Hundred Volume 5 – Chapter 1

The admission of Karen / My first friends / Treatment and tests

– OK well…

Karen, who had finished eating her breakfast, descended from the bed in the hospital room, stepped firmly on both feet, and began to change her clothes. She took off her pajamas, changed herself by putting on her white bra and her white panties. Above all that goes the uniform of the middle school of Little Garden.

Due to the measures after the attack during the festival of the “Garden’s Festa” perpetrated by Vitaly, and due to the restoration work, that was ordered to be performed by the students of the martial arts department of the upper class, while the students at the primary, intermediate and higher levels had orders to wait in their homes.

That order would last for a week, and that it would be lifted after that term. It was Monday, and therefore, the waiting order was canceled.

Karen’s health was the best ever, and there were no obstacles to do the things of daily life. There is no need to use a wheelchair.

And, under her wish, Karen is expected to enter the second year of Little Garden Middle School.

It’s her first day at school since she was born. It is natural that her heart is beating so hard and goes *DOKI* *DOKI*.

Mihal, Karen’s hospital nurse, went to the middle school teacher’s room, and introduced her to the classroom teacher. She is a woman who wears glasses and is in her thirties. There she says goodbye to Mihal. Karen then decided to head to the classroom with her teacher.

(Uu, *DOKI* *DOKI*…)

Ever since she left the staff room, she thought her breathing could stop at any moment and her heart was beating louder, so when she stopped in front of the classroom door she could hear the noise on the other side.

– Now, wait here.
As she said that, the teacher shuffled her feet and entered the noisy classroom. Karen glanced from the open door and looked out from the hallway without moving at all.
Standing on the platform, in the center and looking at the students, the teacher opens her mouth.

– I know there’s a big fuss now, but could you just relax a moment? Well then, I introduce you to your new classmate. Come inside, Karen.

– Y, yes.

Hearing her name, Karen gathered her courage and stepped into the noisy room.
Difficult, clumsy and slow way to walk. Even so, it came after a huge effort to stand beside the teacher.

– Okay, now introduce yourself to the class.

The teacher placed Karen in front of the platform, and entrusted the rest of the introduction to her.

– Um, mmmm…

Karen positioned herself in front of the teacher.

(Uwaaa, besides I must introduce myself…)

There are many eyes that are watching me. There must be at least 30 people here. A long time ago I could not have tolerated this situation. But I had enough confidence to sing on the stage of the “Garden’s Festa”. I should at least be able to introduce myself.
Karen open your mouth, she tells herself.

– My name is Ki- Kisaragi Karen. I transfer to be part of this class from now on.

Waving and bowing her head in reverence, greetings and applause dominated the classroom.

Wow, it’s the real one!

– Kawaii!
– Your legs, are they okay?

– Welcome, <<Little Witch of Little Garden>> Little Witch.

In this way, the voices that could be heard continued without stopping.

(Er, emm… What should I do…)

It was the voice of the homeroom teacher who saved the confused Karen.

– Guys, I understand your emotion, but please calm down, you embarrass Karen.

With these words, the class calmed down.

– That will be your seat Karen-chan, is that okay with you?

The seat indicated by the teacher was located towards the right side of the room. The fourth row from the front. The first from behind. You could say that it was actually located backwards.

– Oh, yes, that’s fine.

Because since she was a little girl who only looked at a Tablet PC, her vision was not good, but it did not mean that it did not improve if she was wearing glasses. That’s why Karen nodded.

– In that case, once you sit down, we will return to class.

When she saw that Karen was in her seat, the teacher began to distribute a lot of handouts to the students at the front of each row. The form of distribution is that it is distributed from the front to the back. Karen was excited because it was her first time receiving handouts this way. She was really excited today. The handout appeared to describe Little Garden’s recovery status, excluded areas, and restrictions on entry and exit which included Sangria.

The handout hits the desk in front of Karen’s eyes.

– Your song, it was really amazing! My name is Rebecca Martin and I am from South Liberia.

Just as she looked back, the girl in the front desk offered the handout. Skin with a slight dark tone. Extravagant twin tails. A girl with a cheerful attitude that in the summer seems to be an aura.

– Ah…, th, this… thank you very much.

Karen received the handout from Rebecca, even if she was embarrassed.

– Hey, you, say hi too.

When Karen tried to set her eyes on the handout, Rebecca opened her mouth again. But not at Karen, rather at the bobcat-style black short-haired girl who sits next to her, and who wears glasses.

– You’ve always been worried about Karen since she was rumored to be transferred here.

– Well, that… that’s… but that….

The girl with glasses showed a rather complicated reaction.

– To start you must introduce yourself, it is good that you start with a description of yourself. Look, Karen is puzzled.

That was certainly true, though…

The girl with glasses who had her eyes on Karen, timidly opened her mouth.

– Emm, that … my name is Umino Aoi. Please take care of me from now on…

Upon hearing the introduction, Karen responded quickly.

– That name, is it possible that you are from Yamato?

– Yeah.

Aoi nodded.

– Although my mother is from Yamato of the Liberia group. And since we were only in Yamato when I was very young, I do not have many memories of that time. If it’s okay with you, could you teach me about Yamato, please?

– Yes of course!

– Okay, then from today, we are friends!

Rebecca reaches out her hand.

– … friends….

For Karen, that word was very sweet.

In the institution, everyone called themselves comrades, rather than friends.

To say that she is a friend of Sakura Kirishima is very amazing, that is why she is a person she admires. In short, these young girls were her first friends since she was born.

Still astounded, and her heart going *DOKI* *DOKI*, Karen was about to take Rebecca’s hand.

– Rebecca-san, Umino-san!

It was enough for the teacher to draw a shocking voice for her body to shudder and tremble.

– I know you both want to talk to Kisaragi-san, but you should leave that for once you finish the class… Do you not think so?

– Sorry.

At the same time Aoi apologizes, the class is full of laughter.

– I’m sorry, let’s leave the handshake for later.

Rebecca said that and winked at Karen.

– Yes, yes!

And so Karen entered Little Garden Middle School and immediately became friends.

It was a week ago when Hayato and Emilia traveled to Gudenburg.


– Then, I’m leaving!

– Well, have a good day.

Karen, who was under the care of Nurse Kashiwagi Mihal, jumped out of bed in the hospital room in her school uniform and left the hospital cheerfully.

The destination was of course the middle school building located in a corner of the school district in downtown Little Garden. The distance was no less between the military district where the hospital and the school district were located, so Karen uses the bus to travel every day. Most of the students who go to school are from the family district, so there are no students in the neighborhood.

After traveling in a seated position, in no more than 10 minutes, the bus arrived at the station located at the side of the school.

(Today is the first day I’ll be here …)

Karen, who got off the bus and was deeply moved, looks up to see the school building,

– Heey, Karen!

– Kyaaa!?

Karen was quite frightened to the point that she thought her heart had stopped beating after being struck on the back.

– W, who…!?

Karen jumped back and the one who was reflected in her eyes was Rebecca, with whom she became friends after she had just joined. Behind her was Aoi.

– Ahaha, I’m sorry. I will not do such a thing again.

As she looked at Rebecca who scratched her head and showed a smile that had no ulterior motives, Karen sighed deeply.

– Even so, please do not hit my back so suddenly … I really was scared.

– It seemed that you were lost in your thoughts, is there something that is worrying you?

– No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just that attending school gives me great happiness.

Karen looked at the school building once more.

– So it was that…?

Aoi replied, trying to understand Karen who also looked at the school building.

– To us too, since Karen-san’s older brother and the other members of the martial arts department protected Little Garden, so we can return to school.

That’s right, Karen has been able to attend school this way, thanks to her brother.

Thanks to her older brother Hayato, she has been able to make friends for the first time.

Her brother who, yesterday, left Little Garden to go to the kingdom of Gudenburg.

(Nii-san, will you be arriving soon to Gudenburg?)

She thinks he must be fine. But she’s still worried. And it is because Gudenburg is part of a terrible memory for the older brother and younger sister. Furthermore…..

(Emilia is next to him, isn’t that so?)

She had her doubts that it was quite “sketchy”, but it was not hard to believe that she would really be a woman.

It is one thing to think that friendship between men is normal.

But if it’s between a man and a woman, that’s something, that’s…

– Oh no, what should I do!

– Karen-chan, what’s going on so suddenly?

As she looks at Karen who grabs her head and looks discomposed, Aoi turns her eyes towards her and asks.

– Oh no. It’s nothing, it’s nothing.

Karen responds hastily by moving both hands.

– What is it, is it a good thing?

Rebecca continued, even bending her head in curiosity as she stared at Karen’s reaction.

– More than that, Karen has a proposal.

– Proposal, and what would it be?

Said Rebecca, who put her finger in front of her face.

– I was talking to Aoi-san a few moments ago, why don’t we all go together to the town of Sangria?


Sunset, Student Council Room located in the subway of the school’s martial arts department.

Student Council President and Little Garden’s Queen, Claire Harvey, has been unable to concentrate on her work.

It is extremely difficult not to worry about Kisaragi Hayato and Emilia Hermit, who went to Gudenburg. As things are, they will be captivated by the people of Gudenburg, and decide that they will not return to Little Garden.

Kisaragi Hayato has made promises to two people.

Even so, there is anxiety.

Speaking of which, it’s Emilia Hermit. Who for a time had the appearance of Emil Crossfode, a man.

Since it was exposed in Little Garden that Emilia Hermit was actually a woman, she has been increasingly flirtatious, trying to get attention and seducing Kisaragi Hayato.

Although they are both students, they are traveling to the place which is full of memories.

She doesn’t know what will happen.

(Ah! What I’m thinking. Individually they are talented and necessary people, but in case they had to leave Little Garden, that would not be good)

Claire, in saying that to herself, decides to change her mood by looking at the document she holds with her hand.

It is about the state of restoration of Little Garden. Restoration is progressing at a fairly high rate. << LiZA >> Liza has been silent since Vitaly’s attack [No more problems]. The message was issued for the first time in two weeks since the incident, and the amount of perceived energy that Liza’s body releases, which was weak, has been recovering. But since then, there has been no communication from Liza. Even if Claire asks, the same thing happens. There’s no answer.

(Liza is Liza, she has appeared to Kisaragi Hayato, Kisaragi Karen, and even my older brother, but why does not she appear in front of me…)

When Claire inflated her cheeks, she noticed a *TOC* *TOC*, which meant someone was knocking on the door.

-Who is it!?

Because she was upset, Claire asked in a loud voice.

– It’s me. I have the report with me.

It was Erika’s voice.

– All right, you can come in.

Hearing the answer, the door opened.

– Claire-sama, has something happened?

As she enters the room, Erika, who sharpens her eyesight through her glasses, asks worriedly.

– No, it’s nothing.

Claire answered, looking away, trying to hide the truth.

– Is that really true? Somehow, I felt your response was abrupt, however…

– That should be part of your imagination. Leaving that aside, what information have you brought?

– It’s a message from the Integrated International Army.

Regarding the report to be discussed, it is Erika who speaks first.

– On the result of the search based on the information given by the gang of three people with artificial Variant, eight Vitaly’s bases have been discovered in which she had made experiments around the world. But, three of them are already completely destroyed after having used them.

– After being destroyed? What do you mean?

– Five of the eight bases were left without any confidential material, but the other three had some kind of evidence that could compromise them in the future, leaving the possibility that someone could find this classified information. Moreover, there is evidence that within one facility there was an explosion, causing the collapse of a section of it.

– So it means that an individual from an anti-Slayer organization entered the lab, collected information and then tried to pop the installation in advance? I wonder what kind of research there would be for something like that to happen.

– Details on this are being investigated now. If there is a need, it may be necessary to re-interrogate the 3 individuals with artificial Variant.

– Very well, I will inform Charlotte.

– Yes, that’s fine … Anyway, whoever has gone to those facilities in advance, have searched within the base and in case they obtained the results of the investigation, there is a possibility that they are planning to carry out an attack against the Slayers, and as Vitaly did, potentially affecting the residents and visitors of Little Garden, but as soon as the restoration plan is completed we will leave the port of Sangria and for a period of time it will be safer for all to continue sailing without docking in some port.

– However, there is the need to transport goods, materials, and so on.

– At the present time, we will use small ships and anchor about ten kilometers from the port. I have thought that it is better to use transport ships of goods and to transfer in them only the people who need to reach land. Of course, because of this situation, we must firmly control the entry and exit to fulfill this condition…

– That’s a great idea. Let’s get it done. Do you have anything else to add?

– Yeah.

Erika answered and continued.

– That’s right, Claire-sama … besides that … A moment ago, you were thinking about Kisaragi Hayato, right?

– That’s not true! What makes you believe that?!

– No, for some reason, I thought…

Erika thinks she looks suspicious, looking at Claire, who responds in panic.

In the first place, Claire has not been able to calm down since Kisaragi Hayato left for Gudenburg yesterday. If you put yourself in her place, you would know it very well.

– Lea, leaving that aside, the test for the team of three is as always today, is not it?

– Uh, mm … yes, the practice will take place within another hour in the arena.

– When I finish my work, I’ll go take a look.

– And about what you heard a moment ago?

– About that, I am going to compose myself. Now, it is correct not to investigate issues that make girls feel uncomfortable.

– I understand. If you’ll excuse me.

Tilting her head, Erika leaves the Student Council room.

– Haaaaa…

Claire looks up at the ceiling and sighs heavily.

– If it’s not Liza, it’s Kisaragi Hayato. My heart is still being shaken.

Are her rivals her brother Judal and Emilia Hermit?

But, she cannot afford to lose.

Claire stands up vigorously and puts her hand on the desk.

– I am the <<Undefeatable Queen>> Perfect Queen, No matter what the battle, this one will not be defeated.

Even if it is a battle of love…


The arena of Little Garden.

Krovahn, Nesat and Nakri, who changed their clothes to ‘Variable Suit’, were next to Charlotte on the battlefield.

In this place a <Examination> Practice test will be carried out as planned.

For these three, this is <Check Your True Power>. Three days after the terrorist attack occurred during the Garden’s Festa, the three members with artificial Variant were informed that Dr. Vitaly Tynyanov had committed suicide.

Nesat had fallen into a frenzied state and traced a Savage, who was later disarmed by Kisaragi Hayato, to return to a state of normalcy.

However, that was the day she returned to wake up, after being in a long period of sleep.

– What are we going to do here now?

Who asked to Charlotte was Krovanh.

– That will be based on what you consider. You will be given the appropriate time for that. Meanwhile, the Student Council has given you permission to stay in Little Garden just as you have been doing. The room you were in is already repaired. So, for the moment, I recommend you to think carefully and to demonstrate how much skill you have.

– Our ability? What do you mean with that?

As for what Krovanh said, of course Nesat and Nakri tilted their heads at this.

– I was going to explain this in the future, but as a result of the blood test taken to you, we have been able to understand that the nanomachines inside your body have a similarity to Variant Virus. It is the same case of Kirishima Sakura who’s also a carrier of artificial Variant. Although there is a big point that makes the difference. When the emission of a sound occurs at a certain frequency, it alters the nanomachines leaving them in a state of abnormality.

– Therefore, it is the most probable that is what happened in the Festival some time ago….

– Yeah, out of control.

Clearly, what Charlotte said left the three individuals staring at the ground in complete silence.

Looking at that scenario, Charlotte quickly continues.

– Come on! You do not need to look as serious as that. Changing the properties of nanomachines within your body could prevent them from getting out of control in the face of those sounds.

– Can you really do that?

– I require all three of you for a week and for three hours a day to enter the capsule that is in the laboratory. Anyway, if you wish, we can completely remove the nanomachines.

– As for that, we who are beings with artificial Variant… can we return to being ordinary humans?

Charlotte nodded and continued.

– If you want it, there is a way to do it.

– In that case, what will happen to my sister’s eye?

– I have prepared a prosthesis to replace the eye, the vision may decrease a little compared to now, but do not worry, the world will not go black because of that.

– Krovanh…

Nesat saw Krovanh’s face as asking what they should do.

– Wait a minute Nesat, if we go back to being ordinary humans, our Hundred would be unusable, would not it?!

– That’s right, Krovanh!

It was Nakri who spoke between the 2.

– Do you not remember the oath we made in which we would change this bastard world with the strength of our Variant under our own hands?!

– …you’re right.

After a few seconds, Krovanh responds.

– We, we want to save those people who are in a situation similar to ours with our power. Also, we have not yet returned the favor to Little Garden.

– I want to achieve that.

Nesat said, supporting Krovanh.

– Of course I do too.

Finally, when she heard Nakri’s words, Charlotte smiled happily.

– In other words, from now on you will become members of Little Garden, is that okay with you?

– Yeah – Yup – Yes

The three nodded together.

– Okay, apparently you do not need time to think about it. Okay, I understand your dreams. Then we will leave aside the power measurement of your Hundred and start with the treatment. It is important to emphasize that it is not 100% successful. There is a possibility that your ability will be reduced, and in some cases almost completely disappears. There is no guarantee that you can retain and demonstrate the skills you now possess, and that you must also make a considerable effort to use the Hundred as you have to this day. Get ready for it.

Then, as Charlotte said, and after a week, the ability of the nanomachines to be activated by a specific sound frequency has disappeared. But as Charlotte said, they have also lowered response levels, to less than half each.

Even so, within a couple of days they began to regain use of their Hundred, and response levels have rebounded up to 80%.

What are their limits with their current conditions?

As of now, there are no problems about the stress that may have the nanomachines, right?

In order to be able to corroborate this, the three individuals are today in the Battlefield of the Arena and they are wearing their Variable Suit

– Hee, apparently they have finally arrived.

Just with Charlotte’s voice, Krovanh’s ears hear three footsteps.

– ALL RIGHT, it’s been a while.

Saying so, Fritz Grantz, a freshman of the martial arts department of Little Garden, raised his right hand to the three artificial Variants.

On his right side is Latia Saint-Emilion, who is also a freshman in the martial arts department and on her left side is Liddy Steinberg, Vice-President of the Little Garden Student Council. All are members of a special squad, and all three have a prowess that stands out among all Slayers.

– In response to my request, I apologize.

– It’s okay, because it will be a good opportunity to test our ability.

Liddy humbly responds.

– I do not know what their states are, but it can’t be helped!

Latia said, moving hostility toward the three artificial Variant people.

It’s only natural that this happens, isn’t it?

It’s been two times in which she and Fritz have fought against these three people, where they have been completely defeated: On the Zwei Islands and Kong Rurh. For Latia, this duel of practice has no other meaning than that of revenge.

However, Fritz does not seem to think the same thing.

– Come on, Latia. These guys want to be our friends. You do not have to be so cruel to them.

He immediately pats her head with a cheerful attitude.

– Ah! Don’t touch my head!

She removes Fritz’s hand, and Latia shows her teeth.

– I will not recognize these individuals as my companions, not yet!

– Ha, what an impertinent mouth this weak one has here!

That’s what Nakri said.

– What?!

Latia and Nakri faced closer and stared at each other, at that moment you could see the sparks emerging from the friction between them.

– Oh my oh my, calm down you both. The battle has not yet begun. What if you deploy your armaments?

– Then, let me deploy to mine first!

With that said, Nakri threw her Hundred into the air and shouted.

– <<100 Armament Deployment>> HUNDRED ON!
Then, a golden glow emanated from the Hundred, and two <<Rings>> Chakram appeared in her hands.
Hundred of the Holy Ballerina, <<Double Victory Combat Ring>> Dio Varga.

– The next one is me.

Continuing, Krovanh squeezes the Hundred in his right hand and unfolds it. The golden light creates a Hundred type Crusher, a double-edged sword, <<Double Edge Rebel>>, Orthos Liberio, in his right hand.

– Ehm, Do we have to deploy too?

– Yeah.

– At the same time that Latia nods, a pink energy is released, and the Martial Arts type Hundred <<King Beast, God of Martial Arts>> Strike Beast appears, while Fritz emits an orange light, materializing a Hundred of Long Range type, <<Impenetrable  Fortress>> Stronghold. Thus in his right hand there is a long-barreled rifle, the named ‘Shooting Star‘ appears. The next one is Liddy releasing a purple energy, and displays the Hundred type Phalanx <<Black Jest Spear of Svarga>> Midgard Schrange.

Nesat is the only one that is not yet equipped.

– Are not you armed yet?

– I will do it.

In response to that, Nesat puts aside the patch covering her right eye and reveals a bright golden pupil, Fritz babbles while looking at the Hundred.


From the “Eye of Truth”, a ray of light emanated, such as a pillar of light, which extended until it reached the sky of the room. Between them, appears an identical rifle to the Shooting Star of Fritz.

– Now that I think about it, you’re able to replicate the Hundred of other people.

– Indeed.

Nesat nods as she holds the gun in her arms and continues.

– My Hundred is one of the Trace type.

– Now that you’re all set, we’ll start the fight. It should be remembered that this is, after all, a test. My intention is not to look at the outcome of the battle. Seeing how the battle unfolds, I could stop the fight.


– Why, our victory was decided!

Latia and Nakri were unhappy with this.

– If you want to resolve this, please wait for the << Martial Arts Academy Tournament >> to be held in the winter. Now without further ado, begin.

Charlotte said that in an astonishing way, then left the battlefield and raised her hand high, pointing toward the ceiling.

– Okay, start the test.

The buzzer sounds in the whole arena. The person who rang the bell is Mei Mei, who is in the control room.

Points to Liddy.

I think I will not be able to prove my ability if I do not go first with that girl.

– Uooooooooooooo!!

Krovanh approaches in a straight line and swings his sword down. Liddy firmly received the attack with her shield on her right arm without breaking the balance of her body.

– Whats the matter? Your power has diminished, compared to that time!

Saying that, Liddy uses Midgard Schrange to make space.

With the arms crossing, Krovanh attacks again with his Twin Sword, but still the shield blocks all the blows.

(Damn, no matter how much energy I use, I feel I cannot destroy that shield!)

I think I’m still not 100%. Anyway, the attacks I’ve received are minimal.

While Krovanh realizes his condition, Latia and Nakri stand staring at each other face to face.

– You’re certainly my opponent. So as not to talk big with your mouth anymore, I will let the difference of our true strength be through our bodies.

– Who was talking big an instant ago was Nakri.

With <<Dio Varga>> in both hands, she threw them pointing at Latia.

– That’s our line!

Latia starts to approach herself to Nakri as she continually evades the Chakram that were after her. And then lands a blow to the face with the fist of her right hand.

– Agh!

Latia sent Nakri flying to the corner of the arena.

As he watched, Fritz whistled with a *HYUU* sound.

– I’m Latia’s partner, let’s do it, don’t you agree?

Nesat is the only girl left, so he points to her.

– Shooting women is not my style, but what else can be done? So, let’s start the fight?

Having prepared Shooting Star, Fritz gives free rein to the shots. In response, Nesat makes evasion maneuvers and exchanges bursts of bullets. Faced with this, Fritz shields himself with the shield in his left hand. Once again he starts to shoot. With a kick to the ground, Nesat jumps high and evades the attack. Faced with this, Fritz takes a defensive stance thinking that she will perform the same move as last time.

But it was not so.

Nesat fixed her gaze on Krovanh’s weapon as she went through the air.

– Hundred, ON…

– Haaaaaaa!

Suddenly her weapon changed form, to the same sword Krovanh carries. Because of this, the blade hit the enemy.

– Gaah!

Despite shielding himself with the shield of his arm, he received an attack he had not imagined. Fritz’s body flew from the impact of the force of the sword, falling backward to the ground.

– Ooh, incredible, incredible. Your fighting style is similar to Emilia’s. Besides, with your maneuverability, which is better in comparison to mine, it will be difficult to keep you company on my own.

Fritz, who fell to the ground, murmured as he rose.

First, he is a support shooter, he does not have the capabilities for a one-on-one duel.

The figure of Nesat who changes her armament to a rifle, appears before his eyes. And she prepares to shoot by gathering energy. At the same time, Latia realizes this.

– It’s dangerous, Fritz!

– I cannot help it!

Nakri, who was beaten by Latia, has risen.

– In that case, I will do this!

Announcing that, Latia raised her arm and hit the ground. Due to the action done by Latia, Liddy and Fritz, who have experienced this situation in the past, closed their eyes at the same time. A cloud of dust rises, covering the arena and the earth moves like an earthquake, shaking their feet

– …Tsk…!

Naturally, one could see that Nesat was confused. Because of this, she could not find the target to aim at, so firing was impossible. So she did not know where to start attacking.

Focusing, Nesat, confirms what is around her by shaking her head slightly to the left, then to the right. Krovanh does the same.

– I’m sorry, given the situation we had to separate you.

Fritz murmurs in a low voice so his opponent cannot hear him, and he shoots an energy shot at Krovanh. The orange-colored ray rushes over the target.

– Ghaa!

Krovanh shouts.

Subsequently, the sound of him falling to the ground echoes in the ears of others.

– Krovanh!

Nesat raised her voice to the point of resembling a cry of terror.

– Hey, Krovanh, are you o-?

Nakri’s words were interrupted.

It was Midgard Schrange from Liddy, who attacked the body of the girl.

Nakri, who did not notice that the spear point was approaching, failed to deploy the protective barrier.

“Guh… aaa… what, damn it!

Who falls to the ground emitting a voice of agony is Nakri. At the same time, the weapons are canceled. Now that the cloud of dust around the arena has become lighter, Nesat confirms the surroundings.

In this situation, that little girl with hair similar to flames, where could her attack appear from?

(That attack, From where will it come?)

She looks for some trace or clues around her, but she doesn’t hear the steps approaching.

(Is she not coming?)

That’s what she thought.

– !

Nesat received a sharp blow to her abdomen.

Of course, she fixed her eyes on her abdomen, so Nesat realized that there was a part of the materialized armament of the girl.

(Such a thing, can I do something like that…?)

Nesat’s body flew through the air and turned as giving a dance to fall to the ground.

– Agh, gah…

This is not yet finished. This meant that the Krovanh’s armament had not yet been dematerialized. That being the case, she tried to get up again.

– This is checkmate.

Then Nesat noticed that there was a gun pointing at her back from behind. When she looked back, she released a large sigh. There is nothing to do if it has come to this.

Without another alternative, she raises her hands, recognizing defeat. Without waiting, the bell rang throughout the arena.

– The battle is over, with that said, how are your bodies?

With that, Charlotte appeared in the field.

– Damn, we still are far away. If we could prove our true power, it would be impossible to lose against these guys.

– Really, Doctor. Can we really regain the strength of before?

– Be at ease. This will take some time, won’t it?

Charlotte responds to Nakri who spoke after Krovanh

– So far, if we have compared it since the beginning of the purification of the Variant Virus, its recovery has been quite high, to be honest, it has been much faster than I imagined.

– Is that true?

– That’s right, so be patient. Surely everyone believed that within a week they would return to be as before, however, it is indispensable to be careful from here on. Although Vitaly’s control over the nanomachines circulating within the bloodstream in each of you has been removed, it does not change the fact that it is still an artificial Variant. There is a possibility that it could go out of control if you are caught up in negative emotions such as hatred, anger, violence, and so on. If this happens your lives will be in danger.

– I understand.

Nesat replied.

The other two nod in the same serious expression as her.

– In that case, everything is fine. My turn is over. Claire, do you have anything to tell us?

– Yes.

The three people looked at the President of Little Garden who appeared in the arena. Somehow, they all had a nervous look.

– I heard from Dr. Charlotte that you want to be Little Garden’s Slayers, am I correct?

Claire, in place of Charlotte, spoke to the three people.

And they responded with a lively yes.

– Understood. In that case, you will be recognized as such. But with one condition. Little Garden Slayers, in addition to the Shingitai*, must have skills in literature and martial arts. That is why you will study with a scholarship.

* TN: Shingitai means the three qualities of a sumo wrestler: heart, technique and physique.

Claire smiled with a grin and continued with her words.

– With that said, I thought you guys should start to immediately attend classes at school, therefore, do you accept?


There is a meeting at some underground place. It is to listen to Judal Harvey, representative of Warslan, who talks about the terrorist attacks planned by Vitaly Tynyanov. The participants are representatives of United Nations’s member states and related organizations called “Selection”, who are just representatives, randomly elected.

– Judal, today’s incident has been a disaster.

Began to speak a voice on the other side of the screen, which was marked with the letter [B].

There are eight participants in the meeting, including Judal. However, this is carried out without revealing the identity of the people who speak to Judal. This is because it is a measure that promotes honest expression without fear of deteriorating relationships with Little Garden. In addition the voices have been altered by the voice modifier, so it cannot be identified if it is a man or a woman.

– I’m sorry for the inconvenience this time.

Judal, who stands straight in the center of the conference, which has a circular shape where there are a total of seven black screens where the letters from [A] to [G] are displayed, inclined his head to apologize.

– It is known that the perpetrator was originally a researcher in Warslan who had a long history there. From what has been said, it is presumed that she was your girlfriend, is that not so?

The letter [C] shone on this occasion.

When one of the representatives speaks, the character of the letter on the screen shines.

– That’s all true.

Judal responds frankly.

– I do not feel any admiration for family problems.

It was the character of the letter [F] that shone.

– It’s inexcusable. But we already have the knowledge of terrorism. In the future, of course, with the construction of the base of Lunaltia, you can make use of it.

The letter [D] is the one that shines this time.

– So the base of Lunaltia, huh.

Revealing a burlesque voice, the man beyond the screen [D] continued.

– Going to another point, what will happen to the cost of Little Garden’s debt? Although the city of Sangria received no damage, some of its citizens find themselves in a negative attitude towards Warslan. Even if they appeal to Liberia, will not it be a great challenge to get congressional approval?

– It is no problem. Warslan funds are enough to pay off the debt.

– You mean that help is not needed, do you really agree with that?

The letter [A] of the representative on the chair shone.

This is the only participant who has a woman’s voice.

– If you are going to give us your support, please contact the person who is developing the Lunaltia base.

– What do you mean by that?

This time the letter screen [B] lights up.

– The first <<Residential Areas>> Colonies will be built and the <<Key of the New World>> will be transferred from this Earth to the base of Lunaltia.

– Why do you go so far on that particular space station? What has Little Garden been doing?

– On this subject, it is better to discuss it later in Parliament.

It was the intervention of the representative behind the letter [A] that obstructed the doubt behind the man of the letter [F].

– With this the meeting is over?

– Yes, it is finished.

Before the question of Judal, the representative responds.

– Then there’s one thing I want to tell everyone about me.

– We just came to hear your information today. Regarding the questions, we will not recognize any of them.

The man beyond the screen of the letter [D] hurried to give the warning, but Judal continued with his words.

– It is not a question. I speak on the basis of the anti-Slayers organization, and the search for such members.

– Hey, I told you to stop. Besides you’re talking about the same thing.

Again he interrupted the words of Judal, the man behind the letter [D].

There, intervened the president.

– It’s okay to say a little, isn’t it? Please continue.

– But…

– Listen to what he has to say from the beginning. Please continue.

The president’s opinion here is absolute.

He cannot interrupt a different opinion like that of the man of the letter [D].

– Then give me some of your time. As everyone knows, most of the bases have already been taken under the control of the United Nations Integrated Army. However, it appears that in some places there are a few troops from some countries that have mobilized and have managed to get there.

– In other words, what do you mean?

The screen with letter [B] character lights up.

– It means that there may be a country or organization that has obtained the results of Vitaly’s research.

– You mean you suspect us?

This time, it was the screen of the letter [G] that lit up and asked Judal.

– No, I can only respond that there is a possibility of terrorism using that. Everyone, please keep it in mind. That is my advice.

– It would be best for Little Garden to be careful.

Said the unpleasant voice of the man behind the screen with the letter [F].

-For your consideration, thank you very much.

When Judal answered, a murmur of voices echoed in the room.

– With this, does this conclude what you wanted to tell us?

– Yes, I’ve finished with this. Thank you very much for your concern.

Before the President’s question, Judal responds and thanks cordially.

– All right, the meeting ends here, we, the members of ‘Selection’, will be looking forward to Warslan’s success.

– For the good of world’s peace.

Following Judal’s words, the voices of the people beyond the monitors spoke in unison as in a rehearsal concert.

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