7 thoughts on “Ecstas Online – Volume 3 – Illustrations

  1. If what i have heard of vol. 3 it’s true then this volume will be awesome (not referring to the fight or ero). Thanks for the work Taekan-san.

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    1. Well, it depends on the series as well. For example, I really don’t bother checking either spoilers or images of Goblin Slayer, the less I know about the series, the better. Then for series that I’m not really a fan or don’t have a high interest, I see the illustrations in case something interesting happened that could make me read it.

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      1. Well i don’t mind spoilers unless i’m the one wanting them. I hate when someone spoil me against my will. Watching the illustrations doesn’t give me much spoilers unless it’s something like the death of an important character or who it’s confessing to the MC.
        P.D. : By the way Taekan supposing you finish one of your projects(probably Hundred vol.11) will you take another LN?(I’m not saying i want to suggest a LN if i had one i would suggest it head on, you’re the one taking the las choice anyways) I’m still i bit hurt that you had to take ‘Rakudai no kishi’ down.

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      2. I don’t think I would pick up another LN because just having 3 series is hard to manage and Hundred is a few pages away to be totally completed. If Hundred was the fourth series, imagine the time you’ll need to wait for every chapter D:
        About the series you mentioned, there was no other choice. Tbh, that series was a big headache to translate.

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  2. The real deal starts from this Volume. Hellshaft vs Satan Ririko finds out true about him and in particular first Kakeru and Shuuko moment

    What can be said about that? FIND A TIME SKIP this must be even second later hahah


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