Ecstas Online – Volume 7 – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Logging in for the first time



When I first came to this world, I was excited.

An educational field trip which also served as a test for the next-gen VR system. It had advance reviews such as “Enjoy World Heritage sites around the world as if they were actually there”, but no one trusted them.

But when I gave logging in a try, it was more real than what the reviews said.

The things I saw and touched, the sunlight I felt on my skin, the refreshing breeze, and the scent of the forest carried by the wind. They all seemed real.

I woke up in a small village named Edessa. There were classmates from Class 2-A around me. The number of people was less than half of the class, but I didn’t really care because I thought the others had gone to another place.

The villagers were all kind and peaceful. I thought I was in trouble because I couldn’t speak foreign languages, but it helped to know that they could speak Japanese. I appreciate that this kind of place isn’t real.

Are these people logged in? Are they employees of the company that offers this service or something? I tried throwing those questions, but they just cocked their heads in puzzlement.

Thinking that they had gotten into their roles perfectly, we got more and more pleased. 

Anyway, we were very excited about the next-gen VR system that we experienced for the first time. But soon we noticed something strange.

──Where are we?

We should have come to one of the World Heritage Sites, but no one knew which country and which World Heritage Site we were at.

It was certainly a village with natural beauty. It was surrounded by nothing but green hills and except for the forest on the outskirts of the village, there was nothing worth seeing. I didn’t know where this World Heritage Site was.

I didn’t know how I could log out, and even if I asked or tried to move, there was no explanation.

By the time we spent one night and another night in the village, we were about to panic with anxiety and fear.

We decided to leave the village.

We walked down the road leading to the forest.

Looking back, we were the laughingstock, but we had no equipment, we were empty-handed.

Moreover, we were not in the grassland, but in the forest.

After leaving the village and walking for a while, a creature we had never seen appeared.

It stood on two legs like a human, but its face was that of a pig. Green skin. It was dirty, wore tattered clothes and had a rust-covered nata in its hands.

We were shocked.

However, we stood still. We neither ran away nor fought.

That was our first encounter with a monster. It was an orc.

When it attacked us, who stood around like idiots, it cut down Matoba who was at the front. The scene didn’t seem real.

The orc repeatedly stabbed Matoba who fell to the ground and who still couldn’t even scream. Every time he was stabbed, a number emerged from his body. The number turned red, and the next moment, Matoba’s body disappeared, becoming particles of light.

The orc turned his eyes to us and smiled broadly.

I don’t remember what happened after that.

What I noticed was that I was lying down at the entrance of the village.

I was crying and drooling, and my body was covered in mud. And wet my pants*.

*TN: The last part in Japanese may refer to either pooping or peeing one’s pants, since the set phrase (and its literal translation) is something along the lines of “a thing had leaked out”. 

I remember trembling violently with fear and shock, moving my disobedient body against its will and desperately escaping. While crying, I fell down many times, and each time I shouted “Help me, don’t leave me”. But no one was willing to help others.

When confirming the number of people, that girl, Bandou, wasn’t with us.

She was the most obtuse and slow-footed. Perhaps she was sacrificed? We cried. Was it out of sadness? Or the joy of surviving? Thanks to her becoming a prey, we gained time. We were saved thanks to her.

Then we paid meticulous attention and investigated this world.

As a result, we concluded that this isn’t a VR of a World Heritage Site, but a game world.

Little by little, we safely searched for ways to survive.

If it was a game, then could we be resurrected even if we died once? We had such faint expectations. However, neither Matoba nor Bandou showed up after that.

At first, we chose hamster-like monsters and defeated them. Then rabbits. Then foxes. We slowly leveled up, and each time we became stronger.

When we went past level 10, the orcs were no longer a match for us. We went from being those who were hunted to those who hunted.

We gained confidence and got drunk with our strength.

Gradually we became more enthusiastic and arrogant.

We also made expeditions to other villages and rampaged there as well. We only saw monsters as XP. Other humans had naturally started to respect and revere us.

Nothing scared me anymore.

When I was weak, I could only rely on my friends from Class 2-A. We, who were weak, leaned on each other and joined forces to survive. Everything but us was a threat.

But now there wa nothing threating us. The only threat to us was──the group next door.

Around that time, there were many conflicts within the group. When they didn’t do as we wanted, we got angry, mad, and swore.

On that day as well, I argued with Takigawa.

I returned to the inn room, and while I was regurgitating my anger, I suddenly became frightened.


——Won’t Takigawa come to kill me while I’m sleeping tonight?


Fear struck my whole body.

I told myself that murdering could’t be done so easily. But as I tried thinking about it, my heart became more dominated by fear.

There were no laws in this world.

Even if you killed a person, there were no police to arrest you.

No one would protect you, and there was no one to punish you. I was shocked to realize that it was a completely lawless area.

Our relationship was built on a terrifyingly dangerous balance. I used to take things like law and order as natural. I thought that human beings were like that.

But I was wrong.

The fear of being attacked by orcs when I just came to this world was revived, I couldn’t sleep that day. The next day, when I met Takigawa, I thought that maybe I could make peace with him, but he stared at me with a hateful look.

It was beyond help.

As things were, I’d be killed.

So that day, when Takigawa went out to level up alone, I attacked him from behind. I drove my Critical Punch into him in rapid succession and caused a lot of damage. I picked up the surprised Takigawa and threw him off a cliff.

In this world, even if you fell from a height that would kill you in the original world, you would only take damage. But the damage was proportional to the height. I looked into the cliff. A precipitous cliff that seemed to be 100 meters high. After his HP was reduced to that extent──,

Sure enough, light burst at the bottom of the cliff.

Takigawa had died.

I sprawled on the ground, pleased to be free from fear.

Three days later, they decided to search for the missing Takigawa.

In the meantime, I leveled up frenetically. I had one hour of sleep. As I ate, I kept defeating monsters that could be defeated with one hand.

For me now, the only scary thing was the group from Class 2-A.

These guys had the same power as me.

That was why we couldn’t meddle with each other. Therefore, I was always anxious.

But if I had more power, I’d be relieved.

A month after they stopped the search, I noticed that somebody was suspicious of me. It was a girl named Tachinami.

Tachinami must think that I killed Takigawa.

Maybe she was talking about it to other people as well. Maybe they were discussing how to kill me while I was absent.

There were no rules in this world. There were no rules between us. If someone muttered “that guy is shady” and the people around them agreed with them, that was it.

I was just trying to protect myself though. But from the point of view of the person who wanted to make me the perpetrator of the crime, she couldn’t believe that. Killing me must be the goal in itself.

What kind of trap would they set up?

I couldn’t trust anyone anymore.

I couldn’t sleep because those guys from Class 2-A were too frightening.

A few days after being unable to sleep, Tachinami apologized, 「I doubted you. I’m sorry」. I was relieved. From now on, I can live in peace. That thing about Takigawa was like an accident. Let’s forget the nightmare.

Trusting people was very easy.

That night I was able to sleep for the first time in a while.

And I was attacked by Tachinami.

I was stabbed with a sword many times while I was sleeping. I resisted with desperation, and when I came to my senses, Tachinami was lying on the floor without moving.

I cursed my naivety and simplicity.

I had to kill before I was killed.

That was the only way to survive.

However, if I kept killing, there would be no turn back.

Courage was needed to keep killing.

At that time, I remembered a Sengoku warrior I saw in games and manga.

——If the lesser cuckoo does not sing, kill it.

A hero who boasted overwhelming strength, mercilessly killed enemies, punished even relatives with fierce punishment, and ran through the Sengoku world.

I wish I could be like Oda Nobunaga.


I can be.

I have to.

At that time, my level was over 60, and the level difference with other people was more than 10. Not only that, I had acquired the Berserkering skill to make other humans follow me and turn them into brutal beings.

Nothing scared me anymore.

Yes, in this world, I would be the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven.

However, if I leave those guys from Class 2-A alone, they would eventually get the same power as me.

Now, while the time was ripe.

The sooner I got rid of my future worries, the better.

I was scared of others.

I was afraid that they had the possibility of surpassing me.

I didn’t want to die.

And I killed.

I kept killing.

And when I killed the last one, I felt at ease from the bottom of my heart.

I could finally feel relieved.

——No, not yet.

Somewhere in this world, there should be the other group from Class 2-A. Stronger. I had to ascertain an overwhelming difference. No matter how careless I might be, I cannot be relieved unless I get strong enough to never be defeated in any situation.

… That’s right,

Besides, there was another person. Someone who hadn’t been killed.

Shortly after killing Takigawa, he went missing.

He didn’t adapt himself to the group, but when I realized, he disappeared.

Originally, he didn’t have a presence even in the class, so no one noticed him.

I made light of him, thinking that he was surely killed by the orcs.

But now I’m not that naïve. I have to keep looking until I’m convinced that he’s dead.

Looking back, he was smart.

He didn’t try to get involved with anyone. He was always alone.

He was right.

If he had protected “being on his own” by himself and we hadn’t had anything to do with others.

We might have lived truly in peace.

But it was too late.

I couldn’t leave him alone.

I had to get rid of all the possibilities that threatened me.

Especially if he was smart.

If I turned a blind eye to him, he could be deadly someday.

I had to kill him.

And chase him to the end of the world.

 *TN: This whole first part was written in a mix between past/present/future, so it was rather hard to understand and convey in that way the flow of the content, so I decided to change almost everything to past tense to make it easier to read and to be more consistent.



+      +      +



Having successfully obtained the map and specifications of the Devil’s Altar in Montfort, I came back to Sandiano where the 2A Guild was hiding.

I had planned to return to Arzheim and join the Demon King Army right away, but I can move immediately by teleporting anyway. It’s good enough to take a quick look at the situation.

I was walking along the coast, watching the yachts moored in the harbor. As usual, the sky was disgustingly blue and the clouds were also disgustingly white. I breathed in the pleasant sea breeze, filling my lungs with it.

After I return to Arzheim, it’ll finally be time to invade the Walled Kingdom.

I’ll gain total control of what is inside the walls while Shikiba is away. If there are only Berserkers, I think I can do something about them, but it’ll get troublesome if the long-lost students from Class 2-A were on the other side of the wall, guarding it.

If my words get through to them, I might persuade them, but there are too many uncertainties.

As a breakthrough solution, there’s a method where I can let the 2A Guild, who had leveled up, keep them company. However, it’s still a question whether it’ll be possible to level up to that extent in a short period of time.

The level of the 2A Guild is currently around 40 to 45.

I don’t know what Shikiba’s level is, but I’m still a little uneasy. He has to be level 50 at least.

But that also wrings my neck at the same time. If they level up to that extent, even the Hellzekter won’t be a match for them.

I’m completely at a loss. I’d like to say “I give up”, but I should do my best again next time! I cannot be careless. If I make a mistake, I’ll die.

The best way I can imagine is──,

While Shikiba is moving slowly on the other side of the mountain, the Demon King Army will cross over the wall and infiltrate inside. While hiding without fighting, I’ll go to the Devil’s Altar and use the Hell’s Line to ask for help──this is the best scenario.

If done well, our consciousness data might be salvaged immediately.

But that means saying goodbye to Hellzekter. And Ulriel and Zeragiel.

No matter how much I took into consideration not to get the Hellzekter killed, if we log out safely, that’s the end of it. Perhaps all the data will be deleted.

A painful feeling welled up, as if my chest tightened.

──That’s to be expected. It can’t be helped even if I think about it.

It’s impossible that there’s a good way.

Rather, now there’s Shikiba and the Devil’s Altar.

Shikiba… you really became like a different person.

And why am I so afraid of him? Even I don’t get it.

As I look at the sea while thinking, a large white yacht crosses in front of me.


Standing on its deck was the 2A Guild.

– This morning, the repairs were finally done.

When I look in the direction of that voice, there was a girl leaning against a palm tree and staring at the yacht.

– Asagiri….

I approached Asagiri a few steps and stopped. Then, as if invited by Asagiri’s eyes, I stared at the yacht of the 2A Guild again.

Ichinomiya, Busujima and Miyakoshi were on the bow of the yacht, and the ones setting the sail were Leonhardt and Ougiya. Arisugawa and Yuuki were in the cabin, probably.

I guess it’s a test run, or something like a maiden voyage. It’s a used yacht though.

For the time being, I have to tell them to leave me alone and to escape to the Laguna surroundings.

Anyway, if they escape to the sea, they’ll be safe for the time being.

More importantly──,

I was more interested in Asagiri looking at the 2A Guild from such a place.

– Asagiri. It looks like you’ve been acting alone a lot these days. Is that true?

– It is. Maybe it’s the influence of a certain somebody.

With that, words came to an end.

– Our conversation was interrupted because of Shikiba, but what is the relationship between that mirror mask and Asagiri?

– There’s no way such a strange person is my acquaintance. What about you, Doumeguri-kun?

– I’ve only seen him once.

The sea, which received the tropical rays of the Sun, shone brightly. The yacht advancing in it seemed to be sailing somewhere else.

– Hey, I’ve been thinking.

After saying that, I sunk into silence and shifted my attention to Asagiri. Asagiri kept staring at the sea.

– I think it’s time to open up to each other.

Why is she going straight to the point?

– You first, Asagiri.

– “Ladies first” only at times like this?

After wearing a wry smile, Asagiri said lightly.

– It’s my second time. Coming to this world, that is.

– … Asagiri.

Asagiri, you, just as I thought──,

– It’s your turn, Doumeguri-kun. Do you know what this world is?

What do I answer? I must not give too much information. Perhaps she got Holy Grave without me noticing it.

– I know. We’re in a game called Exodia Exodus.

Of course, that’s information that Asagiri should know. If we assume that I can show it, I would say that I was a part-time, data creation subcontractor.

However, what worries me is the relationship between Asagiri and the mirror mask. And the threatening MAD movie I watched at the Cathedral in Glasrena before. I can see that thing as Asagiri’s doing.

And she seems to have some discord with Ichinomiya. The two are suspicious of each other.

Which one is actually telling the truth?

Asagiri’s hair dances softly in the sea breeze. She has lonely eyes, and her face seen from the side exudes a tired atmosphere. It doesn’t have a liveliness or brightness typical of her.

Asagiri moves, holding some intention.

However, her “I want to return to my world” determination feels genuine. But I have no definite proof of it.

If she was an easy-to-understand person like Shizukuishi, it’d be helpful.

Her shiny lips opened.

– Exodus? I see… It got such a name.

──It got?

What does that mean?

Asagiri’s mouth turned toward me,

– Hey, Doumeguri-kun──

She opened her eyes wide in shock.

– Asagiri?

What is she looking at?

When I turned around, there was a man in dirty, tattered clothes.

The sound disappeared.

The sound of the waves, the sound of the wind, the chitchat of the people.

My whole body freezes.

The appearance of an orc or bandit in the background of a tropical resort was strange.

I heard a voice beyond the ringing in the ears.

– Doumeguriii… you fucker, you had the nerve to come to a place like this…!?

My body trembled.

– … Shi, Shikiba?

My heart rings like a bell.

His way of talking just now… wasn’t it weird?

──”You had the nerve to come to a place like this”?

Also, he mentioned me instead of Asagiri or the 2A Guild? Why?

I heard screams and swords clashing from the town.

A group of Berserkers runs along the coast. Then they plunged into the shops lined up one after another and began to destroy and murder.


– You… how did you get here?

In response to my question, Shikiba grimaced.

– Huh? You see, I decided to dig through the dungeon. 300 soldiers passed away because they kept digging until they died. Well, not that it matters though.

He opened his mouth and showed a cruel smile on his face.

– Well, I can finally get rid of all the people from Class 2-A. While I’m at it, I’ll kill all the people in this town.

Meanwhile, screams continue to echo. Berserkers attack people who escape to the seaside streets and kill them viciously one after another.

– Shikiba-kun! Make them stop, or else.

Asagiri drew her sword.

– Huuuh? Is this the place to worry about others? Look.

Tekkou shining in dull silver and golden color were put on Shikiba’s arms. He made the metal fists strike each other, giving off sparks.

– Where are the others? If you confess, I’ll kill you easily.

Asagiri turned the tip of the sword towards Shikiba and stepped back just a tiny little bit.

– I won’t be killed that easily. We haven’t been playing games since we came to this world.

Shikiba burst into laughter all of a sudden and roared with laughter.

– Hyahahahahahahahahaha! That’s awful! Don’t make me laugh so much!

I moved my fingertips and opened the menu.

I have to cut my way through this situation somehow. For that──,

– Wait a minute! Asagiri. What’s your level now?

Although Asagiri was covered in cold sweat, she replied.

– … Does it matter though?

– What? Why hide it?

Asagiri’s level is probably around 45. However, Shikiba doesn’t know the level of his opponent. Still, why is he calm?

– Whatever. Won’t you try guessing my level then?

– ….

Both Asagiri and I closed our mouths and were wary that Shikiba might suddenly throw himself upon us.

– What a shame. Time’s up. The answer is….

Shikiba distorted one of his eyes and smiled with a sense of superiority.

– 99.


– Wha….

– Hahahahahahahaha! I like that! That face of despair! It’s the best!!

9… 99!? Is that perhaps the max level in the game!? How long did it take!? Is it really possible!?

However, if you forget about eating and sleeping after logging in and just continue to earn XP single-mindedly, or──

I stared at Shikiba brimming with self-confidence.

Was he exaggerating or bluffing? However, this self-confidence. Is it really true?

– Now, it’s time to die, no?

Kuh… this is bad!!

I kept the menu open; I was unable to find the answer to what to use.

Shikiba lowers his posture and pulls his fists. A magic circle floated under his feet.

Uh oh. If that hits me, Asagiri and I will die instantly with a single blow. I had such a hunch.

Something. The Demon King Armor!? No! it’s useless! He’s level 99!!

– Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaat thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!

I get in front of Asagiri right away.

– Doumeguri-kun!?

When I chose an item from the list, a card appeared in my hand.

– 『Platinum Reflect』!!

A platinum shield appeared in front of us. The shield, which shone beautifully like a mirror, repelled Shikiba’s fist.

– Gugau!?

Shikiba’s body was blown away. He was pushed back far behind where he was standing a short while ago, and fell to his knees.

– Ku… you piece of….

Shikiba looked surprised.

The super rare item obtained with the new gacha.

The shield that doubles and reflects enemy attacks.

Shit! I wanted to save it as a trump card!

However, Shikiba is staring at me with a painful expression, probably because he was cautious of the blow just now. I was a little surprised because I thought he would pursue us immediately.

Shikiba pointed at us and shouted loudly.


The Berserkers who were attacking the stores turned to us all at once.

– Run away! Asagiri!

I turn on my heels and start running in the opposite direction to Shikiba. Asagiri immediately followed me and we ran through the road along the pier as fast as we could.

– Ririko! Doumeguri!!

Ichinomiya, who looked tense, called us from the yacht floating in the bay. Then he gave instructions to Ougiya, who held the rudder.

– Return to the harbor! Help them!

– Don’t come! Ichinomiya!!

I shouted instantly.

– You keep running away! We’ll grab another ship!!

– You stupid idiot! How are we going to abandon you!?!?

– We’ll be killed while waiting for you to reach land!! Now go!!

Ichinomiya bit his lips and steered the yacht.

– We’ll be waiting in Laguna! You better catch up with us!!

Not only Ichinomiya, but all members of the 2A Guild went out to the deck and stared at us with sad, apologetic faces.

Hey, hey, don’t look like you’re sorry for letting us die without helping us.

We run to the edge of the harbor. There’s a store that sells used ships.

Some jetties stick out towards the sea. Among them, I spotted a jetty where a small yacht was moored.

– Buy time! Asagiri!!

Instead of replying, Asagiri immediately came to a stop and turned her body around. Just as she turned around, she cut down two Berserkers who chased us all at once.

Was the Platinum Reflect a success? Shikiba himself was cautious, he didn’t follow us.

If so, we may be able to do something. However,

– One minute is all I can give you!!

Asagiri’s voice struck me as I began to feel relieved. When I look around, fires broke out from the coastal town, from which more than a hundred Berserkers surged.

– Goddammit!

I ran on the jetty and went to the yacht.

The owner wasn’t there, but fortunately there was a price tag. I opened the menu and made a quick purchase.

After untying the mooring rope and jumping on the yacht, I set sail. The yacht begins to move slowly.

– Asagiri! Come!!

However, Asagiri was about to be swallowed by a group of Berserkers descending on her.

Her clothes and hair were grabbed and pulled.

– Ku….

– Asagiriiiiiiiiiiii!!

Holding her sword in an awkward posture, Asagiri swung her sword with all her might.

– 『Lightning』!

Asagiri’s sword of certain death. The arm of the Berserker, which was holding Asagiri’s hair, revolved in the air.

At that time, another sword appeared on Asagiri’s left hand. The two swords on the left and right shine pale.

– 『Dual Lightning』!!

She swings the two swords while rotating her body. The surrounding Berserkers’ bodies were bisected, and their upper bodies fell to the ground.

Asagiri turns around and runs on the jetty with all her might. The yacht is already away from the jetty.

I extended my arm.

– Jump!!

Asagiri stamped on the jetty and jumped out into the sea. Like running in the sky.

Far from being caught in my hands, the jump seemed to jump over me due to too much momentum.

– ──Mgh!?

I stretched my body and tried to catch Asagiri──the rich breasts of Asagiri crashed into my face.

– …!?

I immediately fall on the deck as if being crushed.

I hit hard my back and back of my head, and in this sandwich of acute pain and pleasant sensation I felt on my face, I was about to lose my senses.

Moreover, my face is completely buried in Asagiri’s breasts, so it’s quite suffocating. However, because Asagiri is relieved that we survived the crisis, she doesn’t even notice that her boobs are on my face. A sigh of deep relief was blown close to my ears.

──Uooooo! It tiiiickles! No, apart from that, my breathing!

– A-Asagiri… I-I’m struggling….

To convey my “give up” intention, I tap Asagiri’s upper arm. However, it’s hard to get her to notice.

Asagiri finally stood up when she noticed the damage numbers rising from my body.

– I’m sorry. Are you okay?

– Yeah… Asagiri was more lethal than the Berserkers, I have to say.

Blushing, Asagiri folded her arms to cover her breasts.

– If you say that, I won’t let you touch me again, got it?


I wanted to ask “What do you mean by that?”, but Asagiri was already staring at Sandiano with a serious look.

Flames rise from all over the town, we can hear the screams of men and women.

… Although they’re NPCs, it doesn’t feel good. As expected.


– Shikiba-kun….

In response to her murmur, I turned my eyes to the jetty.

There, the eyes of Shikiba were burning with anger and obsession.

He hasn’t given up yet.

I’m sure he’ll follow us for all time.

An indescribable horror ran through my body, it made my fingertips quiver.

Something touched my fingertips.

When I wonder what it was, thin and supple things were entwined around my fingertips.


Asagiri had her fingers twined around my hand. It’s the so-called “holding hands with fingers interlocked”, but I don’t feel she was frivolous.

Her hand was trembling too.

Asagiri and I managed to stand there by leaning against each other.


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