Ecstas Online – Volume 6 – Prologue



I am a captive princess.

By that, it might mean that I dream too much.

But the only thing that I can do right now is dream.

I exist between dream and reality.


No, not reality.

This is a fictional world.

A fictional being that lives there.

I live in a part of that existence for free.

I like her innocent personality.

Her appearance is very cute too.

An existence that suits my taste.

Is it a delight to be one with her?

Or is it fear?

Probably both.

I am sure I will disappear little by little and change to her.

If I can do so,

I would like you to make you come to your senses before I am completely gone.

And before I disappear, I keep waiting

For the things I wanted to do,

For the things that did not come true in reality.

I am waiting for him to come to wake me up,

And for him to depart to save his friends and my friends.

My few and dear friends.

Only she wants to help.

She does not want to make them experience the same as me.

So please.

Save everyone.

It is irresponsible to call him a hero; he does not look that way either, but.

I am waiting for him.

I keep praying for his safety.

I want to see him again before I die.

And I want to tell him.

But isn’t kissing me going too far as a method of waking me up?


I have been waiting for a long time, so it is okay. This much is fine.

I will get tired of waiting unless I enjoy myself imagining his panicked face.


It is expected that a princess will wake up with the kiss of a prince.


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5 thoughts on “Ecstas Online – Volume 6 – Prologue

  1. So who will this princess be? is it a more literal princess like mel that kakeru awakened? I feel like this is more related to the mystery behind asagiri. plus with that kiss from the illustrations with her it seems pretty likely, but that could just be my imagination. regardless I imagine this novel will be filled with more danger and more ero than any of the previous ones. thanks for the TL!


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