you will absolutely miss.

– I told you to shut up!

She fired the bullet together with the scream.

Latia got angry when she saw that it deviated far more than before.

– Fritz! It was your fault that I missed, don’t you think!?

– No, no matter what you think, it isn’t my fault. In the first place, you put too much power when shooting. Lend me yours for a moment.

Fritz takes away the gun from Latia.

– He, hey, there’s one more shot left!

– …no problem. I saw you and Emilia doing it by the side. I already understand the characteristics of this gun. Hold this.

– Oh, okay…

Fritz returned the bag of flavored sticks to Emilia to empty his hands, and prepares the gun.

– Look, we’ll shoot right in the center.

There was no lie in the words of Fritz.

There’s no hesitation.

Suddenly, the bullet released from the arms that are stretched out, hit splendidly the small box as expected.

– Well, it is roughly like this.

– Amazing!

It is Emilia that raised her voice spontaneously.

Subsequently, Latia’s back jumped from the arms of Fritz.

– Amazing, amazing Fritz!

– Well, it’s my specialty.

Surely Fritz said that as a matter of course.

– Why didn’t you try to take the initiative, was it because it was too easy?

– That can be part of the reason. Leaving that aside, what’s the price?

– Right!

Latia asks to the shopkeeper of the shooting stall.

– Hey, what’s the number?

– Number 5… it’s the number 5!

The shopkeeper who just picked up the box, confirmed the contents and gave a surprised voice.

– Wow, it’s that!

Latia points her line of sight to the number 5 on the prize shelf. It’s a jewelry box that is placed there. A photograph of a ring with a beautiful shining jewel on it is decorated.

– That is one of the featured items this time. It’s a tournament limited edition. It also has a serial number and logo of the tournament. Nee-chan, Take care of it.

– Yes, of course!

Latia, who received the box containing the ring, was really in a good mood.

Holding the box, she is spinning around like if she was dancing.

– Right, Fritz. Can I open it and see what’s inside? I haven’t seen it directly yet.

– Because this is yours, do as you like.

– Yeah, then I’ll open it.

With a state of fullness of expectation, Latia opens the lid of the box while her heart was doing *DOKI* *DOKI*.

– Wow, this is the ring… It’s nice, and very beautiful!

Hayato thinks that’s true. The ring shining in the box looked more beautiful than what he saw in the picture.

– It’s good isn’t it? For Latia to get such a beautiful ring. Hayato, can you take a ring for me too?

– Well, there are no more rings already…

The ring disappears from the prize shelf.

– Hey, uncle. Is that ring being sold somewhere?

– Since it was sold before the tournament, they aren’t selling it anymore. That’s why I told you that it was special, right?

– Tch, I see. If that’s the case, can you buy a different one from a different store somewhere? Look, let’s match them for the two of us. We’ll put it on the ring finger together.

– You, what are you talking about…?

Hayato sighed, amazed.

– ――wha!?


The body of Latia who received an impact rises a little from the surface. Following that, a scream leaked out from her mouth.

– Ah!

Latia’s open eyes look at the ring which has fallen from the box due to the shock received on the back.

The small and round thing rolls over the concrete, passing through person and person that walk down the road.

– Wa, wait!

Latia hurriedly runs after the ring. What lies ahead is a waterway.

However, at last minute, Latia was able to recover the ring.

– Fuu… I’m glad…. Really, I’m glad…

Spilt a breath after feeling relieved.

Latia tells that to the big guy she collided herself with, and he raised his voice in a way like showing off his bare fangs.

– Hey, you… apologize!

– Wait what?

The giant, skinhead man turns around.

– …are you telling me, to apologize?

– Yeah.

The height of the man is around 2 meters. He is very muscular, and looks intimidating like a standing bear.

Nevertheless, Latia continued her words without being frightened or hesitating.

– Because I crashed into you, this ring was about to drop into the drain!

Latia aimed at the ring and cried, but the man made a single laugh.

– Hmm, what about it. Blaming me, when it was your fault, standing and doing nothing. Don’t speak about complaining and rattling for a mere ring.

– WHAT!?

– …huh, are ya fired up?

– You are the one who’s fired up.

– You asked for it.

Latia, who heard the reply of the man, took out the Hundred from her chest and shouted.


Pink particles on both of her hands and legs, and so the body of Latia, creates the Martial Arts type armament. <<Beast King, God of Military Arts>> Strike Beast.

That’s the name of her Hundred.

The man expresses a broadly grinning smile, takes out the Hundred and shouts just like Latia.


The Hundred shines in red particles, it flips and creates armament in his body. It was the same Martial Arts type as Latia.

– Gert, stop.

The one standing still raised her voice, it was a woman standing next to the man.

A woman with a sharp look, but a little smaller than the man of high stature.

– What do ya want, Elena. It’s that one who’s picking a fight. Ain’t no need for me to withdraw. Hey, stupid brat. Come. If u think you can defeat me.

The man, called Gert, moved his fingers towards Latia to provoke her. Looking at that figure, Latia flies into rage.

– Of course I think that I can win!

Latia, who lost her temper, tried to kick up the ground, in order to attack Gert.

– Hey, stop it!

It was Fritz who caught her shoulder and stopped her movement.

– Fritz, why are you stopping me…?

Latia who saw Fritz when she looked back, noticed there was a very regretful look on his face.

– I was about to lose the precious ring you gave me due that guy…



Latia showed the ring inside the armed fist to Fritz.

– But, you recovered it so it’s fine, isn’t it? Besides, if you fight while holding it now, the ring will break. Moreover, you won’t be able to be in the tournament.

Beforehand, Claire told them. Duels of Slayers other than the matches on this island are forbidden. Those who violate it will be deprived of their qualification to participate in the competition.

– …I’m sorry. Certainly, you are right. Blood was in my head, I couldn’t make a proper judgment. Let’s withdraw from here.

Latia cancels her armament.

– Keh, so u understood huh.

After clicking his tongue. Gert also cancelled his armament, and went off the spot together with the woman.

Giving his back towards Latia, he shows his teeth.

– He was really furious, that guy.

– Don’t mind it anymore. Apart from that, does that ring suit your finger? Give it a try.

– Unh, wait a moment, okay.

Hayato and the others kept staring while Latia thrusts the ring on the left index finger while her heart was going *DOKI* *DOKI*.

– Yeah, it’s perfect!

Latia raised a satisfied voice. On the index finger of the left hand that was held in the sky so as to show it to everyone, the ring fits well.

It reflects the solar rays that began to incline towards its center, glittering with orange color.

– …k’ then, should we go back to the hotel soon? There is still a little of time left but I would like to take a break in the hotel a bit, don’t you agree?

– Yeah, you are right. Let’s do that. It would be better to keep that ring in a proper place.

As well as Emilia who answered so, Hayato and Latia also accepted Fritz’s suggestion. En masse, started to go back to the hotel.






[Come to the hall of the first floor of the basement fifteen minutes before the friendly reunion starts]

Hayato who received the confirmation mail from Erika gathered with Emilia, Latia and Fritz who received the same mail, and visited the hall of the first floor of the basement which is the venue of the friendly reunion.

People of many countries and organizations are already gathering inside, and colorful uniforms can be seen.

Hayato said while looking around the hall.

– It’s been a while somehow, since then.

– It’s been some time since [Operation: Bird in Cage].

Emilia answered.

– Is that the operation when we were arrested in Little Garden?

– Huh…?

Hayato turns back to the voice coming from behind.

Besides Nesat who called out, there were three people in total, Krovahn and Nakri, and they are lined up, with their uniforms of Little Garden.

– You guys also came.

– Because the President said that she gave us the right of veto, so it can’t be helped.

Krovahn replies to Emilia who has called him out. Continuing that, Nakri frowned, surveyed the surroundings and said.

– If I could, I would be leaving right now from this place. There might be some of those guys who were made to fight with us and ended up worn out… you were one of them too.

– Huh? Are you trying to pick up a fight with me?

– …if so, you want to?

– Humph, I couldn’t fight you in the <<Campus Martial Arts Competition>>, and now I’m able to do full armament. I’m very confident that I won’t lose.

– Then, do you want to fight me?

– If that’s what you want!

– What are you doing…?

It was Liddy that brought her face closer and said that separating them from each other.

Behind her there were Erika and Claire.

– That girl is in the wrong, she tried to pick a fight with me. I didn’t do anything bad.

– Latia Saint-Émilion, that does not explain anything wayo.

Claire sighed a little disgusted.

It’s Fritz that added explanations to supplement there.

– It was because there are people who were knocked down by them during the <<Operation: Bird in Cage>> in this place, so that kind of conversation started a quarrel. Originally, it was a talk about what to do if a fight started…

– Uh huh, so that is what it is desuno… in the case that the matter in question results in a fight, just call me immediately. As long as you have the approval of the administration to participate in the tournament, and as long as you are members of Little Garden, then I will explain and defend what you have been doing properly as Slayers up to now. In any case, do not fight. And if you say something, apologize properly. Is that clear wane?

There is no reply from the three people. It’s the same from Latia.

– Latia Saint-Émilion, and also the three Olfred, answer properly――

– In the case that you have understand, then I will not force you that much. This is a special location, right desushine?

Claire who stopped Erika who tried to scold them, smiled and continued.

– Well then, we will go to give our greetings.  You may have a meeting with your dearest persons.

– …even if she mentions dearest persons, staying just in here is quite…

It’s after Claire leaves from there.

He can’t find the figures of Sakura or his little sister Karen.

– Hey hey, Hayato, Hayato.

It was Emilia who raised her voice while pulling continuously at the sleeve of Hayato’s uniform while he was mumbling and looking the surroundings.

– What, did you find someone?

– No, it’s not that. I thought that the cookery in there seemed really delicious. Can we go to get them now?

Emilia looks at the cookery while her eyes are shining, seeming to drool with impetus at any time.

– But, that comes after the toast, right?

– How much will it take until then? How many minutes? How many seconds?

– Even if you ask me that, I don’t know that, you know.

– Maybe, it depends on President Judal’s speech, isn’t it?

Latia said that.

– Incidentally, have you guys seen anyone over here or there? I have a hunch I saw someone somewhere, but I can’t remember.

The line of sight of Latia is aimed at a place where mature middle-aged people wearing decorative military uniforms have gathered.

– If I’m not mistaken, is he the man who served as the commander of <<Operation: Bird in Cage>>?

– Yeah, indeed. Now that you mention it, I had the feeling that it could be him.

A staff member of the hotel came there and offered them a drink. It’s for the toast. Hayato and every one of his comrades picked up a drink. The man’s voice resonates through the microphone.

– Everyone, silence please. From here, Judal Harvey-sama, one of the organizers of this tournament, would like to give a toast.

Following those words, Judal Harvey appeared on the stage.

– First of all, to everyone who were able to come to this place, where the opening of the tournament is about to come―― to Serivia-sama who is working together as an organizer, to the staff, and to the collaborators, Ladies and Gentlemen, I truly give you my thanks.

Starting with lowering his head and saying that, the speech of Judal began.

Humanity has created countermeasures called Hundred due to the threat of the Savage.

No matter what kind of threat it is, the humanity will not give up, by narrowing the wisdom and the evolution, we will overcome it.

Thus now mankind is now trying to expand the scope of activities not only to the Earth, which is our home, but also to the outer space.

This tournament will be the first step.

There are various obstacles and organizations that interfere, but we will not succumb to it.

The tournament absolutely will be a success and humanity will advance into the universe――

It is a subject to set especially a path to the base of Lunaltia.

– A few words to finish― the construction of the Lunaltia Base is also my long-cherished wish. If I can, I would like to take direction of it with my own hands. I think that saying that it’s too much coming from the organizer, but that is what I wanted to say.

The venue of the friendly reunion begins to stir with those words.

(Onii-sama, what on earth are you――)

Claire wonders what is the next thing that his older brother Judal is about to say, she felt uneasy as it was inevitable.

– The organization administrated by me, Warslan―― or, the training institution where my younger sister, Claire Harvey, is serving as the representative of Little Garden, whose ability is considerable―― Odd makers are also publishing the same numbers. Although I am not the Pope, let me have the privilege of predicting that here, that one of us will definitely win this tournament.

At the same time as the words were released, the gazes that emitted hostility were directed not only to Judal, but also to Claire, Hayato and the members of Little Garden.

(What the, why does have to be something――)

Claire shook her fists with a lot of anger. It’s too vicious to be a joke. It has to be a humble position, rather than declaring your victory here.

That’s what you say in order to provoke.

Then, for the Slayer’s good fight and the success of this competition―― and for mankind’s space development. To celebrate that first step―― let’s toast!

Although it’s a special toast, the atmosphere from some time ago is nowhere near cheerful.

Glasses and glasses bump against each other in the stormy atmosphere, making sounds. It seems that in this situation you could think that the glass will crack due to the tense ambience.

In such circumstances, Hayato and the others bumped the glass with their surrounding comrades with a certain degree of sorry, and tried to drink the orange juice.

Nothing could be done, because it’s unlikely that they will face the glances of complete hostility towards themselves.

It was the first time since the entrance ceremony that the glances have turned this way.

But, this time it’s not just him.

The same look is directed to all of the people of Little Garden and Warslan, and among them are Judal and Claire, representatives of the two organizations, who are in a state of going through intense fire.

Regardless of Judal, the involvement of Claire would obviously mean to say a complaint or something. It could be said that it was something like that for Hayato and the others.

In such situation, Claire keeps on moving, covering for her brother’s behavior, in order to calm the representatives of the other organizations.

– Hayato, I brought some food.

– …you, when did you…

He noticed that Emilia was holding plates with a lot of food on top of them on both hands.

– As soon as the toast finished I went immediately to pick them up.

– Oh, okay…

Apparently Emilia doesn’t seem to care about the surrounding gazes at all. Hayato continues to crawl from the eyes in the surroundings.

– …Hayato, what’s wrong?

– I’m looking for Karen from some time ago but I can’t find her.

– You don’t need to worry. Hayato is truly a siscon, isn’t it? Surely Kirishima Sakura is doing something about it.

– That may be so but…

– Karen-chan is already a little mature. Who said that a cute little girl was allowed to travel? You said it, no?

– That story is different from this.

Those two people, Sakura and Karen, belong to Little Garden. There’s a possibility that they could be involved in troubles. Despite this, Emilia doesn’t seem to worry.

– They aren’t different.

While saying that, she brought dry-cured ham and salad from the dish to her mouth.

Then, she brought quiche to her mouth.

– Latia. That one, isn’t it Wendy?

– Oh, certainly.

Latia made her eyes shine, looking at the girl who was wearing the uniform of the Liberian army, and that was in front of Fritz line of sight. Emilia also turns her eyes to the girl.

– Weren’t you both together during the Third Attack?

Emilia and Hayato are talking about the girl named Wendy Velvet. They weren’t directly on the same team, but participated together in <<Operation: Bird in Cage>>

– Yeah, we were.

Fritz answers.

He and Latia fought together with her in <<Operation: Bird in Cage>>, and then again in the Third Attack.

– Would you like to go and greet her?

– Yeah.

Fritz and Latia went together to where Wendy is.

Even so, Emilia remained enjoying the food as usual.

– Hayato, this quiche is delicious. Won’t you eat it too?

She continues, reaching for pepperoncino this time.

– You really eat a lot huh…

Although being amazed, Hayato knows that Emilia’s tongue is fond for food*, and keeping the expectations within his chest, he tries to stretch the fork to the quiche.

*TN: The term used means: to grow fat, to grow fertile, to have good taste. 肥える.


– Emilia-sama, Hayato-sama!

Hayato stopped his hand with the voice that suddenly arrived to his back. Emilia also tried to move the pepperoncino to her mouth, but stopped her hands, and turned back.

They voice was from a girl they knew.

– How are you doing, Claudia?

– Emilia-sama, it’s been a long time!

Claudia hugged at the waist of Emilia who placed the disk on the table.

She, Claudia Lowetti, is a Slayer belonging to the Allied Forces of Britannia.

Because she was concerned about Emilia, she was hostile to Hayato who robbed her, but after a number of reasons, now she opened her heart.

– Well, Claudia was also saying that she will compete in team battles.

– Yes, that’s right. So I came to express my greetings. I came because I have to talk about them as well.

– Eh…?

– Douglas!

Looking at the man and woman before the eyes of Claudia, Hayato and Emilia are lost for words.

Douglas, the third prince of the Kingdom of Wenz. Next to him was a woman who supposedly was the one who stole the Hundred from Hayato’s room. Moreover, the couple, like Claudia, are wearing uniforms of the Slayer troops, part of the regular army of Britannia.

Gerrard Kilfelthar, a high official in the Kingdom of Gudenburg, who was with them, opened his mouth.

– Actually I was wondering if I should have told you about this earlier, but the Allied Forces of Britannia had hesitated whether to let them participate or not until the end.

According to Kilfelthar, the abilities of the two are quite high compared with the average of the Slayer corps of the Allied Forces of Britannia.

It’s surprisingly high. If it’s in normal conditions, he should have had the power to enter as a member of the team battles without fail.

However, he’s now being imprisoned as a criminal――

But, there is nothing prohibited in the rules for criminals to participate in the <<World Martial Arts Tournament>>.

There are many loopholes, and if related rules are created, then there is a possibility of using those rules to reduce the strength of other countries.

Therefore, the judgment is up to each country and organization whether there are certain conditions for them to be members of team battles or can’t participate.

– In short, the Regular Army of Britannia chose to let the couple that is here to participate.

– Exactly, Emilia-sama. There were a lot if internal discussions, but in the end, the King of Britannia approved it, bearing the responsibility of it.

– Is that so, Otou-sama…?

Moreover, every time you win and advance to the next round, making it to the finals, it’s said that there is a special case that the term of sentence will be shortened.

In addition to that, it seems that it’s precisely because his behavior in the prison has been recognized as exemplary.

– Emilia-hime. And, Hayato-dono. What I did in Gudenburg is inexcusable.

Douglas put a knee on the floor, gradually lowered his head and continued his words.

– Thanks to the consideration of King Granald, Emilia-sama’s father, who allow to this me, a criminal, to show in as a representative of the whole country, I considered to contribute with the readiness to devote myself for the victory of the Federation of Britannia.

– It’s fine, raise your head. Stand up, okay?

– I am grateful of your kind words.

Saying that, Douglas stands up.

– Hey, Douglas.

– What is it?

– I think that the Douglas of now, has become a good person.

– Is that so?

– Yup.

Emilia nods happily.

– If it’s the Douglas of now, I think that you can quickly become a representative of Britannia Slayer’s corps.

– It is an honor to be said that from Emilia-hime.

Douglas smiled happily and showed his gratitude.

Kilfelthar opened his mouth afterwards.

– In fact, since I heard that Douglas-dono may be on the <<World Martial Arts Tournament>> we spent all the free time given every day for training to improve our skill as Slayers. Looking at that figure, it’s no exaggeration to say that we worked on our relations in various places in order to confirm the participation of Douglas-dono.

– That means, that the strength of Douglas is considerably higher than when he fought Hayato?

– I do not know how much my current abilities are, but I definitely want to fight against Hayato-dono in order to ascertain that.

Saying that, Douglas stood up in front of Hayato and stretched out his hand.

– Of course, I will fight fair and square next time.

– It is I who should say so, I look forward to it.

Hayato and Douglas exchanged a tight handshake.

– Hayato is considerably stronger than that time, so I believe that it will not be so easy to win.

– Yes, of course I understand that.

In response to Emilia’s words, Douglas expresses a smile.

Furthermore, Hayato has been strictly ordered from Claire to not use the power of Variant at the tournament. That’s the same for Krovahn, Nesat and Nakri.

When Hayato fought against Douglas before, he won using the power of the Variant together with <<Double Deployment>> Dual Act.

But now he can do Dual Act without the power of the Variant, and he can use the technique of his Shishō, Zaneizan.

The battle experience has also increased through the Third Attack, and he is certainly becoming stronger as Emilia says.

– Well then, we are leaving.

– See you later, Emilia-sama.

After parting ways with Douglas and the others, and after a little of time.

– …yo, guys.

Next, an extremely worn out voice approached to Hayato and the others.

– Ah, Dr. Charlotte.

– So Charo also came to the party.

– Yeah, because the President told me to come…

Charlotte says so with empty eyes, and shakes her head repeatedly up and down. If you look closely, there were big shades under her eyes.

– …Charo, have you not slept at all?

– That’s correct, I’ve slept three hours every day since I came to this island. It’s similar as not sleeping at all in the past few days. As expected from a development in a scale of several months coming from a decision held in a meeting. Although it was truly strict, I’m relieved to be able to hold a meeting peacefully somehow…

– Really? You did it well… or should I say, have you already gone to bed? There is still work to do?

– Tentatively, I planned to do so as the greetings are over. There is also a test of the equipment to use at the opening ceremony from early in the morning tomorrow…

– Umm, that gives around five hours of sleep, am I right…?

– Yeah, like you said…. Okay then, once you’ve finished the friendly reunion, please sleep at ease…

Leaving her words with them, Charlotte left the meeting place with an unsteady manner of walking.

Fritz and Latia, who just finished their greetings with the girl of Liberia, came back there.

– Is something wrong with Dr. Charlotte? She looked like she was about to collapse at any minute…

Fritz asks while looking at Charlotte going out of the venue.

– That’s because she hasn’t slept in a few days, so she went to sleep.

– Hahaha, still, how should I say it… it looks serious, right…? Her health may collapse, and… Mei Mei who takes care of her, was left in Little Garden.

– So that’s how it is, huh?

When such a conversation was done, Claire and the rest returned.

– And, are you enjoying the friendly reunion?

– You might say so.

Hayato gave a bitter smile to Claire who had spoken to him.

It was because of the beginning with Judal. That’s what Claire thought. She sighed a little and said.

– I stabbed a nail to my older brother so as to not mention unnecessary things from now on shitawa. If you have not received any injuries, then that is also good desu.

With this, the members of team battle of Little Garden are gathered. Looking at them, Krovahn and the rest were eating deliciously food greedily.

Of course they didn’t talk to anyone, but they seem to enjoy the food.

– Well then, for a while I――

When the situation finally settled, when Hayato was about to try to get away from this place in order to find Karen and Sakura.

– Hey, Fritz!

It was the voice of Latia that was raised while she was pulling the sleeve of Fritz.

– …what is it, what happened so suddenly?

– Look over there, that guy!

Her eyes were directed towards a big body, it was a Slayer of the Rasiya Empire wearing a red uniform.

It was the man who bumped with Latia in the city. Also around him, there are people wearing the same red uniform.

Hayato’s line of sight overlapped with one of them.

Then the man approached to where Hayato and the rest where.

It’s a man with red hair and a high stature, with white transparent skin. It’s not in front of Hayato that the young man stopped his feet. It’s in front of Claire.

– Nice to meet you, Miss Claire, representative of Little Garden. I would like to ask you about the rumor of moments ago.

– …and you are?

– I am the captain belonging to the Rasiya army, and the captain of the team battle of Rasiya for the <<World Martial Arts Tournament>>, my name is Cezary Gravin. I am pleased to make your acquaintance from now on――

Saying that, Cezary thanked her politely.

It’s a Slayer and it’s said that he is the captain, but it’s quite a thin line man. Furthermore, he’s expressing a smiling face. Hostility can’t be felt from that appearance.

– Claire responds politely to such Cezary.

– Nice to meet you. As you said, I am Claire Harvey, the representative of Little Garden. Is it fine if I call you Captain Cezary?



– Yes, of course.

Claire grasped tightly the hand presented by Cezary.

A tie.

A prove of friendship. A handshake.

Immediately after that――

In a complete change, the expression of Cezary became severe.

– So what is going on…I am asking to Miss Claire about what I heard, and that is, that a Slayer of our country, and a Slayer of Little Garden caused problems before this friendly reunion began.

– …a problem? And who would be desuno?

Claire narrows her eyes and turn them towards Hayato and company. Claire confirmed, looking at Latia who quickly diverted her sight.

– Latia, was that you desunone…?

– You are wrong! I just, picked a fight, or rather, how to say it…

– That is not a valid explanation wayo…

Claire sighed heavily.

– Anyway, please calmly tell the situation to me.

– Well, that, I suddenly bumped with someone, and because of that, the ring I received from Fritz…

Feeling despondent in that situation, Latia began to talk. Suddenly, Cezary spoke.

– Miss Claire, please wait a moment.

– …what is it desuno?

– This girl is not in the wrong. That is a sure thing. Let me call the person concerned here.

That said, Cezary turned his eyes towards the place where he was before.

– Gert, come here.

– …chi, why me?

Called by Cezary, the man in question called Gert gets closer reluctantly.

– My apologies, he―― is Gert Abramovic, he is an excellent Slayer, but there is nothing that can be done with his rough temper. Apparently you had a quarrel with the lady over there. Gert, apologize to Miss Claire.

Cezary said, while Latia denoted a sidelong glance. But Gert wasn’t obedient and didn’t apologized.

– Why do I have to do such a…. To begin with, the one who’s to blame is dat stupid brat who stood up abruptly!

– Wha, it is already decided that you are the guilty though!

Claire seems to have grasped the general idea, looking at Latia objecting Gert. She sighs heavily, and continued her words.

– In short, the quarrel took shape of something like that desuwane.

– Yes, I heard that the deployment of armament was mutual.

– …good grief. Did you not remember me saying that battles or duels between Slayers other than in a situation of emergency are prohibited desuno?

– B, but we didn’t get to fight. We just deployed our armaments.

– That is just a frivolous objection desuwayo. In any case, there is no doubt that they have acted problematically with each other. Besides, both parties are to blame masu. Let’s settle this case by apologizing properly to each other.

– If Miss Claire says so, then that will also be helpful.

– Do as you were told, Latia Saint-Émillion. Apologize.

– Wh- why do I have to apologize to…

– Listen up, apologize properly, ‘kay? Otherwise, the qualification to perform in the tournament will be revoked, you know.

– Ugh… I understand.

Fritz told her so, and Latia apologized with a facial expression that didn’t seem to be convincing.

– …I’m sorry.

– Gert, you too.

While clicking his tongue with a *chi*, Gert apologizes too.

– Yeah yeah, I’m sorry I’m sorry.

It’s not an apology filled with heart, but that’s also applied to Latia.

However, it’s important that they have apologized even if is merely for form’s sake.

– You will have another encounter, in a match of the tournamentーー. If you win and advance to the next round, then you can meet along the way. Don’t you think so desuwane?

In regards to the words of Claire, Latia and Gert nodded. Far from looking in the eyes, they averted their sight.

– Anyway, it seems that the formed root of trouble has disappeared. Then I am assuming that there are no more problems in here. Well then, see youーー

Cezary said so and smiled with a grin, then returned with Gert to the other Slayers of Rasiya.

– …somehow those people feel strange.

Cezary and Gert――

It’s Nesat that muttered so while seeing their backs.

– A strange feeling desuno?

Nesat nodded in regards to Claire who tilted her head in puzzlement.

– Do you get it Hayato? The strange feeling?

– No, I don’t get it…

– I see…

Nesat hung her head with disappointment.

– What is that strange feeling, can you mention the feeling in detail desuno?

– …It’s difficult. But, it’s odd… moreover, it’s a bad feeling…

– …I see desuno…

Nesat’s answer was inconclusive, but it seems that she felt something. However, neither Hayato nor Claire felt anything.

It seems to be the same for the other Slayers. That’s why, Nesat was the only one looking alternatively the figures of the back of Cezary and Gert, while Hayato and company only could stand still, dumbfounded on that spot.

– …Anyway, there is no doubt that they need special attention desuwane.

– I agree.

Hayato nods to the words of Claire who broke the silence.

– ……

Nesat was still looking at their backs, gently uncovering the eye behind the eye patch, staring at them as if she was looking for something.


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5 thoughts on “Hundred Volume 7 – Chapter 2

  1. Is this the hotel that we are going to lodge, right? –> So this is the hotel that we are going to lodge, right?
    Speaking of why those three –> Speaking of those three
    those participating in single match –> those participating in single matches
    we have not come to sightseeing desu –> we have not come to sightsee desu
    It is already that time desuno? –> It’s already that time desuno?
    Hayato and everyone step forward –> Hayato and everyone stepped forward
    For “company” –> By “company”
    those words of you. –> those words from you.
    Gun aiming at prize –> Gun aimed at the prize
    It’s a no no? –> Or is it a no no?
    eat you too –> eat one too
    The one Hayato that took –> The one that Hayato took
    I’ll shot this bullet. –> I’ll shoot this bullet.
    Which is the next you are aiming for? –> Which one are you aiming for next?
    Lend me a moment –> Lend me yours for a moment
    Because I crashed with you –> Because I crashed into you
    You wished for it. –> You asked for it.
    you recovered it so is fine –> you recovered it so it’s fine
    Blood was on my –> Blood was in my
    so u understood huh –> so you understand huh (not sure if the ‘u’ letter was meant to be there lol)
    does that ring suits –> does that ring suit
    that you have been doing properly as Slayers up to now –> what you have been doing properly as Slayers up to now
    continuously the sleeve of Hayato’s uniform –> continuously at the sleeve of Hayato’s uniform
    that it is too much coming –> that it’s too much coming
    privilege of predict that here –> privilege of predicting that here
    why it has to be something –> why does have to be something
    that the glances have turned in this way. –> that the glances have turned our way.
    You said it, or not? –> You said it, no?
    isn’t Wendy? –> isn’t it Wendy?
    What I did in Gudenburg it’s inexcusable. –> What I did in Gudenburg is inexcusable.
    Hayato is considerable –> Hayato is considerably
    It’s something wrong –> Is something wrong
    between Slayers others –> between Slayers other
    then you can met along –> then you can meet along


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