Hundred – Volume 11 – The distance between the two──Fritz and Latia

The distance between the two──Fritz and Latia



Time passed in Little Garden, when the second year of spring was about to arrive.

Fritz and Latia had decided to move to the moon──to Lunaltia Base by the end of this year with Claire Harvey, the Queen of Little Garden.

Not only they would leave Little Garden, this was nothing but a momentary farewell between the two of them and the blue star they were born and raised──the Earth.

They had never left the United States of Liberia until they enrolled in Little Garden, but in a year, they had gone to various places around the world.

Still, there were many places they hadn’t been to.

… Speaking of that, they had talked about going to various cities around the world during spring break.

As a result, they decided that Yamato would be the first place to go.

They accompanied Hayato and Karen to their homeland.

Then, they went to the south through Rasiya Empire──they skipped over Qin Empire they visited once and now they visited Khmer Kingdom located in the Middle East.

This country was also the home town of Krovahn, Nakri and Nesat.

Until a few years ago, the land was devastated by a long civil war, the public order got worse, its condition was far from stable, but the situation had improved considerably recently.

Probably this was due to the efforts of Al-Salaam’s representative Slayers who pledged stability and development of the Middle East region together with Krovahn and the others.

They grasped that, even when walking on the streets.

When they told they belonged to Little Garden when the people of Khmer Kingdom talked to them, they wished for a handshake. Service was also offered at the shops introduced by Krovahn and co.

After they left a store, Latia muttered spontaneously.

– It has truly become a nice country, huh.

– Yeah. They’re really doing their best.

Fritz replied.

They walked towards the hotel they planned to stay at in a good mood.

Without knowing the ridiculous thing awaiting them after this──.








– … W-what’s the meaning of this?

The face of Latia, who entered the hotel room, was dyed bright red. They had booked a twin room, and yet, this was a double bed.

Now, the two of them had to sleep in one bed.

Looking confused, Fritz asked.

– Latia…. Did you book a room like this?

– Y-y-y-y-y-you’re wrong! I’m sure it was a twin room!

It was Latia who booked the hotel room. She denied with desperation as she shook her head to the left and right. This shouldn’t be at all, it’s strange.

– If so, then the staff made a mistake. I’ll go to confirm it.

– Y-yeah! Do so!

Fritz immediately left the room and went to the reception.


Five minutes later, Fritz returned to the room.

– How did it go? I wasn’t wrong, was I?

The room was mistaken, right?

Latia approached Fritz as she turned her eyes housing such expectations.

– It does seem to be like that…

Looking troubled, Fritz scratched his head.

– Well, it looks like there’s nothing it can be done.

– W-what the hell does “it looks like there’s nothing it can be done” mean!?

– Well, the thing is…

Then Fritz made a mistake and arranged the room. They would have the rooms they booked tomorrow, but they were told to put up with this room for tonight. He told Latia that this hotel, like the hotels in this area, seemed to have no room for tonight.

In the middle of this, Latia’s face blushed even more.

– T-that means that we have no choice but to sleep in this room!?

– That seems to be the case.

Their eyes were turned to the bed at the same time.

A few several seconds of silence visited.

– Ah, that’s right. I forgot one thing.

– What, there’s another option or something!?

– No, that’s not it.

Shaking his head, Fritz continued.

– This room seems to be more expensive than the room we booked, so they gave us a discount. They said we could drink the drinks in the fridge as we like too.

– That’s great, but I can’t be actually happy though…

Haa…, Latia sighed deeply and turned her eyes to the bed again. Not only 2, but 4 or 5 people could easily sleep in it, it was that big.

– W-well, the bed is big, so we can manage something.

– If you don’t like sleeping together, I’ll sleep on the sofa.

– I-I won’t stop you if you want to do so, but there’s no bed cover, is there…? If you were to catch a cold, our travel plans will go crazy from tomorrow…

– In other words, you want to sleep in the bed with me?

– I-I’m not saying that!

– Yeah yeah, what about the bath?

– I’m fine going later.

– Okay.

Fritz disappeared into the dressing room.

Latia pulled her luggage into the room and sat down on the bed.

They had slept in the same room numerous times until now.

However, many years had passed since they slept in one bed.

5 years──.

No, maybe close to 10 years.

(In the same bed as Fritz…)

What crossed her mind was her own sleeping figure while being hugged by Fritz.

Moreover, both were naked──.

(… w-what the hell am I thinking!?)

However, during this trip──.

If they were going to develop a profound relationship now, wasn’t this the opportunity for it?

(Although I say this, Fritz doesn’t see me as a woman)

That was the case even today.

Only she being nervous was somewhat embarrassing.

(Calm down, calm down! Pull yourself together, Latia!)

Latia shook her head to shake off the delusion.

Eventually, the sound of the shower stopped.

– … Ah…

Latia was so surprised she jumped up, seeing Fritz coming out of the dressing room.

– Hey, you! What on earth are you thinking!?

– What is it? Why are you shouting like that all of a sudden?

– Goddammit! W-why are you c-coming out n-naked!?

As Latia said, Fritz had come out of the dressing room with underpants and a towel in his hand.

– Isn’t it a bit late for that? This is how I always am, no?

Certainly, it was as he said. Even during this trip, Fritz changed in front of Latia without having to change clothes in the dressing room. Still──.

– So noisy, today is special!

Latia threw a pillow at Fritz.

That hit Fritz splendidly.

– Ouch! What are you doing?

– Those are my words! I’m taking a bath! Meanwhile, get dressed!

As she hid her bright red face with the clothes she had in her hands, Latia headed to the bathroom, passing next to Fritz who picked up the pillow.








(Jeez, what is Fritz thinking…?)

Her heart didn’t calm down, even when taking a cold shower on her head.

On the contrary, when she was submerged in the bathtub, she had the feeling that not only her body was burning, but also that her heart was pounding.

(What is really happening…? I’m way too weird…)

Latia slapped her cheeks with both hands.

To regain her sanity.

– Alright, I’m going to be like I always am.

Telling herself so──,

Latia, who came out of the bath, changed into her sleepwear tank top and shorts and left the dressing room.



A loud sound echoed and the window glass shook

– W-what was that?

Standing upright, Latia made her body quiver.

The one who talked there was Fritz.

– What, you didn’t notice it in the bath?

Already dressed in his pajamas, he walked towards the window and opened the curtain.

– It suddenly thundered.  And a heavy rain started too. They call it squall. It seems to be common in this area.

It was dyed white outside of the window.

For an instant, *Pishaaaaaaan*, a violent sound reverberated in the room again.

Bringing her shoulders together, Latia froze.

– … Ah, come to think of it, lightning aren’t your favorite. I remembered that when we were kids, you always cried when it thundered.

– S-shut up! Those days are those days. Now… I, I, I’m not crying, I’m not!

Latia declared so, turning her face deep red, but teardrops could be seen in the corner of her eyes. She was really scared. She hadn’t changed, not even now.

– Alright, then can you sleep like this?

– Heeh!?

– It’s already past 10 o’clock. We’ll go sightseeing from early tomorrow morning, no?

– That’s, true, but….

– If so, let’s go to bed quickly.

– Y-yeah…

Fritz closed the curtain and went to the bed first.

Then Latia also slipped into the bed.

(Uu, why does it have to be like this…?)

Due to her fear of lightning, her heart racing and the like──were absolutely not overwritten.

Although she felt at ease for a moment, when she got in the bed, her palpitations went crazy again.

The bed itself was big enough for 4 or 5 people to sleep in.

Still, Latia lay down at the very end of the bed, distancing herself from Fritz.

Seeing that, he thought it was dangerous.

Fritz spoke to Latia’s back.

– Hey, get closer. If not, you’ll fall down.

– I’m okay, there’s no problem.

Latia replied curtly.

Sighing as if he were amazed, Fritz said.

– Then I’ll turn off the light.

– Keep the nightlight on as always. Don’t turn it off!

– Okay, okay.

Replying so, Fritz extended his hand to the switch.

The inside of the room dyed pure-white, a thunderous roar reached their ears.


Plugging her hears, and closing her eyes, Latia made her body smaller.

Not only the lights in the room, the footlights, the emergency lights, TV and even the lamp of the fridge turned off.

– It looks like the circuit breaker went down due to the lightning….

– W-what do we do, Fritz? What should we do?

Latia asked, turning her body toward Fritz.

Her body became frightened and trembled at the perfect darkness that arrived.

Tears appeared in the outer corner of her eyes.

– Even if you tell me what to do. There’s no breaker in the room, but it will be back sooner or later. We have no choice but to sleep like this.

– That’s, impossible…

– Impossible? Oh, because there’s no electricity?

Latia nodded.

She couldn’t sleep in a situation like this.

– But it can’t be helped…. There’s nothing we can do.

Troubled, Fritz scratched his head.

Then another lightning struck.


Latia covered her head and curled her body up, becoming smaller.

– Jeez, it can’t be helped.

– Eh….

He sighed as if being exasperated.

Fritz gently embraced Latia’s body.

Latia turned bright red up to her hears and began to act violently in Fritz’s arms.

– Hey, Fritz! What are you doing at a moment like this!?

– It’s okay, calm down.

Saying so, and putting more strength, Fritz hugged Latia’s small body.

– T-there’s no way something like this will calm me down…


Latia mumbled.

Her heartbeat became stronger and stronger.

– But, at that time, you said you were so scared that joining hands wasn’t enough, and so we did this, no?

– … At that time?

– That time when I stayed at your home.

With Fritz’s words, Latia remembered.

Although it was evening, it started to rain heavily like now and thunders began to roar.

A sudden power outage. Darkness arrived.

It was Fritz who calmed the trembling and crying Latia by hugging her gently.

(That’s right, that’s the first time that I, towards Fritz…)

Latia’s chest tightened.

– Did you remember?

– Y-yeah──

Latia nodded, her forehead still put against Fritz’s chest.

Despite being dark, she couldn’t raise her face.

She didn’t want him to see her current facial expression.

She couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

– … And I finally calmed down.

– If so, do I pull myself away?

Latia answered, shaking her head to the left and right.

– It’s useless. Let’s stay like this.

– Okay. Then do we sleep like this?

Latia nodded.

She wanted to stay like this. She wanted to sleep like this.

Those were the true feelings of Latia now.

Her real intention.

– Then, good night.

Still wrapped in the warmth of Fritz, Latia replied in a small voice.

– Yeah, good night.

Anywhere in the world.

Of course, even on the moon.

If Fritz did this, she wouldn’t be scared.

She could overcome anything.

Latia fell asleep while thinking so.



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