Hundred – Volume 16 – Chapter 3

The return of the Slayers / The ones that retire / A shocking confession



Three days have passed since the attack on《Planet X》also known as Planet《ZERO》.

The warp that made use of wormholes succeeded without problems and《Charlotte No. 1》was able to enter the communication range of New Planet Notre Dame.

And so, Irina, the vice-captain of《Charlotte No. 1》, continued sending transmissions to the government of New Planet Notre Dame.

『Transmitting to the Space Administration Bureau of the government of New Planet Notre Dame. This is the research team of《Planet X》, my name is Irina Florence, vice-captain of《Charlotte No. 1》. Do you hear me? I repeat, transmitting to the Space Administration Bureau of the government of New Planet Notre Dame ――』

A few minutes later.

A transmission finally came back.

『This is the Space Administration Bureau of the government of New Planet Notre Dame. We have established communication with《Charlotte No. 1》』

– We also were able to establish communication with you. Now onto the report. 《Charlotte No. 1》can return to New Planet Notre Dame in about three hours. It will help us to keep the communication like this until we are ready to land.

Then again, a few minutes later.

A transmission returned from New Planet Notre Dame.

『… Understood. Welcome home, Irina-sama』

– I think it is a bit too early to say “I am back”, but thank you. Oh, now that I remember. We can do this from here as well, but may I ask you to search for Savages?

Space-time got unstable due to the influence of warps, so there was a chance that Savages would be drawn towards the strength of their strong energies and therefore, appear.

Although the tendency said nothing about it now, it was Irina’s thinking that said that a cautious investigation should be done.

Just like before, another transmission returned.

『Understood. If there is any abnormality, we will report it immediately』

– We will do the same, so let’s leave the communication as it is. Thank you for your cooperation.








Around two hours have already passed since they could establish communication with New Planet Notre Dame. There were no abnormalities so far,《Charlotte No. 1》was getting closer to New Planet Notre Dame, reaching the point where they could communicate with almost no lag.

The person at the end of the communication was a researcher belonging to the Central District of New Planet Notre Dame.

She was Kikka Kastlen, a colleague of Irina.

『You seem to be safe, Irina』

– I am back, Kikka.

『So how was the ship trip? Judging by your mood, I sense that everything went smoothly』

– Yes, everything turned out well.

Irina replied with honesty.

She was reporting for the first time to the government of New Planet Notre Dame.

– Thanks to the people of the Earth we were able to defeat《Planet X》. The destruction of the factory of Savages was completed.

『Is that true!?』

What she returned was a bright voice.

Then, voices and cheers rising behind the back of Kikka were heard by Irina and the others.

That was natural.

New Planet Notre Dame could escape from the terror of the Savages that tormented them for a long time, so because that was natural――.

Irina replied.

– Yes, it is true.

『That’s great news! Everyone in this place is very happy』

– I can hear their voices, even if you didn’t tell me about it. Even I understand their feelings very well. But let’s not lose our focus. We still have to return, the operation is still running.

『Of course. No response of Savages for the moment and the preparations for your arrival are ready. What haven’t been completed yet are the preparations of the “operation complete” and “victory commemoration” parties. They will be prepared immediately. I almost forgot, would you tell Maria if I should prepare her favorite cheesecake too? I learned quite a lot how to make food from Earth』

– …

Irina couldn’t react immediately to the words of Kikka.

At any rate, after Maria woke up, Kikka had been taking care of her for a while.

That didn’t change when she returned from Earth to New Planet Notre Dame for a second time.

Even though Maria herself wasn’t that attached to Kikka, their relationship was close ――.

Precisely because of that, how should I tell her that Maria is no longer with us? She ended up being puzzled.

『Do you hear me, Irina?』

– Ah, yes. I can hear you. Well, umm, about Maria…

『… What happened to Maria…?』

It may be because Irina’s voice had a heavy tone.

But Kikka noticed that something bad happened to Maria.

The truth was that she intended to speak directly to her once she returned to New Planet Notre Dame, but it couldn’t be helped.

Irina told Kikka what happened to Maria’s body.

About her past――.

That she had regained her memories as Serivia.

And as an apology to the earthlings, to whom she tried to raise and use to reach her own objective, she risked her life and launched an attack on the autonomously evolutionary-type massive destructive weapon――Destroyer.

And then she disappeared, being satisfied.

『… I see』

What came back from Irina after the whole story finished was a depressed voice.*

*TN: I have my doubts here. Maybe the author was mentioning Kikka and put Irina there?

However, she immediately recovered her usual cheerful voice,

『Maria disappeared feeling satisfied. In that case, I feel really relieved』

– … Isn’t it? That is the same for me. I think so from the bottom of my heart.

It wasn’t possible for a human, rather for anyone, to die, feeling satisfied.

But since she was able to approach that, then they should be glad about it.

Charlotte also said so.

Irina thought the same.

– By the way, the Hundred that became the core of Maria was recovered by Claire-san. If you like, why don’t we make a grave with it? So we can go and visit her at any time ――

『Definitely. As long as you as her relative is fine with it, then I agree with it. Let’s do so, without fail』

Although Maria was a victim, it must be remembered she was also the villain who was about to destroy the Earth.

But she was also a key figure who saved the universe.

If they conveyed that about her properly, then not only the people of Notre Dame, but also the affected earthlings shouldn’t oppose a memorial service for her in a proper way, be it in a modest manner or be it revering her as a heroine….

Both Irina and Kikka hoped so.

『Alright, let’s change the topic for now. Since we need to prepare for landing, I’ll change with the operator. Anyways, I’ll be praying for the safe return of you and everyone』

– Thank you, Kikka.

About 45 minutes later――.

《Charlotte No. 1》could land on New Planet Notre Dame safely.

It seemed that the rumor saying that “the visitors from Earth and Irina Florence captured《Planet X》which was the base of the Savages” was propagating, though no detail was included.

Because of that, a large number of people welcomed《Charlotte No. 1》.

– This is really amazing.

Ryuuto muttered at the same time he came out from《Charlotte No. 1》.

– Because what we did was a great deal for them desuwayo.

Ryuuto smiled at Claire who said so.

The liberation from the fear of extinction.

The long destiny of the Notre Damians.

They were also released from that binding spell.








Hayato, Claire and the crew members of《Charlotte No. 1》who returned to New Planet Notre Dame had an interview shortly after a minor medical checkup.

All the participating members were going to be broadcasted throughout New Planet Notre Dame.

Therefore, Charlotte, who was the captain and the representative of the Earth and Irina, the vice-captain and the representative of New Planet Notre Dame, captured《Planet X》aka Planet《Zero》aka the production site of Savages.

As a result of that, the Savages that currently were in the whole universe wouldn’t have their numbers go up.

They told them that the numbers of attacks on Planet Notre Dame, the home world of its inhabitants, would be considerably reduced.

And that at the end of this, once Claire had completed the charge of energy of《Charlotte No. 1》’s reserve stone, she, together with Charlotte and the Slayers, would return to Earth. However, they promised that they were going to continue interacting with New Planet Notre Dame from now on, manpower included.

They haven’t completely escaped from the terror of the Savages, but still, they already knew that it wasn’t like they couldn’t deal with them.

With the cooperation of the Earth, not only they could come out from the underground to the surface, the fact that they could even return to Planet Notre Dame which was their home world made the Notre Damians be even more delighted.


What met the eyes of Hayato and the others who came out from the interview hall were the figures of the many residents of New Planet Notre Dame who were on watch for them.

Everyone was giving their thanks and threw words of gratitude at them.

Among them, they could see the figures of the members of the mobile soldiers that belonged to the government of New Planet Notre Dame with whom they fought to become the capture members of《Planet X》.

One of them, as if he was the representative――-.

Hector, the leader of the mobile soldier forces, got closer to them and extended his hand to Claire.

– I truly give you my thanks for saving this world and for giving a future to the people of Notre Dame.

– This is all thanks to the cooperation of the people of Notre Dame desuwa.

Claire, who grabbed the extended hand, continued.

– I said it in the interview just now, but our victory――is the victory obtained by the people of the Earth and the people of Notre Dame desu.

The conversation between the two was just like the interview that was broadcasted to all New Planet Notre Dame.

In this connection, the party that was going to take place at night was going to be broadcasted too.

At first, a live concert of Karen and Sakura was going to be performed.

Both Sakura and Karen wanted to reveal a new song they created when they returned, and because they wished to do so, it was decided that they were going to do it.

This song wasn’t the type of song that was popular on New Planet Notre Dame nor a popular one on Earth.

But a song where Sakura and Karen put their emotions into it while also putting their wishes into it so that it could reach anyone in the universe.


The time for the party arrived.

Sakura and Karen began to sing, putting their thoughts into the song.


There are a lot of people in the universe.

Many people to whom words reach them, while others don’t.


Different races and different religions.

Their thinking is also different.


But, they can surely understand each other.

That’s why I’m sending it to you.


This is, my favorite melody.


This is what I wish for.


What about you?


If it’s alright with you, stay with me.


“I’m sure we can spend a wonderful time together”


The questions and thoughts of the two seemed to reach the inhabitants of New Planet Notre Dame through their singing voices.


The live concert was a great success.

The party was also sung by the songs of Sakura and Karen, and both the earthlings and the Notre Damians were able to spend a good time together and had a lot of fun following the contents of the song lyrics.

The party was over, and with this, the operation capture of《Planet X》aka Planet《Zero》ended.

Immediately after that, the songs of Sakura and Karen that started being sold through the network sold very well.

All the earnings were going to be donated to the government of New Planet Notre Dame and would be assigned to the reconstruction of Planet Notre Dame, which was their home world and to New Planet Notre Dame.*

*TN: here the author wrote “their home world as in “Their (Sakura and Karen’s) home world”. Not sure what he meant with it.

A few days after that, Hayato and co. did everything they had and wanted to do on New Planet Notre Dame.

And then, after a week since they destroyed Destroyer and returned to New Planet Notre Dame.

The preparations to return to Earth were ready.

The reserve stone of《Charlotte No. 1》had stored enough energy to return to Earth.


– Everyone did what you had to do, yes?

Hayato and the others, who answered to the words of Charlotte with a nod, said their goodbyes to Irina and Kikka as well as to the people of the government of New Planet Notre Dame, to everyone who took care of their everyday necessities―― and to the inhabitants of New Planet Notre Dame, promising to meet again and boarded《Charlotte No. 1》.

Hayato and the others went through the public space and headed to the safety room.

Charlotte, who was still the captain, Fritz, who became the vice-captain in place of Irina, and Liza, the support of the motive power, headed to the control room.

– Unlike when we came here from the Earth, we ended up having less people, huh…

Charlotte muttered, looking lonely while entering the control room.

– … that’s true.

Fritz nodded.

The return trip differed from the outward trip because Kikka and Maria ――.

*TN: And again the author/editor messed up the names, Irina travelled with them.

Those two people weren’t here.

Having one person missing in the safety room was a great difference.

Then, and while she was getting in the capsule, Liza said.

– I’ll do my best, just like Maria did.

– Though it would be the best if you don’t have to do your best.

Charlotte closed the lid of the capsule while showing a troubled-looking smile.

– … Nevertheless, if there’s a moment like that, you’re the only one we rely on. So please keep us safe.

『Yes, of course』

Liza replied firmly.

The lid of the capsule was closed.

When Charlotte confirmed the situation of the safety space on the monitors in front of her, the Slayers were already sitting on the seats.

With the marks displayed on the monitor, she could also confirm that the seat belts were fastened.

– Oh, it seems the preparations are done. Alright then, we’re going back to Earth!

Charlotte ignited the engine of《Charlotte No. 1》and checked that the values of the other meters were all normal.

She announced the departure.

– The destination is Earth! 《Charlotte No. 1》――takes off!








The journey from New Planet Notre Dame to Earth was of 3 days.


It took exactly a day to get to the space-time unstable place in the area; they would warp from there, go through the wormhole and appear near the Earth. That was the estimation of the journey.

– Everyone, the fight against Destroyer is over, and while we might have finished the mission, the Operation Save the Universe continues until we return to the Earth. So don’t get too relaxed, alright?

Although the real problem, the production site of Savages was destroyed, the probability of the Savages themselves still being alive in space was high.

It wasn’t wonderful how that happened.

However, such warning of Charlotte was, for the time being, needless anxiety.

A day passed without any problems and they reached the warping point.

Hayato and all the members headed to the safety space exactly just like they did in previous warps and waited for the moment of warping.

『Okay then, we are ready here. It seems you are all ready to go, so let’s start the warp to our home――near the Earth, shall we?』

With the words of Charlotte that echoed in the safety space, the looks of Hayato and the others stiffened a bit and expressions of nervousness spread on them.

This was the last turning point.

As long as they got out from here, they should be able to return to Earth safely.

They released the energy and a space-time gate was opened.

《Charlotte No. 1》was swallowed into it.

Coincident with that, the monitors in front of them went completely dark.

In the following minutes, small tremors and deep roaring sounds attacked them.

And then, the sparkle of the stars and planets appeared on the monitors again.

The warp had succeeded!

All the crew members had thought so.

Hayato and the others were showing relieved faces.

Then they heard Charlotte’s voice.

『Guys, do you hear me?』

Everyone in the safety space thought that it should be a report telling them about the success of the warp.


『To tell you the truth, we have a small problem here』

– Eh?

Emilia asked again, as if being surprised.

– What do you mean with “problem”, Charo?

『Our position of arrival ended up deviating a little, it appears that we have gotten closer to the Earth than I thought』

– Doesn’t that mean that it became easier for us to return? Shouldn’t this not be an issue then?

『Certainly it became easier to return. I think in 20, 30 minutes we should be able to arrive at Lunaltia Base. It would be awesome if all went smoothly, but a single problem has appeared. We have a response of Savages』

– Eh…

Immediately after Emilia became speechless.

An《Emergency Alert》began to reverberate in the safety space.

Red flashing lights also turned on.

What they heard next was Fritz’ voice.

『Displaying the state of the situation』

– Uwaa…

Without thinking, Hayato ended up raising a surprised voice, seeing the many Savages that were shown on the image displayed on the monitor in front of him.

Latia raised her voice after him.

– In what moment did those Savages appear?

『Rather than that, the Savages seem to have appeared first』

Charlotte changed the images on the monitors one after another while answering the question of Latia.

『As you can see, this ship is now completely surrounded by Savages』

In that situation that was exactly as she stated, the majority of them were normal types that fell on the moon and Earth, though now shining wings were growing on them.

They could see that some of them have finished opening their heads and were about to bombard them.

– This is bad…

Sakura made her cheeks stiffen.

Then Liza inside the capsule was displayed on the monitor in front of them.

She told them, looking calmed.

『Stay calm――deploying defense field』

Together with those words, a defense field appeared around《Charlotte No. 1》, the bombardments done by the Savages were averted.

The voice of Liza was heard again.

『I think it will endure them for a while, even physical attacks. But since I’m by myself, I suppose that it won’t last too long because I exhausted my energy in the fight against Destroyer and it hasn’t fully recovered yet』

『――so umm, can you guys fight?』

Charlotte asked next.

– Yes, absolutely.

The one who replied and stood up from the chair before everyone else was Krovahn.

– It’s been a whole week resting since then.

Nakri also stood up as if saying that she wanted to move her body soon.

Both of them were very excited to get in the battlefield.

– Are you going too, Nee-san?

– … Yeah.

Nesat, invited by Krovahn, also stood up.

– I’ll also go.

Latia stood up next.

– Four of us coming out should be enough, right? Hayato, Emilia, President Claire and the others who got quite exhausted in the fight against Destroyer should have no need to go.

– Depending on the situation, I’ll go too.

Sakura showed determination.

– Me too. We can’t let the Savages get closer to the moon or the Earth.

Karen too.

They heard Fritz’ voice there.

『Err, I’m sorry. But your sortie died all of a sudden』

– Huh? Why is that? I don’t get the reason.

– Yeah. What do you mean with that?

Both Nakri and Krovahn were taken aback.

Nesat, Latia, Sakura and Karen had an expression saying that they couldn’t understand the reason.

Of course, Hayato and Emilia too.

『You’ll understand it immediately』

Following the words of Fritz, a voice was heard.

『Do you hear my voice, everyone?』

It was a carefree voice.

No way, Hayato raised his voice.

– Is she… Mirai…?

The words of the whispering Hayato seemed to go all the way to that possible girl.

The voice from Mirai aka Tsudzura Mirai returned.

『That’s right, Hayato-han. Your safety is the most important. Sango and the rest were waiting for the return of Hayato-han and company』

Subsequently, images taken by the cameras of《Charlotte No. 1》were projected on the monitors in front of them.

They could see the figures of Sango aka Kurumi Sango who was mentioned by Mirai and the figures of the Slayers belonging to Lunaltia Base.

But not only them.

『Emilia-sama! It’s me! I, Claudia Lowetti is here too!』

As it was stated, Claudia, who belonged to the Slayer Forces of the Federation of Britannia and the Slayers of other countries were displayed on the monitors.

『Kisaragi Hayato! Is Emilia-sama!? Is Emilia-sama safe!?』

– Yes, I’m safe.

It wasn’t Hayato who answered.

But Emilia, the person in question.

– It’s been a while, Claudia.

『Yes, Emilia-sama! It’s been a long time!』


– More importantly, why are you here?

『So that Emilia-han and the rest have an enjoyable returning trip without complications. The Savages will be dealt by us, by Lunaltia Base Integrated Forces』

Those words meant that Mirai and the rest could infer the arrival of Savages and came from Lunaltia Base to this place.

What they heard next was Sango’s voice.

『Well then, everyone, let’s go masuwayo! We won’t let them touch not even a finger to Claire-sama and company masenwa!』

With those words as the start, the Slayers of the Integrated Forces started attacking all at once.

The Savages were destroyed in the blink of an eye. Hayato and the other Slayers who headed to New Planet Notre Dame were able to return to Lunaltia Base while guarded by the Slayers of the Integrated Forces.








And so, once they arrived at Lunaltia Base, it was decided they would undergo a medical inspection and examination first.

Because they stayed for a long time on another planet and interacted with its inhabitants for a long time――while it was not surprise that there was something strange going on in their bodies, it wasn’t a big deal.

After all, interactions with inhabitants of New Planet Notre Dame had been happening on Earth since ancient times through a person named Serivia and with Diff and Miile of Planet Framel who were something like half automata.

Microorganisms that would lead to the deterioration of parts that caused their flesh to be preserved seemed to have been removed, there was almost no effect in the bodies of the Slayers that campaigned, so they only spent the night of the day they arrived in the isolation rooms――.

Meaning that it was possible for them to go outside tomorrow noon.

After each one of them changed to their uniforms and were interviewed, a return party was held at night.

The place was the conference room in Little Garden section.

Of course, not only the members of Little Garden section were there, but also the Slayers from other sections gathered there, it was lively.

Hundreds of people were there.

– Well then, I would like to start the return party of《Charlotte No. 1》. The hostess will be me, Erika Candle, who is acting as the board chairman of Lunaltia Base Cooperative System.

After she greeted everyone saying so.

Erika immediately pointed her eyes towards the crew members of《Charlotte No. 1》standing on the wing of the stage and continued her words to call out to them.

– First, let’s give our greetings of return to Charlotte Dimandius, the main technologist of Little Garden and who served as the captain of the manufactured《Charlotte No. 1》with which they headed to New Planet Notre Dame.

Charlotte, who was dressed in a white robe, was prompted by the clapping hands that filled the hall and went up to the stage.

She held the microphone and started talking.

– Err, moments ago I was interviewed by the media of the Earth where I talked about New Planet Notre Dame, the operation capture of《Planet X》aka Planet《Zero》, how bad it was before departure and the autonomous evolutionary-type destructive weapon Destroyer. And so, I’ll be talking about that in this place again, but when I return to the Earth, I’m going to talk a lot about the journey and the Operation Save the Universe. Even though there are lots of research I want to try and analysis of data that I would have brought back, there was no time for that. I ended up thinking that I didn’t want to return to Earth to complete them.

Although she went hard all of a sudden, everyone understood it was a joke of Charlotte.

While the party hall was engulfed in laughter, Charlotte continued speaking.

– Aside from that, we got help from the Slayers standing here in case we returned and of course the Operation Save the Universe itself that was accomplished successfully thanks to Claire and the other Slayers. What I did wasn’t a great thing. Since I think that coming up first and greeting you first is improper, I feel that I should change places with Claire as soon as possible.

But because she wanted to give her thanks directly to everyone and because she wanted to say other things, Charlotte told them if they were going to let her go to the stage to do so.

– With that said, I want you to stick with my story a bit more. The thing that I talked about in the interview some time ago.

Charlotte prefaced so and started talking about《Planet X》aka Planet《ZERO》and the alien that created it――she talked about Diff, the engineer of Planet Framel.

About his position and his transformation.

About what he tried to do.

And talked about the results of it.

– In all honesty, if I would have done a small mistake, I think that it wouldn’t be strange that I would have become the same as him. Basically, a selfish person who lives doing as he wants. I won’t do things that I don’t want to do, and honestly, if it’s not investigation, then I don’t care. And if something were to get in my way, then I would even have the feeling that it would be great if the world was rather destroyed. If research results are obtained by betting my life, then I don’t think there’s a problem with it.

Such was the life of the researchers.

Linis Harvey, the mother of Claire, was a person like that; even her former colleague, Vitaly Tynyanov, was like that.

Bill Harvey, the father of Judal and Claire, Serivia Notre Dame Paulo III, who was an engineer of Planet Notre Dame known as Maria Florence, and even Irina Florence, a relative of hers and an engineer just like her, were like that too.

Even Judal Harvey, who hastened the establishment of Lunaltia Base, should have had that sort of mentality.

There were a lot of people in this place who could sympathize with the words of Charlotte who told so.

Because there were a lot of people that could relate not only to Charlotte’s way of life but also to the way of life of the ones mentioned.

– Anyways, the ones that try to accomplish something abandon themselves and run through a narrow path where the road ahead is unknown. If for some reason or other you lose your footing, then you may end up falling to the abyss. But, that’s not the case for me, because all the people of Little Garden is my employer that respect me and let me research what I like. I feel it’s thanks to that that――

She wasn’t forced to do strange research or made her do the unreasonable. At the very least, if she had to do something, they let her do what she wanted to do freely.

– That’s why I’m grateful to the people of Little Garden and also grateful to the world itself that made me meet Little Garden. Above all, I feel glad since I could return even if it was for a little while this time. And so, I’ll continue researching in order to create a world in which we, the earthlings and similar people can live happily――can continue protecting a place like that――and can live freely.  If in the middle of that I start getting strange, then please, all of you, stop me. Thank you very much.

With that, Charlotte’s speech was over.

Applause wrapped her up.

– And now, allow Queen-sama to take my place.

Charlotte descended from the stage.

Claire dressed in the uniform of Lunaltia Base got up on the stage and changed places with her.

Claire began to speak after the cheers that welled up.

– First of all, I am very happy that everyone is celebrating our return like this desuwa. I feel embarrassed to talk after Dr. Charlotte’s wonderful speech, but I hope you can listen to my words desu.

After she prefaced so.

Claire, as Charlotte said earlier, cooperated with Irina and the government of New Planet Notre Dame to capture《Planet X》aka Planet《Zero》which was the production site of the Savages――.

And when they defeated Destroyer that was born after that, they repeatedly informed that they could save the universe from the evil hands of the Savages.

– This is a repetition of Charlotte’s speech, but this happened due to everyone’s cooperation desu. I give you my thanks masuwa.

Claire, who bowed her head saying so, would assist for the peace of the universe as a representative of Lunaltia Base in cooperation with the government of New Planet Notre Dame. And for that, she told that she wanted everyone to cooperate.

– ――There’s one more thing. I would like to talk about myself from here on.

Her voice seemed to have a heavy tone.

The Slayers and the people involved raised their voices and applauded like answering to the call of Claire and then, in an instant, they became completely silent.

In the middle of that, Claire continued her words.

– Recently, the reaction value of my Hundred that indicates my aptitude as a Slayer, has declined.

The peak of a Hundred’s reaction value.

So to speak, the peak as a Slayer was different depending on the person, but for many it was at 18 years old. Just around Claire’s age. Because of that, and no matter how you put it, it was too early for it to drop, and that drop was too big.

If that was the case, then what was the cause?

She had used large quantities of energy in a lot of fights and that put a burden on her body.

A lot of tests were performed because of that.

And, in fact, her body was exhausted.

The only conclusion was that, as a natural defensive instinct, her body seemed to avoid the activation of the Variant Virus――.

However, the drop of Claire’s reaction value was too much, even more than Slayers who had their bodies exhausted to the same extent.

– And so, I noticed something. Was it because I lost my way?

I fought recklessly in the past.

For my mother.

For my little sister Liza.

And for myself.

But I lost my older brother and became the representative of Lunaltia Base Cooperative System, and so the things I carried in my arms increased.

In the past, I used to fight with all that I had, but now I can’t do it.

The things I carried on my back were too big, and way too numerous.

But I absolutely wasn’t going to give up.

Naturally, I ended up taking a break.

However, and thanks to the companions I could rely on, I was able to overcome it.

– Yes, thanks to the cooperation of everyone who are my companions I can rely on, I was able to overcome the biggest fight. I think that became a good end masu. And with this, I decided to retire as a Slayer desu.

Above all, that was the best.

Claire continued speaking, saying that this would be an inconvenience to many people.

Not surprisingly, a commotion dominated the party hall.

The retirement of Claire Harvey who reigned at the top for a long time as the representative of the Slayers.

She was like one of the turning points in the history of the Slayers.

But it was also expected that some people understood so.

In the first place, the Slayers themselves were beings that handled《One Hundred Armaments》aka Hundred――the decisive battle weapons created to fight Savages.

They didn’t know how much Savages were in the universe yet, but if that production site was destroyed, then it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that their actions would end too.

If the symbol was going to retire, then without a doubt this timing was the best.

However, what kind of actions should the Slayers do in the future?

What would be their roles?

Claire, who reigned at the top and was the symbol of the Slayers, should present a plan for it, as that should be one of her duties she carried in her arms.

However, “since she didn’t have to think about it because she retired now”, Claire declared.

– We will entrust the way of the Slayers to everyone who will continue being Slayers from now on and I will do my best to support them masu. That’s why everyone, I wish the best to the Slayers of the future masuwa.

Claire lowered her head, saying so.

There was no way anyone could say anything negative like she was irresponsible.

Everyone knew what Claire had been carrying on her back up to now.

The Slayers applauded to respond to Claire’s call.

There were voices saying「Thank you for everything」,「We’ll do our best from now on」and「We’ll keep fighting」.

It looked like there were people who admired Claire as a Slayer.

Some of them were even crying.

Claire, on the stage, had a look of satisfaction on her face while looking at such companions. A voice emerged there.

– So, this is the end of Claire’s speech?

It was Emilia’s voice.

– Yes, but… you will be the next to talk masuno?

– Yup, but the truth is that Hayato’s turn is the next, no? But, I think I should go for the continuation of the speech. So let me speak.

– Hey, what exactly are you doing desuno!?

What on earth does she intend to talk about?

Emilia got on the stage, making sure to push Claire aside who had a confused look on her face.

The Slayers in this place and the staff of Lunaltia Base were showing expressions full of expectations and suspense on their faces about what Emilia was going to talk about while having their eyes on her who was wearing the uniform of the vice-president of Little Garden.

Meanwhile, Hayato, who was wearing the same uniform, was guessing what Emilia was going to talk about.

– I should go for the continuation of the speech.

Those were the words he heard.

And then, that made sense.

– 1, 2.

Emilia approached her mouth to the mic and confirmed that her voice was transmitted satisfactorily, then she gently breathed and started talking.

– Err, the reason why I was allowed to get on the stage before Hayato is because Claire was talking about retiring as a Slayer. Well, I’m doing the same.

A sudden confession.

As a matter of course, voices of confusion and surprise began to leak from the Slayers who were there.

– The reason for it is simple. To begin with, it was ridiculous that I’ve been a Slayer until now. Originally, I decided to become a Slayer to reunite with Hayato. And because I found Hayato――

She found Hayato and was able to meet with him again in Little Garden.

Because she knew that Hayato was the boy, the friend of her childhood, and for the sake of being with him――.

She had been fighting with him, to fulfill Hayato’s wish: he wanted to save as many people as possible.


– I got separated from Hayato in the battle against Serivia, I felt that I was at my limit already.

She was fighting to be with him and yet, if she was going to be separated from him, then that wasn’t the thing she wanted.

Besides, the human race in the battles this time was――.

If the universe was at peace, then there was no point in fighting anymore.

– That’s why before heading to the Operation Save the Universe, I told Hayato that once the operation was over I wanted both of us to retire as Slayers.

In addition to that, and like with Claire, it was safe to say that their bodies were worn-out.

Emilia told everyone that “if you use your strength as Slayers too much, the possibility of exhausting your body is too great”.

Naturally, the commotion was big.

Not only Claire, but also Emilia and Hayato were retiring as Slayers, no one would have imagined so, their surprise was understandable.

Emilia continued her speech.

– By the way, the answer of Hayato at that time was that he wanted me to wait for the conclusion, until the operation was over.

And once the operation was over, then the universe would be at peace.

But Emilia hadn’t asked Hayato for the answer.

She told everyone that she planned to listen to it after this.

– But, no matter what his answer is, I have now truly ended my activities as a Slayer. And well, there’s something I haven’t told Hayato yet, but there’s another reason why I had to retire as a Slayer.

She put a finger on the temple of the right side of her head as if being shy.

Emilia showed a smile full of affection and put a hand on her abdomen.

Then continued speaking while rubbing her belly.

– The truth is, it seems like I’m having a baby.

*Silence*, all the present fell completely silent.

Naturally, everyone had their mouths wide open.

– Eh…?

It was Hayato who broke the silence.

The gazes of the ones present in that place gathered on Hayato all at once.

It seems that now you did it, huh.

– Well, that… eh…?

Naturally, and like everyone, Hayato showed confusion.

However, he didn’t have memory of having done so himself.

And with all his strength.

– Err, congratulations.


That was the word that was spilled out from Hayato’s mouth in the midst of the confusion.

There was nothing else because he couldn’t find the words for it.

He had decided to retire as a Slayer.

He also thought about proposing to Emilia.

But this was a development he wasn’t expecting.

He truly couldn’t find the words for it.

– Ummm, thank you.

Emilia, who responded to the words of Hayato, was embarrassed while scratching her head.

The other members had the same dumbfounded look, they were staring at the two who were engulfed in a colorful mood.

Claire’s retirement speech was completely blown off.

That was out of the question.

– Err, how about you consolidate your story?

Sakura raised her voice.

She asked Emilia while trying to take control of the situation.

– First of all, this is not a joke, right?

– Of course that it’s true. Charo and the medical staff took care of confirming so. There’s no doubt.

That’s correct, Charlotte nodded.

– I- I see…

Sakura continued asking.

– If so, then the child that was conceived…

– Don’t you think it’s between Hayato and me? I don’t recall doing anything with anyone with the exception of Hayato.

– So you really went and did it, huh?

Fritz tapped Hayato’s back.

Latia, who stood next to him, dyed her face deep red while being surprised.

– Ah, you did it…? Does that mean, that you…

There was so much blood in her head that she ended up having a short circuit.

And just like that, Latia ended up falling from the back to the ground.

Fritz, who looked at her, smiled wryly as if he was amazed.

– Hey, hey, you truly are still a child, aren’t you?

However, it wasn’t just Latia.

Most of the Slayers, persons involved and young staff members of the facility that gathered in this place had their faces dyed bright red and were visibly shaken.

Erika too, of course.

However, she recovered her composure very fast.

There was a person more affected than her――.

The person standing next to her that should be more shocked than her.

I should support that person, Erika turned her eyes towards Claire.

And with those eyes, she immediately seemed to realize.

Although Claire had a painful expression on her face, she noticed Erika’s gaze, showed a tender smile all of a sudden and said to her.

– I knew that someday this would happen.

She said that as if she had realized that she was worrying about something.

She had given up already.

Or maybe because her feelings were settled as well.

Claire wiped the tears that floated slightly in the corner of her eyes with her fingers and continued speaking.

– But, if it was too early or too late――then I’d say it was too early indeed masuwane.

– That is, what I think as well.

Erika also smiled wryly, following Claire.

It appeared that she also heard that conversation.

– That’s right, it was too early!

Claudia appeared where Claire and Erika were while shouting.

And like that, Claudia headed to where Emilia was and asked, trying to sink her teeth into that matter.

– So, Emilia-sama! Is it a boy? Or is it a girl!? This certainly is a serious matter for the Kingdom of Gudenburg too!

– No, look, I’m maintaining a distance from the country…

– Still, there’s no doubt that the child of you two is inheriting the blood of the royal family of Gudenburg! So, which one is it!?

– Yeah, I’m also interested if it’s a boy or a girl! Which one is it, Hayato-kun!?

– Please tell us, Nii-san!

While Emilia was being pressed for an answer by Claudia.

When Hayato noticed it, Sakura and Karen were doing the same to him.

– By the way, I prefer a girl!

– Hey, what are you…

– Because, the marriage of the hero who saved the universe and the diva who not only traveled all over the world but the universe as well――will have the finest wedding reception with the strongest couple in the universe! And so, my dream where “my daughter had a universe-wide debut” has been crushed! But, now that we are in this situation, then it will be me, Kirishima Sakura, who will challenge her with new dreams!

Having declared so, Sakura recited.

– So if you two have a girl, she definitely has to be produced by me! I’ll make her have a universe-wide debut all of a sudden and train her to be a better diva than me! No, even a boy will be fine. I wanted to produce a male Idol at least once! What do you say, Karen-chan? A boy or a girl, which one is better?

– Err, I like girls better… because I can make them wear a lot of things and that surely sounds funny and they are cute too.

– … I see. But, think carefully. Hayato-kun’s child. Be it a man or a woman, I’m sure they’re going to be pretty!

– Certainly that may be! Now I think that a man and woman are fine!

– Hey, why are you two saying things as you please…?

– Please be silent, Nii-san!

– Be quite, Hayato-kun!

Their voices gathered, then the two of them continued.

– So, Nii-san.

– So, Hayato-kun.

– Is the baby a boy or a girl, which one is it!?

– Is it a boy or a girl, which one is it!?

– I told you, I knew that I’m going to have a child now so I don’t know! Or rather, please calm down for a moment!

Above all, the one who hadn’t calmed down was the one who suddenly was told he was going to be a father.

Hayato understood so more than anyone else.


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  1. *sigh*, i had a feeling it would be like that (Emilia getting pregnant) since vol 13, but i still hate they cut any way for Claire to still have a chance with Hayato.
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