Hundred Volume 5 – Prologue




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– She’s really used to sleeping on an aircraft like this.

Hayato murmured, staring at the stars that could be seen beyond the small rectangular window. It’s been three hours since this little transport ship has taken off from Little Garden. Hayato traveled on a ship when he entered the academy in Little Garden and ten years ago when he traveled to Gudenburg with his parents, and where the tragedy of the Second Encounter occurred during his stay, and twice when he returned to Yamato in Japan.

He does not have a good impression of the ship. For Hayato it is a symbol of sadness to be on an airplane. He thought he would not want to ride one again. However, he has decided to travel loads of times in half a year since he entered Little Garden. In addition, this destination is the Kingdom of Gudenburg of the Federation of Britannia, where the sad memories of that time still remain.

– Nnnn… Hayato…

A girl wrapped in a blanket sitting next to him spoke half-asleep.

That girl is the companion of this trip. Who was disguised as a man and whose name was Emil Crossfode. But not anymore. Her real name is Emilia Gudenburg. She is the third daughter of the King who rules the glorious country of the Federation of Britannia, the Kingdom of Gudenburg, Granald Frederic Arthur Gudenburg.

The birth of this girl is quite complicated. To begin with, her mother is not the official wife of the king. Although born in the country, she is not from the Kingdom of Gudenburg, but from the Kingdom of Wenz, whose reputation is quite bad within the Federation of Britannia. Wenz is despised by the people of Gudenburg, its inhabitants are known as the “peasants of the country”, and they are native of the Island of Britannia. The fact that a woman of such a “country” is related to the king of the proud Gudenburg, it is impossible for him to have children with her. That is why the existence of Emilia has been kept a secret from the people of Gudenburg for years. That Hayato is now traveling to Gudenburg is because he is the companion of Emilia.

There are 2 reasons why she goes to Gudenburg. To visit her father, the King of Gudenburg and to break the engagement with the third prince of the Kingdom of Wenz.

In addition to allowing her to stay in Little Garden until her graduation.
(Engagement,  you say…?)

In a story he heard from Emilia, it is said that it is for a subject of political strategy on the part of Wenz and Gudenburg.
From the <<First Encounter>> First Attack, among the citizens of Wenz, there are many who are apt to be <<military personnel>> Slayers, reason why a number of them have appeared.

Therefore, the change in power balance within the Federation of Britannia occurred and other countries were unable to ignore the <<Country of Provincials>> Wenz who was lagging behind the industrial revolution of the 17th century.

So the Kingdom of Gudenburg thought of using <<Hidden Princess>> Emilia to keep standing the status of a suzerain state and for the stability of many federal countries of the federal states.

Emilia has two older sisters, but both of them, refused the marriage with the royalty of the Kingdom of Wenz.

As a royal family of the Kingdom of Gudenburg, it is a natural reaction.

However, as Emilia has the blood of Wenz flowing since the beginning, there is no problem. If the other party is the third prince of the Kingdom of Wenz, then it also becomes a marriage between Slayers.

That will surely be a blessing for each of the nations――The Prime Minister of the Federation of Britannia, Bratt Fitzroy, who at that time was the Deputy Minister of the Federation of Britannia and the chairman of the Privy Council, proposed to the king the engagement of Emilia Gudenburg with Douglas Edward Wenz, the third prince of the Kingdom of Wenz.

After Emilia spent a long time in confinement, it was said she was able to return to the palace, and so the king approve it.

But, Emilia heard after being called to the palace about the engagement story, and obviously she opposed that.

Inside of Emilia’s heart is her first love.

It was a boy who met a long time ago and saved her life during the Second Attack.

But she can’t break annul her engagement.

Bratt will reject it because affects the credibility of the country.

As a result, Emilia was taken care of a doctor at an early age, and now a doctor who is also taking care of her as a Hundred technician―― Charlotte Dimandius, to who she confessed absolutely everything, and asked her to search for the boy, her first love, who she met at a very young age.

Six months later, it turned out that Kisaragi Hayato was admitted to the Martial Arts Department of Little Garden, a training institution of Warslan Company, to which Charlotte belongs, and Emilia slipped from the palace without permission.

Crossdressing, she hid her identity and entered Little Garden.

As a result, Hayato and Emilia meet again in Little Garden on the day of the entrance ceremony, and then we reach this situation…

– Nu… Hayato, more〜

Then Emilia speaks again.

What on earth is she dreaming about? And what is it that “more”, I wonder?

He is kind of a blockhead, but Hayato is a young man in puberty.

His heart goes *DOKI* *DOKI* thinking about ecchi things.

(If it’s about Emilia, and if it’s about food she’ll surely…)

There’s no mistake she really is a glutton.

For the sake to calm down his heart, Hayato thought so.

But, once you are conscious of it, it is difficult to calm down. It is also the first time she is sleeping next to him after entering Little garden.

(I thought that she was a man on the first night, isn’t it…?)

And yet, despite of being nervous, and that he was tired, he could sleep quite fast, but now it’s different.

He could hardly fall asleep.

When he closed his eyes, the sleepiness came around―― and finally, Hayato could sleep.




– Wake up, wake up, Hayato.
The voice of Emilia that reaches his ear awakens the consciousness of Hayato. At the same time, he noticed that his body is shaken.

– Hmm…

When he opened his eyes, he saw the figure of Emilia standing in the continuous seat and the bright sun on the other side of the window. Apparently it was daylight.

– Looks like we’ll land in an hour. Let’s have breakfast!

With that, Emilia picked up a basket from the little refrigerator by the window.
It was a basket made of bamboo, as if going to have a picnic.

– Let’s eat this.

When Emilia opened the lid, sandwiches filled with eggs appeared in view, and whose crust had been removed.

– This? Well … it looks really delicious.

– Seriously? I did it yesterday, as part of my practice as a housewife.

– Practice as a housewife, you?

– What kind of reaction is that, do you want to be hit?

Emilia twisted her lips.

– No, I’m sorry, I did not have that kind of image of you.

With a “hahaha”, Hayato continued to laugh to try to fool Emilia.

– Besides, I think it’s kind of weird for you to say that you’re going to end your commitment to being the prince’s betrothed to dedicate yourself to practice as a housewife.

– Muu, Hayato baka…

– Why do you say that so suddenly?

– If you do not want it, I’ll eat it all by myself.

Emilia, who was in the opposite direction and was heading for Hayato who had the basket, tried to grab the basket with her hand.

– Hey, wait a minute! Be aware of the situation, you are very inclined!

The stomachs of those who sleep are, of course, empty. That’s why she wanted to show him some delicious sandwiches. Naturally his stomach was making quite a noise because of that.

– Do you want to eat them?

Emilia asks to Hayato, who is directly in front of her eyes.

– Yeah.

Without delay, Hayato nodded.

– Okay, then I’ll give it to you.

– Thanks, I’m indebted to you.

Hayato receives for the second time the basket on the part of Emilia.

From inside the basket, using his hands, he picks up a piece of the egg sandwich and places it in his mouth.

– Oh, it’s delicious.

– Really? Even more than Kirishima Sakura’s sandwiches?

– Why do you mention Sakura out of nowhere…?

– When we went to the beach behind the school building, Sakura-san made them, and now that I did mine, I would like to hear which one is the most delicious!

– Even if I had to choose which is the best that happened long ago so I do not remember very well!

– Muu, at times like these, you should say that my sandwiches are the tastiest…

– It is known that you cannot say if something is tasty if you do not eat it at the moment. But this is definitely delicious. You made the dish perfectly. I think you’ll be a great housewife.

– Really? If you tell me something like that, my effort has been rewarded, so I will forgive you Hayato.

Emilia looks down, feeling somewhat embarrassed, with a smile that expressed “hehe” that covered her face.

– Emm, apparently, there are only two left, can I eat the other one too? I think I’m hungrier than I thought.

– Because you’re Hayato, you can eat it all, because I have my own sandwich.

Emilia then took another basket from the refrigerator. It had the same egg sandwiches in it.

– I forgot, I also have refreshments.

Emilia began pouring the contents of an elongated cylindrical bottle of water from the refrigerator into a few paper cups she took out from the top luggage compartment.

– Here you go.

– What is this?

When he looked inside Emilia’s glass of paper, there was a liquid with a small orange hue.

– It’s a mixed juice, I mixed a lot of strawberries, oranges and apples in it, drink it.

– O, of ​​course.

He hesitated a little at the thought of containing strange things, but the mixed juice was just as tasty as the egg sandwich.

And just like that, Hayato and Emilia emptied the baskets that contained the egg sandwiches.

The transport ship with 2 people on board inside, begins to land on the runway of Heathoria Airport, the largest one located to the west of Londinium, the capital of the Kingdom of Gudenburg.


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