Ecstas Online – Volume 5 – Chapter 2

Chapter 2      Let’s build our home!



When the auction was over and the hustle and bustle outside passed, I returned to the Demon King’s Tower.

I sat in a chair in my room and thought this and that about the mysterious messages, but I didn’t come to a conclusion.

──Ah, I messed up.

I forgot about Akagami and Ragnabringer.

If I were to investigate, the best would be to ask Satanachia first… but it should be a past that she doesn’t want to remember.

Zeragiel said she appeared to have become unbound by the past… but I still don’t want to make Satanachia feel painful or sad.

After being troubled for a while, I decided to summon Satanachia to my room.




+      +      +




– Hellshaft-sama. It is me, Satanachia.

– Come in.

– … Excuse me.

– Satanachia, actually──wha!?

Satanachia, who shyly entered my room, wasn’t wearing what she used to wear. She wore a super open bikini as if to say she couldn’t forget the resort even now. No, she didn’t wear such a swimsuit at the resort. Because it was made by connecting pearls instead of cloth, the tip of the breasts and the crotch weren’t completely hidden. It’s a swimsuit aimed to show her body more lasciviously.

– W-what do you think… Hellshaft-sama?

Although she grimaces with embarrassment, she still raises her arms, shows her armpits, bends her hips and asks for my opinion in a sexy pose.

– W-will you explain what’s the meaning of this… Satanachia?

– Y-yes. As we visited Rowalrinna the other day, I was unable to love Hellshaft-sama even once… so, well, it has been a long time since you have summoned me, so I… was wondering that perhaps… I had to wear something that caught your interest a bit…

Eh, she was expecting something like that?

– Is, is that so…?

With that, we stared at each other without saying anything.

Eh, umm… what should I do? She’s sweet and cute, but there’s something I want to ask in a hurry… b-but I feel like it’s a waste to miss the erotic appearance of such a fine beautiful woman without doing anything….

Tears slowly appeared in Satanachia’s eyes.

Eh!? She’s crying? I mean, I made her cry!?

– I am sorry, I, Satanachia, was unable to master the weapon… I especially received from Zeragiel-sama… *hic*, *sob* *sob*.

Is this Zeragiel’s suggestion!? Come to think of it, she told me to marry Satanachia, and that having her as a concubine was no problem. There’s even a marriage system implemented?

In any case, on a closer look, Satanachia’s 《LOYALTY》 has already dropped to 60%.

As I lament──,

『You do not notice me, you only notice other girls… I will kill Hellshaft-sama then I will stop living!』

——It’d be bad if that were to happen.

– Raise your face, Satanachia. Come here.

– Yes….

She wipes her tears as she comes in front of me.

When I look at her directly again… she’s so erotic. The white pearls look very good on her dark brown skin. The pearls are lined up on the tip of the breasts and the crotch so that they can hide those parts to some extent, but the pink part of the breasts isn’t completely hidden, the things that shouldn’t be seen through the gaps between the lined-up pearls are in sight, if she were on TV, this would be a broadcast accident.

– Get closer.

I extended my hand as if inviting Satanachia.

– Hellshaft-sama….

A tear ran down Satanachia’s cheek. And she jumped into my chest.

– Oh… Hellshaft-sama. Satanachia is so happy.

– Yes. I wasn’t attentive to your concerns and made you feel lonely. I’m sorry.

Satanachia silently shook her head from side to side. Her beautiful white hair moved around gracefully, reflecting the light. I put the hair in my hands, enjoyed the smooth and dry feel and put my hands on Satanachia’s head.

– Ah… Hellshaft-sama.

When I patted Forneus’s head before, she was very jealous.

I’d love to ask her about Ragnabringer soon, but….

Satanachia moved her ears with a twitch and closed her eyes, feeling good. Her figure that trusts and fawns on me is similar to a girl or a puppy.

… About asking her, it’s okay after Satanachia finds peace of mind, right?

I slid my fingers along Satanachia’s spine and tightly grasped her voluminous butt.




+      +      +




The feel of her ass didn’t have──a low repulsion, and, as it turned out, Satanachia knew nothing about the whereabouts of Ragnabringer.

『Maybe Ulriel-sama is keeping an eye on it… but when it comes to a specific location, I do not know』

It’s a memory that Satanachia doesn’t want to remember too much. However, although she showed a painful expression, she answered bravely.

『If I think about it, I would say it is in the vault of Weisskrone Castle… however, bringing the abominable sword to the holy castle is… if so, then making a miniature shrine somewhere and sealing it would be the most natural thing to do』

It’d be great if I could get the information that Akagami got… now that it has come to this, I have no choice but to go directly to Arzheim and find it with my own hands.

But without any clue, I don’t think I can find it even if I look for it.

…Like I thought, I have no choice but to ask the Elf Queen Ulriel.

Somehow, I’m bad at dealing with that person… even though she’s an NPC, I feel that she strangely sees through me, and the intimidating air she has is rather scary──,

– What’s wrong? Darling.

The love hotel in Caldart… no, the room in Nightingale, the hotel used as a hideout. A small body is rolling around on the pointlessly large bed.

– Nothing. More importantly, let’s go out, Mel.

– Go out!?

Mel sprung up like a spring doll.

– Yeeeees!

She jumped out of bed and ran to the exit door with an excited face.

– What are you dawdling about! Fast! Let’s go fast!

She doesn’t know where we’re going… but since she’s this delighted, I found Mel to be happy, or rather, cute. In a pet-like sense.

– Okay, okay. You look you’re in a hurry.

That said, I certainly am in a hurry too. I’ll probably be suspected of slipping out of the Cathedral of Orzelia if I take too long.

Accompanied by Mel, I went through the shopping street and market and came to a residential site on the outskirts of Caldart. An area surrounded by even higher walls in Caldart. Inside, I found stand-alone houses with gardens of various sizes.

– What is this place, darling?

– It’s a residential area. Its official name is… ah.

I looked up at the decorated signboard standing at the entrance.

– Err, 『Caldart Park Town』? These are lots for sale for users, they can buy a plot of land and build a house.

It’s a place to enjoy the so-called housing. One must buy the plot of land, but the house and furniture can be received as quest rewards, or one can improve one’s productivity skills and build one oneself.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any productivity skills, but fortunately I can buy one in in-game currency. I can buy one in sol instead of yen, and that feels very, very, very good.

– Then darling, are you going to build a castle here!?

– A house, not a castle. It’s impossible to have a big one like the castle in Montfort. But unlike the hotel, it’s a house only for Mel.

– Woah! That makes me happy! A house for Mel and darling!

– … Well, do we look for a vacant lot for the time being?

There was a sales office called Guest Salon in a corner of the residential area. There, they also accepted land purchases and house construction requests.

I received a map and decided to go see the actual location. The residential area is built on the slope of a hill, and Mel and I went up the hill road. The sun was about to set outside, the shadows of the roadside trees and houses already built were growing long.

– Oh, this area?

There was a vacant land up on the hill. A plot of land for six houses was settled there.

– I wonder if this is the place where we can get the best land…

– Yup. This is the place. The view is good, and Mel liked it.

When she said that to me and I looked back at the slope, I saw the city of Caldart, which was dyed red by the setting sun, spreading out.

– It certainly is… alright. I’ll buy this up.

We bought the plot of land as soon as we returned to the Guest Salon. The land for one house was roughly 200 square meters. If it were reality, it seemed that a spacious house would be built. Since it was equivalent to six houses, a fairly large garden and a mansion would be built.

The one in charge of the Guest Salon was a woman of the Mirni tribe. She has big ears like an elf and has an average height of about 1 meter, a small build. Her appearance was of the race that looked like human children.

The woman spread a thick catalog and showed a “customer service smile” on her face.

– These are series of expensive houses〜. I suppose that you are quite rich to contract for six lots at once〜.

Certainly. Since one lot costs about 300,000 sol, six lots cost 1.8m sol. If converted to yen, it’s 180 million yen.

I brought my face next to Mel’s and looked into the catalog.

– There are various styles… from wooden construction to stone-built… from Japanese style to Western style. But is the size for four plots the upper limit?

– If that is the case, why don’t you try to elaborate a garden〜?

She’s right. Besides, building a small house as a detached building is acceptable too.

– What about this house, darling?

What Mel was pointing to was a Japanese-style house. It’s not old-fashioned, it’s what is called Modern Japanese. It was a bit surprising for the platinum dragon princess who was sleeping in the castle of Montfort that looked like a fortress made of stone.

I thought you wanted something that was made of stone and Western-style, but… are you okay with this?

– Yup. I don’t know what it is, but I’m drawn to this. I like this!

It will be built for Mel, so it will be the best if Mel likes it.

The roof and outer walls are left as default, but only the outer walls are raised so that she can’t be seen from outside.

– Then〜 Please go to the site and decide on the interior and furniture〜.

Saying that, the woman of the Mirni tribe handed over the interior catalog.

Even though she said site, and that I just placed an order… as I went there, thinking so, the house had already been built.

– Oh! It’s amazing!

As ordered, the outer walls are highly customized, and when we enter the gate, we find a splendid modern Japanese-style garden with a river and a pond spreading out.

Oh, this is kind of cool. I wasn’t interested in it at all when I was in the real world, but when I touched something Japanese after a long time, it strangely calmed me down.

When we entered from the large entrance, the layout was made, but the floor and walls were pure white.

– I see… this means that we can freely redecorate it.

– I like this floor and walls, darling!

Mel pointed to a stone floor and a mosaic tile on wall.

– No, no, Japanese-style construction and stone interior don’t go together. What about this plaster wall and tatami floor?

– They look weak.

– Well, if you like it, I’m okay with it.

– Oh!?  This sofa looks good! And this Mega Shark decoration is cool!

She touches the catalog and points to where she wants to place the item. Then, the material of the wall and floor changes instantly, and the furniture suddenly appears.

– Wo~w! This is amusing! Ahahahahahaha.

Mel gets carried away and runs around the house, deciding on the interior and furniture. Without thinking about the overall matching, she selected all the items she liked one after another, resulting in a very chaotic living space.

However, when I saw Mel, who seemed to be having fun, I didn’t feel like stopping her.

I always made her feel alone, so this is a minimal way to atone for it. It’s a house for Mel, and I have sol in unlimited quantities. As she wants──

I caught sight of a number that was worrying me a little.

In the corner of my field of vision, there was a number that wasn’t always displayed. That number changes with the sound of Mel pointing to the catalog.

35000, 36500, 37000…… ¥!?

– Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!

I ran around the house looking for Mel. In the meantime, the number goes up steadily.

– What’s wrong, darling?

Mel was choosing the interior of the bathroom.

– W-wait. Show me the catalog for a moment.

I gazed at the page as I stole the catalog from Mel’s hands as if snatching it from her.

– Ku… they have the nerve to cleverly mix paid items…

– Mel thinks this is good.

It was a bathroom set that combined a bathtub, floors, walls and a mirror, it appeared to have an elegant and aristocratic design with white as the base color and gold decorations arranged gorgeously that would make a woman happy.

And it looks expensive.

– … 45,000 yen.

The total amount is 100,800 yen.

The table is 2,000 yen and chairs are 1,500 yen, which aren’t that much, but when stacked, they cost this much.

Shit! Isn’t it just data!? On a second thought, 1,500 yen for a chair is expensive! There are no material or processing costs, are there!?

And why is there a difference in price? Even if the design seems to be top-quality, there’s no relation in it! The design cost isn’t so high! Isn’t it just a matter of using a designer with meagre low salary to create data!?

When I caused my transformed dissatisfaction and poisonous lava in my heart to explode, I took a deep breath and desperately tried to regain my composure.

– H-hey, Mel? Isn’t this better?

I pointed to the default bathroom with no decoration.

Mel looked up at me with a blatantly disgusted face.

– Darling has a disappointing sense….

Dammit! Even I think it’s not good at all! However, I don’t want to accumulate more debt!

– Is this bad…?

– U….

When she stared at me with sad eyes, I suddenly flinched.

Get a hold of yourself, Doumeguri Kakeru! You just made the highest and extreme billing ever not long ago, didn’t you? Didn’t you buy Aikawa-san for a million!? No, this way of saying it is misleading!

– It can’t be helped… I give up…

*Dejected*, Mel dropped her shoulders.

– … I thought darling would like it.

– Eh?

– Darling always looks busy and tired… so I wanted him to feel refreshed and at ease when he came back home… and with this, I’m sure darling will take a bath, feeling good. I thought so… but I give up.

– ….

Well… yeah.

I was billed a million. A million or a hundred thousand are the same.

Besides, based on my current total billing amount, something like 100,000 is within my calculation error.

… I know it’s a typical, hopeless way of thinking, but let’s think so intentionally for now.

– I also think the bath that Mel chose… is good.

– Really!? I’m glad!

The dark face of Mel cleared up in an instant.

With a big smile, she chose the photos in the catalog and pointed around the room. Then, the absolutely empty room transforms into a beautiful and luxurious bathroom, as if magic had been used.

Mel said with a clear smile.

– Let’s get in at once!

– I have something to do, like right…

– What are you talking about? Darling will enter with me.

But it’s time for me to go back to Glasrena. Rather than being suspected by the guys from 2A Guild, it’s Akagami who will be suspicious of me.

– I really want to do so, but I have to go back.

– Husband and wife take a bath together.

– Only the newlyweds though.

──Then, I imagine.

I dare say 90% of married couples in the world are in a relationship where they don’t want to see their faces after a few years of marriage──it wouldn’t be strange for statistics to say so.

– Newlyweds? Then we’re good to go. Mel and Darling are going to get married after all. It’s like we’re married already!

– That’s too rough. Besides….

I stared at her height, which didn’t go past my chest, and her chest, which showed only a slight swelling even when throwing her chest.

– I mean, there are too many other problems… if I write an autobiography and an animated version is made, your screen time will be banned from broadcast.

– I have no idea what darling is saying. It’s useless if you don’t tell your partner what you want to be transmitted.

Dang it! Suddenly throwing a sound argument!

Aah, I don’t have time anymore! Enough, it’s faster to take a bath quietly and get out quickly!

──Five minutes later.

– Fui〜 so good, the hot water….

– I know right…?

We were submerged in a huge bathtub with a jacuzzi.

… I feel like I’ve been manipulated by Mel’s pace all the time.

I stared at Mel next to me with reproachful eyes.

The distance enough for our shoulders to touch each other. Mel’s young limbs are shaking in the steaming water. Despite her young figure, she strangely makes the sex appeal of a woman hang in the air, or should I say as expected of a platinum dragon princess… ah, not even I know what I’m talking about.

– Hmm? What is it, darling? You don’t take your eyes off me.

– I-I’m not doing so! Oh, right. Those horns weren’t part of the tiara, huh.

– Well, both are made of silver, so it’s hard to distinguish them. You got a point.

Seeing Mel’s prideful smile made me feel relaxed.

She tries to show that face as often as possible, but in the end, I have to leave her alone for a long time, making her feel lonely.

… Since I’m returning late, shouldn’t I take this opportunity to talk to Mel about different stuff? Maybe I can get some useful information.

After getting information about the previously-mentioned Ragnabringer, I asked Mel a question one at a time.

──For example,

– What’s the method to escape from this world?

– What’s the way to contact the outside world?

– What’s the process to revive monster NPCs?

And so on.

But the result is──,

– I don’t know.

That was the only reply I got.

Do I try asking a little more about this world this time?

– Does Mel know the Demon King Hellshaft?

– I’ve heard about him, but I’ve never met him.

She doesn’t like him or hate him… so she’s not interested in him? Then, even if my identity is revealed, it shouldn’t affect her too much, right?

– But… I feel like something very important happened… to Demon King Hellshaft.


– H-hey, Mel. Do you remember that?

Then she thought for a moment, but she suddenly stood up in the bathtub.

– Darling! I want you to wash my body!

– Hey! What happened to the Demon King Hellshaft!?

– If the dirt comes out, I may be able to remember it clearly!

– What!?

I stared at Mel’s body standing imposingly in front of me with a gaze as if licking her all over.

The curves of her jelly-like body that makes me feel her tenderness. The two slightly bulging breasts. The small but perfectly cherry-colored part at the tip of the breasts.

The slightly noticeable ribs, her not-that-much constricted waist, her smooth abdomen, and her slender legs extending from the small buttocks.

– Is, is that so? If that’s the case, it can’t be helped!

This is by no means an act of satisfying the desire of wanting to touch the body of a little girl. This is an act necessary to elucidate Mel’s secret. A mission, so to speak! It’s a mission, so I have no choice but to do it!

– Alright. Then get out of the bathtub … and sit down on that chair.

– Understood.

Hmm, so obedient.

– Is this okay?

– Yeah.

I put a chair behind Mel and she sat down there. Then Mel turns around.

– No, I can’t wash you unless you turn the other way, you know?

– Why? You can wash me from the front.

That may be true. Even though she’s young, gazing long at her nude front is a bit…

– Well, don’t say that.

– I refuse.

Obedient, yeah right.

– It’s not fun if I can’t see darling’s face.

… I have no choice, do I?

I pick up the soap and make foam with it. The foam is much better than in the real world, so the bubbles overflow from my hands in no time. The foam was rubbed on Mel’s small breasts.

– Ooh, it’s foamy!

Mel took the foam in her hands and started playing.

In the meantime, I spread the foam from Mel’s armpits to her sides.

– H-hold on a bit, it tickles.

– Be patient. The one who said “wash me” was you, right?

I gently rub Mel’s shoulders, neck, and chest again with the palm of my hands.

Her smooth skin is as it looks… when it comes to dragons, the image I have is a thick, rough skin similar to scales or armor, but her skin doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to it.

– Right, I’ll wash darling too.

– I told you to behave already.

Without hearing what I said, Mel extended her hand towards me.

Of all things, to my nether region.

– Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Mel! Stop, release it!

– Ooh? So darling also has a tail!? To think that darling was a half dragon too!

– No! It’s not a tail! Ah, don’t pull it!

– Is that so? Hmm, it’s certainly not attached to your back… and it’s a little thin and short.

– ….

– What’s wrong? Darling. What are you crying about?

– No… it’s nothing. I’m sorry… for having a thin and short tail…

– Don’t worry, darling. A dragon doesn’t have their greatness determined by their tail.

And Mel doesn’t care if your tail is thin and short.

Feeling like I was saved by her words, I cried again.

After this, I washed Mel’s body gently and carefully, putting my feelings of gratitude into it, then she submerged in hot water again to warm our bodies.

– It feels good. When we get out of the bath, let’s sleep together.


– It’d certainly be comfortable if we can do that….

Honestly, because I stayed in the bath for a long time while being tired, I don’t have the energy to work anymore. Along with the dirt on my body, I ended up washing away all my energy and ambition.

Speaking of washing dirt away ──

– … Speaking of forgetting something, there’s Hellshaft. Mel, did you remember that important thing about Hellshaft?

– Darling sometimes talks about things I really don’t understand. What happened to Hellshaft?

– You said that you might remember if you were cleaned; I washed your body, didn’t I!?

– Oh, you mean that? Don’t worry. I clearly remember it.

– Is that so…? So, what’s that important about Hellshaft?

– Um, about that.

I made a sound with my throat.

– I can’t remember at all.

– ……

Well, I thought it would be like that!

– Really… didn’t your features dwindle while you were sleeping in the coffin for many years?

– That’s not a coffin. It’s an emergency data protection device.

… Hey.

Didn’t you say something important smoothly again?

– Emergency data protection device? …… What kind of function does it have?

– It protects important data. No matter what happens, whatever is inside will be safe. In other words, Mel is important!

She threw out her chest without pride.

But… an emergency data protection device?

– Why does Mel have such a thing… ah, you don’t know even if I ask. I asked you before.

– What?

Was there a catastrophe or something that forced her to take refuge in the coffin?

– Alright, enough about reasons for getting in… Did you intend to get in before? Could it be that I interrupted you?

But Mel shook her head.

– I don’t know. The protective device cannot be opened from inside. I was sleeping in the first place.

Hmm, how much can I trust her?

If Mel is an event character of an expansion, and the coffin is a protective device, then this looks like a mere setting. However, is it possible that there’s such a sci-fi or realistic setting in Exodia Exodus, which is a fantasy world?

But the information about Ragnabringer is probably correct. If so, her point saying that the coffin is a protective device has a high credibility, no?

To answer that question, it seems necessary to reinvestigate the sunken Montfort.

Do I dive into the sea?

No, it’s impossible. In this state where the expansion isn’t applied, and even if Montfort were in the ocean, I can’t just get close to it.

In that case, there’s no choice but to apply the expansion.

I heard from Aikawa-san that there are three conditions for releasing the expansion. Achieving any of these will release the expansion. Although there were work circumstances, it was applied before for a moment. Then, as long as the release conditions are met, the expansion should be applied automatically.

Condition 1: 『The achievement of 80% of story mode』

Sounds like Hellzekter will die by the time there’s an 80% achieved. I’m totally against it. It’s out of the question.


Condition 2 『The achievement of completing a specific event』

I don’t know what kind of event it is, it sounds like clasping a cloud, so I exclude it.

And finally.


Condition 3: 『The guild, corps or race to which you belong have 70% of the world under control』


Properly speaking, condition 3 is the most difficult to achieve.

However, it’s the only one that works for me now.

I select the map from the main menu to open the entire world map. The eastern region of the continent of Balgaea is slightly dyed red. This is Hellandia.

The red part is under my control. “15%” is displayed in the lower right.

It’s still quite far from 70%….

I suddenly remember Zeragiel’s words.

『Will you rule the world?』

Am I really going to dominate this world…?

I can’t help but feel that some secrets are hidden in the expansion. There’s also the situation about Mel, but I’m also concerned about the ruins below Caldart.

The mysterious act of applying the expansion once and rolling it back immediately by the outside development team.

『You will die while being trapped』

The mysterious message I saw in the theater. If it’s from the development team, is it okay to think they applied the expansion temporarily?

– … Wait.

Since the notification to Aikawa-san was delayed, we were about to die because we were involved in the data difference that occurred when applying the expansion. Because of that, I felt this was only a threat from the criminal, and, if things turned out well, they would aim to kills us.

However, isn’t this impossible to believe?

They delayed the notification because they wanted to proceed in secret.

In other words, they didn’t want us to know the existence of expansions.

They were troubled because something was seen, so they tried to hide it. In order to proceed with that work, they applied it to the game itself for a moment.

Supposing they did so, wouldn’t the evidence be already destroyed? Or even if the conditions were met, shouldn’t the expansion no longer be applied?

– What’s wrong? You’re spacing out.

Mel came closer and looked into my face.

– Uwaah!?

Her terrifyingly cute face in front of me took me involuntarily by surprise.

– Hahahaha, did you fall under my charm? Darling.

– Aah… no.

Both Montfort and the underground ruins of Caldart disappeared.

But Mel is here.

… Then, the expansion is still in effect.

I’m sure there is something in the expansion.

Something that the criminal doesn’t want to be known.

Sending a message to me may be a sign of the criminal’s impatience.

– Do I… go for world domination?

– Did you say something? Darling.

– Thanks to Mel, I’ve decided how to move from now on.

– ? I don’t get it, but Mel has helped!

Mel rubs her head against mine as if fawning on me.

To be honest, her horns hurt──but I put up with it.

Originally, it would have been better to protect Hell’s Gate from the 2A Guild and prevent it from leveling up. At that time, I thought that much would be difficult and impossible, but when I think about what will come, only that much was great, right!? It sounds that easy.

If the me of that time were to know the current situation, he would surely faint. The situation is that much troublesome. Work is increasing at an accelerating rate. Is this the curse of the company exploiting its workers called HELLZDOMAIN?

As I chant such a verse of resentment, I picture a magnificent ambition and take a bath with a naked little girl.

Hearing that much, I thought──I truly was like a bad guy planning to take over the world.



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      1. I can only tell you……the key is Mel……
        I have read spoilers but there weren’t that many and they didn’t explained a lot, not to mention there are two possible endings, according to the spoilers.
        Of what i’m sure is the key to find the answers is Mel’s identity, which will make several characters to have encoutered emotions, i think.


  2. ………..Whoops!!!!!, i completely forgot about the spoiler alert. You can erase the comment with the spoiler if you want Taekan it truly slipped out my mind the spoiler prohibition.
    Past week was very rough on me, mainly due to several homeworks having deadline on the very same day.


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