Hundred – Volume 3 – Chapter 4

The Reason of the Hunters / Dragonfly / Simultaneous Attack


– With this, reinforcements should come soon…

The one who kicked the body of Fritz who fired a shot towards the sky while he lay down, was a girl with a Dancer type Hundred—— two ring-shaped weapons similar to chakrams, called Duo Varga, were held in her hands.

– This guy, having the nerve to do something stupid!

– Guh!

It was Nakri, one of the three hunters with dark brown skin who kicked and sent flying the body of Fritz again.

The armament of Fritz rolled over the ground and was cancelled. The energy of Fritz was almost completely empty and with that he fired a signal.

To his side and also disarmed is Latia, wearing her Variable Suit.

She was completely unconscious.

Aly Harlech of Al-Salaam and Wendy Velvet of Liberia, also members of the attacked D team, were unconscious too.

Nakri picked up the red ore of Fritz——his Hundred that was rolling near him.

– I’m ready with this. Only Krovahn remains with that girl.

– I know, I’m going to finish her soon.

Answers Krovahn, the only man of the gang of three who’s glaring at Liddy Steinberg, one of the vice presidents of Little Garden, who readied her Phalanx type Hundred, 《Jet Black Heavenly Spear》Midgard Schrange. A huge sword with two blades was held in his hand——he was grasping tightly his Crusher type Hundred, Orthros Liberio.

(Only a little more, if I can stand somehow or other then…)

Liddy readied the spear without moving, telling that to herself.

Even though some of them are aware of the existence of the hunters, they must have noticed that there are existing problems with communications, this going both to the HQ of the base and to the Slayers participating in the search-and-destroy operation.

There’s no doubt that someone will see the shot of Fritz, realize that there’s a problem occurring in this place and come running.

What she must do now is buy time——

However, the enemies are aware of what Liddy is trying to do, they seem to be cautious of that.

– We don’t have much time, so we’ll bring this to an end quickly!

Krovahn readied the weapon and kicks up the ground, slashing Liddy.

– … kkuh!

Liddy wards off the swung downward blade with the shield on her left hand and launched an attack with the spear in her right hand.

But it was dodged by Krovahn who bent his body backwards.


Krovahn slashes at her one more time.

Then, Liddy pierced the ground with the pointed end of the spear

– ——what!?

Krovahn is in commotion by the action he didn’t anticipate.

Liddy rotates her body with the axis of the spear and kicked flying his body.

– Guh!

Krovahn falls to the ground with that, but he recovers immediately.

Although she was able to land a blow, it’s just a kick, he received no damage.

Still, this should be giving her some time.

– You seem to be doing it better than that guy, huh.

Krovahn wiped the mud stuck on his face with the back of his hand.

Nakri was watching such situation laughs and ridicules him.

– Need some help, Krovahn?

– What are you saying? You know that I’m not going serious, don’t you?

– I know.

Nakri suspends her mouth and grins, showing an ominous smile.

In the same way, Krovahn laughs.

– … well, it’s time to go all out. We really don’t have time.

Together with the murmur, the black eyes of Krovahn starts to emit a golden brilliance.

– … limit out.

Murmuring, the speed of Krovahn who holds the weapon increased, it was rising dramatically compared up to now.

– Oraah!

The power of the twin blade that is swung downward has also become quite strong.

(kkuh…! So this what a guy with the strength of the Variant is, huh…)

The best and only thing she can do is ward off the attacks.

She doesn’t have time or the like to counterattack nowhere.

Now, if the remaining two people assist him, this won’t be settled….

No, to be frank, as things are…

– You put quite a fight, however——

Krovahn strongly stepped on one of the edges of the twin blade, grazing the ground.

– ——!?

She thought that it was an overenthusiastically miss attack, but she immediately realized that it wasn’t so.

That’s because a lump of mud approached her face instantly.

(Dammit, this is what he was aiming for…!)

The mud sticks, and Liddy is plunged into darkness.

– This is the end!

She can’t do anything if her visibility goes black.

Feeling that the blade of Orthros Liberio of Krovahn approaches, Liddy prepared herself.

Immediately afterwards, along with an explosion sound, the sound that the body of a human hits the ground reached the ear of Liddy.

– Kuh, the hell was that just now!?

The next she heard was the voice of Krovahn.

(What on earth happened?)

Although she couldn’t grasp the situation because her visibility was blocked, someone appeared, there, she was able to understand that she was saved.

(Is that perhaps, Claire-sama…?)

Expecting that in her heart, Liddy wipes the mud of her face with her arm.

What she saw was the figure of Krovahn who’s about to stand up.

Two beams were fired there.

Krovahn avoided them while rolling and pointed his eyes to the place where the beams were fired. Like him, Liddy also pointed her eyes to that place.

Two floating batteries are suspended there——

– Damn, where are you!?

– I am here desuwayo.

– ——kuh!?

That voice came from the top of a tree.

In response to the voice of Claire, Krovahn gazed at the surroundings, but it was too late.

Claire, who had descended from the top of the tree by jumping, trampled down on his body.

– Guah!

Krovahn screamed.

The eyes that were shining returned to black.

– … president!!

Liddy raised a spontaneous delighted voice, she was longing for a partner to make their entry.

– Who are you, you bastard!? Get away from Krovahn!

Nakri throws one of the rings of Duo Varga towards Claire.

Claire stopped the blow, catching it with one of her hands.

– I am the Student Council President of the Academy-City Ship Little Garden, Claire Harvey desuwa. It seems that you heavily tormented my comrades not only once but twice desuwane.

After a glance at Fritz and Latia who collapsed, she glares at Nakri and Nesat again in that order and turns two muzzles of the six floating batteries to Krovahn in order to threaten him to not move.

Nakri and Nesat who saw that, gritted their teeth and scowled at Claire with a bloodcurdling facial expression.

– Now, I have questions for you masu. They are about Vitaly Tynyanov desu.

– … kh.

The moment that name came out, Nakri showed discomposure.

Both Krovahn and Nesat are the same.

– … looks like when limiting it to the reaction I am seeing, you know about Vitaly desuwane.

– That’s why we’re not going to say anything!

Nakri shouted.

In order to admonish them, Claire continues.

– Release from your combat readiness, surrender immediately and provide information about Vitaly desu. By doing so, we will overlook the matter of the Zwei Islands and the matter of now.
– Don’ screw with us! Like hell we are going to believe the words of some guys of Warslan! Besides, that arrogant attitude of yours towards us is detestable!

Nakri accelerates, kicking up the ground. Claire uses two of the six floating batteries and tried to stop her feet by firing beams.

But she dodges them by moving quickly to the left and right, closes the distance with Claire and raises overhead the ring, slashing at her.

Then Claire pushed out her left hand and deployed an E barrier, she stopped the blow of Nakri just in front of her.

– Wha…

Claire cancels the E barrier right away.

Throwing towards Nakri one of the rings of Duo Varga that she was holding in her right hand, her body was sent flying to the distance.

– Nakri!

Looking the figure of Nakri that crumbled down after colliding with a wall of rock, Nesat showed a flustered look and immediately opened the eyepatch, a golden eye appeared. She murmured as she looked at the Hundred of Krovahn who was showing an expression of anguish at the feet of Claire.

– … 《Duplication Deployment!》 HUNDRED ON!

Understanding, disassembly, reconstruction——

The report of Hayato and the others suggests that her ability is based on those three points.

In fact, she emits a long straight pillar of light towards the sky from her eye, that creates a twin blade with a shape similar to the one owned by Krovahn at the feet of Claire, and slashed at her.

Claire attempts to intercept it using two of the six floating batteries.

But she wasn’t able to dodge it.

While defending against it with an E barrier, she assaulted her as she was.

(What the…!)

While deploying the weapon, Claire noticed that the eye hidden in her eyepatch shines with a golden color.

(Did she release the strength of the Variant desuno?)

It seems that the intensity of the barrier is increasing.

What to do? Claire hesitates.

The twin blade that she brandished is shining with energy.

It will be impossible to stop that blow.

However, if she moves, she will confer freedom to the boy at her feet.

Krovahn began to move as if he had sensed such hesitation of Claire.

He released the strength of the Variant and got up with a jump.

Then picked up Orthros Liberio that had fallen on the ground.

– … kuh!

Without a moment’s delay, Claire shot beams towards the boy using the floating batteries.

He avoids them while rolling on the ground and as soon as he gets up, he slashes at Claire.

– Take this!

– Such a thing won’t hit me masenwa!

Claire jumped to dodge it and once again aimed at Krovahn with the floating batteries and fired the beams with decision.

Nakri launched an attack there.

– Don’t forget about me!

Looking back in response to the voice, her eyes were also shining with a golden color.

That means that the ability of the Variant was released.

(It will be difficult if it continues like this desuwane…)

If the opponents are the three guys who released the power of the Variant, then this won’t be a situation where she can think of leaving enough spare energy to search tomorrow.

– … it cannot be helped masenwa, now that it has become to this, I will go with everything I have too masu.

Claire distracts the three hunters using the six floating batteries and took distance as she declared that she decided so.

– … going seriously? In other words, you are saying that you weren’t serious all this time?

Krovahn frowns the part of the eyebrow closes to the nose.

– Exactly desuwa.

An intense light was emitted from the body of Claire.

Then, her armor becomes thicker and the railguns of both arms become bigger.

– That’s, no way…

– … full, armament?

Nesat shows confusion and Nakri stares in wonder.

Without a moment’s delay, Krovahn yells in order to give encouragement to those two girls.

– … you said full armament, huh. But we are three. That’s nothing for Nakri and Nee-chan! We can do it!

– Yup, I’ll do it…

– …let’s, do it…!

Kicking up the ground at the same time, the three hunters attack.

Claire flutters in the night sky like a butterfly while green particles fall as if dancing, dodging the attacks, then tries to counterattack using the six floating batteries and the railguns of both arms.

– Guh…!

Immediately after the twin blade slashed the air, a beam emitted from one of the floating batteries hits Krovahn.

– 《Small Floating Batteries!》 Petals!

Claire launched small floating batteries from the six floating batteries and attacked the three guys.

– Kuh, although the beams of those petty things can be sustained, the floating batteries over there are a huge hindrance…

– Krovahn, can you take care of them?

Nesat turned her eyes to rely on Krovahn.

Nakri also turns her eyes in a similar way.

– … let’s see.

Krovahn gazed at Claire, narrowing his eyes and stood 10 meters ahead.

– What is it mashitano? If it’s about giving up or you want to discuss about it, then the answer should come out right away desuwayo.

At that time, Krovahn noticed drops, that is, that it began to rain, then he showed a grin and whispered into the ears of the two girls.

– Nee-chan, Nakri, looks like luck is with us. I thought of something good.

Naturally, Claire was noticing the falling rain.

(… this has become a trouble mashitawane)

Rain is like a natural enemy for the Dragoon type Hundred users.

Although it doesn’t make it unusable like the flames, the power of the beam attacks by energy is weakened.

(It would be nice if those three surrendered, however…)

Unfortunately, the trio goes into a huddle in front of her, they seem as if they were kneading something like a plan.

Even if Claire is confident that she can cope with any kind of plan they come up with, she wanted to avoid drawn-out battles.

Because Claire is aware that if the fight keeps dragging on and dragging on, she doesn’t know what will happen. And the energy will be consumed pointlessly.

(If only Kisaragi Hayato and the others hasten to come to this place…)

In that case, it will be advantageous for them in terms of numbers, and because Erika is a chain user, she should be able to arrest the three guys——

The three hunters separate and look up at Claire floating in the sky.

– Do you finally have the intention to surrender?

When Claire asks them in order to provoke them,

– AS IF!

Nakri throws Duo Varga of both hands in succession.


Nesat also created rings similar to Duo Varga and threw them in a similar way.

But none of them went past a place far away from Claire’s body.

(… what are those girls doing?)

She guessed that they would start attacking by changing the direction in the middle of it like a boomerang, but that wasn’t the case.

A total of four rings were aiming at the floating batteries that are floating at the side of Claire respectively.

– … wha, not me, but the floating batteries!?

Four floating batteries are destroyed.

Nakri grabs Duo Varga that came back and throws them towards the two remaining floating batteries.

With that, all the floating batteries have been destroyed.

– Kuh…!

Claire is disturbed due to the situation that she hadn’t hypothesized. Krovahn started an offensive there.

– Your body is now defenseless, huh!?

Panicking, Claire uses the small floating batteries that remained and began an attack pointing to the gang of three.

However, looks like they don’t have an effect on the defensive walls since the beams of the small floating batteries have lost output due to rain.

– Something like this is insignificant!

– If so, then with this!

Claire accelerates, having the weapons at the ready and turns the railguns of the arms towards the approaching Krovahn.

– Too slow!

– ——kuh!

Prior the bombardment, the brandish of Orthros Liberio hit directly the body of Claire.

– Kyaaaaa!

Claire falls towards the ground while screaming.

Watching such state, Nakri exclaimed.

– Hooray!

However, despite crashing on the ground violently, and that she lost her 6 floating batteries and her 12 petals, Claire’s consciousness is still there, and the state of full armament is also up.

– … kkuh!

Claire tries to stand up while staggering.

There, Krovahn was pressing her.

– I’ll put an end to this!

5 meters, 3 meters, while shortening the distance with Claire, he readies the twin blade.

At that moment, a dazzling light successfully covered her.

– … wh-what the!?

Their field of view is blocked by a white curtain.

At the same instant, Claire thought.

(This is the flash bullet of Erika desuwa!)

Claire knows that she is carrying flash bullets.

There’s no doubt with that.

The guess turns into conviction.

It’s because the figure of Krovahn was reflected, his body was wrapped around by a pink chain.

– Dammit, what the hell is this!?

Krovahn tries to escape from the chains by twisting himself.

But he couldn’t tear off the chain. On the contrary, more tightening will only make it stronger.

– It’s futile. You cannot escape easily from my 《Chains of Absolute Fate》Everlasting.

A voice echoes from the top of a tree near them.

– Who are you!?

The line of sight of Krovahn is directed to the end of the chain that is wrapped around his body.

– I am Erika Candle, one of the vice presidents of Little Garden. Claire-sama, we have come to help.

The glasses girl, standing on a thick branch of the tree, answered.

Kisaragi Hayato was standing next to her, then jumps off from the tree and rushes to the position of Claire. He already deployed his simple armament, he’s holding Hien in his hand.

– President, are you alright?

– Kisaragi Hayato…

– Of course, I am here too.

– Me too.

With those voices Claire noticed the existence of Emile and Claudia——the two other members of the same E team.

Of course, both of them have deployed their armaments.

On top of that, Emile has a rapier that was created with Arms Shroud and aimed at the base of the throat of Nakri from behind and Claudia was holding down Nesat on the ground, coiling around the neck the chain of Tudor Rose.

– Impossible, I never thought that this would happen by trying to stick together Kisaragi Hayato and Claire Harvey.

Claudia continues her words while smiling wryly.

– I really want to apologize, but for now, let’s do something about these hunters.

Erika is overlooking the hunters from the top of the trees and opened her mouth.

– Claire-sama, I leave everything to you.

– Understood mashitawa.

Replying, Claire shouts.

– 《Floating Batteries, Revive!》Resurrection!

Then, by deploying something called a magic square, that emits green light at her feet and from that same thing six floating batteries rise to the surface, they were resurrected.

– You can’t do anything in this situation, don’t’ you agree? We also have the advantage in numbers desuwa. Please surrender.

When Claire says so, the whole body of Krovahn trembles with anger while spitting up with a grisly facial expression.

– There’s no way we can do that.

– … what do you mean desuno?

Claire knits her brows.

– From the situation, you thought that we can’t do anything, but the thing is that we can break free. A bit more and we can obtain freedom, how can we give up in a place like this!?

– Wha…!

Claire stares in wonder.

Because it seemed that the golden eyes of Krovahn shone even more violently, he was able to tear off the pink chain.

At the same time, his throat vibrates furiously and accelerates, having Orthros Liberio at the ready.

He’s after Claire.

For a second, Emile and Claudia had their eyes fixated on the change of Krovahn.

As they aimed at that gap, Nakri and Nesat also moved.

Nakri squatted and knocked aside the legs of Emile.

– Uwaa!?

A leg raises, then Emile completely loses the balance of her body and Nakri slashes at her with Duo Varga.

– Take this!

Emile does a back step and dodges the ring but Nakri recovered her freedom with that.

Almost simultaneous with that sort of series of flows.

Nakri took a glance at Claire,

– … Hundred On.

With a murmur, she creates six floating batteries similar to Claire.

Then, she moved two of them behind Claudia and fired beams.

– Wha, from behind!?

Claudia receives damage on the back of her head and collapses from the front.

Nesat became free with that and turns her line of sight to Krovahn.


While Krovahn roars, he was trying to slash again at Claire who had been accelerating and dodging the attacks, then attempted to bombard him with the railguns of her hands.

Not only from the weapons but also from her whole body the energy is overflowing.

– President, leave this to me!

Although the six floating batteries were resurrected, Hayato concluded that the wounded Claire shouldn’t be the one that has to keep company with the opponent, so he started an offensive with Hien pointing at Krovahn.

– You, the one of some time ago, get out of the way!

Krovahn noticed Hayato and swings down Orthros Liberio.

The two blades hit each other, making a fierce sword fight sound.

– You okay, Hayato…?

Emile glanced at Hayato who’s stacking up swords with Krovahn and glared with a change in her line of sight to Nakri who confronts her.

– I have to deal with this soon in order to go and help Hayato.

Saying so, she changed most of her Arms Shroud into a long, thin sword and started releasing a blow, then another one to the approaching Nakri.

– Haa, such a thing!

Nakri closes the distance while repelling the swords that face her with Duo Varga and released an offensive against Emile.

However, Emile jumped and evaded it nimbly, then grabbed one of the swords floating around her body and stabbed it in the hole of the ring of Nakri.

– What… the!?

Stabbing through it, the point of the sword buries in the ground.

Because of that, the movement of Nakri is completely stopped.

Emile took another sword in the air as she was and stabbed a sword in the hole of the other ring. The point of the sword buries in the earth in the same way.

– Shit!

She moves the ring, trying to pull out the sword, but she can’t do it. The sword is quite long and is buried deep in the ground.

– You can’t move unless you get away from those weapons… or I’ll skewer you like them.

All the pointed end of the 10 swords floating in the air are directed to Nakri.

– Kuh…. If you are going to do it, then do it fast!

– Alright. Just kidding!

The moment Emile pulled the arm, all the swords return to particles in a blink of an eye.

– Wha…!

Nakri, who was loading strength on both arms, lost the balance of her body and was about to fall.

– Of course, I can’t afford to liberate you, but I won’t kill you either.

Without a moment’s delay, Emile covered her fist with a knuckle she produced with Arms Shroud and thrusted it into the abdomen of Nakri.

– … ack!

The body of Nakri bent in a く shape and flies in the air.

– Sorry.

Without a pause, Emile does a turning kick and sent flying the body of Nakri to a wall of rock.

With that, her vital came to an end.

The armament of Nakri was cancelled, Duo Varga also falls to the ground and vanished.

– Nakri!!

– It’s no good if you look away!

– … kuh!

Nesat avoids Tudor Rose that was strongly swung downward and attacks with the floating batteries.

– I won’t let you!

Emile exclaimed, generating a rapier with Arms Shroud that destroys right in half the floating batteries of Nesat that attempted to bombard Claudia.

– …!

Nesat looks dumbfounded at the floating batteries that are scattering as particles.

However, she immediately pulls herself together and began an offensive against Emile with the remaining floating batteries.

But Emile dodges them nimbly with a jump and by using Arms Shroud in the air she destroys all the floating batteries while changing weapons one after another.

– Looks like it’s my win, don’t you think?

Emile landed on the ground and generates a sharp rapier once again then moved forward to the base of the legs of Nesat.

Hundred On——

Nesat turned her line of sight towards the rapier of Emile that was approaching and attempted to duplicate it.

However, Emile returned the weapons back to particles.

Because of that, she couldn’t replicate it.

– Unlike me, you can’t create weapons freely, and even if you deploy what you see, it doesn’t look like you can move right away, don’t you? Besides, you can’t reproduce a special Hundred like my Arms Shroud.

When she noticed it, the distance between them is less than one meter.

Emile once again created a rapier and turned the pointed tip of it towards the eye of the girl.

– If I pierce your eye with this, you won’t be able to duplicate anymore, am I right?

– … my eye, you will crush it….?

– For the sake of what are you using your eyes?

– Eh?

– To kill people? Or to see your loved ones and the beautiful world? If it’s the latter, then surrender. Together with the boy over there. I don’t want to crush that eye.

Emile points her line of sight at Krovahn.

– What beautiful world, huh!? We haven’t seen nothing but despair! Why are you getting in our way!? A little more, only a little more! A little more and we’ll be released——we’ll be free!!

– ——kuh!!

Krovahn’s Orthros Liberio shines like a black flame and starts pressing down the body of Hayato.

Hayato was franticly holding him back with Hien loaded with energy.

Eventually, the shining of the sense energies of the two began to wrap not only the armament and weapons, but also the whole bodies of each other.


(Huh, what is, this…?)

At that time, pain runs in the head of Hayato, and images came to the front, burning into his memory.

The figures of a boy and a girl who carry bags that seem to be heavy are listening the orders of an adult man.

(… those two are…)

Stuck-up and pointed black hair, black eyes and dark skin.

They are quite younger than now, but there’s no doubt that the boy in front of his eyes is Krovahn and that the taller girl is Nesat.


It was a man who worn military uniform, and a little older than Hayato and the others, who’s swinging a whip.

His skin color is the same as theirs, and he has Middle East features.

Looking closely at him, the military uniform has the insignia of Al-Salaam and a red ore is hanging on his neck.

Looks like the military man is a Slayer.

There is a large number of children beside them in that place, and like the two of them, they were carrying bags and things like shackles were on their hands and feet.

And they were struck with the same whip when their pace gets slower.

(Why, such a terrible thing…)

He was treating the children like slaves.

Something like that can’t be forgiven.

– Come on, walk quickly!

The soldier swings the whip to Nesat whose step is tottering.

– … aah!

– Nee-chan!

Krovahn rushes to the girl who’s struck with a whip and crumbled down to the ground.

– Nee-chan, are you alright, Nee-chan!?

– You son of a bitch, why are you moving away from your position!?

The man raised overhead the whip again.

– … kuh!!

While trying to protect the girl, Krovahn received the whip on his back and stared at the man who’s looking down on them.

Maybe it was because he was unable to stomach such attitude, the man swung the whip again.

(Why am I seeing these things?)

While wondering, Hayato stops the tempestuous attack that Krovahn released.

Then again, sense energy was released from the two people and were surrounded by an intense light as far as the eye can see.

The energies of the two integrate as if to connect the two Variants.

And, images come to the mind of Hayato again.

The figures of the boy and the girl running through the wilderness at midnight.

Just like before, it’s the childhood of Krovahn and Nesat.

It seems that they were living in a facility where the ones who lost their parents by the raids of the Savages are gathered.

However, that wasn’t just an orphanage, as it was established by Al-Salaam Company, a Middle East company commissioned by the Kingdom of Khmer to redevelop the areas destroyed by the Savages. They used the children who gathered as slaves, turning them in working force. Life in that place was like hell.

Therefore, Krovahn and Nesat were trying to escape from the facility.

(There’s no choice but to do this. Otherwise, we’ll be killed someday!)

However, they were found by a soldier who was patrolling near the entrance before leaving the premises.

Not all was turning dark, since the enemy doesn’t seem to be a Slayer, but he has a gun in his hand.

Becoming disconcerted, they started running.

*BANG*, a gunshot attacks their ears.

The pursuer fired a bullet.

They saw the soil sprung up far away.

However, his gun skill wasn’t good.

When they looked back and confirmed his position, their distance was still sufficient.

They were way luckier, the soldier was growing fat, his legs were slow.

Krovahn leaves the site from the pathway that wasn’t locked while he pulled the hand of Nesat.

Nonetheless, the soldier continued following them.

He really doesn’t want to let them escape.

Whether he intends to intimidate them or stop them by shooting them to death, he has already fired 3 times.

Escapees and pursuers.

The distance increases gradually, but after three minutes or so, Nesat falls down all of a sudden.

– … are you okay?

Thinking that a bullet hit her, Krovahn rapidly checked the leg of Nesat.

– … y-yeah… I’m fine there, but… it hurts here…

– Ah…

Noticing that the eyelid of Nesat who raised her face is dyed red, Krovahn grimaces. When he saw the ground, he could see a pointed stone. He guesses that it hit her eye.

Krovahn looks back and checks the position of the pursuer.

The distance has shortened considerably this time.

Moreover, the pursuer has a gun at the ready.

He should still have bullets.

There’s no time to treat her wound.

– … shit!

Muttering as if spitting out, he asks Nesat.

– Nee-chan, can you run?

After confirming that Nesat nodded, Krovahn pulled her hand once again and ran in the direction of a settlement that had a lot of remaining debris of the destroyed buildings that were overrun by the Savages at the time of the Second Attack.

If it’s there, they should be a place to hide.

His thinking was correct and in the lined up abandoned buildings, it was possible to find a gap where they could hide.

– We’ll hide here.

After Nesat went inside first, and collecting the rubble to hide themselves, Krovahn went inside.

What’s left is to trust their chance.

They’ll be lucky if they aren’t found, but if they are found, he can only fight with a knife he stole from the facility.

For the time being, Krovahn decided to wrap a bandage he made by cutting a part of the tunic he wore on the eye of Nesat.

It’s a simplish treatment but it can’t be helped.

The other things that he can do now is to grasp tightly, firmly and strongly the only weapon he has, keep an eye to the situation of his surroundings, steel himself and protect Nesat, his older sister, who sleeps next to him.

However, without being able to win against the sleepiness that visited him, Krovahn eventually fell asleep like Nesat.

The next morning, with the sunlight coming from the gap of the rubble, Krovahn woke up., he realized that he was sleeping, but they weren’t found by the pursuer.

He doesn’t feel that there’s anyone nearby. Krovahn decided to leave from the abandoned building together and wakes up Nesat. Outside of the settlement that was overrun by the Savages and collapsed, one side of it is a desert area.

When walking for 3 hours on the opposite side of the facility where they were in the past, he could see something like smoke going up slightly towards the sky.

Maybe there’s a settlement over there.

With expectations in his heart, the two of them who are in a worn-out state advance in the desert despite their slow pace.

Before long, the settlement was clearly visible, but they can’t be relieved yet. Because the settlement isn’t necessary not under the control of Al-Salaam.

If so, they’ll be put back in the facility and forced to do slave labors.

Or, they get caught and are killed as an example——keeping Nesat to wait in a safe place, Krovahn decided to investigate the situation of the settlement. Apparently, in the settlement, people of the same race as the two of them live there and looks like they aren’t under the control of Al-Salaam.

A relieved Krovahn visited the settlement with Nesat and requested a meeting with the chief of the settlement.

However, he thought that the people of the settlement would be naturally suspicious of two dubious kids who appeared in the settlement all of a sudden.

He was cautious, but hey managed to have a meeting with the chief.

There, Krovahn explained the circumstances they were placed in. And, he tells why he left the children’s home.

Then the people of the settlement treat them cordially and gave them water and food.

Moreover, they were also protected for a while in this settlement.

The two of them could finally calm down.

– … what happened with the eye?

Inquired by the chief, Krovahn tells that she ended with that injury because she fell down in the middle of their escape from the facility.

– If so, we will take you to a doctor who is staying in a settlement near us tomorrow.

With the arrangement of the chief, and as it was decided, the two headed to the settlement around 10 kilometers away from the settlement they visited.

There was a woman in white robe with big dark circles under her eyes and that has long ruffled hair in the basement of that place.

Apparently, this questionable woman is a doctor. Next to her, there’s a woman with a strange mask.

– … so, what happened to your eye?

Inquired by the woman in white robe and just like yesterday, Krovahn starts talking about the whole story.

That they have escaped from the children’s home.

That she was injured on the way.

Because the woman was very suspicious, she was hesitant at the beginning, but she thought that it’s more important to see the eye of Nesat now, so she talked firmly.

– In other words, you guys have a grudge against the Slayers?

After she finished listening to him, the masked woman said so.

Of course, Krovahn nods.

– I dislike Slayers. They aren’t humans. They try to oppress humans, using the power they obtained. Because they say “we are the only ones who can win against the Savage”, they do as they please——

– … then, it would be great if you have strength too. If you gain strength, then you can get your revenge. After all Al-Salaam, and this world are——

– But, because the Hundred doesn’t react to me…

– There’s a way.

The masked woman said.

– Eh, that way is——

– I will grant you just that.

That’s what the woman in a white robe said next.

Standing up, she headed towards Nesat.

Then she removed the bandage of the head and looked into the eye that became red.

– This is very bad. If this keeps like this, she will completely lose the vision.

– That’s…

The front of Krovahn turns pitch dark.

That means that it’s impossible to treat her.

– But, if it’s me, I might be able to give her vision. However, that requires a strong will and sacrifice.

– … will and sacrifice?

– To have your own goals and wish strongly for them. And to throw away your humanity. If she does that, her eye may heal, and she will be on par with the Slayers——no, she may get more power than them.

– Is that true?

– It’s true.

Saying so, the woman in white robe continued.

– ——do you want strength?

Words weren’t necessary between the two people who look at each other’s faces.

Krovahn nods, Nesat also nods and continues.

– If so, I will give you strength and freedom. On the other hand, you are going to help us with my work for a while, but you are fine with that, right?

The masked woman who’s listening to that interview smiled broadly.

After that, the juveniles rescued a girl named Nakri from the claws of Al-Salaam.  She’s a girl who’s a relative of the siblings and who fell into similar circumstances than them, then she was made into an artificial Variant by the mysterious woman Vitaly and they fight to become free together——they continue fighting for revenge against the Slayers.


(How is that I can see something like this…?)

Hayato doesn’t know how is that he can experience his memories.

He wonders if his thoughts are being transmitted due to the energy.

Or is it because of the ability of the Variant?

However, it seems that nothing is visible to Krovahn.

– The hell is wrong with you!? There’s a reason why we absolutely have to win! Do you even have that!!?

While yelling, Krovahn keeps striking hard.

– … I do.

Hayato answered firmly.

His little sister.

Everyone in the institution in Yamato.

He has a promise he just made with the president.

And of course, Emilia as well——

To protect his precious people.

In order to not be separated from them.

– That’s why I can’t lose! I can’t lose!

– ——kuh!!

In response to the cry of Hayato, the blade of Hien that increased its radiance became gigantic.

Eventually the light wrapped around Hayato’s body as well, creating an armor that covered his whole body.

– No way, this guy has also full armament——

– In order to protect my precious people, to make a beautiful world where everyone can be happy without getting injured, I——will fight!

– Such a thing is settled to be impossible! Where everyone is in a happy world, that’s——

– But if you don’t want it, then that absolutely won’t happen. That’s why, I wish for it! Such a happy world——

Hayato’s eyes shone golden.

With the blade of Hien that went huge, the body of Krovahn revolves in the air.

– … damn…!!

Krovahn was thrown to the ground and fell to the surface but stands up while making a wry face as if he was frustrated.

– … how I, against such a guy…! Why the will of this guy is stronger? Does it mean that I lost my way?

The feet of Krovahn who spat out in vexation were staggering.

He’s no longer in a state where he can fight properly.

–  Nakri, Krovahn, in this situation we can’t do anything. So…

– Nee-chan, don’t give up! We aren’t going to surrender!

– Krovahn…

– We are going to win——we’ll win, we’ll win, the freedom in our hands…!!

Energy begins to overflow from the body of Krovahn, it’s like a flame that burns brightly. But——

– Ku, haah…!

He vomited red blood from his mouth.

– Please stop! If you keep using the power of the Variant, your body will…

– I know that! I still can fight, I can fight!

Putting energy on his whole body again, Krovahn starts an offensive against Hayato.

Erika muttered, looking at him.

– Is he completely overwhelmed by the strength of the Variant?

– The strength of the Variant…?

Claudia twists her head.

But this is not the case for an explanation.

– I will stop him masuwa.

Claire, who was biting her upper lip, tried to fire a floating battery against Krovahn.

Immediately after that——


*TN: sfx is: zabaaaaan….!

Suddenly, a loud sound of a splash of water resounded all over the area.

– … what was that desuno?

Not only Claire, but even Krovahn stopped his feet by reflex and turned his line of sight to the direction of the sound.

– What in the world…?

– Kisaragi Hayato, look at that.

Claire was looking at the night sky with a surprised expression and said so to Hayato who muttered.

Doing as she told, Hayato looks up at the night sky.

There is a dragonfly that has 4 enormous wings and a pair of eyes that shine dazzlingly, it’s a living thing that is floating and resembles a dragon.

– Why is there dragon-like thing in a place like this…?

– … you are wrong, Hayato. That’s not a dragon, it’s a Savage. Look at the thing on the head.

– Well, I get that but…

The color and the pattern of the body is the same as the Savages he has met so far.

In addition, the head at the end of the long neck has a golden shining shelter, in which the core can also be seen inside.

– … if I’m not mistaken, there should be a huge lake that was made by the fall of a meteorite where that Savage is floating desuwayone.

– That means that the dragon-like Savage appeared from that lake?

– Taking into consideration the circumstances, that’s the only thing I can conclude. Erika, what do you think?

– Even if I say something…. I can’t access the database now, but actually I heard about the existence of the Savage which is flying in the sky…

The Savage, which looks like a dragon and a dragonfly combined, roared with its head facing a higher height.

Their whole bodies tremble, it’s fierce.

Next, it starts to gather light in the mouth.

– Don’t tell me that it will fire a bombardment masuno…!?

Hayato and co. aren’t in the direction that it’s pointing to.

– I am sure that B team is…

Immediately after Erika said that, the Savage fired a bombardment to the ground without stopping.

A thick beam is fired from the head and strikes the ground.

The ground shook with a fiery explosion.

– You’re kidding, right…?

Even from this place, they can see that a part of the forest was completely erased.

The surroundings of the space that was suddenly opened in the forest were intensely burning with flame, and even a part of the darkness is stained red.

– That power is dreadful, don’t you think? We have to do something and fast…

– I get that, but…

Claire turned her eyes to the gang of three.

They haven’t ended with them yet.

– You’re the president-san of Little Garden, right? Why don’t we have a deal?

– A deal? And about what desuno?

Narrowing her eyes, Claire gazes at Krovahn.

– We’ll defeat the Savage. And you’ll give us the core.

– The core? What are you saying——

– We’ll return the Hundreds of the others. What do you think? The core of that guy is pretty huge. If it’s that one, we’ll sure be free.

Krovahn took out the pouch from his pocket and scattered the Hundred they stole from the UN Peacekeeping Slayers who are participating in this operation to the ground.

– Even though you are saying such a thing, you are on the verge of being controlled by the Variant Virus now desuwayo. If you keep using the ability of the Variant, your body won’t make it masenwa!

– I’ll be able to manage it somehow or other. I can still do it. Watch properly how I show the evidence of that!!

Krovahn shouted, his eyes changed from black to golden color and shone powerfully. Black energy is beginning to rise up not only from Orthros Liberio in his hand, but also from the whole body. However, his steps are wobbling, they aren’t settled yet. He also distorts his facial expression, looking like he’s in pain.

– Stop, really! Leave that Savage to us, to Little Garden——

– Impossible. I can do it. I can do it! And then, we’ll be free——

Krovahn kicked up the ground and accelerated towards the dragon-shaped Savage——the dragonfly type.

– Stop, Krovahn!

Nesat yelled, but he never stopped. While raising a great war cry, he heads towards the dragonfly type.

– … he’s already in a frenzy state. He lost his discernment.

That’s the calm analysis of Erika.

– What do we do, Claire-sama?

– I don’t know what to do either…

In such a situation, if she could knock it down with the floating batteries and capturing it with the Everlasting of Erika.

– … let’s see the situation a little.

Claire muttered as if she had given up.

– But that thing is dangerous, isn’t it…?

Emile put her hand on the shoulder of Hayato who tried to accelerate in order to restrain him, as he was trying to stop Krovahn who gave a step forward with his feet.

– It’s useless, Hayato. I know you have the feeling of wanting to stop him, but you won’t make it in time.

Certainly, it’s as Emile says.

Krovahn has already approached the dragonfly type and he’s 10 meters away from it.

– Here I come!

Employing energy, Krovahn jumped higher than the dragonfly type and struck the shelter of the head with the twin blade that he raised overhead.

However, the blade stops at about 20 centimeters just before touching the shelter of the dragonfly type.

– What…? What the hell does this mean? Hey…!

Being amazed, Krovahn mutters.

– What the… this… my Orthros Liberio doesn’t touch it…

Krovahn slashes the shelter two, three times in succession, but the result is the same.

– No way, is that a wide area barrier zone desuno!?

– … it looks like that’s the case.

Erika agreed to what Claire said.

Also, in the eyes of Hayato, a spherical membrane that covers the giant dragonfly is in sight.

It’s similar to what Sakura deployed to save the bus passengers from the bombardment of a Savage in the Zwei Islands.

– When generating a barrier, the body’s fluorescent color portion emits light intensively. In other words, that may be a barrier generator apparatus.

Surely as Erika says, a part of the body of the Savage is emitting a strong light.

– But, given that we know that, there’s no other way but to smash the barrier.

That’s certainly as Emile says.

Moreover, the dragonfly type enters in a bombarding stance and opens its head to eliminate Krovahn who’s trying to start an offensive against itself.

– Krovahn, run away!

Nesat raises a grieving voice.

But that shout was in vain, the bombardment of the Savage hits Krovahn directly.

His vital was completely consumed with that.

Krovahn falls to the ground from his head.

Just like drawing a straight line with a ruler.

– Krovahn!

Panicking, Nesat rushes over his point of fall and catches the body of Krovahn in her arms.

– Krovan, are you okay!? Are you alive!?

– … y-yeah…

Asked by her older sister, Krovahn raised a groaning and painful-like voice and opened his eyelids.

His eyes lost the golden brilliance and returned to black.

– I’m relieved, you are alive…

Drops of tears can be seen at the edge of the eyes of Nesat who took a breath feeling relieved.

– Nee-chan. I, to that guy…

Krovahn gazes at the dragonfly type that floats in the sky and makes a vexed facial expression.

– It’s enough, don’t worry about that and rest… Krovahn, leave the rest to the others!

– But, if that happens, then——

– Hey you two, watch out!

Nesat is taken aback by the shout of Emile.

It’s because she noticed that the dragonfly type was coming down to attack with the sharp talons of its arms.

– … kkuh!

Nesat tries to dodge the attack by kicking the ground and leaping horizontally.

However, as she was holding Krovahn in her arms, she started to move late.

– Kuuh… uuuh…. !

The talon of the arm of the Savage scratches the shoulder of Nesat, she crumbled down injured on the ground, she collapsed trying to cover Krovahn, she was gasping in agony.

The dragonfly type tries to attack again with its talons.

– We have to save them, Hayato!

– Alright!

Nodding together while looking at each other’s eyes, both Hayato and Emile accelerated simultaneously using energy.

And then, they both are saved from the attack of the dragonfly type because Hayato carried Krovahn and Emile carried Nesat.

– Phew, we saved them.

Emile took a breath of relief as she lowered Nesat from her shoulder.

– It seems that the wound isn’t that awful.

It appears that she was barely scratched, and the wound that is in sight is around 10 centimeters.

– Why you guys, to us…?

Asks Krovahn.

Hayato answered with a gentle smile.

– I told you, isn’t it? We are aiming for a world where nobody gets hurt. You guys are no longer our enemies. Our enemy is that Savage.

– Don’t you think so too, prez?

Claire nods to the question of Emile.

– Besides, we will be in trouble if you die desu. There are a lot of things that we want to ask.

– If so, there’s one thing I want to request…

Krovahn moved on the shoulder of Hayato.

Although he groaned with pain, he continues his words.

– … I don’t care what happens to me. But, absolutely protect Nee-chan and Nakri…

– Krovahn…!

Hayato decided to leave Krovahn who fainted on his shoulder to Nesat. She tightly holds Krovahn that was handed over from the shoulder of Hayato in her arms.

Claire showed a gently smile while looking at them, but she immediately turned her eyes to the dragonfly type,

– Kisaragi Hayato, Emile Crossford, as it was told just now, we are going to take care of that masuwayo. Erika and Claudia Lowetti will protect and give treatment to everyone who have collapsed masu.

– Even if we do it, what are we going to do about that barrier? Unless we do something about it, we can’t attack it.

– I am going to penetrate it masuwa. After that, you two will destroy the core.

Claire combines the six floating batteries and creates a huge rifle.

– Understood. That being the case, I’ll go with this.

Using Arms Shroud, Emile created a rapier-like sword.

– Hayato will destroy the shelter. I’ll stab and destroy the core with this afterwards.

Hayato nods.

– Well then, let’s go masuwayo!

It seems that the loading of energy into the rifle held by Claire in her armpit ended.

From the muzzle that shines green, a beam of thick energy is fired.

However, she couldn’t shoot through the wide area barrier zone.

– … it seems to be a stronger barrier than I thought desuwane.

Suspending from the cheek of Claire to the nape of her neck, a drop of sweat dripped.

– But, if I inject energy again…!

– Please stop, Claire-sama!

Erika shouted when Claire tried to inject even more energy into the rifle.

The reason is that the dragonfly type changed the direction of its body and opened its head focusing on Hayato and co. who are in front of it.

– Everyone, deploy a barrier right now!

Claire shouts while returning the rifle to the six floating batteries.

However, the bombardment was never fired.

Because many beams were continuously fired from the distance towards the dragonfly type.

– Those are…

– Looks like those are the Slayers that are in other places and started an attack, huh?

Erika replies to Hayato.

Although the number of bombardments is high, they are thinner than the one that Claire fired, so their power is weak.

Naturally, they are prevented by all the barriers.

But, thanks to that, Hayato and the others were saved.

But that only changed the objective of the Savage.

The dragonfly type does a change of course again and attacked towards the direction it just attacked moments ago.

A roaring sound of an explosion.

Subsequently, the forest blazes in bright red.

– Kuh… It would be great if the Slayers over there are safe…

– Prez, at any rate, this is our chance.

Emile said so, following Claire who muttered while looking worried. When she noticed, the rapier in her hand was transforming into a huge rifle.

– I’ll help this time too. If it’s a full bombardment with two people, we might be able to destroy that barrier.

– At the same time——

Hearing those words, Erika opened her eyes wide in surprise.

– That’s it, there’s that way! Claire-sama, thanks to Emile Crossford, I came up with a good idea!

– What is it so suddenly, Erika?

– It’s said that three people are better than two people and that four people are better than three people, correct?

Erika continues with an excited voice.

– Why don’t all the Slayers who can do long range attacks in this place start an offensive on that Savage? In that case, I think that the possibility of destroying the wide area barrier is quite high.

– However, if another person among us could bombard, only one more——

Claire sees Nesat. She might be able to duplicate the battery created by Claire and bombard it.

No, that’s not it, Claire-sama. When I say this place, I mean the Slayers who are in this mountain now, and everyone who can bombard it.

Being told so by Erika, Claire was surprised.

– … ah, you were referring to that desuno!

– Were you able to understand it, Claire-sama?

– Yes.

Nodding, Claire immediately turned her eyes to Nesat.

– You are the ones who are jamming this place, correct desuwane? Where is the jamming device desu?

– …

Regarding the question of Claire, Nesat didn’t reply immediately.

Closing tightly her motionless mouth like a straight line, she hung her head with a troubled-like expression.

– If that device is destroyed, that Savage can be defeated. I wonder if you can tell us, please?

When Claire asked again, Nesat glanced at the collapsed Krovahn in her arms and,

– … I understand.

She nodded. And she points out the top of a mountain of an altitude of 2,000 m, which is slightly higher than this place with her finger.

– The jamming device is over there.

There’s a distance of around 5 kilometers by tracing a straight line from this place to there.

– It will take a lot of time till we get there and destroy it desuwane…

– I’ll give it a try.

Emile creates a bow using Arms Shroud.

– Wait, are you planning to aim and shoot at that desuno?

– If I can do so, that’d be the best, don’t you think?

Answering, Emile created an arrow in her right hand and decided to aim at the peak of the mountain pointed out by Nesat with a sighting device attached to the bow.

– How is it? You really thing you will be able to manage it somehow or another?

– I’m sorry, Hayato. I’m concentrating right now, so I need a little bit of silence.

– Ah, sorry…

*BIP*, the sighting device makes a sound.

– … objective confirmed! Here I go!

Emile shot the arrow that was tucked in bluish-white energy. It pushes its way towards the top of the mountain while cutting off the air.

A few seconds later, a small explosion occurred at the top of the mountain.

– Nice!

Emile raises a bright voice.

Apparently, she was able to destroy the jamming device.

The vital ring makes *BIP* *BIP*.

It’s an emergency call from the base camp.

– As expected of Emilia-sama!

Claudia shouts.

Emile smiles with satisfaction, turning her line of sight towards Hayato.

– I did it, Hayato.

– I thought that if it was you, then you could do it.

– Ehehe…

Emile is happy and does a V sign with her fingers to Hayato who’s praising her.

Meanwhile, Erika started getting in touch with Shuemei who’s in the base camp right away.

– Can you hear me, Ryuu Shuemei? Right now, the line has been restored. Please tell us about the status of all the units at the present time and the number of Slayers that can fight.

『Ah, yes, just a minute please…』

After ten seconds of silence, Shuemei starts reporting.

『I accessed the latest data and I confirmed it. A team was completely annihilated with the attack done by the hunters. A team was completely annihilated by the bombardment of a mysterious Savage. The rest has suffered many injuries. Currently, there are 22 Slayers who are able to fight』

– Among them, how many people can bombard with beams?

『Please wait a moment…. … umm, 12 of them』

– Understood. I will switch the line to Little Garden from here on. Please send the current information to the Strategic Analysis Room.

『Acknowledged. I will transmit it immediately』

*Haaa*, Erika takes a breath by disconnecting the line with the base camp. However, there’s no time to rest.

Erika immediately connected the line to Little Garden.

– Can you hear me? This is the Little Garden Student Council Vice President, Erika Candle.

『We hear you, Erika-san. This is Chris Steinbelt, main analyst of Little Garden. The most important is that Claire-sama and everyone are safe』

– But Liddy has been injured. Anyway, are you receiving data from the operation HQ?

『Yes, Dr. Charlotte is calculating it using《LiZA》』

– Is that so…

She can hear the voice of Charlotte as she is.

『You hear me, Erika? The analysis result came now, but it’s pretty tough. That wide area barrier zone seems to be very powerful』

– Charo, there’s no way to destroy it?

Emile’s the one who inquired.

『There’s one. 《LiZA》also recommends it, but I’m not too fan of suggesting it』

– What do you mean?

『To hand out the ability of the Variant of Kisaragi Hayato to Claire Harvey. That’s the answer that 《LiZA》submitted』

– Eh…

Emile was at a loss for words.

Hayato and everyone are the same.

– Wait a moment, that means, no way…

『Yeah, that means that Kisaragi Hayato and Claire Harvey have to kiss』

– That’s a huge NO, Charo! Don’t you understand what that means!? Why does it have to be something like that!?

『It’s a simple story, Emile Crossford. In this, it’s now possible to bombard it with optical weapons, and the only one that it’s not infected by the Varian Virus is Claire Harvey. And regarding that barrier, the nature of the energy of Claire is compatible』

However, as she had to resurrect the six floating batteries that were destroyed, the amount of the energy of Claire has decreased considerably.

Therefore, Charlotte wants to say that they should kiss to increase it.

– But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be an unusual change in the body of the prez!

– Dr. Charlotte, what are you talking about? What you mean is that he’s going to pour the Variant Virus into my body desuno?

『Exactly, Claire』

– Claire-sama, that’s….

– Yeah, it’s dangerous!

It’s Emile who shouted after Erika who shows confusion.

– It’s absolutely no good to pour the Variant Virus into an ordinary human being!

– Emilia-sama, what’s that “Variant Virus”?

Claudia speaks in suspicion, as she felt that she was being left behind.

She doesn’t know about the Variant.

– By any chance, does that “Variant Virus” have anything to do with the three hunters and Kisaragi Hayato and that their eyes where shining with a golden color? On that subject, at that time too, when I had the duel with Kisaragi Hayato——

– Sorry, Claudia. I’ll talk about that story again later. We have to apologize for the fight with Hayato.

– … in the end, that was… oh, I understand. If Emilia-sama says that sort of thing, then I will have to back down here.

『… so, what do you think, Claire?』

– I have been thinking about it, and there is no choice but to do it, even if there is danger masuwa. Especially if《LiZA》recommends it desu.

Claire replies to the voice of Charlotte that was audible from the vital ring.

『In short, you are saying that you are prepared, right?』

– I have just said so masuwa.

– Nevertheless, I’m against it after all. There’s no guarantee that the barrier can be completely destroyed.

– Emile Crossford, if you are opposing because of emotional issues, then I don’t have ears to listen to it masenwa. We have no choice but to try it now desu. Becase the top priority is to defeat that Savage desu.

– That’s, well, but…

『That depends on your determination. What are you going to do, Kisaragi Hayato-kun?』

– Before that, please wait a moment, Dr. Charlotte…

『… what is it?』

– Will that really increase the power of the energy of the President? This was something I heard from Emile before, but when kissing, it was rather a story that the activated virus would be contained within so…

『That’s because you and her are Variants』

– Oh, I see…

In other words, if the other person isn’t a Variant, the story is different. And it seems that the effects will be different.

『Looks like that solved your question. Then, I’ll ask again. Kisaragi Hayato, do you want to kiss with Claire Harvey?』

No way! He guessed that this is not the situation to say that.

While bewildered, Hayato looks at Claire’s face. He’s so conscious of it that his gaze is attracted to her mouth.

Then, the lips of Claire moved.

– … Ki-Kisaragi Hayato, you don’t want to k-kiss me, is that it desuka?

– No, that’s not what I meant to say…

– If so, well…

Claire turns her face away as it turns red and mumbles.

– I-if you aren’t going to do it, then I-I will do it masuwayo.

『Hayato-kun, are you okay with the fact that a woman has to say such a thing?』

– That’s, well…

He knows that it’s not good.


『There’s no time. Do it quickly. By the way, it’s no good if you only touch your lips. It won’t have an effect unless you interchange saliva by entwining your tongues and piling up your lips for at least 10 seconds』

Looking like she’s enjoying it, Charlotte incites them.

Emile had a face as if she had swallowed a bitter bug, but she didn’t stop her.

The situation is a situation, there’s nothing she can’t do about the circumstances.

– If you do it, do it fast.

Emile says, looking like she became sulky.

Hayato put a hand on the trembling shoulder of the president in such a way that it pushes her back with the voice.

– I’m sorry, president.

– You don’t have to apologize masenwa… as this is not our f-first time.

Certainly, it’s like that.

The day after he fought the Savage for the first time, Claire came to the room when Emile was in the room of Hayato in the form of Emilia, a quarrel occurred there, and although it was like an accident, they kissed.

– … don’t tell me that you forgot about it mashitano!? For me that… was… my first time…

– No, there’s no way I could forget about it! But, at that time, our lips slightly touched…

– … a-anyway, if we are going to do it, let’s do it quickly. It’s a waste of time if we keep doing this desuwayo. Besides, it’s embarrassing desu…!

– Ah, yes… I’m sorry…

The president closes her eyes.

Hayato also closes his eyes, and put his lips on top of hers——


(What is this, this feeling…?)

Touching each other, and in the space between lips and lips, long breaths of the two act violently.

While a sound is resounding inside her head, a hot thing flows into her body through the throat.

(This is, Kisaragi Hayato’s…. Variant Virus…)

Her head goes blank.

But, she’s feeling that her power is kind of overflowing…


(… Liza…. It might be for a moment, but I will be like you, Hayato and Emile Crossford, a Variant——)

Claire finally regains herself and takes distance from Hayato.

The voice of Charlotte was heard there.

『How is it? Are you feeling any change?』

– Eh, ah… well…. Somehow, I feel that strength is overflowing from the bottom of my body masuwa…

While she pressed down the lips with her hand, Claire said while showing a bewildered appearance.

『Alright, let’s resume our strategy』

– Desuwane, we have to do something about that and fast——

While Hayato and co. are discussing, the dragonfly type attacks over and over again with its talons and bombardments towards the Slayers of the other teams.

– Erika, open a line of simultaneous transmission please. To the base camp, to the Slayers in this place, to all members desuwa.

– Yes, I opened the line now!

– Can you hear me, Slayers participating in the operation of the UN Peacekeeping Forces? This is Claire Harvey of Little Garden desu.

Saying plainly, Claire began to talk about the main issue.

– I think you are already aware of the existence of a new kind of Savage that looks like a dragon masu. As you can see, it possesses a very powerful wide area barrier zone masuwa. We attempted to bombard it as well, but we couldn’t destroy the barrier. That’s the same for everyone, am I correct? Because of that, Little Garden tried to analyze the barrier. As a result, if all the Slayers capable of bombard in this place attempt to bombard it at the same time with all your strength, it is very probable that we can destroy that barrier desu.

When Claire finishes saying so,


『Will that move work?』

And similar voices came back.

At the same time, not only different opinions, but also objections and other views are heard.

『Will Little Garden take responsibility in case of failure?』

That’s something called “lack of nerve”,

『In case we can defeat the Savage, as a result of the strategy, will Little Garden take hold of the war results?』

And also, things related to the distribution of the rewards.

– Claire-sama, what should we do?

– Little Garden will take responsibility masuwa.

Being firmly, Claire replied immediately.

– Besides, there is no need to worry about the rewards. Since many forces are participating in the simultaneous attack, the military gains are also distributed. This is not the achievement of Little Garden only masenwa. In the first place, this shouldn’t be the place to be arguing about such a thing, don’t you think!?

There were no objections to those words.

What came back were,


『I agree』

『Then, with the signal of bombardment from Little Garden』

And things like that were said.

– Commander, the permission of the participants was obtained. May we execute the operation?

『… We will leave it to Warslan, no, to Little Garden. The defeat of the unknown Savage is our top priority』

– Thank you very much masuwa. I give you my gratitude for your consideration masu.

With that, it’s possible to execute the operation.

– When prez said “we will take responsibility”; you were somewhat cool.

That’s what Emile said.

– What are you saying desuno? We absolutely have to destroy that barrier. If you believe so and don’t shoot at it, then the barrier that can be destroyed won’t be destroyed masenwa!

– I don’t dislike that kind of Prez.

– Please tell me that you will do it obediently.

Emile injects energy into the rifle she held in her arm.

Likewise, Claire also began to inject energy into the rifle that was pointing towards the dragonfly.

– I already finished my preparations, but what about everyone?

– I don’t have any problems masenwa.

『Preparations ready』

『No problems here』

『I’m sorry about yesterday. I will shoot one more time. I’m waiting for your signal, President-san of Little Garden』

Such voices are coming back.

There’s not a single thing like waiting for someone who’s not ready.

– I don’t have a problem either.

Subsequently, it was Nesat, one of the three hunters, who said so. They thought that she duplicated the Hundred of Claire. She’s holding a similar rifle in her hands.

– Well then, let’s go masuwayo, you two.

– With zenryoku, zenkai, furupawa———*

*TN: Three different ways of saying “full power”

Following Claire, Emile shouted and Nesat nodded.

The tip of the three rifles standing side by side shines much more violently due to the color of each sense energy.

– Here I go masuwayo!

– … Commencing bombardment….

– Here I coooooooooooooome!

At the same time, the voices of Claire, Nesat and Emile came out one after another and 3 thick beams struck the wide area barrier zone of the dragonfly type.

Similarly, a total of seven bombardments are released from other 4 places.

– It didn’t work…?

Hayato muttered while looking up at the sky.

A total of ten beams attacks hit the barrier, but they haven’t destroyed it yet.

– Unfortunately, looks like we are lacking output.

Erika mutters.

『It looks like there are more people who are injured than what we calculated and haven’t been able to bombard it. At that point in time《LiZA》had estimated that there were 12 optic weapons that can bombard』

– In that case, if it’s our share, we just have to increase the output, isn’t it!? The prez can still do it, right!?

– Of course desuwa! Everyone, we will be counting on you masu! Let’s decide the victory right away with this!

– … I will do it, too.

Nesat’s eyes shone with a golden color.

Similarly, the eyes of Claire also shine with a golden color.

Emile too.

– Here I gooooooooooooo——————!!

The three beams become thicker, coiling like a whirlpool.

Finally, a violent explosion occurred around the dragonfly type.

– Wide area barrier ruptures, damage confirmed!

At the same time, Claire returned the rifle to the six floating batteries and immediately fired towards the generating apparatus of the wide area barrier on the body of the dragonfly type.

With the beams emitted from them, the barrier generator apparatus is destroyed.

– Now, Hayato!

– Give it the final blow!

Hayayo received on his back the voices of Emile and Claire and jumped using the strength of energy and soars higher than the dragonfly type.

(This is a chance that everyone made it, I have to decide it here…!)

Loading energy into Hien that is in his hand, the blade shines red and the aura rises up like a flame.

Of course, he’s aiming at the shelter of the dragonfly type.

– Uoooooooooo————!

Hitting the shelter with Hien, he knocks down to the lake its whole body.

However, that didn’t end there.

The core hasn’t been destroyed yet.

– Hayato, gooooooo!

– Got it!

Shouting, Hayato immediately directed towards the core of the falling dragonfly the pointed end of Hien and accelerates in the air, he penetrated the head and the core like a meteor, becoming like a lump of sense energy.

A gigantic water column rises on the lake, along with a shriek.

Fluorescent color liquid begins to spread on the lake surface.

– Hayato!

– Are you alright desuno!?

Emile, Claire and Claudia rushed to the shore.

However, Hayato doesn’t come up to the surface of the lake.

– Hayato…

Emile was fixedly staring at the lake surface and couldn’t wait anymore, she jumped into the lake.

– Emilia-sama!

When Claudia shouted, Emile was diving deep into the lake.








– ——Hayato, Hayato… where are you!?

A voice barely reaches his ears.

No, not in his hears. A voice was echoing in his head.


A vague view. Hayato isn’t in a full armament state anymore. On the contrary, the armament was cancelled, he returned to the state of only having his Variable Suit.

– ——Hayato, you were there!

A voice resounded in his head again.

It’s the voice of Emile.

Immediately visible, the figure of a person similar to Emile was reflected.

Still, his visibility is vague, and he’s being shaken by the movement of the waves.

(Right, I’m in the lake…)

Hayato realized that he was grasping something in his right hand.

(This is)

It’s the dedicated Hundred of Hayato.

While becoming aware of it, he recalled the current situation.

A mysterious Savage, the fight with the dragonfly type and that he destroyed the core inside the lake.

After that, apparently, he ended up losing consciousness.

– ——Hayato——!

He heard the voice of Emile again.

The feeling of the fingertips touching his body.

And the feeling that lips and lips are touching.

The tongue of Emile invades the inside of his mouth.

(… why am I kissing Emile…?)

Along with the sensation of kissing, Hayato’s consciousness dyes pure white——


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