Hundred – Volume 12 – Prologue



– Don’t be a hindrance——we are in the middle of the speech of my Onii-sama now.

Constructed on the lunar surface by the earthlings, Lunaltia Base is organized in such a way that each division of each country and organization gathers together.

The section situated at the center of it——is a section of Puritaria, one of the two organizations that led Lunaltia Base Establishment Plan——commonly known as 《Lunaltia Project》.

Opening her eyes, Liza, who was in the capsule of the《Central Room》that exists in the basement of this section, gave a warning to the woman wearing white vestments and a long high hat on her head who appeared before her.

Right now, she’s sending her own energy to the entire Lunaltia Base.

The construction of Lunaltia Base was carried out at high speed, so the motive power hasn’t been completely secured.

Therefore, because she possesses a strong energy, it was decided that she would become the motive power of Lunaltia Base.

That’s because there’s another organization that led《Lunaltia Project》.

That’s based on the intentions of Judal Harvey, the representative of Warslan Company and who’s giving a speech at the ceremony hall of the ceremony of the space advancement of mankind that is taking place on the surface of Lunaltia Base where he declared that he’s going to be the chairman of Lunaltia Base Cooperative System.

Following that, Judal Harvey talked about why he hastened the completion of Lunaltia Base.

By proceeding with Lunaltia Project, not only it gives them an advantage when fighting the Savages, but by making Lunaltia Base operate as soon as possible, it will be possible for them to develop new medicines for the unknown diseases whose treatment haven’t been found, meaning that many lives will be saved.

Besides, Lunaltia Base serves the purpose for the collection of rare metals and the development of new high-tech materials to make the lives of the people even better.

Since the Second Attack, it’s obvious that the Earth won’t be able to sustain alone the population that is increasing once again, so the development of the moon as a future colony destination is important.

Furthermore, he also talked about the usefulness of Lunaltia Base, like the discovery and development of new planets.

But the reason why he keeps talking to the public is that he will never go beyond his public position*.

*TN: In other words, to never say what he really thinks.

There was only one reason about why he was impatient to proceed with the construction——.

Because he himself doesn’t have much time left.

The body of Judal which isn’t resistant to the virus was affected by a mysterious disease that the Savages and the meteorites that fell from the space have.

He has no more than a year left.

Nevertheless, he wanted to fulfill his dream of a young age.

The person he loved.

Where he promised to be the president of the moon to Est Steinbelt——

Of course, there’s a reason why the pope of the Holy Church, Serivia Notre Dame Paulo III, also hastened《Lunaltia Project》.

However, she didn’t have the need to hurry anything in particular.

It’s no longer a big difference for her if the day was extended one year, two years and so on.

It’s been 1,000,000 years already——.

Even if she has just woken up, she has been continuously waiting for a favorable chance for thousands of years.

But still, she had the feeling that she wanted to fulfill her dearest wish as soon as possible.

So, she aligned with Judal and hurried the matter.

And now, she started to move for the sake of her dearest wish.

The 《space-time moving device》time machine made by Bill Harvey is already in her hands.

A little more and all the parts will be assembled.

The moment of her dearest wish is drawing near.

That’s why she didn’t intend to comply in the least the words of Liza who said 『Don’t be a hindrance』.

With a grin on her face and while making sounds with her footsteps, Serivia moves and gets closer to Liza.

Liza said, showing an offended expression on her face.

– I told you to not be a hindrance, and yet——

Together with those words.

The pair of eyes of Liza shone violently.

At the same time, shock waves are released from her body and are strong enough to blow away to the back not only the regular human beings, but also the Slayers who can’t stand on the spot.

As the capsule was destroyed and the liquid filled in it was spreading out to the floor all at once, and even though her whole body received that power, Serivia didn’t move, not even a single bit.

Even though the hat that was covering her flies and reveals her expression, she stands there, as if nothing had happened, showing the very same smile.

Liza asked, turning her inquisitive eyes towards Serivia.

– … who on earth are you?

– You know it, right? I am the pope of the Holy Church, Serivia Notre Dame Paulo III.

– That’s not what I’m asking. You should know that as well, don’t you?

– Yes.

Laughing unintentionally with her nose, Serivia continues.

– Liza Harvey——in Little Garden, you are referred as the『Little God of Little Garden』, correct? If so, then I can call myself the God of this world as well, don’t you agree?

– The God, of this world…?

– Exactly. The God of this world.

At the same time with the repeating of Liza who repeated that again.

The eyes of Serivia released a golden brightness.

– Wha——

*Ba-dump*, the heart of Liza beats fast in a big way.

(What, is this…?)

Her field of vision turns vague and began to dissolve.

Two lights of golden color meet her eyes.

The eyes of Pope Serivia.


Again, the heart of Liza beat fast.

(This is bad…)

Her body doesn’t move.

It won’t listen, no matter what she says.

It’s as if she was frozen.

Floating lightly, Serivia approached Liza.

The things she can see at the waist of Serivia are——.

(… wings? A two-headed dragon…?)

In any case, she has never seen them before.


The palm of Serivia touches the cheek of Liza.

– An existence like you was created in this world. That’s more than what I’ve imagined. I am grateful that you were created for my sake.

Serivia kisses Liza.

Then, the eyes of Liza also got dyed in golden color——.



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