Hundred – Volume 11 – Intermission Approximately 50,000 years ago Part 2

The thirteenth morning came since Maria woke up on this planet.

Maria was finally adapting to the life on this planet.

Food could be procured on her own and she found a source of water.

It looked like she won’t die of starvation or dehydration with those.

While that happened, her further desires woke up.

She would like to take a warm bath.

She could do it with firewood and then build a fire by rubbing sticks.

If there was also a drum, she could make a bath in a matter of seconds, but of course there was no such a thing there.

She thought that she could dig up even a hot spring, but she didn’t even have a shovel, so she couldn’t have done such a thing either.

And to find a natural hot spring, she needed to move far from this place.

However, she wanted to avoid getting too far from the escape pod if possible.

Maria thought of that, the idea was to dig a hole on the side of the spring and draw water from it.

On that side she would make firewood and draw water from the spring. Then place the heated stones in the bathtub made from that and make a bath.

It was hard to dig a hole, but if she had a flattened stone, ivies――and the branch of a tree, then she would be able to make a shovel.

It was her lucky day when she thought so.

Maria decided to try it immediately.








– ——Done!

After she smiled looking happy, Maria put her hands in the bathtub that contained heated stones.

(Yeah, the water temperature is perfect. Well then, and without delay…)

Maria took off her clothes and got in the bathtub.

– It feels so gooood——

The warm bath that she got in for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years was really good.

She looked up at the night sky.

The stars were beautiful.

Naturally, she didn’t know where her homeland Planet Notre Dame was.

And naturally, it couldn’t be seen.

Still, Maria ended up extending her hand to the sky.

– Someone will come and save me soon, right?

It would be great if that one was Glenn――.

The moment she thought of such a thing.

She heard a rustle from the forest.

(… there’s no way that’s Glenn, right?)

But, that didn’t seem to be the sound of the wind.

It was gradually approaching the location of Maria.

(What, is there?)

Uneasiness ran through her mind.

What would she do if it were a fierce animal?

No matter how you look at it, to be facing each other for the first time in a situation like this.

She was way more than unlucky.

– … eh?

When Maria put herself on guard.

A boy suddenly appeared from the forest.

His height was around 140 centimeters. His hair was long, and the only thing he wore was a loincloth.

A fierce animal rushed out swiftly, making sure to run after the boy.


Her planet also had similar animals.

It was a beast called wolf, a very dangerous species that devoured humans.

As long as that saw something in its surroundings and had its eyes on a prey while drooling, it was not wrong to think that it would get considerably hungry.

If its appetite wasn’t sated, then not only the child, but even herself would end up getting devoured.

Properly speaking, she should escape while that child fell prey to it.

That surely was the optimal solution.

However, this was the first time she finally found intelligent life of this planet——.

They were indispensable beings for getting out from her current situation.

She couldn’t afford to abandon him.

But, how could she get rid of that beast?

Maria thought.

Maria was naked now.

Speaking of the things that were in the reach of her hands, there was the amulet she got from Glen which was hanging on her chest and the heated stones inside the bathtub――.

Then, it would be best to throw heated stones.

But, will that beast really run away?

If she extended her range a little, she would reach the shovel and the bonfire she used to build the bathtub.

After she had thrown the heated stones to surprise the beast, and if she threatened it with either the shovel or the branches that were burning, there was a possibility that she would drive it away——.

– Ah…

While she thought so, the boy ended up falling.

And the wolf sprung at him to attack him.

– No!!

At this rate, the boy will definitely be devoured.

The moment she thought so——.


The heart of Maria throbbed greatly and violently, her chest shone strongly.

– What, what is happening?

She couldn’t understand immediately what happened.

When she looked closely at it, the amulet was shining.

Without knowing why, she felt that it was calling her.

Maria touched the amulet with her right hand.

And then――.

– What is…

As it was releasing a strong light, the amulet transformed into something like a spear.

– … wh-what is this?

She didn’t get it well, but it seemed certain that it was possible to use it.

(Anyway, there’s no choice but to do it!)

She attacked the wolf with the spear, still naked.

– Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The opponent was a professional at capturing preys.

It was obvious that she was no match for its keen and agile nature.

As a result, the spear missed easily.

– Kuh!

Immediately after it nimbly dodged the spear that was projected.

The beast did a step at her blind spot and jumped at her.

(――Oh no!)

The moment she thought she was going to be bitten.

*Ba-dump*, her heart beat fast again.

In an instant, the eyes of Maria were dyed in golden color.

(What’s this?)

Her body and her nature moved.

When she noticed it, Maria was pointing her left hand to the beast.

Her palm shone intensely――.

– Eh…?

The wolf flew away, up to ten meters to the back.

(What in the world was that just now?)

She didn’t know.

Besides, it didn’t mean that she gained victory with that.

While Maria was perplexed, the wolf rose quickly and attacked again.

– … kuh!!

There was no choice but do so again.

Maria turned her hand towards the beast again, she was anxious about blowing it away.

Then, the eyes of Maria shone in a golden color again and the beast was blown away to the back.

(This ability, why do I have such a thing…?)

Of course, she didn’t know.

Thanks to that ability, the fight went in favor of Maria.

She went after the beast and knocked it down.

Then delivered the final blow by piercing its body with the spear.

(… I won!)

That was very delightful.

(But, what exactly is this power?)

She had no idea.

Was it perhaps due to the space adaptation surgery?

Or perhaps it was activated when coming to this planet?

Or it may have been triggered by the attack she got from the Savage.

(… well, it’s no use even if I keep thinking about it)

She will be troubled if the companions of that beast come. If they came in group rather than alone, it will be difficult for her to fight while protecting that boy, without mentioning herself.

Even so——.

(What should I do with this…)

Maria turned her line of sight towards the spear of her right hand.

For the time being, she decided to focus her mind in it to return it to how it was before.

Then, the spear of light returned to an amulet.



What was really this?

She didn’t know.

… in any case, Maria wore her clothes.

She held the unconscious boy on her back and decided to return to the location of the escape pod.

Of course, she was going to bring back home the body of the wolf that became food.

Maria got on her way back home while dragging it.



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