Ecstas Online – Volume 8 – Chapter 7

Chapter 7      Last Choice


It got dark.

The castle siege battle quest is ongoing, but the 2A Guild issued the order to stand by, so they aren’t moving. All members of the 2A Guild are now in Infermia. Each member was given a private room and I kept guards on them.

Three Elites of the Vampire Corps and the Dark Elf Corps are assigned to each member of the 2A Guild. The windows of the rooms have iron bars. There’s only one exit. If they make a suspicious move, I’ll know immediately.

Shizukuishi and her gang, who were late, arrived safely in Infermia just before it became dark.

With this, all members are gathered.

And, if we survive tonight, I’ll feel relieved for the time being.

The very moment I was about to take off the Demon King Armor and relax──I heard a knock on the door.

– Kakeru? It’s me, Ririko.

– Oh. I’ll go open the door.

When I opened the door, Asagiri was standing there. When I look into the corridor, I see a vampire in Gothic Lolita clothes tailing her.

– There’s something I want to talk about… do you have a minute?

– Of course. I was also thinking that I had to listen to what you had to say.

I let Asagiri enter the room and lock the door.

After encouraging her to sit on the couch, I took off the Demon King Armor.

– Do you want to drink something?

– Please don’t worry about it.

She told me so, but I took out a cold bottle from the refrigerator. By the way, the ice of the frozen soil of Noel is used to cool the refrigerator. This is an extraordinary product that can refrigerate the inside of a refrigerator, it won’t melt at all even if left alone for a month.

I poured the peach cocktail, Rowalrinna’s local specialty, into the glass.

– Thank you.

– No… I have to thank you. I’m sorry for what happened before. I showed you something disgraceful.

Asagiri smiled, saying that wasn’t the case at all.

– So, how did it go?

I thought I had to talk with Asagiri.

– Well. As you told me, I kept an eye on Alice-chan, Yamada-kun and Leonhardt-kun, but they showed no particularly suspicious reactions, I’d say?

– Is that so…?

When I talked with the 2A Guild, I asked Asagiri to indirectly observe the reactions of those three. However, either because the flow of the conversation withered or because I ended up showing something so shameful, it was difficult for Asagiri to hear the results.

At that time, I couldn’t afford to see the reaction of the others, so asking Asagiri to do so was the right answer.

– Hey, does Kakeru think that Takizawa Ryuuji is among those three?

She asked, but I couldn’t answer with confidence.

– I have my own basis, but it’s just a process of elimination based purely on my personal impression… rather, If I eliminated those with low levels of trust, only those three would remain. What about you, Asagiri?

Then Asagiri smiled as if in trouble.

– What about me…? To be honest, I don’t want to doubt them too much.

– You said Ichinomiya was suspicious before, didn’t you?

– I knew some information, so that’s what I thought. But because Kakeru seemed to be on good terms with Ichinomiya-kun, it shocked me.

– How surprising, Asagiri is also a schemer….

– I don’t want Kakeru to tell me that.

I ended up digging my own grave.

– B-but thanks to Ichinomiya, we found out that it was Takizawa Ryuuji who was directing things from behind the scenes.

Asagiri silently nodded.

– About those three… to put it in more detail, Alice-chan was very expressive. I think it was a very honest reaction. As for Yamada-kun and Leonhardt-kun, they had a weak reaction, almost inexpressible.

That impression convinced me.

– After all, isn’t that different from his usual impression…?

– They would suspect me if I stared at them too much, so it’s not like I kept an eye on them all the time.

– If forced to say it, when it comes to Leonhardt, he was too quiet… that’s what bothers me. It feels like he’s going to raise hell in his usual strange Japanese.

– But in that scene, he… maybe read the situation.

Certainly, as the person in question said, he was playing a character….

– Hey, what impression did Yamada and Leonhardt give in the classroom?

– Eh? That’s… hmm, Yamada-kun has a weak impression… oh.

Asagiri covered her mouth seemingly embarrassed.

– It’s not like you’re insulting me. Now, saying what you think without worrying about it is the shortcut of problem-solving.

– Yeah. And… I feel like Yamada- kun doesn’t stand out at all. He’s always there, but he doesn’t have a presence.

– I was just an outsider, so while it’s true that everyone was friends with each other, it felt a little off. Even though he was part of the group, he had no presence… was he a different kind of loner than me?

– Kakeru and Nonnon had a strong presence, though.

– You think so?

– Yeah. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

That means Shizukuishi makes a good impression and I make a bad impression, right…?

– Then, what about Leonhardt?

– He was noisy.

I could only laugh bitterly at the ruthless Asagiri.

– Certainly, I remember he screamed stuff in an otaku way of speaking in a weird Japanese. I don’t remember the things he said because they didn’t make sense at all.

– He wasn’t in a group or had a close and true friendship with anyone. I mean, he hung out with everyone without discrimination.

If I remember correctly, Leonhardt was one of the few people who talked to me normally.

– He doesn’t discriminate, or rather say, all the Japanese look the same to him, don’t you agree?

– That’s cruel. Maybe he has fun sharing information, or he felt like anyone could listen to him.

Isn’t that relatively cruel, too?

Asagiri groaned and stretched her body.

– I feel like we’re lacking conclusive evidence.

– Yeah. As I expected, uncovering him seems impossible….

– But… is that okay?

– When we log out, it will become clear even if he hates it.

– … You’re right.

However, at this rate, if nothing happens.

Will Takizawa Ryuuji, who slipped into the 2A Guild, log out quietly like this?

Will he silently overlook how we return to the real world?

He should be working on something yet──I can’t help but have such feeling.

– By the way, did you say goodbye to all the Hellzekters?

My startled chest bounced.

– No… that’s.

– If you don’t say goodbye… you might regret it, you know?

– … I know. Maybe.

– Sorry. The bond between Kakeru and everyone is deep. I was inconsiderate….

– N-no. That’s not true. What Asagiri says sounds right. You’re correct.

But I haven’t been able to say goodbye to them yet.

I’m scared.

To say goodbye.

Is it because I don’t want to see them sad?

Is it because I hate to admit I’m parting from them?

But it’s tomorrow.

Will I go home without telling them anything?

What will happen to them who will be left behind?

What would they do in a world where I, the Demon Lord Hellshaft, disappeared?

But eventually the system will be shutdown.

Exodia Exodus will never be released. The game that caused such a big incident cannot be announced normally.

It will definitely be shelved. And the data will be deleted as well.

They’ll die.




And Forneus.

Not only them.

Ulriel, Zeragiel, and many other subordinates.

Even if only the characters were reused in other games, they wouldn’t be them.

It’s impossible to say that Exodia Exodus will be released. Even so, the ones I’ll meet again there won’t be the ones I know.

They won’t be the ones who fought with me and got their hands on the world.

They’ll be the same characters, but won’t be the same characters. Their logs of running through the world with me stored as data. Based on that, their current speech and actions are generated. That’s their personality, the reason why they are unique.


The feeling that it was natural to go home tomorrow was cooling off.

Where am I returning to?

Didn’t I rather come back here from reality?

Even Meguru died in this world.

Isn’t it the same whether I die in the real world or here?

It’s not a bad choice at all to continue reigning in this world until the end as the Demon King who controls the whole world, Heaven included, is it?

– Kakeru?

– ──Eh.

The worried-looking face of Asagiri was in front of me.

Realizing so, I sweat like a waterfall.

– Ahaha, sorry. Well, I’ll say goodbye to them before we go home tomorrow.

– Hum… are you okay?

– What? I’m completely okay. We’ll finally go home tomorrow, won’t we? It feels like the day before a trip. I’m a little too excited, so that’s why I sweated.

– … I see.

Asagiri stood up, left the words 「Then. Good night」 with me and returned to her room.

I was alone in the room.

I don’t know what to do tomorrow.

I was worried in my own way. But it wasn’t enough at all.

However, the time I had should be enough. Why wasn’t I more seriously worried about it?

──If only tomorrow never came.

I repeated so many times in my heart.



+      +      +



I couldn’t fall asleep easily, but when it dawned, I started to doze off.

I heard the sound of knocking on the door violently during that light sleep.

– Hellshaft-sama! My apologies for interrupting your sleep!


– What’s wrong?

An unusual sensation is transmitted from outside the room. I wore the Demon King Armor while feeling a strange impatience.

– Human soldiers have invaded the inside of Infermia Castle.

– What!?

When I opened the door, I saw Satanachia’s face, which exuded regret and vexation.

– I am truly sorry──

– It’s fine. More importantly, explain the situation.

– Y-Yes. Human soldiers suddenly appeared from the courtyard. Because it happened at dawn, we were taken by surprise, and now the inside of the castle is in chaos….

As I ran down the hallway, I jumped at the window facing the courtyard.

– ──!?

The courtyard was already filled with human troops. Individual battles are unfolded everywhere, turning into a complete chaotic war. With this, it’ll be impossible to bring things under control all at once.

– Was the gate breached? Or the walls?

– No, there is… nothing wrong with them.


I overlooked the castle walls, but there were no enemy soldiers anywhere.

But when I look down, the courtyard is crowded with human soldiers.

I strained my eyes and followed the movement of the enemy soldiers.

──Is that!?

Human soldiers are spit out one after another from an empty space.

That’s… the same warp hole with which I escaped from Shikiba and moved to Montfort.

But until now, that thing had never existed in Infermia.

Is it Takizawa’s doing!?

Shit… to think he was able to do something like this.

As long as he’s a member of the 2A Guild, he can also give orders to the soldiers of the castle siege battle. Perhaps he made a warp hole last night and gave the instruction at dawn, when most of the soldiers were sleeping.

If so, his aim is──

– Satanachia! Their aim is the 2A Guild and Hell’s Gate!! Gather all members of the 2A Guild in the hall! And strengthen the defense of Hell’s Gate!

– Yes!

Satanachia turned around and ran off.

Aikawa-san is next.

I hurried to the slave room where Aikawa-san was sleeping. And without knocking, I opened the door with all my might. The key broke and flew around, but I don’t have time to worry about it.

– Aikawa-san!

– Doumeguri-kun!!

Aikawa-san, who looks uneasy, rushed to me.

– Why is there so much noise? What’s happening?

– We were attacked by Takizawa. He’s making byways inside the castle and sending human soldiers.

– No way… we’re so close.

– It’s fine. I won’t let him do as he wants.

I held up Aikawa-san in my left hand.

– Ah…

– Now we are strengthening the defense of Hell’s Gate. We’re gathering 2A Guild in the hall, so let’s go to Hell’s Gate together. If we hang on until noon, we’ll win.

– Okay….

Aikawa-san put her hand around my neck and hugged me firmly.

– The enemy has already entered the castle. I’ll take you to the hall immediately. 

– I understand. Please.

There’s no worry in her face. Her face seen from the side completely trusted me.

– … Then, here we go.

I leave the corridor and head towards the hall. When I took the corner, human soldiers appeared.

– They have the nerve to come to a place like this?

I clenched my right fist and hit the oncoming enemies. The bodies of the normal humans are blown off lightly with my blow.

– Hurry up!

I break into a run while paying attention to Aikawa-san in my arms. Humans stood in the way in succession, but I kicked them around with vigor and without stopping.

However, the number of enemies increased instead of decreasing.

I mowed down the enemies in front of the hall with one hand, opened the big door and got inside. The inside was full of soldiers of the Demon King Army.

I don’t know if all the members of Class 2-A are gathered….

– Oh, it’s Hell-sama!

Making her wings flap, Forneus came flying.

– Forneus. Are all members of the 2A Guild and the Demonists gathered?

I lowered Aikawa-san, asked so,

– Who knows?

She tilted her head with a smile.

Yup. It was stupid of me to ask her.

I pulled Aikawa-san’s hand and moved to the back.

Then, I saw a beautiful dark elf in the back.

– Satanachia.

– Hellshaft-sama! The humans are gathered here.

When I pushed my way through the Demon King Army and went towards Satanachia, the 2A Guild was certainly gathered there.

– Kakeru.

Asagiri was waving her hand at me. I let go of Aikawa-san’s hand and walk towards Asagiri and the others.

Ougiya, Leonhardt, Yamada, Arisugawa, Yuuki, Busujima, Miyakoshi, and Ichinomiya.

– The whole 2A Guild is gathered.

I nod to Ichinomiya.

– The Black Dawn Group too.

Next to them is Shizukuishi and her underlings.

Souma is leaning against the wall, away from the others, alone.

– Alright… do we go to the Hell’s Gate, then?

– My King, about that, there is a small issue.

Adra and Grasha pushed the soldiers aside and came to my side.

– The enemy has already occupied the temple of Hell’s Gate. It appears that the stairs going down to the basement are also filled with soldiers.

Fuck! They’re so quick.

– What do we do? King-sama.

Although Grasha asked a question, his tail is wagging from side to side. He’s convinced we’ll fight.

– Hmm. I’ll do something clever.

I jumped on the stage in the hall.

The gazes of the gathered Demon King Army concentrate on me. As that happened, I spouted flames from the cloak and the chinks in my armor and took a cool pose.


– Repel those who have defiled our castle
  Let them know the foolishness of opposing the Demon King
  Make them redeem with their blood and life
  Take back the Gates of Hell
  The only one who controls the whole world is me, the Demon King Hellshaft!!


*Uoooooooooo*, The Demon King Army raises trembling-like voices. And──,

– Hell!! Hell!! Hell!! Hell!! Hell!! Hell!! Hell!! Hell!! Hell!! Hell!! 

Voices echo in the hall, and the sound of trampling the floor makes a tremor.

They raise their fists and match their voices.

– Let’s go!!

I shouted loudly and opened the door of the hall.

The outside was already full of human soldiers.

– Uooooooooooooo!!

I drive my fist into them with all my strength. About ten people were blown away to the edge of the corridor at once.

– No one can stop me!!

Waving my flame cloak, I walk down the hallway.

– Follow the King!!

– Let’s go! Bite them to death one after another!!

– The 2A Guild will follow us from behind. Understood?

– Wow ♪ It’s a festival!!

Adra, Grasha, Satanachia and Forneus are lined up immediately behind me.

No matter what enemies came, we were the strongest.

– Uooooo!

We send the enemies flying and look into the stairs going down to the basement. The enemies were crammed tightly there as well.

– Hehehe, isn’t it great, King-sama! I’m getting pumped up!!

As Grasha’s excitement went up and beyond, Adra repositioned his glasses and smiled.

– Certainly, this is a party. Shall we have a match about who can defeat the most enemies?

– Oh? What’s with you, being down to earth all of a sudden?

Grasha glares at Adra and smiles broadly.

However, elven arrows fly over their heads. The arrows create a breeze and fly while scattering the enemies.

The pierced humans scream while rolling down the stairs. They collapsed all at once, like a domino toppling.

– Aaaah!? Goddamn you! Satanachia!!

At the raging Grasha, Satanachia gracefully combed her silver hair.

– First come, first served.

– Shit! Like hell I’ll looooooose!!

Grasha shouted, and went down the stairs with a falling force. Adra followed him, and Satanachia also ran down with her bow in one hand.

– Ah, Forneus will be going as well!

I firmly grabbed Forneus’s head.

– Forneus. Sacred is prohibited.

– Hmm?

After telling her in an easy-to-understand manner, I released Forneus.

Well, I can’t afford to lose either.

When I turned around, the whole Class 2-A was looking at me with blank faces. So my interaction with the Hellzekter was seen, it seems.

I didn’t feel embarrassed now.

I followed everyone as if sliding down the stairs.

I can immediately see four backs. Taking advantage of the surprise, I jumped into the middle of the enemies.

– Oh! How cunning of you, King-sama!!

– As expected of my King. However, this is a great opportunity to get you to see my power. I cannot afford to lose so easily.

– Fufufu, we have a match, then.

– Satanachia will show you the best ❤.

– Forneus too ♪.

I spew out flames and burn the enemy soldiers completely.

Adra slashes the enemies with his red sword made of blood.

Grasha slams his strong arm against them.

Satanachia shoots arrows splendidly.

Forneus cuts enemies into two with her angel ring.

I’m feeling happy now.

Fighting together in this way is making me feel a sense of fulfillment that cannot be replaced by anything.

Can I go back to my world and experience this feeling?


I noticed──,

We were on the 30th basement floor.

We had reached the temple of Hell’s Gate. And there were no enemies.

──It’s over.

It’s really over.

From the stairs, Class 2-A appears.

– Is this… the Hell’s Gate?

Ichinomiya looked up at the huge gate and shouted in admiration.

A terrifyingly beautiful gate with sculptures of demons and angels ornamenting its whole surface. Its faint, shining blue appearance is divine, that in itself is even godly.

I open the menu and check the time.


It’s about time.

When I thought so──,

『Sorry to have kept you waiting. All is set, so please escape through the Hell’s Gate』

The announcement was played.

The members of Class 2-A smile brightly.

– Doumeguri-kun.

Aikawa-san, who was next to me, was looking up as if to urge me.

– Yeah….

I approach the gate and grabbed the handle. Then the door opened without any resistance.

What was beyond that was surrounded by a dazzling light.


It’s pure white.

I involuntarily stepped back.

I stepped back as if being afraid of the Hell’s Gate.

– What’s wrong? Kakeru.

Asagiri came next to me, looking curious.

– Well….

– We can finally go home.

– … Yeah.

– Did you say goodbye to the Hellzekters?

I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t turn around.

I can’t see the faces of those lined up there.

Maybe if I turn around, I can’t go back to reality.

That’s why,

I just stepped forward.


I heard someone’s voice.

──Don’t go yet.

– … Eh?

That voice just now──Meguru?

– What’s wrong, Doumeguri?

Ichinomiya also came to me.

– If you aren’t going, I’ll go first! I’ll be the first to arrive!

Ougiya tried to jump into Hell’s Gate.

– Wait!!

I stopped him with a yell.

Ougiya turned his face towards me with a frightened look.

– W-what… what’s wrong?

This is strange.

Something is wrong.

– Is there really something wrong? Doumeguri-kun.

Aikawa-san gently put her hand on my arm.

– Something is out of place. But what is it…?

Or is it just that I don’t want to go home?

To my ears, which fell into a maze of thoughts,

– If I remember rightly──

I heard a plain voice.

– The announcement just now was a little different from yesterday’s voice.

– ….

This guy… uhm,

– It sounds like synthetic voice. The pitch is a little different.

Wait a moment.

– Yamada.

I called that name, which is too ordinary.

– The voice is different…?

– Overall, it’s a little high, the Hell’s Gate part started at the Mi sound, but this one started at the Sol sound.

I didn’t understand anything. I mean, understanding it was impossible.

– I don’t get it… but the voice is different from yesterday’s announcement?

– Yeah, it’s just another person, or machine-processed and copied. I have perfect pitch. I never forget the sound or melody I heard once.

──This guy,

He’s not normal at all!!

I took a deep breath to calm myself down.

Is that so?

I heard Yamada ‘s quip because I didn’t jump in immediately and hesitated.

──Thanks to Meguru for letting me know.

If I hadn’t doubted, we’d be crossing the Hell’s Gate by now──.

– You… saved me again.

– Kakeru?

I smiled lightly at Asagiri, who had a suspicious look.

And I turn around.

The guys of Class 2-A. The Hellzekter behind them. And behind them, the troops of the Demon King Army are lined up.

– Adra, Grasha, Satanachia, Forneus. You guys don’t move from there for a while. Do not listen to what I’ll be saying now. Are we clear?

Adra immediately replied 「As you say」 and everyone else replied in the same way.

I look around the members of Class 2-A again.

I’m looking at everyone, but I’m focusing on one person actually.

– Meguru told me about your trap.

His “What the hell are you saying so suddenly” expression. A moment later, surprise emerges in his eyes a little.

– I’ll tell you one thing you don’t know. Takizawa Meguru was alive.

– Hey, Doumeguri. What are you──

Asagiri stops Ichinomiya who said so.

– For years she was alone in this world. Even after losing her body, her consciousness data was still alive.

Arisugawa looks at every classmate in a panic.

Shizukuishi crosses her arms, she’s indignant. The Demonists look like they don’t understand what that means.

But that guy ended up gasping unintentionally.

– She was able to survive in this world. In the future, it would have been possible to transfer her consciousness data to an artificial body and revive her.

Ougiya is stunned.

Yuuki is silently watching over the situation.

Miyakoshi opened her mouth to complain, and Busujima covered that mouth.

– But you deleted her consciousness data.

– …!?

– Meguru died because of the incident you caused.

– Urk…!!

He barely swallowed his angry voice. But it’s too late.


Yushima Leonhardt’s expression filled with killing intent──says it all.


With a confused voice, Ichinomiya tried to intervene.

– H-hey, what’s wrong… Doumeguri, Leonhardt?

However, neither I nor Leonhardt took our eyes off each other.

– Yushima Leonhardt. You locked us in here.

– What are you saying so suddenly?

– Class 2-A certainly has numerous people with strong personalities. But you felt out of place among them. Like an AI-operated NPC character.

– … So?

– But that doesn’t matter. Because you manipulated our perceptions and memories. So even if the character Leonhardt has a strange configuration, we never felt it was out of place.

Leonhardt tried to smile. He’s trying to laugh forcibly, and stiffens his face.

Other classmates began to distance themselves from Leonhardt with a frightened look.

– I told you before. I was making a character.

– I can imagine the reason why you are playing such a strange character. First is that AI can also operate it. You can’t stay logged in all the time because your body is in the real world. You have to go back to reality and eat and sleep. During that time, it needs to be played by AI. However, AI isn’t good at expressing the subtleties of the heart of real people. That’s why it has an impossibly edgy personality. Even if it always returns the same reaction, it won’t raise suspicion.

When I look at the facial expressions of Class 2-A, it seems that everyone is feeling a little uncomfortable.

– Second, this is something natural….

– What are you saying?

I answer with a bitter smile.

– It’s hard for a middle-aged old man to blende with senior high school students and pretend to be one.

– ….

– That’s why you made a strange character. It doesn’t matter if it can’t keep up with the topic. You don’t have to worry about the generation gap. You don’t have to worry about sense, fashion, or speaking style. It was easy, wasn’t it?

Leonhardt didn’t say anything and shook his shoulders.

Suddenly, I heard an out-of-place voice in my ear.

『Umm, I’m sorry. We are a little late. But the test went smoothly. Please go through Hell’s Gate with confidence!』

Without taking my eyes off Leonhardt, I yelled.

– Yamada!!

– This time it’s the same voice as yesterday.


– Everyone! Go through Hell’s Gate!

– As if I were to let you do it! You fucking kids!!

Leonhardt shouts as if revealing his true nature.

A sword appeared in his hand.

– All of you will die here!

Souma, Ichinomiya and Asagiri pulled out their swords and came out in front of me. But Leonhardt wore a triumphant-looking smile.

– Stop. You never knew, but all my statuses are maxed out.

– What did you say?

Souma has a grim expression.

– It’s obvious. It’s like an insurance. Even if you’re together, you’re no match for me.

I make Souma and the others step back and I take a step forward.

– Are you sure about that?

Leonhardt──no, Takizawa Ryuuji frowned at me, who was full of confidence.

– … What are you planning?

– You can ask that to your mind.

I open the menu and select the magic that saved me many times.

– 『ECSTAS』!!

– ──Guh!?

Takizawa groaned. But──,

– Hmm. Is it magic that affects mental status? Did you give points to such a trivial thing?

– Now it’s time for the main show.

I summoned another magic.


– … Is this also a mental-type one? But what is its effect?

Nothing happened.

Dammit! Mental-type stuff cannot be prevented without special measures. It even worked on Shikiba who was level 99! I cannot believe it’s not working!

At first, he was wary, but Takizawa smiled ironically as though he had lost interest.

– Is that your trump card? So useless.

He laughed loudly, and as if he had suddenly come up with something,

– That’s right. I shall give you a chance to go back to reality.

And looked at each member of Class 2-A.

– Kill each other. The last remaining one will be saved.

Asagiri is so angry that tears are welling up in her eyes.

– To think everyone was sacrificed… for a person like that….

Shedding tears from her big eyes, Asagiri made her voice quiver and shouted.

– Did you know that when Meguru-chan and I went on an adventure in this world, Meguru-chan talked a lot about you!? “I love my dad!” “Even if I were to be trapped in this word alone, I’m sure my dad will help me!” She believed in you! She yearned for you; did you know that? And yet──

– Don’t talk like you know everything!!  Do you know how I feel!? That child became your sacrifice! Both that child and I are victims in this world! But this won’t end with me as the only victim. Like hell it will end!! I’ll leave a big scar in your hearts!! That is my living proof──

Takizawa’s expression stiffened.

– Wh-what?

He opens his eyes wide and mumbles and mutters something.

– No way… Meguru. It’s really….

What on earth is he looking at?

– You’re wrong! I, I! For… forgive, me.

Is it the effect of Hell & Heaven…? No, I should be able to see that too.

But I can’t see anything.

But it’s visible for Takizawa.

The appearance of his daughter, Meguru.


──Now. Kakeru.


The voice of Meguru whispered in my ear. Coming to my senses, I immediately shouted.

– Souma! Drag Takizawa──Leonhardt and jump into Hell’s Gate!!

– Tch! You come fast too, Kakeru!!

Souma got behind Takizawa at an incredible speed, grabbed him by the collar of his coat and started running.

The power of the strengthened Souma drags Takizawa, who has lost resistance, without difficulty.

– ──Wha.

When he realized, it was already too late. Souma jumped into the light of Hell’s Gate with Takizawa who had the appearance of Leonhardt.

– Asagiri! Ichinomiya! You go first too!!

– But… what about Kakeru?

– I’ll go soon, too.

Asagiri looks at me with anxious eyes,

– I haven’t said goodbye yet.

– … Is that so?

– Go ahead.

– I understand… Akira-kun! Everyone!!

– Yeah, everyone! Go through Hell’s Gate fast!

Ichinomiya went to where Class 2-A was, encouraged them and urged them.

– Then I’ll go.

Asagiri stared at me and disappeared into Hell’s Gate.

Seeing that, and probably because the rest of them took a decision, they started running towards the Hell’s Gate.

– Alright! I’ll go too!!

– Ageha too!, Let’s go, Meg!!

– Y-yeah.

– Oh… I can go home. To the world I come from.

– Goodbye, Naru-chan.

And Ichinomiya nods to me and then disappears.

Shizukuishi plunged the flinching Demonists into the Hell’s Gate as if throwing them into it.

– Later, Doumeguri-kun. No… Hellshaft.

Shizukuishi took out her glasses from her breast pocket and wore them.

– What’s wrong?

– I wanted to see you clearly one last time.

– Hmm… you don’t look bad at all when wearing glasses. Black-haired witch.

Shizukuishi smiled softly as if she was another person.

– Your last words aren’t bad either. My Demon King-sama.

– Yeah. I’m much obliged to you.

Shizukuishi also turned around and disappeared into Hell’s Gate without looking back.

– Doumeguri-kun….

– Aikawa-san too.

– Yeah… but.

Aikawa-san touched my arm. And she asked with anxiety.

– You’re going home, right? Doumeguri-kun.


– Yes. But I don’t want anyone… to see me say goodbye to them. I’m sorry.

– I see… I understand.

And Aikawa-san looked around.

– It’s weird. I wanted to go home so much, but now I’m a little lonely.

– Does Aikawa-san have any regrets?

– Yes. The room I was tidying up, I regret doing a shoddy cleaning.

I involuntarily let a laughing voice slip.

– Then I’ll go first.

Aikawa-san walked into Hell’s Gate and disappeared while looking back many times.

──Well, the last one is me.

I stared at the four Hellzekters.

– My King? I did not say anything because it was an order, but… what were you talking about with the humans just now?

– Err. I….

– It’s fine, isn’t it? Did they go somewhere? Let’s go back to the top quickly. There may still be enemies left.

Go back. To Infermia.

– Hellshaft-sama is tired, is he not? Please take a break with a glass of Arzheim wine. I will heal you as always.

As always.

– Forneus is also hungry. Let’s have lunch together.


I look up to heaven. A rock ceiling covers the sky.

– ──No. I have to go too.

– To the other side of Hell’s Gate?

Adra frowns. Satanachia said immediately.

– If so, we will accompany you.

– That… is impossible. You can’t go to the other side. You have no choice but to stay here.

– What are you saying now? Well, fine by me.

– Please take caaaare.

They approved it easily. My chest feels a little lighter.

I turn my back on the Hellzekter and head towards Hell’s Gate.


It’s a short distance. Even if I walk slowly, I’ll be there in a moment.

If I extend my arm, the reality will be right there.

I extend my right arm──,

– If so, we will be looking forward to the return of our King.

– ──!!

The hand that was about to reach it stopped moving.

– You better come back soon!! King-sama!

– Please return safely. Until then, we will take care of Infermia.

– I want you to buy me souvenirs!

That’s not it.

I won’t be able to come back anymore.

You will end up being erased too.

And yet, everyone believes I’ll return.

… I.


I turned around.

The hand stretching out to Hell’s Gate goes to Hellzekter.



– Come with me!


Everyone stared at me with surprised faces.

– From here on, I will go to another world!

– Ooh!?

Their expressions change from a surprised face to a look of joy and excitement.

– My King? What is “another world”?

– A world completely different from this one. A world dominated by humans, where all common sense doesn’t apply.

– What? So we’re going to conquer that one next!? In that case, we have to go, don’t we!?!?

Even so.

– You guys are my most trusted leaders of the Demon King Army!! You will go with me to the ends of the earth!!

– Yes! Satanachia will serve you forever!

– Forneus will go too!

Everyone rushes towards me.


We were born at different times, but we die at the same time.

It’s a wish that won’t come true.


──Even one second longer.

──Even a centimeter ahead.

Even a little longer, to a distant place,

With everyone, we jumped into the light together.



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      1. ………………An anime for Ecstas…..will be hard….why? Well, i mean, Ecstas has already some years and an anime never came out(there is drama CD though) unlike with Masou Gakuen HxH.
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        Several LN get the same treatment and is horrible when is not done well, which in return prevent them from making a second season(like in Masou Gakuen).
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        I’m betting it will be a continuation(like an extra volume of the after story, like in Masou Gakuen) or short stories(again like in Masou Gakuen).


      2. This will most probably never happen, the series is completed and completed series almost never get an anime adaptation because there is nothing to promote. Anime adaptations help to boost sales of the source content (be it light novel or manga) and if it does really well among other factors, it will receive an anime adaptation.


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