Hundred – Volume 11 – After Festa――After he was found out with her

After Festa――After he was found out with her



Two days have passed since the night of the Founding Festival――the Gardens Festa in which Emile Crossford, a first year student of Little Garden High School Martial Arts Department, was actually a woman, and not only that, she officially became Emilia Gudenburg, the Princess of the Kingdom of Gudenburg, the suzerain state of the Federation of Britannia.

The Martial Arts Department’s school building, the top part of the military section and the deck of Little Garden were destroyed by the terrorist attack of Vitaly Tynyanov, and their repairs started at the same time the Founding Festival finished by the students of the Martial Arts Department and the mercenaries of Warslan Company under instruction of the Student Council.

… However, Hayato and Emilia participated in that from today.

They got considerably damaged by fighting the Replicant Savages and Krovahn and the others, the three Variants who rampaged; and also consumed a large quantity of sense energy, so they were given a day off.

Hayato and Emilia slept all day in their rooms.

Therefore, this was the first day since Hayato and Emilia exposed themselves in public that night. And for that reason alone, the excitement of the other students was considerable.

Emilia attracted a lot of attention as she helped to sort the repair materials carried into the school building by trucks. A lot of rumors plunged into Hayato’s ears who was doing the same duty.

– Oh, if it isn’t the rumored Emilia-san!

– Wow, she’s really wearing a girl’s uniform!

– Just when I was longing for Emile-kun!

– “The forbidden love of Hayato-kun and Emile-kun”, huh…

So on and so forth,

– Hey, that Emilia does look like a Princess, doesn’t she?

– It seems there’s a rumor saying that Emilia-san, Claire-sama and Kirishima Sakura are competing for Hayato-kun!

Etcetera, truly a lot of things they said.

Because of that much, Hayato wasn’t at all calm.

(I only prefer this because the school is still closed, but once it reopens normally, this thing will become even more problematic, isn’t it?)

Hayato sighed greatly, thinking so in his mind.

First place of Hundred’s all-time reaction values.

He drew with Claire in the duel the day after enrolling.

He was selected for Selections while being a first-year student.

A prodigy who slaughtered a Trenta type Savage in his first battle.

The rumor of an ardent love with the Idol Kirishima Sakura.

And so on; although he came into the limelight lots of times in this sixth months, it calmed down substantially lately, and yet, it was happening again.

He wasn’t the center of the rumors this time, so maybe this was a blessing in disguise?

(No, rather, this might be a trouble)

Hayato thought so because Emilia was the center of the rumors, like he wasn’t worried about that at all.


– Hayato, let’s go for dinner!

As soon as today’s duty ended, Emilia took Hayato’s arm and walked towards the cafeteria.

– H-hey, hold on a second, don’t link our arms! If someone sees us, they’ll do so with strange eyes!

– Hayato said all this time that we should stop because you felt unpleased linking arms with another man, isn’t that right? So, come on. Now I’m an ordinary girl and the childhood friend of Hayato no matter how you look at it! There should be no problem, right!?

Certainly, Emilia now was wearing a girl’s uniform unlike so far and her hair wasn’t tied. This much ended up making his heart race, and the gazes from their surroundings became something like seeing an innocent couple.

This would only rise even more strange rumors.

(This Emilia, how should I put it, she’s always doing things her own way…?)

In the end, Hayato couldn’t shake off Emilia’s arm and arrived at the cafeteria placed exactly in between the school buildings of the elementary, middle, high and martial arts departments.

Since a lot of students of the martial arts department worked at night for the duration of the repairs of Little Garden, it was decided that they should have meals in the cafeteria and not in the dorms.

The power supply facilities and the like destroyed by Vitaly’s attack were already repaired, they were practically working as usual. The menu was a bit small than usual.

– Oh, Kisaragi-san and Emile… no, Emilia-san!

When Hayato was looking for seats to where to sit with Emilia as they ordered the menu’s special of the day which was deep-fried chicken with mayonnaise on it, a voice suddenly called out to them.

A first-year student of the martial arts department just like them. She was their classmate Noah Sheldon.

Next to her was another classmate, Ryu Shuemei.

Both of them, like Hayato and Emilia, had a tray with the special of the day on them.

– You’re also going to have dinner? Would you mind doing so with us?

Hayato invited the two showily.

He thought they wouldn’t attract attention so much than eating by themselves.

– Eh, are you sure?

They didn’t think he would invite them like that.

Shuemei smiled, looking happy.

However, there was someone who tapped her shoulder.

That was Noah.

She murmured as if whispering close to Shuemei’s ear.

– We can’t, Shuemei. Look at her…

– Her…? Ah…

The body of Shuemei stiffened.

Because the point at which the gaze of Noah was looking was the figure of Emilia with arms crossed, clearly showing a discontented expression on her face.

(… She’s dangerous…)

Hayato noticed it and thought they would end up declining at this rate, so he requested Emilia to accept.

– Hey, it’s fine if they join us?

– I don’t mind if Hayato says so, but…

Emilia reluctantly agreed.

Thus, dinner time started for the four people.

– Come to think of it, what are Shuemei and Noah doing now?

After all of them said “thanks for the food” all together, each one of them began to talk about their duties.

– I inspect the entry and exit of vehicles at the checkpoint. Noah does the same.

Shuemei answered Hayato’s question. Then, Noah said.

– I’ve been doing this work for the last few days, but I do have a lot of free time. What are Hayato-san and Emilia-san doing?

– We’re helping to sort out the repair materials carried into the school. Isn’t that right, Emilia?

– Ah, yeah. That’s right.

Emilia hadn’t said a single word since the dinner started.

So Hayato brought up the subject, but her answer was plain, just a few words she said.

She ate her meal with the same displeasured expression.

For that reason only, not just Hayato.

But also Shuemei and Noah showed up confusion.

A moment of silence appeared.

(What do we do?)

(Ask them that?)

(You ask them)

(Eh, me?)

(Yes, please. You do it…)

Shuemei and Noah discussed with a low voice.

And the result――.

– Excuse me, there’s something I want to ask to the two of you!

At last, determination came to her.

Shuemei, who was incited by Noah’s elbow, put both hands on the desk and raised her voice mixed with excitement.

– Ho-honestly speaking, how far have the two of you gone!?

Hayato ended up spurting out water reflexively.

– H-how far…? Shuemei-san, what are you saying…?

– Wh-what she means is that, w-whether or not it’s true that you were kissing at the beach!

Noah stood up like Shuemei and said as if backing her.

Shuemei asked again.

– How is it then!? You kissed! Isn’t it!? Not only you kissed, you maybe went even further――

– Err, that’s true!

– Hey, Emilia!

Her displeasured expression until now wasn’t at all bothered.

Emilia was about to start talking with a smile on her whole face.

– What’s up guys! You seem to be having a nice talk here. Let us mix in it too.

The one who called out to them was their classmate Fritz Grantz.

He also had the same special of the day in his hands like Hayato and Emilia.

Next to him was another classmate of theirs, Latia Saint-Émillion.

She had spaghetti.

– Wha, Fritz. She was saying if they went even further. Could it be that what’s beyond a kiss is…

– Whaaat? That’s not something a child should care about.

Fritz put his right hand on top of Latia’s head.

Then Latia bared her fangs and flared up at Fritz.

– Wha!? Don’t say that I’m a child!

– Hey hey, don’t act violently. You’ll spill the soup.

Fritz put his back on the chair, putting the tray on the table with a composed attitude. Latia also sat on seat while inflating her cheeks.

– … So, you’re talking about the kiss of the day before yesterday?

Fritz turned a happy-looking smile.

– Let’s stop talking about that…

Hayato scratched his cheek, looking embarrassed.

This was a topic he didn’t want to touch if possible.

– But, it was true that you were kissing. We saw it too. Isn’t that right, Latia?

– Y-yeah. They were intertwined on the beach…

– Yup yup, Hayato was being proactive back th――

– Hey, Emilia! I told you to stop!

Hayato, who stopped Emilia who was about to speak happily in a hurry, continued.

– That kiss was an accident, rather, a lot of coincidences came one after another, so yeah, we were doing so because, I mean…

He couldn’t talk about――the Variant’s power recovery.

Hayato and Emilia were Variants, but it was a secret at that point, except for the members of the Student Council and a part of the staff of Warslan Company.

– Well, I’ll do so, so let’s leave it as that.

*Hahaha*, Fritz laughed. Then Latia said.

– Nevertheless, Emilia. You’re now the center of attention. That much must be very hard, isn’t it?

– Nope, not for me.

– Hmm? Is that so?

– Rather, it’s much easier for me than when I was hiding the fact I was a woman. Until now, I had to hide my chest in battle with Arms Shroud. The Variable jacket had a tight chest line in it.

– Oh, I see.

Emilia moved her hands along the lines of her chest as if emphasizing its size.

– When I was in school uniform, it was tough and difficult to wrap a cloth to hide my breasts, the summer was a real pain, I really suffered there. Even using the toilet――

– Oh, that’s right. How did you do it when you had to go to the toilet?

Noah asked immediately.

It seemed like she was interested in that.

– Err, I tried to not do it at school if possible. Eventually, there was a time I couldn’t endure it――ah, let’s stop talking about toilets. Anyway, we’re not the only ones eating here, and it’s a little embarrassing too.

Emilia scratched her face as if feeling embarrassed.

His heart ended up accelerating a bit due to the expression she didn’t show when she was cross-dressing.

– ――Anyway, that’s the end of the story. Hayato also seemed to have finished eating, so we’ll be going at once. You promised we would do that today too, right?


– W-what are you doing together!?

Noah and Shuemei stood up with their faces dyed red and asked them, bending themselves forward.

– That-is-a-se-cret  ❤.

Emilia, who answered while raising her index finger in front of her face, stood up with tray in hand.

– Let’s go, Hayato.

– S-sure.

Hayato also stood up with tray in hand and the two of them left the cafeteria.








– Alright, shall we begin?

This was, the courtyard of the dorm.

Emilia turned the pointed end of the bamboo sword she had to Hayato.

One could see that Hayato also had a bamboo sword in hand like her.

– I thought she meant something like night training, but it’s just training, huh.

The one who said so was Shuemei who got Fritz to bring her along to this place after they finished the meal. Noah was next to her.

– Since the stadium and the training grounds aren’t usable, these guys are training here every day, you see. If you like, you can also do the same. What do you think?

– No, as expected, that…

– May be a bit impossible for us.

Fritz laughed, looking at Shuemei and Noah who replied in a row.

Hayato and Emilia’s training was without the use of Hundred.

A clashing between bamboo sword and bamboo sword.

Still, the force of that was considerable…

Shuemei and Noah stiffened their faces, seeing their sword fight.

– I don’t think I can get in between those guys, you know? It’ll be bad to get in their way, so let’s stick to this.

– Yeah…

– We’ll train and come back again.

Shuemei and Noah left that place excitedly.

After they saw off their figures.

– Alright, I’m going to take a bath then sleep.

Fritz, who said so, entered the dorm.

Hayato and Emilia’s sword fight continued as the stars shone in the night sky.

– This is it!

Emilia leapt into Hayato’s bosom and shook off her bamboo sword horizontally.

Hayato tried to catch it and counterattack at the last moment, but a dent made during the battle was taken by his feet and ended up pitching forward.

The body of Hayato, which fell forward, pushed down Emilia’s body――.

– Uwaah!?

– Eh…!?

The two fell on the ground as if lying on top of one another.

– H-hey, Emilia… are you okay?

Hayato called out to Emilia who was under his body.

– Y-yeah… I’m okay… but…

Emilia answered and tried to stand up.

Then, their eyes met.

Hayato’s chest throbbed, feeling the sweet aroma drifting from Emilia’s hair.

The distance between their faces was no more than 10 centimeters. And, the right hand of Hayato was――.

– … Hayato, you’re touching, my boob…

Emilia muttered, feeling embarrassed.

Hayato noticed after he was told so.

Certainly, his right hand was touching Emilia’s breast.

– S-sorry!

Hayato got up, pulling his hand off in panic.

– I don’t dislike it though.

– Eh…?

– I’d hate if it were someone else, but if it’s Hayato, then I don’t dislike it.

Emilia, who said so, stood up and put her weight on Hayato.

This time, Emilia pushed and held Hayato down in a position similar to straddling.

– Hey, Hayato… why don’t we continue the thing of the other day?

– Continue the thing of the other day…?

What he remembered was that thing after the Gardens Festa.

It seemed to be about the kiss they talked about during dinner moments ago.

– … Hayato…


Emilia pulled her hair upwards, closed her eyes slowly and brought her face near his.

What he remembered was the feeling of her lips he felt at that time.

Hayato swallowed saliva involuntarily.

– … H-hey. This is the courtyard of the dorm, isn’t it?

He said so but Hayato couldn’t push Emilia back with both hands.

On the contrary, he ended up shutting his eyes.

His instinct was telling him he wanted to taste the feeling of that time again.

8 centimeters, 5 centimeters, the lips of the two approached to a distance they could feel each other’s sighs.

Eventually, they opened to a size two tongues would fit in in them――.

– What are you doing masuno!?!?

Their lips were on the verge of lying on top of one another.

The voice of Claire Harvey, the Queen of Little Garden, reverberated there and the two of them separated.

– Why are you here, Prez!?

Emilia asked while bringing her body up in panic.

– I went to the deck to check the state of the restoration desu. On the way back from there, I encountered Ryu Shuemei and Noah Sheldon desuwa. And when I heard that you were training alone, I had a bad presentiment and came to see the situation and like I thought…, no, it was just as I thought…

– President, please wait. This was an accident during our training…

– There’s no use in arguing about it desuwa! HUNDRED ON!

Claire deployed her own armament, the Dragoon type Hundred Alisterion.

– Whoa, we’re telling you to wait――

– I won’t! You have too many accidents masuwa!

Claire fired a beam, aiming at the space between Hayato and Emilia.

– Uwaah!?

Hayato screamed and did a back step.

Emilia did the same.

The beam passed, almost touching lightly their bangs.

– Good grief, you two are really…

After she confirmed the two separated.

Claire sighed greatly.








– The training grounds are planned to be reopened the day after tomorrow desu. Until then, I prohibit you as the order of the president to train whether you use energy or not masuwa.

– Eh, why? Won’t our bodies grow dull?

– As if that were to happen desuwayo! Besides, it will be for two days, so be patient. Naturally, today’s training ends here. Return to Charlotte quickly.

– Uuu, fine…

Emilia tried to leave the courtyard of the dormitory while pouting her lips.

She turned her head on the way and,

– I guess that’s all, Hayato. Night. See you tomorrow.

She waved her hand to Hayato.

– O-okay …

Hayato responded, raising his hand a bit.

However, He couldn’t smile.

On the contrary, his cheeks stiffened.

Because Claire was observing them next to him.

Eventually, and after the figure of Emilia disappeared.

– Err, I…

– Get in the dorm. Tomorrow you’ll be doing repair work from the morning.

– Ah, yes! Well then, good night president!

Hayato saluted and entered the dorm from the rear entrance as if escaping.

– Dear God, there’s no moment I can take my eyes off them desuwane…

Claire muttered with a small voice as she looked at the gradually disappearing and retreating figure of Hayato.

– I was finally able to be alone with Kisaragi Hayato and yet, I almost couldn’t talk to him…

I wasted it.

Even if I think about it, it’s too late now.

(What am I really doing masuno?)

Claire sighed greatly again.

Liddy and Erika walked to the car waiting in front of the dormitory.


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