Hundred Volume 6 – Chapter 4

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The awakening of Latia / Battle of Liddy / Diva’s Style

In the basement strategy conference room of Little Garden, the members of the Student Council, Claire and Erika, together with Chris, the chief analyst and students from the intelligence department were gathered to start the reunion.

– Claire-sama, right now, the invasion of the Savage was confirmed also in the Kingdom of Gudenburg, the western part of Qin Empire, and in the eastern part of Liberia. It is reported that eighty percent of them are common type, and the remaining twenty percent are dreadnaught and Trenta types.

– Acknowledged desuwa.

Claire replied to the female student’s report of the intelligence department. The common type is eighty percent, if unknown Savages do not appear, they should be able to cope without problems. Since the Third Attack began, the proportion of the incoming Savage is the same as what was reported now. In addition, all of the Savages that have fallen into the deployed operational area have already been completely destroyed by the Slayers. There is no anxiety.

– Chris, what is the prediction of Savage’s invasion near Sangria?

– I’m sorry, but the current status cannot be calculated yet.

– Have <<LiZA>> said something about that?

– Please wait a moment. I will check it now.

Chris sent all the existing data to try to communicate with <<LiZA>>. Next, he asked the question by pressing the keyboard that was close at hand with his fingers.

– There was a response. It should already be sent to the location of Claire-sama.

– I will confirm it masuwa.

The predicted attack number of <<LiZA>> and the map of the fall prediction points are displayed on the floating monitor in front of them.

– A total of twelve?

The predicted time of the invasion is one day ahead.

– If there are twelve out of three hundred, it is a suitable number desuwane. Now around the world, how many invasions are happening?

– For now, it is still eighty… oh, Claire-sama. The latest information has arrived. Now, there is information that five Savages also invaded the area around Yamato’s Motomatsu Base.

– What did you say!?

Claire stood up with her hands on the desk in front of her.

– Chris, what is the situation in there masuno!?

– Please rest assured, Claire-sama. Thanks to the interceptor unit led by Hayato-san, it seems that the five Savage have already been killed. But, it looks like they are a little troubled.

– Troubled? As I thought, they couldn’t dealt with it like everyone does desuwane.

– It doesn’t mean that it was in such a way…

– ?

The one who’s supposed to talk about the details is Dr. Charlotte.

– May I join you?

– Yes, of course desuwa.

Claire nods while she looks bewildered. Thereupon, the figure of Charlotte was displayed on the floating monitor in front of them.

[Oh dear! It can’t be helped, but your face is full of worries for Kisaragi Hayato]

– Wha…!

Claire, who was struck right in the mark, was left without words, and her face was bright red.

– Wha, what are you saying so suddenly! Be, besides, Kisaragi Hayato is an important Slayer for Little Garden, it is natural to be worried!

[Ha~ha~ha~, It is exactly as you say. I’m sorry for teasing you]

Erika was listening to the interaction between Claire and Charlotte with a sullen expression on her face. It is not interesting for her to see Claire confused by Hayato.

– Thank you for your words, Charlotte-sama. We are in a crisis now. So please, get into the subject at once.

[I know that. Well then, let’s go immediately to the issue at hand. For example, the case of Kenzaki Touka―]

Charlotte said that Touka appeared on the battlefield without permission, and was attacked by a wild dog that was taken over by the Savage virus. In order to save Touka, Hayato sucked out the virus from the injured right shoulder and tells them that he collapsed.

– …Kisaragi Hayato…. Truly, you are a person…

As Charlotte finished talking, Claire unexpectedly held her face in the palm of her right hand. It’s his true nature, to help others without taking care of himself. She believes that from the bottom of her heart.

– So, what’s the condition of Kisaragi Hayato?

[He is still sleeping, but as far as I looked at the examination data from Yamato, there are no abnormalities at the moment.  For Kenzaki Touka is the same. Although I don’t know what is going on, I want to do a proper examination quickly. There is a possibility that a second wave will come around Motomatsu Base, so for the time being, when Hayato-kun wakes up, I think I will bring Kenzaki Touka back to Little Garden. There’s no problem with that, right?]

– It cannot be helped if it is like that. I comprehend desuwa. We will arrange the acceptance of that girl to the hospital.

[Thank you very much. That’s all I have to report]

At the same time that the contact from Charlotte was disconnected, Claire sighed greatly, and sat down deeply on the back of the chair.

– I have the feeling that is going to be troublesome again masuwane.

The figures of Emilia, Sakura― and of Karen, who is Hayato’s sister, were floating in her head.




After slaughtering the last Savage, Hayato who fainted was carried to the medical office inside Warslan’s Motomatsu Base by Yumina, Mirai and Sango.

Seeming that he did not take the time to wake up, and one hour after collapsing― it’s been thirty minutes since he woke up after being laid on this bed.

– Hayato-kun, is your body alright?

When he awoke, it was Mika who was in the side.

– Yes.

Hayato answers with a nod. The condition of his body is not bad. However, for Touka was different. Although she is in a state of reduced activity, and is still asleep, she sometimes suffers with painful moaning.

– How are you going to cure Touka?

– I am sorry, but we can’t deal with a treatment at this base. For that matter I’m talking to Charlotte in Little Garden. I was told to contact them if Hayato-kun got up, so I will connect now.

They could get in touch with Charlotte immediately. The figure of Charlotte is displayed on the monitor of the medical office.

[Hi, Hayato-kun. I was really worried about you]

– Apart from me, is Touka going to be okay?

[So far from the data sent from there, it shouldn’t be like a life-threatening situation. That goes the same for you, Hayato-kun]

[I see…]

[But, related to Touka-kun, there are many things that I won’t understand until I do a proper examination, so I considered to let her come to Little Garden]

– Me going to Little Garden…?

With those words, Hayato, Mika and Charlotte noticed that Touka is raising her upper half of the body from the bed.

– You, when did you wake up?

– I woke up just now. Leaving that aside, is it true that I’m going to Little Garden? My sword skill, my efforts have been recognized!

– That’s not the problem, kind of.

– Shishō!?

It was Hayato who saw Ryūsei which suddenly appeared in the medical office and gave a voice earlier.

– Why are you here? Didn’t a woman come to your house?

One after another, it was Touka who raised her voice.

– Because you did stupid things, once again. You really are very similar to Hokuto.

Ryūsei who came into the room gets close to the bed of Touka and hugs her.

– But I’m glad that you are alive, really.

– Shishō…

Ryūsei pokes her in the forehead, and so Touka fell to the bed from her back.

[With all things said, Hayato-kun prepare to leave Yamato soon]

Charlotte resumes her talk.

– Eh, but…

The Third Attack has not ended yet.

That was a concern for Hayato.

That’s something he guessed.

Mika turns to Hayato and said.

– Do not worry about the mission, we will be okay. The probability that the Savage will attack even for one in the vicinity of the Motomatsu Base will be less than one percent in the near future. That being the case, we can do it in one way or another.

Mika’s line of sight is directed to the entrance of the medical office.

There were three people: Yumina, Mirai and Sango.

– Hayato-san, I hope you can come back.

It was Mirai who first opened her mouth.

– Honestly, thank you very much. I as was able to learn various things.

– No, to say that you learn…

– If this world can get through the Third Attack, perhaps we will meet at the Martial Arts Tournament the next time.

– …Martial Arts Tournament?

– What is, that?

Hayato instinctively tilts his head.

– I heard rumors that the United Nations is talking about making a tournament for the Slayers. After this, I don’t know what the world will be like, but I think it will be hasty.

– Oh, is that so?

Hayato thinks that it is certainly hasty.

– If eventually you have a match against me, I will left in you in shame suffering a complete defeat in front of Claire-sama masuwayo!

Of course it is Sango who said so. Looking at that figure, Mika opens her mouth visibly amazed.

– For the sake of that, it’s no good if you don’t keep practicing!

– How importunate desuwane, I know that masuwayo!

The medical office, was full in laughter.



– If you come to Yamato again, please stop by this base. We will gladly welcome Hayato-han.

– Certainly, come to visit my place too.

Following Mirai, Ryūsei said so.

– Yes, of course.

Answered Hayato.

In this way, Yumina, Mirai, Sango, the commandant Shinonome Mika and the people of Motomatsu Base, along with Shishō Ryūsei, were there to send off Hayato, who left Yamato with Touka.




– …Even if it is spare time.

*FUAA*, Fritz yawned, lying down over the provisory bed. Now, in the eastern part of the United States of Liberia, the Sunshine State where he was sent with his friend Latia, it is also known as the Universe Special Zone. People and materials, rocket launcher devices to launch satellites to space, mass driver which are the devices to launch the materials for the moon base development from the Earth to the moon are concentrated, and so the entrance to the great universe is in Liberia.

Latia and Fritz are dispatched to this area to protect those facilities from Savage’s attacks. They prepared themselves, in the room of the base of the <<Liberia Space Station>> NLSA. So they are waiting for the invasion of the Savage. It is already twenty hours since they arrived at this place.

Around five hours of sleep, about three hours of strategy meeting, and although there was a social gathering with their team members, and the rest of the time there was almost nothing particularly to do, so it was quite painful for the standby state to continue. It would be natural for one of the yawns to come out. However, Latia who was stretching at the provisory bed to the other side seems to be unforgivable.

– Fritz, you have no sense of tension? We haven’t come here to play, you know.

She says so amazedly, scowling at Fritz.

– Yeah yeah. I know that. [Vice-president Liddy also said it, that we must do our best]― right?

Fritz imitated Latia just as she said the same thing over and over again. Speaking of why Liddy is involved, that’s because she is from the Sunshine State. Even now her family lives in a city near this base. That’s why Liddy wanted to come to this base and seemed to want to protect the city that has become familiar with an also the Space Station. However, as a Vice-President there’s a mission to protect Little Garden, so she could not do so. Of course, for Little Garden that wants to hasten the project Lunaltia, this base is a key point that must be absolutely protected. As a result, the competent Latia and Fritz were chosen instead of Liddy to protect this base.

– Then if you comprehend, then act more properly. Because we don’t know when the Savage will invade. I don’t even know if my body will move at that time.

– Ok ok, I understand.

As he said that, and when Fritz raised his upper body, the door of the room opened and a man came in.  Bergryd Leonhardt, a Slayer belonging to the Warslan Company, who commands Fritz and Latia, a unit that guards this Universe Special Zone. His age is in the mid-twenties, he turned into a Slayer right after he deployed his Hundred, and has a lot of experience fighting the Savage.

His skin is sun tanned, his height is tall and is very muscular. He also wears a tank top and camouflage trousers, so he indeed looks like a soldier.

– Guys, it is about time for lunch. Come quickly to the cafeteria.

– Understood.

Answering, Fritz got out of the bed.

– If so, are you also going to eat?

– Yup.

Answering, Latia also descends from the bed.

Fritz and Latia left the room with Bergryd and headed to the cafeteria where their teammates who had already fought together had surrounded the table. This unit consists of Slayers of Warslan Company, Slayers of Little Garden and Slayers of the Army of Liberia, a total of six people. The Slayer belonging to Warslan is only Bergryd, the commander, and from Little Garden are Fritz and Latia. The remaining three are Slayers of the Army of Liberia. Nonetheless, the three members of the Liberian forces are unfamiliar with each other.

One is Wendy Velvet, a member who formed a team with Fritz and Latia in a large-scale search-and-destroy operation of Savage named <<Operation: Inside the Cage>>, the remaining two are Michael Goodhope, who’s a young man and a senior of the <Dōjō> Gym era, and Kane Rodriguez, a man with a brown skin and a close clipping hairstyle. In addition, since Bergryd is between the commanding officers, his personality is bright and rough, but there isn’t a nervous atmosphere between the six people. On the contrary, it is harmonious.

– Oh! Today’s lunch is curry, right?

As she saw a pot with a curry in it on the table, Latia gladly said.

– This, are there any seconds, I wonder?

Bergryd answers to Latia who asks while still expressing a drooling expression in her face.

– There are as much as you like. Eat to your heart’s content.

– Woo, hooray! Then I will eat to my heart’s content!

Latia sits in a vacant seat happily.

Good grief, Fritz also sat down to the side.

– …and, there are reports to you before the meal.

– Reports?

– What are the contents?

Fritz and Latia asked one after another.

Pouring water from the jug located on the table to the cup, and once they finished to arrange the dishes with curry and rice, and just as they thought that he would likely say a salutation to express gratitude before eating, bending his figure at the waist.

– There were already contacts here and there over the world, and the first wave of Savage was invading when they encountered with the headquarters of Warslan.

– So that means that the Third Attack has started?

– It’s just as you say.

Bergryd answers to Fritz’s question.

– By the way, it seems that five Savage invaded Yamato, it was a big invasion. However―

Bergryd smiled broadly and continued.

– Fritz, Latia, looks like the unit were your friend served as a leader have annihilated a fourth of them.

– Oh, is that so!? Then Hayato did it!

– He really did it, that guy!

– Yup, then we can’t lose either!

Fritz and Latia are pleased with the great efforts of their friend. Looking at those figures, Bergryd felt delightful putting a smile on his face.

– As you see both of them now, the efforts of their comrade in this sort of place is the best camphor agent for soldiers.  We too must be up to the expectations so, for now let’s eat a lot of food, to be prepared for that moment. We can’t fight if our stomachs are empty. What I try to say is, let’s eat lunch without delay. Enjoy as much as you want.

With everyone saying “Thanks for the food”, the lunch time starts.

– Oh! This is tashty!

Wendy said at the same time she eats a mouthful of curry.

– Yup, it is truly delicious.

Latia also gave her approval.

– This, I wonder who did it?

Fritz have heard that most of the employees of this base, seemed that they already evacuated to a nearby shelter. There are no employees in this cafeteria now. That’s why he thought that it was a kind of retort, but it seems to not be the case.

– I prepared it.

Replied Bergryd.

– Eh? Is that so?

– On the days when I have a break, I prepare it to my wife and my son at home. Thus in times of battle, I can treat to my teammates. That’s why I brought ingredients.

– What, so Taichō is married?

It is Michael who spontaneously said so. That’s the first time that Fritz and the others heard that.

– Now that you mention it, I haven’t said anything yet. Before being a Slayer and entering the battlefield, I made a childhood friend. She is nineteen now. I have a kid. Wanna see him?

Bergryd was proudly showing the PDA to Fritz and company.

– What do you think? He’s cute isn’t it?

– Yeah, very adorable.

He does really look like a boy, but he is still four years old. Unlike the manly features of Bergryd, he is very cute. Perhaps, it looks like his mother.

– Hahaha, that’s true, that’s true. It should be fine for you to get married quickly and have children. It helps to your stability at work.

With that said, Bergryd looked to Fritz and Latia.

– Come to think of it, you guys are childhood friends. How far have you go?

– *Spits out*

– *Cough* *Cough…*

At the same time as he said those words, Fritz and Latia spouted together.

– Ple, please stop it, Taichō. What are you saying so suddenly? We are not like that!

– Oh, is that really so? I thought that you were in a love relationship.

In regard to that, Bergryd kept making fun of both of them, the face of Latia is deep red, as she refutes.

– Wha, what are you saying!? I finally became a Slayer that I yearn so much! And about love, there’s no time to do such a thing! If I get married then I will not be able to keep being a Slayer!

– Oh, reacting in such a way. You only thought about becoming a Slayer since you were just a child.

It was Kane that said so with a dried-up smile.

– Really, you’ve been quite in company with Fritz.

Then Michael said, amazed. He wondered that there might be a problem by listening to it.

Wendy asks.

– Latia-san, why do you admire Slayers so much?

– Uhm, that has a profound reason. My hometown is a rural town in the center of Liberia, called Cañaveral (Canaveral)…. Then suddenly a Savage appeared near our town.

– Ah, I remember a thing like that. I saw it on the news!

– At that time, it was a Slayer from Warslan that protected our town. The figure of fighting the Savage was really cool! I was deeply moved when I was watching it. When I told my gratitude to the Slayers, I heard this. That I could become a Slayer― too.

– At that time, [If you consider to become one, then become the Slayer of a certain person. The Hundred will respond to you] that was what you were told. Then that person, is your first love, right?

– Do, don’t say stupid things! There’s no such a thing! I admire that person! Also, don’t put your hand on my head!

Latia’s face turned red and shook off Fritz’s hand. *Hahaha*, while laughing, Fritz continues.

– …so, after that Latia and I, went together to Warslan to take a response test of the Hundred. And then, we both passed it. After that, we attended the training school of Warslan together.

– Oh right, Taichō!

Suddenly Latia gave a loud voice.

– Huh, what’s the matter?

– Taichō, you’ve been a Slayer for a long time in Warslan, by any chance do you know about the Slayers who rescued our city?

Latia who’s sitting in front of Bergryd directed her look towards him, her eyes are shining.

Her heart is full of expectations that perhaps he might know that Slayer.

– Eh, oh, umm…. That’s something…

The troubled Bergryd, in result, was scratching his cheek.

*BIIIH* *BIIIH*, the sound of the siren resonates at the base. There’s no need to say that it was in the middle of the meal. Bergryd stood up and said.

– …it is considerably earlier than expected, apparently it’s time to fight. The meal, and the continuation of the story will be done after the Savage are knocked down. Guys, let’s go!




Bergryd is in a purple one, exclusive to the commanding officer of the army of Warslan, Kane, Michael and Wendy are disguised in the basic gray of the Warslan army― Fritz and Latia finished changing their clothes to the customized Variable Suits provided from Little Garden respectively.

They are now divided into two, waiting for the Savage’s invasion.

That division consist of Bergryd, Latia and Kane as the melee unit and Fritz, Michael and Wendy as the range unit. The foundation is that the range unit sets a bombardment to adjust the position of the Savage, and destroys their shield― it is a strategy so that the melee unit destroys the core. What differs from ordinary troops is that they must leave the mass driver and the rockets at the base intact, and defend them to the last. As a result, the three members of the melee unit were waiting in such a way, surrounding the base in an equilateral triangle shape.

– Say, Fritz-san.

It was Wendy Velvet, one of the members of the range unit who are in the center of the triangle who gave that voice.

– It is about the story a little while ago in the cafeteria, I think that perhaps Bergryd-san is, as Latia-san was saying, the Slayer of Warslan?

– Oh, is that what you thought so suddenly?

Fritz said, spilling a smile.

– I also felt that way. Are they actually the same?

Continues Michael, inquiring.

– Well, I don’t remember that well but, aren’t they the very same person?

– What’s with that halfhearted answer?

– That’s coz it was five years ago. My memory is hazy, there was no impression that I was growing a beardless beard like now, so my face was not scratched.  Besides, in that case, once this battle is over, that will be said by Bergryd-san himself. “I’m that Slayer”, don’t you think?

– I can afford to presume so.

– Afford you say, why is that?

– In the story just now, Bergryd-san is supposed to be the first love of Latia, isn’t it? Then Latia will be taken by Bergryd-san.

– Senpai, Bergryd-san have a family, right? What are you saying?

– Bu, but, that’s infidelity…

– With the figure of a child?

– What if it’s the case that Bergryd-san’s wife is that type? If she does have the face of a child, then I feel like there is a possibility.

[I heard my name, you guys, what are you chatting about?]

Suddenly a voice was heard from the Vital Rings of the three people. The one who held the communication was Bergryd.

– Erm no, it is nothing.

Without a moment’s delay, Kane lied.

[What, I thought that you were talking that my child does not resembles me. By the way, although he resembles my wife, there is no doubt he is my child. Anyway, five minutes for the Savage to fall. It is time to deploy the armaments to be prepared for that time, got it?]

Fritz, Wendy and Michael answered “Yes” after exchanging glances with a bitter smile on their faces.

– Could it be that he heard that?

Michael said at the same moment the communication with Bergryd was cut.

– Now, how much could it be?

Fritz points the left and right palms to the sky.

– Anyway, let’s deploy the Hundred.

Certainly it is as Wendy says. The time for the invasion of the Savage is only five minutes. It will not be a case where you talk happily. Fritz took out the Hundred from his neck case. Likewise, Michael and Kane take out theirs too, and deploy their Hundred together.

– At any rate, your weapon and vestment are truly different.

Fritz looked at the figure of Wendy who had finished the deployment of her armament and took a hard look at her.

– Th, that’s right. I think so too…

Wendy felt shy and hung her head in shame, her face turned red. Fritz and Michael’s Hundred form are the same Long Shooter type, both weapons are guns. Speaking of, that attack releases a thick energy shot from the muzzle.

Because their duty is to destroy the defensive membrane deployed around Savage’s body, their current task is to move the falling point of the Savage. It is a de facto standard as a form, weapon and role of the Hundred range unit. As opposed to Wendy’s weapon, it is like a wand that a mage uses.

The form of the Hundred is a Wizard type, and its suitable for that name, and speaking of her dress, her deployed armament are robes with a green pointed hat, she really looks like a female mage.

– When I was a child, I admired a magical girl from an anime of Yamato, and so the result seems to be like this…

– Hahaha, so it’s something like that. Well, isn’t it nice? There are a lot of things that you can do that we can’t.

– Is, is that so?

– Your magical talent, I’m expecting it!

Ma, magical you say…

Wendy who was beaten by Fritz’s shoulder showed a kind of troubling look, then a communication from Bergryd arrived once again.

[Guys, are you prepared?]

– Yes, the three of us have already deployed our Hundred.

Michael answered that.

[Okay. The Savage should be caught by the naked eye in about two minutes. Fritz and Michael, you can charge energy into the guns]

– Fritz, you first.

– All right.

Encouraged by Michael, Fritz pours energy into his own Hundred, the gun of his <Impregnable Fortress> Stronghold, Shooting Star.

[By the way, the probability that Savage falls on mass drivers, launching sites, the base and the city for now is almost zero. What you guys should do is to destroy its defensive membrane― understood?]

It wasn’t good news for Fritz and the others from the artillery unit. It is the most bothersome, because it is no better than the job of changing the falling position.

[By doing that, the Long Shooter Type are going to aim for the two dreadnaught type that will come later with full bombardment. If you like, there’s no problem if it pierced through the Savage’s body. That’s because, three ordinary type are coming first, and so Wendy― you’ll do… you can do it!]

-Ye, yes!

[Well then, I’ll leave it under your care]

– Haha, now it is the role of the magical to flourish since suddenly we can’t do it.

– Well…. So, “magical”…

With a bitter smile, Wendy looks up at the sky.

– Oh, I saw it!

Fritz and the others also caught the Savage with the naked eye at the same time.

Just like Bergryd said, three bodies― Wendy goes to destroy the defensive membrane first.

– Ok then, I’ll go!

Wendy raises the stick towards the sky. Then the tip began to shine intensively.

Target, lock on! Shoot!

Together with that cry, three beams are released from the tip of the stick, hitting the ordinary type. The beams destroyed their defensive membranes.

With this, the common type after falling cannot soften the impact of colliding with the surface of the earth, which should not be able to move for a while with that shock.

– Hooray, Wendy! Michael-senpai, we can’t lose!

– Right!

Three common type Savage fell, the ground surface shook. They simultaneously confirm the remaining Savage with the naked eye.

– Let’s go, Fritz!

– Yes, senpai!

Both of them fired bombardments at full power towards the fallen dreadnaught type. In addition to those splendid hits, besides the defensive membrane of the dreadnaught type, they also blow off a part of the steel shell and one of the arm-scissors.

– They did their part isn’t it!? Then the rest is our job.

That said, Latia hit the right fist with armor to the palm of her left hand. Her Hundred is a Martial Arts type. Its name is Strike Beast. The main way of attacking is striking directly the body. Kane’s armament is an Army type and the weapon is a knife in both hands. Bergryd’s weapon is a Crusher type, an axe.

[Latia, Kane, hear me. First of all, we will destroy the common type’s core on the side quickly!]

– Yes sir!

They reply at the same time. Latia kicked the ground, and launched a kick to the body of the common type Savage whose movement has stopped by the impact of falling on the ground.

– Teeii!

The Savage rolls on the ground, pushed by its power. While trying to move with its long tactile sense and searching for the opponent who attacked it, at that time, Latia was aiming at its core, swinging downward her fist.

– Take this!

That fist broke through the defensive wall and destroyed the core.

– Oh! That’s Latia. She’s good huh.

Bergryd spontaneously raised his voice, watching Latia who had beaten a Savage. He also defeated a common type Savage.

– Kane, are you still in that?

[I’m about to do it now!]

Kane who kicked the ground and jumped high, slashes with knives in both of his hands towards Savage’s core. However, although he were able to destroy a part of the defensive barrier, he could not destroy the core.

– Damn it!

Kane lands on the ground once. Thereupon the Savage stood up, and swept the scissor of its right hand down to Kane.

– Oops!

Kane rolls to sideways, and dodges it.

Immediately after that, Savage’s body bounced backwards.

– Huh?

Kane looks to his side due to what happened.

– Commander!

Bergryd was the one standing there. The scissors of the Savage that was about to swing downward Kane, were repelled by the hurled axe of him.

– What are you doing that it takes you this long, huh…?

Bergryd said in an amazed way and kicked the ground, starting to pursuit who was about to get up.

– Uooooooooooooooooh!

The axe that was swung down destroyed the defensive barrier and the core.

– Good, this is the second one!

Latia, who was knocking down the Savage, looks at Bergryd who thumbs up for Kane, and became conspicuous as she noticed something. That figure of five years ago―.

It seems to be the figure of the Slayer who helped their city.

(Perhaps, Bergryd-san is the one of that time?)

Her hearts goes *DOKI* *DOKI*, beating fast.

[Hey, what are you spacing out for!? We defeated three of the common type, but there is still a dreadnaught!]

The communication is from Bergryd. So Latia regains herself.

That’s true. Let’s think about it later. The continuation of the story, he’ll say it after the battle, right?

(Then, I’ll immediately end this fight to listen to the story!)

Latia looks with her eyes at the Savage of dreadnaught type. That Savage, whose defense membrane was destroyed by Fritz and Michael’s bombardment, was in a stiffening state due to the damage of the collision. In a rigid state such as immediately after falling, the pattern of the body is thin, but now it is regaining its original radiance, it’s what she understands. While one of them moves tactilely intensely, the Savage opens its head with its body facing towards the Space Station.

– A bombardment, is incoming!

Bergryd cried out loudly.

To that Wendy answers.

[There’s no problem, I will stop the bombardment if it comes to the base. That’s because it is my specialty!]

– Oh! If I’m not mistaken, lady-chan’s cane is capable of deploy a powerful E-barrier. I’m counting on you. That means Kane. And Latia. We are leaving the E barrier to lady-chan to defend against the bombardment, then we aim to set off an attack on the gap created after that.

– Understood!

– Roger that!

The two answered in succession.

Speaking of Savage’s bombardment, it’s a beam that looks like a bunch of thick light that lasts for about five seconds, after finishing shooting it, a gap can be made for a few seconds. They will be aiming at that moment. But―.

– What’s that?

Suddenly the battery inside the mouth of the Savage began to transform. From there, a small mass of energy like bullets began to be released intermittently.

Looking at it, Michael speaks in astonishment.

– Don’t tell me, the gun of the beam has changed…

– That’s not the only thing, look that way!

Fritz’s line of sight was pointed at another Savage. If you look closely at that Savage, the arms that were supposed to be blown away with a bombardment are regenerating, and the scissors are changing to something like a gatling gun. From there small energy bullets are fired in an intermittent manner.

– What’s this! Such a Savage, it’s my first time!

Latia shouts while avoiding the bullets.

– But what about that? In this state, did she really replied that it changed? The Savage, to have that much of intelligence…

– Say, Fritz. Does it mean that the Savage are evolving?

Fritz and Michael had a conversation in the E barrier to block the bullets approaching the space facility.

– I do hope for that to be a joke…. What the hell is going on, exactly?

At the same time the bullets are paused, Fritz shoots a counterattack into the Savage where one arm has change to a gatling gun. There, a communication from Bergryd arrived.

– Change of plans! Everyone, aim for the destruction of the core! Bombardment unit, rely protection to Fritz!

As instructed by Bergryd, Latia and Kane head towards the Savage while dodging energy bullets fired like a machine gun, and the shell that accompany them. As a result of that cover, Fritz shoots a beam to Savage, but, the attack stops and does nothing. The Savage’s barrier is robust, defending it from that beam.

– Damn, if so, I will do it!

Latia, while dodging the lights, rotates the armor of her right fist, and launches her knuckle towards the Savage who continued to shoot shells intermittently from its mouth. It splendidly hit the Savage’s abdomen. That big body was knocked down.

– Well done, Latia! I’ll finish t!

Bergryd attacks in without a moment’s delay towards the head of the Savage that was in a forward-bent posture, its attack stopped. With his axe. The core is destroyed.

– Well, let’s defeat the rest of the Savage to resume our lunch.

At the same time those words were said, the remaining dreadnaught turn its eyes towards Bergryd.

– Bergryd-san, run away!

Fritz shouted loudly. He noticed that something was approaching from the distance.

– Hm? What’s the matter, Fritz?

That said, Bergryd looks back.

At the same time, something dropped to his side, and exploded. Not only once. But two times, three times and smoke rolls up. What could be heard next from that are gunshots. They seemed to come from several machine guns. In the middle of that, the screams of Bergryd are mixed in it, and Latia did not miss them.

– Commander!?

Latia cries, and rushes into the whirling cloud of smoke.

– Wh, what’s happening now?

While confused, Fritz and Michael, members of the range unit crawl and look to their surroundings. Then, from the shadow of the huge rock towering near, they found that a missile was fired.

– Over there!

Michael screams and turns his gun. Looking closely, to the shadows and dents of the gigantic rocks that are towering up in the wilderness, there are around ten people, wearing camouflage clothes, and he was able to see the figure of humans, men, who hid their face with a similar camouflage turban. Three of them carry a rocket launcher on their shoulders, and the rest hold a machine gun.

– What’s going on, who are those people!

It’s Wendy who screams in a frightened way. Fritz shoots to a missile approaching with his own gun and answered while destroying it.

– They are probably terrorists, because it seems that they are aiming for the mass driver, and the equipment to launch rockets with their missiles.

– *Tch*, Fritz clicked his tongue, and continued.

– In other words, they are those guys who refuse the advance of humanity through the universe.

– Damn rascals, they are trying to attack, aiming for the chaos due to the appearance of the Savage!

A missile aimed at a terrorist who tried to fire from his rocket launcher. However, he successfully hidden in the rocks and avoided it.

– Michael-senpai! I’ll shoot down the missiles that were shot, so senpai you keep the bombardment on them!

– Understood!

– Uhm, err, Fritz-san…

– What’s the matter, Wendy?

– Over there…

– Eh?

Fritz points his line of sight to the place showed with trembling fingers. The sand smoke which was rolled up by three explosions was already gone.

– You’re kidding, right…?

Fritz doubted his eyes. In the center of the explosion, there was Latia and Bergryd that is held in her arms. In addition to the missiles, he may have been attacked by the machine guns. Let alone that his armament has been cancelled, his Variable Suit is also tattered, and blood flows from here and there.

– …….

Kane, standing by the side of Latia also stood out and looked at Latia and Bergryd with a stunning look.

– Commander, please hold on! Do you hear me, commander!?

Latia calls out loud.

After catching the voice, Bergryd opened his eyes, while groaning.

– Latia…. What happened just now?

– Terrorists. The terrorists appeared, they started to attack us…!

– … I see, have they hurt any people…? Perhaps that third party are the remnants of the anti-Slayer organization or some kind of opposing force to the space entry…. I didn’t expect them to commence to work together with the Savage, it was a failure in my judgment…..It is bad to pull the feet of young people….

– N, no, Commander isn’t in the wrong! What’s bad is, that they are trying to do this…

Latia glared at the terrorists who are in a gunfight with Fritz.

– Damn, I, to them…

– …wait, Latia.

Bergryd called out to Latia who tried to kick the ground to head for the terrorists.

– Now, I’ll continue the story.

– Commander, what are you saying…?

– Five years ago, I was the Slayer who saved your city. Well, the child at that time has really become a Slayer, I’m happy…

– Why, now, such story…. Such thing, should be for later….

– Listen, listen carefully. It’s an advice of your senpai. Always, fight for what you keep in your heart with justice. That way, no matter what happens, it will not break, and it won’t be painful when you die.

– Commander?

– …say, Latia. What’s your justice? What are you fighting for?

– I, like commander― like Bergryd-san, I wanted to be a strong, cool Slayer to save people… So, thus I became a Slayer….

– In other words, your justice is me? If that’s the case, then leave me here, and quickly knock down the Savage and those guys― protect this base for the future of the Earth. In order to create a world where our children’s generation cannot be frightened by fear,

*COUGH*, blood spat out of the mouth of Bergryd.

– Commander!

– …I’m ok. More than that, answer me, Latia. You are the one who can make my dying wish come true. Make me rest in peace.

– Yes… I under, stand…

Squeezing her nose, Latia continued.

– I will fight by taking over the dying wish of the commander― of Bergryd-san. So Bergryd-san, rest for a moment.

Latia gently stood laying down the commander on the ground, and stared with a sharp gaze at the terrorists.

– I won’t forgive anyone of you. Neither the Savage.

A large amount of energy was released from the body of Latia who shouted.

– No way, she…

It was that ‘no way’.

The whole body of Latia is enveloped by a shining energy. What appeared from that was the appearance of Latia where her arms and legs armor thickened―.

– Full armament… is it?

Like seeing something incredible, Michael had his eyes wide open.

– Haha, apparently it is something like that…

– Although the atmosphere was similar when Hayato and Claire were in full armament, to do something like this, really―

P 218


Fritz could not believe what happened in front of him. The situation in the middle of that.

– Hey, Latia. A missile! A missile is coming!

Kane is the one who shouted. Naturally, the terrorists also noticed the change in the armament of Latia, and they felt a sense of danger. Rapidly, they shot small missiles against Latia. However, Latia is not perturbed at all. On the contrary, she pointed her body towards the missile, inhaled deeply, and pulled her arm. And then―.

– Haaa!

She pushed out her fist for the approaching missile. The wind created by this causes the missile to scatter one hundred meters ahead, let alone the explosion, that blew away the bodies of the terrorists that were in that way, two hundred meters behind.

– Hey hey, what’s that?

Turning around in the direction of Fritz who muttered without thinking, witnessing an event that was beyond common knowledge, Latia said.

– Fritz, I entrust the commander to you. Michael-senpai and Kane-senpai will catch the terrorists. I’ll take the Savage by myself.

– By yourself, are you sure… about that?

– Of course!

In response to Fritz’s question, Latia, who kicked the ground with force, hit the Savage with a loud cry while shedding tears.




About one hour and a half had passed, since the predicted Savage’s invasion in the area of Sangria. There are already a number of arranged Slayers with Long Shooter type and Dragoon type Hundred on the deck of Little Garden and in the city of Sangria.

This third range unit deployed to the outskirts of Sangria is one of them.

Not only their own lives but also the battle that imposed the earth’s fate, everyone is getting nervous and setting up their preparations for the Savage’s invasion.

Among them are second year students of Little Garden. There was Liddy Steinberg, who’s also one of the vice-presidents. She is also the leader of this third range unit. And only Liddy is specializing in melee attack in this unit― nonetheless, that doesn’t mean she can’t do long range attacks. Air Rides are prepared in one of the three tracks that form this Savage camp. Thrusters to fly in the sky and, two muzzles that shoot beams― there are ten missiles which are live ammunition weapons installed on the left and right.  Liddy’s mission is, to cooperate with the range unit to get rid of the Savage.

*BEEP* *BEEP*, the <<Emergency Alert>> signal reverberated on the track. The flashing red light installed on the top also emits a light. Subsequently, the sound that came to the base camp is the voice of Chris Steinbelt, Main Analyst of Little Garden.

[This is the Briefing Room, this is the Briefing Room. Notifying to all of the third range unit. A group of Savage touched the outer atmosphere― and after passing through thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, they will reach the ground in ten minutes― the prediction falling points of the Space Station of Liberia and <<LiZA>> are both in the vicinity of Sangria and the number of Savages invading within the range of the operations of the third range unit is two.  Please prepare for interception immediately. Repeating once again―]

Along with those words, Liddy and the rest started to move immediately. Each Slayer raises their voices with [HUNDRED ON] and deploys their Hundred, keeping up their placement.

[There are only five minutes until the Savage arrives!]

When that communication of Chris was heard from the speaker from the bottom of the neck, Liddy equipped the Air Ride on her back, and was looking at the sky above the hill with her Long Spear Hundred type, Midgard Schrange, on her hand. She still cannot grasp the Savage with the naked eye. Then three minutes passed, a communication from Chris entered again.

[Everyone in the third range unit, please start to gather energy!]

– Informing to all the members of the unit, start to gather energy!

Liddy exclaimed to repeat Chris’s instructions.  According to that voice, each one from the artillery put energy into their guns.  The thing they should do is to develop barriers to wrap around the giant falling Savage― it is to destroy the defensive membrane.

[To all the archers that have the opportunity, please fire the arrows aiming at the core. Liddy-san, you will be helping by moving under your own judgment]

– Uh huh, of course that’s the plan.

[Then, please keep your eyes on the Savage while commencing your operations. I will leave it under your care]

The transmission from Chris disconnected. Liddy keeps staring at the sky calmly. Two Savages are reflected in her eyes.

– Objective confirmed, attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Beams are emitted one after another from the ground.

Liddy kicked the ground by confirming that the Savage’s defensive membrane was destroyed by them. She raises to the skies by releasing energy from the thruster of the Air Ride. She readied her <<Heavenly Jet Black Spear>> Midgard Schrange, plunging forward aiming at the Savage.

– Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Attacks with the spear in a form that pierces from the ground with the tip pointing to the sky, and rotates it as Savage’s big body revolves in the air. Then, the pattern of the body shone violently.

It is trying to recover the balance of its body using energy. Liddy who felt that, shot beams from the two muzzles of the Air Ride. The Savage’s huge body was sent flying further to the sky.

– This is your end!

Liddy accelerated using the thruster while confirming its movement. While using energy to rotate Midgard Schrange like a powered drill, she assaulted aiming to the core of the Savage. Liddy not only destroyed the shelter at the head but also destroyed the core. The pattern of the body of the Savage faded, and it shook off to the wilderness above ground.

– The first one―

*BOOM*, the Savage’s corpse falls on the ground making a sound. Immediately after that, a heavy impact sound hit the ear. Another Savage fell to the ground.

(It seems like they could defeat another one?)

Liddy looked at the place where a cloud of dust whirls.

Communication entered from one of the troops there. It is a girl, the sub leader of this third sniping unit.

[My apologies, Liddy-taichō. We were able to tear the defensive membrane, but the bow troops could not destroy the defensive wall nor the core]

– Roger, I will handle it.

Answers Liddy, looking once again towards the ground. That facial expression, in an instant was tinged with impatience.

– It is bad!

As inside the cloud of dust was becoming thin, she saw that the Savage was opening its mouth. She is not the one being targeted. But the members of the unit above ground.

– …tsk!

Rather, if she was the one being targeted that would have been better. Thinking that, Liddy clicked her tongue. She can easily dodge it, or she can block it with the E barrier. Of course, the members of the unit are Slayers. E barrier can be deployed, but to begin with, there are too many people. She can see within her sight that some of them are being scared to that extent of the Savage that is in a bombardment stance. Then she hurries to stop it so that it can’t give any damage by firing the beam. It may be dangerous in that situation.

It would be better to not let it bombard if possible.

(If so, with this!)

Liddy swung her arm in a big way holding MIdgard Schrange. Then pours energy again, and throws Midgard Schrange in the head of the Savage, which started rotating.

– Uooooooooooooooooooooo!

Because of the attacks from the artillery and the archers, the shelter have been damaged. So far from stopping the bombardment, it penetrated the defensive barrier and destroyed the core.

– This is the second one.

Liddy pulled out Midgard Schrange from the body of the Savage and dropped to the ground.

– That was too quick, don’t you think?

Murmuring, Liddy reports to the Briefing Room.

– Chris, I confirm the silence of two Savages just now.

[That’s enough for today― although I would like to say that, but it is predicted that three Savages will fall in the vicinity of Little Garden. Since there are no signs that Savage will fall within the range of the operations of the third range unit so far, would it be possible for Liddy-san to considerate to assist the guardian unit of Little Garden?]

– Naturally. I’m moving immediately.

With that answer Liddy contacted the girl who’s the sub leader in the third range unit.

– By orders from the Briefing Room, I will be heading to assist the guardian unit in Little Garden. You will be waiting in this place for the next Savage’s approach.

– Understood.

Liddy, who heard the reply, flew to the sky using the Air Ride’s thruster and started moving towards Little Garden.




<Artificial Floating Island> Megafloat Little Garden, which is connected to the port of Sangria by <Bridge> Tree ship, it is surrounded by a transparent plastic material reinforced by energy, except for the deck. Therefore, if it disconnects the tree ship and get off the port, it looks like a safe shelter. As a result, at the time of the invasion of the Savage, the children in the city of Sangria also moved to Little Garden and, with their residents, were to evacuate to a huge underground shelter in the military district.

– Everyone, this way! Little Garden is safe so, please move calmly!

It’s Ryu Shuemei, a first year from the martial arts department, who has a megaphone in her hands, and is informing to the residents of Little Garden and also to the children coming from Sangria. Also from the same first year Noah Sheldon and Alphonse Brewstadt were informing together with Shuemei.

– Everyone, please move calm― kyaa!

Noah, who raised her voice following Shuemei, could not emit her words until the end. A big impact noise sounded inside the ship and Little Garden shook violently.

– What was that just now?

– A Savage!

It is Alphonse that answered Noah’s doubt while looking up at the sky. He was able to see the massive Savage of about four meters in length on the top glass. The shaking just now is due to that impact. However, what he can see is not the abdomen but the back, and behind that he can see Liddy wearing an Air Ride.

– It seems that the Savage has not fallen directly onto Little Garden, right…?

The conjecture from Shuemei was right.

The missiles launched from Little Garden reduce the falling speed of the Savage, which defensive membrane was destroyed by the shooting of the guardian unit. Nonetheless, Liddy rushed to prevent the fall onto Little Garden, but she did not make it in time. The bright side of all this is that the top glass is not broken and no fissure are into it. It goes without saying that this is also thanks to the functioning energy barrier of <<LiZA>>. But, that doesn’t mean that the Savage has died.

The Savage recovers its stance on the surface of the top glass and bombards towards Liddy. Liddy attacks it with her weapon Midgard Schrange by dodging it. However, it did not lead to the destruction of the core. The Savage, whose body was pushed by Liddy’s attack, slips off to the deck, sliding down from the top glass. Bounces once, and it sinks in the sea just like that. Noah said, watching the situation.

– Apparently, looks like it’s already ok now.

Alphonse breathed feeling relieved. Little Garden doesn’t seem to be exposed to threats, those people taking refuge probably understood that. Noah and Shuemei, and of course the surroundings, are also wrapped in relief.

So Shuemei raised her voice extending her arms.

– Everyone, as you can see, Little Garden is sturdy, even if the Savage defeats the Slayers. So please, take it easy, and advance slowly!

However now, another big explosion and tremor hit Little Garden.

– What, now…. That felt different from the previous tremor…

The facial expression of Noah instantly turned stern.

– The previous one was vertical, but the one from now, felt like it was horizontal, isn’t it?

Alphonse looked up to the top glass, but he could not see the Savage. And there again, an explosion along with a tremor hit Little Garden.

– Hii!

While screaming, Alphonse sat down on the ground holding his Hundred, a Tamer type that looked like a dog, named Silver Blitz, which was at his feet.

– Probably this, is an attack that comes from within the ocean… right?

– Huh?

When she heard the guess from Alphonse, Shuemei makes her eyes go round.

– Indeed, you could say that tremor felt that way.

Noah said showing her agreement.

Then there the sound of an explosion reverberated again. However, until while ago, the distance was far, the tremor was not big, but consistent over time.

– What’s, that…?

Shuemei points out her finger to a huge waterspout that can be seen far away.

It’s that, the Savage that fell into the ocean…? In spite of that, the Savage can attack from within the ocean! The Savage from a while ago, is even able to act in the ocean!

– It is just as you said, Alphonse Brewstadt.

– That voice…!

Alphonse raises only his face while hugging Silver Blitz and turned his eyes towards the owner of that voice.

– Yo, guys!

It was Charlotte who was riding a motorized motorcycle while keeping a candy in her mouth like usual as she said that to Alphonse. Then, she stops her movement and continues her speech while putting one foot on the ground.

– As guessed by Alphonse, this is a Savage that can even do an attack from the sea.  There are three Savages falling into the sea and attacking Little Garden in total. But don’t worry, because our forces are beating them properly. Nevertheless, just to be sure, when the evacuation guidance is over, even you guys should go to the shelter. In case there’s a moment you separate from the shelter, you can still escape by getting to the ship.

– Oh, yes. I understand!

Noah replied.

– Well then, if you excuse me. If we don’t manage this situation quickly we will be wasting the power of Little Garden.

Charlotte resumes her movement by riding once again her motorized motorcycle. After they saw off that figure, the three of them, Shuemei, Noah and Alphonse returned again to the guidance of the evacuation.




– Kuh, no way, I couldn’t give it a finishing blow, and to thrust down that one into the sea…

In the sky above Little Garden, Liddy was distorting her expression with regret. Even though she wasn’t in time to deal with the Savage that tried to fall on top of Little Garden, with the attack she commenced, she committed a mistake by dropping it into the sea.

On the contrary, there are two other Savages which fell into the ocean. Moreover, it seemed that those Savages, all of them, were trying to attack Little Garden from underwater. That’s why it can be understandable that Little Garden is shaking, due to the barriers deployed on its exterior that are operating. Liddy quickly decided to contact the Briefing Room with Vital Ring’s wireless function. It’s because she can’t fight in the water.

– I’m sorry, I was able to come running at the last moment, so I let the three Savage escape. Although I think that I can also grasp that, any of those Savages or maybe all of them can possibly move in the sea, and it seems that they are setting an attack on Little Garden.

[Of course, we already caught that too in here masuwa. We are already taking measures to deal with the Savage in the sea]

It was not Chris, but the voice of Claire that came back. The way to deal with it, Liddy immediately understood that.

– Is it the usual trio?

[That’s right]

The usual trio is the three people made of artificial Variant by Vitaly. Though they have been treated by Charlotte, and that they can’t lose control, their abilities have dropped considerably. Still, as a result of training, their strength have already recovered to about a 90%. Therefore, in this Third Attack, Liddy knew that the Savages that can move around in the sea will be dealt with those that were doing training under the direction of Charlotte.

[Therefore Liddy, please return to your position]

– Got it.

Those three will be fine, isn’t it?

Liddy replied while thinking that.

[And, two things before that. There are good news and bad news for you]

– …Good news and bad news? What does that mean?

[The good news first. The Savage also invaded the vicinity of Sunshine State, your birthplace. However, due to the success of Fritz and Latia the Space Station and the town have not been damaged. Besides, there is a report that Latia was in full armament in this fight. That’s the good news]

– I see…

It can be done if both of them are in the team. That’s what she thought. She felt relieved to that extent.

– Then, what are the bad news?

[In the middle of that fight the terrorists attacked a person, a Slayer from Warslan who died in action]

– … don’t tell me that, it is Fritz Grantz?

Full armament may be caused by a peak in the emotions. That’s why, if something as him being the victim was the trigger, that conclusion passed through her mind.

[No, he wasn’t]

– Then who was―

[The victim is the commander officer Bergryd Leonhardt]

– Is that so, he’s…

As a Slayer of Warslan, he is a man of high contribution and a superior as a Slayer. They have met many times over.

[Actually he is the person who made Latia and Fritz aim to be Slayers. That’s why I am worried about the mental aspects of those two people desuwa. There’s nothing else to report]

– I expressly apologize. Thank you very much for the information.

[I give you my very thanks for your continuous efforts. Thanks to you, the damage to the streets of Sangria is minimal at the moment]

– As you say, that’s the most important.

[Then, I’ll leave it up to here]

The communication from Claire ends. At the same time Liddy muttered.

– A victim in the middle of the fight…

She was happy that her hometown was saved. She is sure that her mother will be delighted with the new family. However, this is the place where Liddy have to take care about the mental aspect of the two people. For the moment Liddy has never encountered the sacrifice of a companion in front of her. Even though she can imagine the feelings of Fritz and Latia, she can’t understand them.

(I won’t say to them to stop being a Slayer….)

She have heard many stories about those people whose teammates were killed by Savages in front of them and were so shocked that they could not go out to the battlefield anymore. It is said that it is actually a trauma where time flies back in the battlefield, and some people stop moving. But, Liddy quickly shook off the anxiety from her head.

(No, those two people. I’m sure they’ll get over it)

Only because she felt that their strength was there, she approved to put those two people as members of Selections. Even the participation in this battle.

(At any rate, for Latia to be in full armament…)

Even though it is due to a temporary rise in her emotions, she can’t be too careless. Because beyond Claire, there is also the possibility of being pulled down.

(I need to be even way stronger…)

To protect this world. To get closer to her admired Claire.




– The preparations seem to be in place.

Charlotte said as she reached the hangar, and descended from the electric motorcycle before Krovahn, Nesat and Nakri who had changed their clothes to Variable Suit and were lining up. Then she walked towards the locker at the back of the room and while entering the password on the control she continued talking.

– As reported earlier in the communication, you guys have to defeat the Savage that are in the sea. It’s a crucial mission to protect Little Garden.

– We know it, we’ve been receiving practice for this moment. Quickly take out the <<Underwater Armor>> Diver.

That’s what Krovahn said. Then Nakri said.

– The swaying from a time ago, was the attack from a Savage, right? We have to hurry somehow!

– I know I know!

Charlotte who answered urged on by those two people, opened a locker and took out the <<Underwater Armor>> Diver. Unlike the Air Ride, only helmets and compressed gas cylinder are equipped. It is an improved <<External Armament>> Outer originally used for Slayers for training in the void of space.

There is only one thing different from the ordinary compressed gas cylinders― the oxygen in the cylinder is created by energy. Unless the energy is cut off, the amount of oxygen is inexhaustible.

– I’ll repeat the important points once more. When you run out of energy, or when the cylinder is destroyed, you will withdraw immediately… ok?

– Uh huh, understood.

Answers Krovahn, receiving the Diver and began to equip it. Nesat and Nakri also receive Diver and begin to equip them.

– Sisters, could you equip it too?

– …yeah.

Nesat nods. Continuing, Nakri said.

– Both Karen’s elder brother and that damn impertinent pipsqueak are not in Little Garden right now, right? If so, then we are the ones who have to get through this. This is our repayment to you who helped us. Don’t you think so, Nesat?

– …yeah.

Nesat nodded firmly and said.

– Hayato and the others are not here, we have to do our best.

– …

– What’s the matter, Krovahn?

Nesat tilted her head, looking at the sullen look of Krovahn.

– Is, is something wrong?

– Perhaps Krovahn is unable to stomach that Karen’s brother’s name came out of the mouth of Nesat?

– Hey, don’t say something so unnecessary!

– For what reason does Krovahn hate that the name of Hayato came out?

– I don’t particularly hate it, got it!? Rather, I should say that this is not the place to be talking something like that, don’t you agree?

Saying that to deceive them, Krovahn walked to go out to the deck from the hangar.

– Let’s go. We will save this place of now― Little Garden, with our strength!


Now, what’s going on outside?

The ones in the basement of Little Garden don’t know. Everyone in the shelter were with their face with uneasiness.

– That’s a real horizontal tremor. I wonder if all of the Slayers are doing well…

Murmured Kirishima Sakura disguised with sunglasses and a hat. Her manager Souffle Clearrail and Kisaragi Karen are on her side. The friends of her, Aoi and Rebecca, were also there. They met during the evacuation and decided to group.

– At any rate Sakura-san, we are in Little Garden now.

Aoi murmurs close to Karen’s ears. Subsequently, Rebecca also murmurs close to Karen’s ears.

– Karen knew about that thing?

– Yeah, I must admit…

The invasion of the Savage, the Third Attack, extends to the whole world. Souffle recommended that they should evacuate to this place as it is said that Little Garden is the safest inside, so she heard that Sakura also got in as well. Besides, it seems that she has been requested by Charlotte.

– There may be the case that we will be borrowing your power and the one from Karen-kun.

It’s what Charlotte said.

That is, to try a mind attack to the Savage with a <Song>. Summing up, there are other reasons as to why Sakura chose Little Garden.

(And I thought that I was going to meet Hayato-kun here in Little Garden…. Of all things, he was dispatched to Yamato….)

Murmuring so in her mind, Sakura sigh heavily. And there was also the thing that the mails sent to Hayato don’t have a reply.

– By the way, have you heard a thing about Hayato-kun?

Sakura asks to Karen.

– No, I haven’t.

Karen checked her PDA and answered.

– The side of Yamato, is more serious than expected, isn’t it?

Her eyes narrowed at the other side of the glasses, Aoi murmured preoccupied.

– I don’t know that, but… shall I predict it a little?

Saying that, Karen tried to take out the Tarot from a small bag hanging over her shoulder, when a tremor hit Little Garden again.

Karen’s Tarot is scattered on the floor.

– Truly, what is this…? What on earth is going on outside?

Sakura mutters as she looks being fed up.

– I know that feeling of you wanting to see, but going there is futile.

– I understand such a thing.

To the advice of Souffle, Sakura sharpened her lips. Karen is the same too, it’s no good, she should not go. Both Charlotte and the President, are stopping her from entering the battlefield.

(I wonder if Liza-san was still inside Karen, I would become powerful…)

But, now she is no longer inside. That voice could not be heard either.

– Ah! Karen-san… and… Sakura-san, am I right?

Raising her head to the one who called out to her, a face that she recognized was standing. Her brother’s classmates.

– Shhhh!

In a panic, Sakura stands a finger in front of the face. She wonders how is that she was recognized concealing herself.

Inside of this shelter are not only those who are accustomed to those two people, but also people from Sangria. There’s a possibility that it can turn into something big if those two, who are popular Idols are discovered. Shuemei puts her hands in front of her chest, lowered her head and approached to Sakura.

– I am really sorry. By no mean I thought that Sakura-san might be here…

– There’s no shelter for VIP to use?

Following Shuemei, Noah asks.

– It seems that there is one, but in in this state of chaos, we ended up coming this way. I came across with Karen and the others on the way here, and that being the case, it was okay for me.

– Oh! Certainly it was a great chaos… I’m sorry…

Shuemei felt bitterly as she was designated as a guide. Then Noah turned her eyes to the two girls who were on Karen’s side.

– Are you Karen-san’s friends?

– Yes, both of them are my classmates.

Without a moment’s delay Karen replied.

– I am Umino Aoi.

– I’m Rebecca Martin.

The two of them greet continuously, and Shuemei also started her greetings.

– I am Ryu Shuemei. A classmate of Karen-san’s older brother.

– I am also a classmate of Karen-san’s older brother, Noah Sheldon. Nice to meet you.

– Okay then, I’m the next one.

Coughing clearing his throat, Alphonse continued.

– I’m Alphonse Brewstadt. I’m Hayato’s classmate just like those two… ehehe. At any rate, both of you are cute, you know? Oh, by the way, this guy is my Hundred―

– We are still inside the shelter, so put away Silver Blitz. What I mean is, our fellow middle school students are exhausted.

– Err, I thought it would be soothing everyone…

– Listen up and put it away.

– Understood…

Alphonse returned Silver Blitz to a Hundred in a half-interested way.

– Good grief. This lolicon. I feel ashamed to be around him as a student of the martial arts department.

– Lolicon are the worst…

And again in there, another shake hit.

– Really, what are these tremors? Do you guys know something?

– Dr. Charlotte said that the attacks are coming even from within the ocean but, counter-measures have been taken. It’s okay she said.

That’s what Shuemei said.

And then another tremor stroked, a lot of screams went up.

It might be said that dissatisfaction and distrust towards Little Garden’s Slayers are expressed, and looking closely, it can be seen the figures of some children that are crying.

– Uhm, everyone, please remain ca―

As a student of the martial arts department of Little Garden, Noah thought that she had to manage this place, so she raised her voice.

And then Sakura stopped her with a [Wait], she stands up and continues her words.

– Whatever you say, I think that it is in vain now. Besides, shouting recklessly makes children even more confused. That’s why, leave this to me.

Saying so, Sakura suddenly started to sing a song.

And she just like in the old days, is the song that she sang together with Hayato and Karen―.

It’s the song that she used to sing to suppress the running wild children injected with Variant Virus under Vitaly. That song attracted the people around her in an instant and subdued the commotion.

– Come on, you too Karen-chan.

When finishing the first phrase of the chorus, Sakura reached out her hand to Karen who’s sitting next to her.

– Oh, yes.

Karen stood up with the hand that was presented out, and starts to sing the continuation with Sakura. People who are in the shelter, in a moment they get drunk with their singing voice, becoming captives. When the chorus ends, both of them stopped singing, and the inside of the shelter begins to be noisy.

– Would that be…

– Are you sure?

– Yup, I’m sure.

– Kirishima Sakura, and Kisaragi Karen!

It seems that, their identities have been uncovered as a matter of course. But they were prepared. Sakura doesn’t need to hide anymore, and take off her sunglasses.

– It is just as I thought, it’s Kirishima Sakura!

A girl raises her voice. Thereupon, Sakura puts a finger in front of her face and made a *Shh!*, then spread her smile wide horizontally.

– Remain quite for a moment. Will you hear my words?

That said, Sakura continued.

– Everyone, I imagine that you are very anxious now. Even I am. I’m very scared. But in more scary places, there are people fighting to protect us. What we can do in here is to support them. And pray for their safety. And to believe in their victory. So, let’s support them. Let’s pray. Let’s believe. For the Slayers’ safety, and for their victory―

Following Sakura, Karen said.

– That’s right, absolutely Onii-san… no, the Slayers, to this city, the world― they will save it! So please calm down, and just as Sakura-san says… this, uumm…

– Karen, your sunglasses are attached, you know?

– Oh…!

Looking at Karen who removed her sunglasses swiftly, the inside of the shelter was filled with laughter.

– Errr, then, everyone sing this time. If you like, could you clap with your hands too?

While saying that, Sakura starts to clap and begins to sing. Karen clapped and started to sing as well. The children also started to clap their hands, matching and overlaying the singing voice with them. While clapping their hands the same way as the others, Aoi said.

– Sakura-san is incredible… in a blink of an instant, she dominated this place.

– Of course, Karen too. The children are not crying anymore.

Continuing that, it has been Rebecca who said so. To the side, Souffle wiped away tears floating on the corner of her eyes with a finger and muttered.

– Sakura, Karen, you are, truly respectable <<Divas>> Idols




(I wonder if the Savage in the sea can be defeated)

Liddy thought while resting at the base camp surrounded by three tracks. There are many members of the third range unit around and are taking a rest just like Liddy.

(Well, it’s okay if it’s about those three…)

There are no reports that they could have beat them from Claire, but if Little Garden is in a dangerous situation, there will be a support request again. To begin with Claire is in Little Garden, and members of the special force are left. There is not much need to worry. Liddy was about to conclude so. Suddenly, an emergency alarm sounds. Rotating lamps installed on the communication vehicle also started turning while making a sound.

(Don’t tell me, something happened in Little Garden?)

It’s Chris’ voice that she can hear while the anxiety is coming back.

[This is Chris Steinbelt at Headquarters. There’s information to all from the third range unit. The approaching of Savage is confirmed again]

It looks like the discussion it’s not related to Little Garden. That made her a little relieved, but unlike until a while ago, Chris’ voice was on the verge. The reason turned out to be the next words he released.

[The amount is six― the classification are 3 of the dreadnaught type and 3 <Super dreadnaught> Trenta type]

– What, the…?

Liddy remembered the battle on Zwei Island about half a year ago.

If at that time she was having trouble even with a single <Super dreadnaught>, what about three―? Liddy has an impatience look on her face, and of course, the members of the range unit.

(But, I’ve been raising my skill since that time)

And there are Air Ride as new weapons. I surely should manage it somehow. Liddy tells herself so. She heard the voice of Claire that continued.

[If the three Trenta come together as expected, then I together with Erika will sortie and will head there as planned. Emilia Hermit which is active in the second range unit will also join masuwa. It is predicted that this attack on this neighborhood will be the last one. Let’s intercept them by raising full force]

– Err, Claire-sama.

[What is it desuno?]

– About the ones in the sea― what will became of the threesome?

She was worried, for something like full force, so Liddy decided to ask.

[That case in specific, I solved it. We are confirming the annihilation of the Savages in the sea. There’s no damage to Little Garden too]

– …is that so?

That’s good, she sighs feeling relieved.


Claire continued, softening her voice.

[Those three people have consumed a great amount of energy, so they can’t fight with their current status]

– In short, they are not going to appear in the battlefield.

[They won’t be able to stay with us for a while. They’ll be on standby together with the general Slayers. They are supposed to get into the recovery capsules]

In other words, that meant that they will have to fight against the three Trenta without them.

[As one would expect since the other party is our opponent, and even if that’s the power those three people wished for, that’s all there is to it. Let’s deal with them, only us. I’ll send you afterwards the position of the interception. Understood?

– Yes, affirmative.

Firmly, Liddy replied.

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    I will not forgive to anyone of you –> I will not forgive anyone of you
    I will head to assist the –> I will be heading to assist the
    What was that of now? –> What was that just now?
    The shake of now is due to that impact –>The shaking just now is due to that impact
    even if the Savage defeat the Slayers. –> even if the Savages defeats the Slayers.
    I let escape the three Savages. –> I let the three Savages escape.
    Is the usual trio? –> Is it the usual trio?
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