Ecstas Online – Volume 1 – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3      The hierarchy of reality can’t be changed even in the game



I was walking alone in the grasslands.

Three days have already passed since I left Infermia, the Demon King’s Castle. I walked on the wasteland, went through a forest, crossed a mountain, went across a river and crossed a mountain again. Although I say three days and three nights, this is an online game after all. The time for me felt like a day passed in about an hour at best.

Truly a day had 24 hours.

And the map that I can’t see even after walking for three days. It’s wide. Way too wide. I get that the goal is realism, but is this realism really necessary? I feel like I’m going crazy. If I could teleport, things would be easier, but it looks like I can`t teleport to places I haven’t gone to. I have no choice but to travel on foot straightforward.

However, the landscape so far has been very beautiful, it has shown truly varied and rich sceneries. Thanks to that, I somehow walked, keeping my sanity.

From a wasteland similar to a scene of a western film to forest of darkness and to a mountainous area of a volcano. I cross that mountain and enter in many green lands. Woodlands that look dim by the fog. The places that changed their appearance with such frequency certainly felt like fields of a game. Moreover, all of them had a wonderful view that doesn’t exist in reality. Huge trees as if they stabbed the heavens. Huge shining rocks buried in the mountains. A lake that reflects the scenery like a mirror.

Their overwhelming beauty, which went hand in hand with a sense of reality that they actually exist, wrapped me up. If these were currently on sale, travel tours to another world would become extremely popular. Real travels would probably feel silly.

I walked a whole day while enjoying such views, when I felt that things like houses were in sight at last; a ghost town. The name of the village was Gilnak.

『The meeting place is Gilnak! If you get too late, let’s meet in Caldart!』

Ichinomiya shouted that back then. Gilnak seemed to be used as a forward base when attacking the castle. There was almost no evidence of a camp made here.

I’m sure I’ll see their base that is in the city called Caldart.

I was now advancing, going towards Caldart.


『Investigate the movements of your classmates』

Aikawa-san said so while lying down on my bed. By the way, I was doing a seiza on the floor. Who on earth was the Demon King?

『If you know the enemy and know yourself, you shall win a hundred battles without loss, right? If you know what those kids think and how they are going to try to attack you, then it will be easy to deal with them』

That may be true, but I’m terrible at social things.

『You see, I want to do that so much, but I don’t have the slightest idea where those guys are. Well, but if you were to tell me, I’d go right away』

Then Aikawa-san made a wry face with a clearly irritated expression.

『You can’t do anything unless indicated by others? Is there a brain in that head of yours? Think about it yourself and do it yourself. Don’t make me be disappointed』

『Yes! I’m sorry! I’m off!』

Well, I needed to obtain knowledge about this world, and it’s the perfect moment because I need to make sure how much my ability can do as Hellshaft.

That’s the only reason I went outside the castle, and thus why I wasn’t scolded by Aikawa-san. This is important. Don’t misunderstand me.

――So, I actually gave it a try and the result is that I found out that my strength is around level 1’s. The real default value when the game starts.

My HP is around 100. My attack power and defense are around 20 each.

However, when I put on Hellshaft’s armor, those values skyrocket. My HP is 1,000 and attack power and defense go above 1,000.

And my flame cloak changes its shape at will and becomes a weapon to perform physical attacks. Not just swords, but also a wide variety of hammers and axes.

Namely, all my strength is because of Demon King’s armor. If I take off my armor for a short moment, I become a powerless rookie.

I opened the menu screen. If only I could use magic at least…. I’m aware of that, but I check the magic list one more time. The characters of『Ecstas』shine brilliantly there. This magic that I barely used, what kind of aphrodisiac magic is it? And what about the boss character of the next gen MMORPG?

According to Aikawa-san,

『It’s not particularly strange. When a full VR system is completed, it’s said that adult games are the first to be commercialized. That’s how it is even if you look at the past. Whether it’s a video or anything else, the chance to spread adult stuff was there… This system costs money, so it’s absolutely necessary to go and take what can be taken. As such, Exodia Exodus has established adult-exclusive premium members. Therefore, adult items, harem features and sexual features that can’t be used in general courses have been implemented. Though there are plans to set the monthly fee stupidly expensive』

But even if she said so, she wanted to hang to death the one who implemented the adult mode.

Well, I understand that.

『Yes, as a matter of course, there’s a billing system. Exorbitant amounts of money are set for special erotic equipment and erotic items』

Really, they have the nerve to look at the bottom of human instinct….

――Still, I have questions.

Originally, Hellshaft’s main attack method should be offensive magic. A Demon King who can’t use magic is like a swordsman who can’t use swords, don’t you agree?

I feel disappointed, but I take a look at the menu again. There’s another mysterious magic.

『Hell & Heaven』, this one is even more mysterious. What I heard from Aikawa-san is that the effect is random. She doesn’t know what will happen. However, I strongly feel an aura that I shouldn’t use this due to the impression given by the written characters.

While I think about lots of things, I suddenly came to realize.

I couldn’t bear job exploitation, so the character creation sheet of Hellshaft I sent because I was harassed … I filled it with appropriate values and sent it, but come to think of it, I feel like the values were all dumped to the “smell of the night category” that I don’t understand well.

– No way… that super certainly written creation sheet isn’t being applied?

An intense bad feeling came to me.

As if this wasn’t enough, I’m the enemy character, so I can’t gain experience even if I kill monsters. In other words, no matter how much I fight, I’ll stay the same.

– Somehow, this is indeed an impossible game, huh….

As I slowly advance on the road among the mountains, the roof of a giant building across the hill appeared. I scale the slope and look onto its whole shape.

It’s 『Caldart』, the city surrounded by gigantic ramparts. This is the major city of Balgaea continent.

Ramparts made of beige stones with a geometric shape of 500, 600 meters. The city inside was all made of stone. A design that combined European and Near and Middle East images and that included a fantasy flavor. It feels like that. I don’t get it very well from here, but I’m sure there must be a great number of NPCs. Ah, this is bad. I have to take off the Demon King’s armor.

I chose the equipment for humans from the equipment list. This personal armor was in the warehouse of Hell’s Gate, it’s shabby, like the ones you get early in the game. There was much better equipment, and since I’m bringing money from Hell’s Gate’s vault, I can buy better equipment. However, it’s unnatural that a person who just started the game today wears such grand equipment.

My prudence is profound, isn’t it, I? As one would expect! It’s okay to praise me more, you know?

I take off the Demon King’s armor and return to my original human form. Clothes made of cloth and a very lame dagger. Well, that’s how it is.

Now, I have to quickly enter Caldart. Because I’m near the big city, only low level monsters should be there, so I think I’m safe. I heard a rustling from behind me when I began to walk.

――Hey. Stop.

Spare me the manga-like development where a high-level monster attack the moment I wear human equipment.

I turned around as I panic.

– Wha…!?

I received a shock. From the figure that was there.

This is… are you serious!?

A two-tone color, a black and white thing. This short, stout, fluffy and aerobic shape.

This is… a panda!

At a glance, it’s cute. But it looks weak. Fuh fuh, I’m reluctant to kill this zoo idol with my own hands, but this is the law of nature. It’s inevitable in the world of the survival of the fittest. Don’t think poorly of me.

I hold the dagger and slowly approach the panda. Then, the moment when I tried to hit its round body.

– Guhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

My body somersaulted and fell. What… happened?

I look up and I saw the figure of the panda sticking out its foreleg. Kuh… I was hit by… the punch of the panda? I checked the value of my HP displayed at the end of my field of vision.

The max HP of the Demon King Hellshaft is 1,000, so I’m not going to die so easily. But in this state, in which I don’t have the armor equipped, it’s barely 100. And my defense is so low that it’s pathetic. My HP was reduced by 30 by the hit of the panda. Kuh, This animal used for enjoyment. I’ll let you go for toda――buhaaaaaaah!

The panda hardened its guard solidly and faced me in a fighting pose. And while my upper body trembled, a strong and heavyweight boxer-like punch decreased my HP again.

T-this is bad! At this rate, I’ll die! I’ll really die!

I did a right-about-face and ran away at full speed.

If I think about it well, it was a bear! I was deceived by its cute outward appearance. I turn my face to the back, fortunately, there’s no sign of it chasing me.

A new threat appeared before me who escaped danger. It was staring at me like it was surprised in the middle of the road.

A fluffy white fur. Plump body. And unsurprisingly, a round tail. Its ears jumped out with a boing.

It was a rabbit from up and down, left and right.

Eeehh? You’re kidding, it’s so cute ♡ Hmm? This cute creature. My face spontaneously became loose. I wonder if it can be set as a companion. I came to a stop, then crouched and extended my hand to the rabbit. The next moment, the rabbit’s eyes shone glaringly.

– Guhooh!?

The rabbit rammed my body with its jumping power. My body was blown away by the attack that was heavier than I expected.

W-what…? This rabbit…. I hurriedly checked the rabbit’s status.

『Flicker Bunny』Level 3.

Level 3! This thing is ranked higher than me in the food chain pyramid!? I impatiently took distance and ran away.

This is bad! This field is dangerous to walk alone. However, it could be killed while I wear Demon King’s armor, but since the city is near, I can’t equip the armor now.

When I look over my shoulder while running, the rabbit chases me in a cute hopping way. Damn it, this white demon! I’ll show you I’ll get away!

It looks like it’s set that I can escape at my running speed only, the distance with the Flicker Bunny gradually increases.

Crap, just a little more to Caldart’s gate. Wait a――,

A small fur ball fell in the middle of the road leading to Caldart. The fur ball hopped at me who tried to run through without caring about it.

– Gugyaaaah!

The fur ball cleanly hits my chin. The scenery inclines and my body falls to the ground.

W-What? What on earth, was that?

I stared at the 5cm long fur ball blocking the way right before my eyes who fell down.

A-A hamster!?

A rodent with round and cute eyes and that made its nose and whiskers twitch was there.

I… was attacked by this thing? I glare at it and the hamster’s window opened.

『Goblin Hamster』Level 2.

I’m inferior to this guuuuuuuuuuuy!?

I unconsciously wanted to cry, but I endured the tears and pulled the dagger. However, I’m overwhelmed by the fighting spirit of hamster-san standing in front of me. Dammit, don’t make fun of me, you rodent thing! One can usually defeat a monster that is one or two levels higher!

At the same time I get up I make the dagger run as if scooping up the ground.


Wh, you! “MISS”? The hell!? I’m risking my life, you know? I did it with all I have!

I get irritated and hold the dagger again.

Damn it, why I don’t know the weaknesses of this thing or an effective attack method? If I knew this was going to happen, I would have read the specification documents and manual carefully! But I don’t read manuals for the games I have bought, I actually only read the manual of the games I can’t enjoy, what kind of batsu game is this!?

*TN: Batsu game is a game played as a form of punishment by the loser of a contest.

I think, who can blame the past me who didn’t read it? Well, there’s one. The present me.

– Guwaaaah!

The Goblin Hamster rams me again.

– Ouch, that hurt!

I flare up at it even more.

My HP, which isn’t protected by the Demon King’s armor, goes down very fast.

Oh no no no! I’ll die! I’ll seriously die! Am I really going to be killed by such a small and cute small animal? I can’t die and leave things this way, I mean, how I am really going to die!?

– Haaaaaaaaaaaaah!

A swordswoman jumped in with a dignified fighting spirit.


That girl made the sword flash and chopped the hamster. The hamster’s body becomes fragments of light and disappears.

– Doumeguri-kun! Are you okay!?

Half-up brown hair. Beautiful face in profile. And a clear and gallant voice. What I saw before was clouded eyes and a lifeless face. That now gallantly appeared with an energetic figure, vigorously waving her sword with overflowing movements.


The girl I killed with this hands just a few days ago helped me. I knew it. Even if you die in this world, you can revive. But I actually could feel relieved from the bottom of my heart only when I saw her figure actually alive and moving.

– Asagiri… Ririko. I’m glad…

– Eeeh? You’re calling me by my full name?

Asagiri showed a wry smile.

– Ah, sorry!!

– Don’t worry, it’s fine. But it’s hard to say it, isn’t it? My full name.

Asagiri Ririko… yeah, to be honest, I’ve always thought so.

At that moment, the Flicker Bunny caught up with us. It’s cautious because the enemies increased, it took distance and bared its fangs.

– I’ll take the monster’s aggro, so run while you can!

– O-okay!

I hurriedly got out from there. I go away until I seem to be in a temporal safety zone and turn my face to Asagiri’s direction.

Asagiri caught the rabbit’s charge with her shield. Red numbers rise to the surface, but unlike me, the damage is insignificant.

– Haaaaa!

The sword of Asagiri flashes with a screeching yell. Slashing traces are carved on the Flicker Bunny’s body, becomes light and disappears.

As expected of Asagiri. Maybe she was able to practice continuously for half a year. Her true strength is――hmm?

Asagiri looked at me and changed her complexion.

– Run awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


I turned around. A black and white, a two-tone color monster was there.

T-the pandaaaaaa! Damn you, why don’t you give uuuuuuuuuuup!?

The panda raised its strong arm and swung it downward towards me.

This is really bad.

There’s nothing I can do. I’m dead.

To think such a stupid thing would finish me.

But reality may be like that.

The approaching panda’s paw looked mysteriously in slow motion.

I prepared myself for death, I thought that that would be the last object I would see and fixedly gazed at it.

Nevertheless, the paw of the panda, the last thing I saw in my life, was it fortune or misfortune――huh?

– W-what?

It’s slow! The punch of the panda is moving really slow!? Is this… magic?

– Runaway while you can!

I come to my senses with Asagiri’s shout and started running as I’m almost unable to stand up due to fear.

– Flame Storm!

The next moment, an explosion took place behind me.

W-what on eeeeeaaarth!?

Fire pillars rise around the panda. The shockwave sends my body flying, I do a somersault on the grass and rolled. A hot blast makes my hair and clothes sway.

I don’t know what happened. But the particles of blue light that dance with sparks tell me that the panda disappeared.

– Nonnon!

Asagiri said sounding lively and turned her face to the back.

There was a girl there. Black hair and black cloak. A white skin standing out in black-toned clothes is in sight. She closes the thick book she had in her hand all of a sudden and turned cold eyes shining with a stern expression towards Asagiri.

– Stop calling me like that.

– Ah, sorry. But, thank you. No… Shizukuishi-san.

Humph¸ Shizukuishi, who seemed to want to say something, turned her face away.

For the time being… I should thank her too. In my case, she’s really the person who saved my life.

– Err, Shizukuishi…san… th-thank…

Shizukuishi goes away to Caldart as if she hadn’t heard my voice at all. Huh? And my viewpoint? Moreover, I was involved in it. Asagiri showed a troubled-like smile.

– Ahaha, don’t worry about it. Nonnon is that sort of person. She’s not a bad child, you know? She helped Doumeguri-kun after all.

Well, how am I not going to worry about it? I’m unable to suppress the feeling that she doesn’t listen to me at all, that I’m being treated like I don’t exist, or is it just my imagination?

Shizukuishi said without turning around.

– I just accidentally happened to pass by. As for me, I don’t want to meddle with others, but it would be troublesome to be called as someone who let someone die without helping. After all, only you can save yourself.

Hou. My philosophy of life and what she says are the same, aren’t they? Leaving that aside, maybe she really ignores me? Still, I got my feelings hurt a bit.

– Alright, let’s go. Doumeguri-kun.

Asagiri blows away such a bad mood in an instant. Asagiri’s smiling face had a wind speed of that degree.

– Wind speed 20m/s, I’d say.

– Hmm? Wind speed? What’s that?

*TN: I really don’t know what wind speed means here.

I wave my hand and say “it’s nothing” then headed to the gate of Caldart alongside Asagiri.




+      +      +




– Wow, it’s amazing…

Walls of dozens of meters of stones piled up. A huge gate was open there. I enter from there and a crowded market was inside.

– This is Caldart ♪

Asagiri spreads her hands and turns around. Like she introduced me to her pride, her hometown. But it’s certainly a nice city. Even when I get inside the walls, it has the same impression seen from outside, the impression that was like a mixture of markets and streets of Europa and Egypt. It overflows with an exotic mood and a pleasant and fantasy atmosphere sticks out.

There are many standard shops such as weapon shops, armor shops, and tool shops and of course shops that sell clothes, gems, ingredients and the like, they overflow liveliness.

I didn’t notice at first they were medieval stores, but when I see the signboards, there seems to be bookstores, movie theaters and game arcades. Maybe contents from a partnered company was planned to be available. It’s under development now, but I don’t know whether data of books and movies are really implemented or not.

There are many establishments to eat. Restaurants, coffee shops, bars and taverns. And there are dishes and drinks made of mysterious ingredients typical of a fantasy world.

But the employees that handle them and the customers appeared to be all NPCs. However, some people smile and others argue while gesturing. They were like living people.

It’s written in the planning manual that there’s a detailed appearance of the world. Certainly, this seemed to be a completely different thing from a special that only works following a program.

– Hey! Ririko-chan. Won’t you make a short visit today?

An old man of a branch store that sells items greeted her. A cheerfulness that felt like the old man of the neighboring shopping district. And Asagiri, who responded to it, turns an unwary smile.

– I’m sorry, mister. I’m a bit hurried.

She replied so and waved her hand.

… That was an NPC, wasn’t it?

Asagiri, who read my puzzled facial expression, added an explanation.

– The people here are NPCs, but they seem to remember names and learn behaviors and conversations. That’s why he remembered my name, and remembers my last shopping and what we talked about.

As expected of the next-gen AI that Hell’s Domain is so proud of. A revolt may happen someday.

– Oh, look. This is a perfume shop, you know? I occasionally buy here.

The surprising thing of this game is that it supports all five human senses. So the sense of smell becomes an important factor. You can be stylish with perfumes or you can sense an enemy that is near you by their smell. The smell emitted by the monsters in the field increased the realism of battle many times.

Speaking of that, Asagiri slightly smells sweet like a flower. Somehow, I feel like I’m being seduced, like she said to me “please eat me”, but that’s surely my imagination. I know that.

After going behind Asagiri for a moment, we come out the shopping street and reached the townscape that felt a bit calm. An imposing building made of stone was in front of a certain pond with a water fountain.

My mood got better when I looked at the shopping street, but when I got in the quiet road, I lose motivation due to what awaits me after this.

I tried to not get in contact with my classmates in my original world, and yet, I have no choice but to jump in the middle of them myself and gather information. What should I talk about and with what face? I can’t ask them “tell me your specs” straightforward, so from what perspective should I talk about this? I don’t have the slightest idea.

Generally, the guys of my class don’t get fed up often, especially when talking about things without purpose. On the contrary, I admire the ability to continue speaking without a clear purpose. Like having a conversation with a person who’s not that close to you. I can’t do that thing properly.

… Well, it’s unnecessary for me. Communicating with others is a waste. Asagiri goes up the stairs and ascends to the entrance without hesitation and touched the handle of the awfully massive door.

Then, the door opens automatically.

That’s right… there should be a way to get everyone’s information without a forced communication. Like I thought, should I think about this a bit more?

– H-hey, Asagiri…

– This is the guild hall. It’s a lounge where the adventurers gather and can be used freely. We 2nd Year A Class… this is the meeting place of『2A Guild』.

The inside has an atmosphere like the one of a decent hotel lounge. Sofas are lined up on a circular floor, inn counters and quest agencies are lined up as if surrounding them.

– It’d be really nice to buy a house, but they’re expensive.

– Ah, Asagiri, umm, I… how to say it, I feel that coming to this place is indeed strange, so I――

Asagiri inclined her head slightly and put a strange-looking face.

– What are you talking about? Aren’t you also in 2A…? Ah, Doumeguri-kun came!

It’s too late now, Asagiri’s voice resounded in the hall.

It’s too late to do anything else. I decided in my heart to finish this with minimal communication as usual if possible. Information that can be obtained naturally should not be a problem. Anyway, I must make sure to not have my secrets blown.

Characters that are there and that reacted to Asagiri’s voice turn towards me and Asagiri. NPCs faithfully turn towards us too. Huh? That guy was also in my class? I got really worried. That white-painted blond hair Mohican is Ougiya?

– Whaat? You serious? Is that really Doumeguri?

From a completely different direction, I hear the voice of a monkey with its hair dyed in golden color, no, it’s Ougiya (Flashy) Takuya’s voice. The Mohican immediately loses interest and avert his eyes from me. Tsk, I didn’t expect that. I made a mistake thinking that I adapted to the environment while I wasn’t looking for a bit. This is a tricky question, isn’t it?

– Hey, hey, Doumeguri-kuun, it’s not good to ignore people, not good.

Ougiya reclined on the sofa, looking important. I forgive that self-important attitude of yours, but don’t point at people. And the man who was sitting on the sofa facing that one stands up.

– You’re really Doumeguri-kun, aren’t you? What have you been doing all this time?

The leading actor enters, the hero of 2A Class――Ichinomiya Akira. Good-looking guy, excellent grades, outstanding reflexes, popular with women; the model of a person who is satisfied with his real life. I wonder if this guy is frustrated with his life….

– Y-you see… I just logged in…

– You just?

Ichinomiya had a dubious face. Well, that’s normal. Even I don’t get it. You came here half a year ago, and I just logged in, so I know it’s strange. I have to make sure to not confuse the point and show surprise.

– We… never mind.

Hey, don’t pretend.

– We speak at ease when everyone is here. Everyone leveled up today, so let’s have a good night. Feel at ease until then. If you have really just logged in, do you feel like you’re mentally tired all of a sudden?

– Y-yeah…

Ichinomiya lightly tapped my shoulder with a seemingly worried smiling face. Asagiri, who saw this, smiled cheerfully and headed to the entrance.

– Okay then, I’ll make a reservation at『Dancing Unicorn Restaurant』.

Ichinomiya smiled brightly and said 「Thank you, Ririko」to Asagiri who made a smart move. Hmm, it’s been weighing on my mind since long ago, but why are you calling her by her name?

From here until the night, I deeply thought the difference between me, who called Asagiri by her full name and Ichinomiya who friendly called each other by their first names.




+      +      +




– So, to celebrate the reunion with our classmate we met by chance after half a year.


The members of 2A Guild occupied two tables for six people. I’m sitting at one end of them and Ichinomiya, who reigns at the top of the school caste, is next to me.

To think that I, the lowest class, is next to him, it’s so discourteous… no, I really feel irritated, but it’s strange, now that he’s in front of me, I unconsciously become menial. I nervously met the glass that Ichinomiya held out with my own. The glasses make a clink.

– Hey, Doumeguri-kun.

I met the glass that Asagiri held out with my own while feeling that I was granted the honor of having an audience with the Queen. It was just that, but somehow, it felt like an indirect kiss.

I looked around, but no one held out their glass towards me. Well, that’s the way it is. Asagiri is already talking to other guys and each one of them gets excited talking with others as if everyone had forgotten about my existence.

– Today I chased some monsters and went to Brestwick mountain pass.

– Oh, I went there before. It was wonderful, isn’t it?

– Yeah, I had good time there. At that moment, Ririko called me.

– Eeh〜? Wait a minute, aren’t you remember something strange?

I don’t understand the contents of the conversation at all. Just like when I was in the classroom in the real world. On the contrary, the experience of adventuring together for the past six months made these bunch of guys more intimate. In other words, it’s difficult to join the circle of friends that surpassed the one in the real world.

– Wahahaha, well, you see, he logged in half a year later! He’s way too behind, that Doumeguriii.

That frivolous Ougiya. You don’t talk to me, and yet, you dare talk about me. Moreover, you’re drinking alcohol. Yes, we’re in a game. Not surprisingly, laws don’t apply… ah, he’s really drunk!?

– Ahaha, surprised? You can really eat and drink here. There’s alcohol and you can get drunk like it were the real thing.

Asagiri, who was sitting opposite me, explained.

Does that mean that the action of drinking alcohol is information transmitted as “being drunk” in your consciousness data and its effect is acknowledged?

All the dishes lined up in a row looked delicious. A good smell and steam rise up, stimulating my appetite. I boldly tried the stew.

!? What, is this!? I’ve never eaten a delicious stew like this!

I forget myself and tried the stew dish. Delicious, certainly delicious. But I don’t know what the ingredients are. It has meat and vegetables that I’ve never seen, but I decided to not think too much about it because they’re delicious when I eat them.

– Food ingredients can be taken from defeated monsters. Isn’t that right, Alice-chan?

Asagiri brought up the subject to a girl who was carrying the food. The girl looked me a bit surprised, but rapidly put on a soft smile.

– Yup. Displaying one’s talent pays off.

Do I remember this girl? She’s extremely cute though. She has a big ribbon on her head and wears a blue dress, a lightly stretched skirt and a white apron dress. Just like Alice in Wonderland. Ah, don’t watcher in fascination. Don’t watch her in fascination.

The girl, who noticed my puzzled gaze, smiled wryly and scratched her head.

– Haha… I’ll point it out right away. It’s gross so stop. I generally let it go, rather, it’s painful…

She’s not joking, but I really don’t remember her. She was actually an NPC, or am I missing something?

Asagiri guessed my state and laughed.

– Ahaha, Doumeguri-kun. You really don’t know who is this, right? This girl is 2A Guild’s secret weapon, Arisugawa Izumi-kun.

Arisugawa… I know him. He’s a boy with a short and thin… eh?

– Eeeeee――――――――――h?

That cute young man curled himself up and hid half of his face with the tray he had.

– Y-you’re too surprised.

Well, it’s because I’m surprised.

――Arisugawa Izumi aka 『Alice』.

Well, certainly he was effeminate from the beginning, his features are childish too, so he gave a cute feeling. He was often treated as a girl and both boys and girls toyed with him… this means he’s one of the so-called nekama? Is he okay with that? In this case, he just gives an okama feeling though. Proposing marriage in an online game and thinking that the person inside is a man, but then you meet them and it’s actually a cute girl! At the thought of that, I feel bad. He was a trap. A nidan ochi. Depending on the person, they rather may have a happy ending. Well, I’m different?

*TN: Nekama is a man who pretends to be female online (games, social networks). Okama is effeminate man / male transvestite. Nidan ochi means two-part joke. This is the second part of a three-part joke term called Sanban ochi.

– So, why… are you cross dressing?

– Because it looks like my status are higher when I use equipment for girls… and I was forced by everyone…

So there’s individual difference in status changes…? That’s new information for me.

– Is, is that so? Arisugawa has it difficult too, huh.

Yeah, he nods small then embraces the tray and returns to the kitchen. The miniskirt sways, if I bent down, I can definitely see the panties. It’s dangerous, but cute. It looks like something new was born inside me. No, wait, calm down. Tightly hold your sanity. There’s a line that must not be crossed! I want to cross the borderline between life and death, but crossing this is impossible!

– Alice-chan has a high aptitude for cooking skills, that’s why he’s in charge of cooking than fighting. All these dishes were prepared by Alice-chan, you know?

I see. However, if these were truly made into a product, the guys who won’t be able to return to reality would appear one after another, no? Being able to eat high-class dishes and delicious dishes as much as one like that can’t be eaten in reality… hmm? Skill aptitude?

– W-what’s this skill aptitude…?

Ichinomiya, who’s next to me, replies the question I did to Asagiri.

– Each person has different aptitudes. There are guys who are good at studying in reality and others that are good at exercise, right? That’s the same here.

– Is, is that so…?

So, if you were to kill the same monster, then the way of growing will be different, huh. Or only certain statuses will grow faster or slower… meaning that people have different skills at the same level.

On top of taking measures, it’s troublesome because taking into consideration individual difference is necessary.

Yamada (General Heibon) Yoshimune, who’s at the next table, talks to Asagiri. He has an incredibly normal face, so I thought that an NPC was mixed up with us.

*TN: There’s furigana on top of Heibon (which means ordinary/common), now, I’m not sure if it’s a name or adjective because the text is not clear, so I’ll stick with the furigana writing for now.

– In terms of fighting ability, Ichinomiya is by far the best. Then comes Asagiri. An unshakeable formation with two forwards at the front line.

– I’m not like that. Though I don’t deny that Ichinomiya-kun is the best.

Asagiri sends a glance to Ichinomiya, and Ichinomiya looked shy like he was embarrassed.

– Being the best has no point because the situation and way of fighting change.


Is there any room for strong people?

I asked Yamada who was suddenly worried about something.

– By the way… Yamada?

– Me? I…I’m average.

Thank you, that’s the reply I was hoping for. Neither more nor less than I imagined. It was an ordinary answer.

I eat up the stew and stare at the dishes brought by Arisugawa as I munch freshly baked bread. A crustacean that looks like a crossbreed between crab and shrimp floats in the red soup. It’s garnished with potatoes and broccoli-like vegetables, the coloring and scent are immensely appealing.

How do I eat this? A beer-like liquid in a beer mug is presented to me who is troubled.

– Guten abend (Good evening), Doumeguri! It’s been a long time.

――Yushima Leonhardt, aka 『Akihabara from Germany』.

He seems to be half-German, but his looks are of a foreigner. I believe he came to Japan from Germany, but his goal is the otaku culture such as Japanese anime.

This guy talks to everyone like this because he can’t tell Japanese apart. I’m no exception. He’s one of the few people who talk to me. However, and if possible, I don’t want him to talk to me.

– Drinking beer is good. I grew up with beer.

No, no, no matter how much German you are, children shouldn’t gulp it down, right?

– By the way, in Germany, we use beer for a baby’s first bath!

Don’t tell me lies.

– Ah, well… I’ll, pass for today.

Uh, today, somehow, the way I said it felt like I put on airs. However, I’m in the middle of an important mission. I can’t afford to get drunk and come out with something like “I’m Hellshaft”.

– Alright, I get you! Function over aesthetics! Erotic over drinking, right!? HENTAI is the best!

Ugh, I don’t know what to do with this strange foreigner! Return! Return the image of the good German inside me!

– But sadly, there are no ero mangas or ero games in this world. Let’s decide the ranking of the cutest female monsters for now!

You’re beyond the level of a drunkard, you’re intoxicated. Without replying and saying anything else, Germany went for another bead in a good mood.

*TN: Author uses Germany and not German to refer to Leonhardt.

I sighed and retorted, and the girl that was sitting next to Asagiri talked to me.

– Umm… Doumeguri, was it?

Oh, she didn’t know my name. Could it be that this is her first time noticing my existence itself?

――Hinazawa Naru, aka 『Loli recommended for MEXT』.

*TN: MEXT stands for Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

She seems to be called beautiful little girl, but she is a beautiful girl. Her disappointing body tells that she stopped growing when she was in elementary school, but there’s a demand for this. Rather, she has a rare value as a legal loli. Moreover, she’s an honor student with excellent grades and popular with teachers. The only thing that sickens me is that she’s a narcissist who’s self-aware that she’s cute and effectively makes use of it. Well, if you admire her from a distance, you can lick her.

Both shoulders and navel are revealed, the clothes have a lot of exposure. The white and soft cloth sticks to her body, expressing her fascinating and undeveloped body without sparing anything. Slender and natural legs extend from the short skirt and gold and jewel accessories decorate her legs.

From that appearance, I can imagine that her Battle Class is a Divine Artist in charge of recovery magic. She has lots of exposure, a forbidden immature sex appeal… a legal loli… *gulp*… ha! No, don’t think of anything!

– So, what were you doing for the last six months?

– Well, I don’t even understand it well…

– Hmmm.

She says so and the loli turned away as if she fulfilled her duty.

Eh? I kind of prepared anticipated questions and answers, but… thrusting a lot of things at me as much as they wanted… was it no good then? I guess so.

I had no choice so I peeked at the state of other members. Suddenly, the gaudiest woman who is sitting on the opposite side of Ichinomiya stops my eyes.

――Busujima Meg, aka 『Gal』. She’s a gal.

Tanned skin and golden-dyed hair. That, combined with fantasy-like exotic clothes, gave her a somewhat Shibuya-like aura. Curled hairstyle with unnecessary volume, white camisole, pink skirt and black and golden accessories. I can’t help but admire that such gal-like appearance wasn’t made in Exodia Exodus. I think she’s proud of being positioned at the top of the school caste girl’s division? And ignore that she’s not someone who speaks to someone like me. Certainly, her appearance feels like she’s a gorgeous beautiful woman that is popular with boys. However, the person in question is not interested in the boys of her class that are low status beings. Confessions seem to be absolutely turned down.

I want to say that even you are just a high school girl, but you don’t want to talk to me, we’ve never had common topics; I don’t think we speak the same language so the chance to talk will absolutely never come.

– Hey, Akira. I asked to the people of the city, but there’s a mountain to the south where gold and jewels are found. Isn’t that something amazing?

– It’s my first time hearing that. But if you don’t raise our mining skills, won’t it be useless to go?

– That’s why, let someone go to investigate. If no one goes, then why don’t the two of us go?

For the gal, Ichinomiya seems to be the exception. Ichinomiya shows a wry smile as if he was evidently troubled, and glanced at Asagiri. Then Asagiri cutely turns her face away in irritation.

Dammit, don’t do your rom-com in a place like this. Because everyone blames Ichinomiya.

– But Doumeguri also came, and there’s work to make him get used to our world. So let’s do it some another time.

You! You dare use me as an excuse!? Why are you doing this to me!? The dirty girl-sama is angry! She’s staring intensely at me!

– Ee〜h You’re not okay with that? He’s not a child, so what if we leave him alone? Even Doumeguri likes to be alone. Isn’t that right? Doumeguri?

Her face seemed to have the characters「You understand, right? Do you?」written on it. I’m beyond my control to reply, so the gal pressed me for an answer.

– Oh right. It’s a problem that you could come at level 1 now. You’re useless, you’ll just be a burden. Maybe come when you can stand on your own? You got that?

Yikes, she’s an ultra-self-centered person. She talks about convenient things for her as if they were fair arguments. Like she’s saying the reason, when reason doesn’t apply to this sort of people. Because she’s a living creature that lives with 100% emotion.

There was a voice that interrupted when even more attacks were going to be fired by the gal.

– Busujima-san, you’re going too far, that’s too much.

Asagiri, who smiled like she was a bit troubled, was across the table. She throws a gaze like pleading to the gal.

However, the look in the gal’s eyes became even more dangerous. I’m a roadside stone but Asagiri is as much as to say a natural enemy to her.

– What? That’s not your problem, Asagiri-san. Akira and I went out alone.

– No, that’s not true.

Asagiri smiled wryly and paused for a moment.

– Doumeguri-kun is also a member of 2nd year Class A, so it’s not okay to use such a terrible way of talking. In the situation we are now, isn’t it natural to help each other?

The gal brims with violent intention towards Asagiri who tries to carry things amicably.

– You brazenly say so often but it doesn’t represent what you think. Even if we are 2nd Year A Class, we were just compulsorily put together, right? Isn’t impudent to be a group because we’re in the same class?

– That’s…

Asagiri showed a seemingly sad expression on her face just like mine. Busujima turns away, looking displeasured, then took a plate and put her hands on the dish.

– U, ummm… I, I――

I tried to say something, but Asagiri shook her head in silence.

This conversation is already over. That’s what her eyes said.

Crap, somehow, I ended up making Asagiri feel uncomfortable, didn’t I? This is because of Busujima, it’s her fault.

I stared at the showy face in profile of Busujima, and decided that someday I would make her realize her mistake.

I put myself together and looked towards the adjoining table. I look hard at a quiet looking girl sitting next to Yamada.

――Yuuki Uiko, aka 『Hakoiri』.

*TN: Hakoiri means “a girl who has been sheltered from the world”.

Her house seems to be a pretty ordinary family despite calling her hakoiri. However, she’s a timid, introverted girl who likes cute things, she indeed feels like a truly cute girl. The observation results, which say that beams are constantly released from her whole body without treating harshly, are increasing. Of course, the observer is me. At that time, our eyes accidentally made eye contact.

– … Hiih!?

Yuuki closed her eyes and rapidly looked down.

Hey, hey, that’s the “I made eye contact with boy I like, what should I do〜”? Ah, I’m unable to tell your actions apart, can you stop?

– Hold on Doumeguri, will you stop eyeing Uiko without permission?

The girl sitting next to Yuuki showed a grinning smile.

――Miyakoshi Ageha, aka『Imp』.

Yuuki turns her face bright red and makes her mouth open and close repeatedly with Miyakoshi’s words. So, in front of hakoiri, a bitch like you can’t make a serious effort, huh!? You’re the one who’s much crueler.

Brown hair and white skin. The presence of false eyelashes on drooping eyes. So she’s close friends with other flashy women? She often hangs out with Busujima. However, from my point of view, Miyakoshi is among the pretty ones, though I feel that I’m thrusting a leg into the domain of the hostess that goes beyond gals.

Miyakoshi inclined her face and stared at me with sexy eyes.

– If I say that Ageha will let you do lewd things instead of her… what will you do?


T-this girl. I know she’s not being serious at all. I know, but what if I lose the chance by replying carelessly? It’d be a waste! That stupid thought. I know it’s impossible, but I’m clogged with the answer!

The imp, as she does so, shows a nasty smile on her face. Then embraces her body with both arms as if protecting her body and looks away.

– Uwaaa〜 Disgusti〜ng. You fell for it〜. Don’t look at me.

A burst of laughter arises and a roar of laughter envelops me.

Fuck! Who fell for it!? You bastards don’t know, but I rubbed even more wonderful breasts! There’s no use for the low-grade breasts of Miyakoshi!

Yeah, I somewhat miss the senior sensuality of Aikawa-san and the miracle-like boobs of Forneus so much.

――Well, I feel like they practically made fun of me, so my participation in the conversation ends here. After that, and while everyone chat on and on, I just passed time drinking juice and eating food alone.

This is the same as the original world.

This doesn’t mean I’m being particularly bullied. It doesn’t mean that someone did a category division and made a wall. Still, and certainly, there are walls. There’s an invisible, untouchable wall between me and my classmates that is far stronger than a physical wall.

… Because I came to another world, it doesn’t mean personal relationships will change.

I’ll end the mission quickly then I’ll return to the castle. If I stay here for a long time, my mind will exhaust. I took an extensive view of the lots of 2nd Year A Class who occupy two tables again.

The boys first――,

Ichinomiya Akira (Hero) Swordsman

Ougiya Takuya (Flashy) Fighter

Yushima Leonhardt (Akihabara from Germany) Sorcerer

Yamada Yoshimune (General Heibon) Fighter

Arisugawa Izumi (Alice) Divine Artist

A total of five people.

Now the girls――,

Asagiri Ririko (Heroine) Swordswoman

Hinasawa Naru (Loli recommended for MEXT) Divine Artist

Busujima Meg (Gal) Divine Artist

Yuuki Uiko (Hakoiri) Fighter

Miyakoshi Ageha (Imp) Sorcerer

Lastly, the one who’s not here,

Shizukuishi Non (Tsundora) Sorcerer

A total of six people.

The boys are 6 when you count me in, so a total of 12 people.

However, 2nd Year A Class should have 36 people in total. There’s only one third here.

Ten people in this place are absorbed in conversation, they already forgot about me. I ask Ichinomiya, who’s next to me, the very moment he tried a drink.

– Hey, Ichinomiya. I think the other one is Shizukuishi, but… are these everyone?

Then Ichinomiya frowned and put on a grim face.

– I don’t know. Only 11 people woke up in Caldart. I’ve been thinking that the rest of the guys are somewhere and that we would find them soon, but…

I see. So there were others beside me who couldn’t confirm the login? Damn it! Was I too hurried to join these guys?

I listened to Ichinomiya’s words with a meek face without revealing what is in my mind,

– We may be the only ones who came to this world. I believed so, but then Doumeguri appeared. Doumeguri might be a clue to find the rest.

Well, I suspect the same. But if they ask me too many things, my cover will be blown. On the contrary, asking questions will go that way? I’m concerned about how accurately these guys have grasped the current situation.

– It hasn’t become so clear for me… but what is this world? It’s like a game, but did we log in in a hands-on-learning of World Heritage?

– About that, we discussed it thoroughly. We concluded that this is what is called an MMORPG game. It’s only circumstantial evidence, but… that’s the only thing we could think.

I made my facial expression look like I’m half convinced and cocked my head in puzzlement.

– I see… even so, it’s a strange conversation.

When I answered so, Ichinomiya looked up at the ceiling.

– … Perhaps this may be as Shizukuishi-san says.

What? What does that mean?

Asagiri, who was listening to the conversation, supplemented.

– Nonnon… I mean, Shizukuishi-san thinks it’s a network problem. I don’t understand it well, but “somehow there are 2 data in the same place, and everything turned into chaos” she said.

Amazing. That’s the right answer.

– And the rest of the missing people logged in with another place as their home point, or they are lost in another… what was it? Oh, yes, another world? Game?

Hinasawa interjects while playing with a spoon.

– Well, I surely think there’s a possibility like that, but we haven’t tried to investigate. We’ll know that, yes, but it won’t make much difference.

Ichinomiya showed a bitter smile.

– That’s why Shizukuishi-san is like that. She irritates everyone’s nerves, and even if she finally says a good thing, she’s just not going to get along with everyone.

I see. Shizukuishi is the same as ever even in Exodia Exodus. I understand why she’s not here. Properly speaking, I also don’t want to participate in a party like this. That’s good, she sticks to herself.

I have the impression that Shizukuishi is strangely sharp, I mean, she’s clever. She wasn’t here, on the contrary, I’m very lucky. I approached carelessly and I was nonsensically scrutinized that I can’t bear it.  “I have to make sure to not approach that Tsundora”, that was approved now in an intracerebral conference.*

*TN: Tsundora is on a level higher than tsundere. Tsundora is formed by tsuntsun and dorai. Tsuntsun means aloof and dorai means unemotional.

Ichinomiya continued talking with a stiffened, posed look.

– ―― But we know the way to escape from this world. Maybe you also saw it, the vision you saw when you were thrown into this world.

I didn’t see it. I feel like I wasted my time a bit.  It feels like I carelessly hit the button repeatedly and skipped the demo scene?

– The Demon King’s Castle Infermia is at the east end of this continent. If we pass through the Hell’s Gate that is there, we can return to our world. But the castle is guarded by the Demon King and his subordinates. If we don’t defeat them, we won’t be able to finally reach Hell’s Gate.

I see. Their explanation is as I expected.

– However, the quest of the quite recent castle siege battle sprung forth, we jumped at it, but… we couldn’t do anything.

Ougiya bent himself forward while swinging a fork.

– I said it, didn’t I? It’s impossible. It’s impossible unless we raise our levels a bit more. How don’t you get that!?

Arisugawa, who was bringing the dishes, said like he was amazed while putting the plates on the table.

– But how much do we have to level up until we can capture the castle? Nobody knows that. Even Ougiya said “I’ll do the siege castle battle quest” at that time, right?

– Y-you’re wrong! I just said that I wanted to go home fast, and said that we could win.

– Then! Leaving this world is impossible!

– Huh? Don’t make fun of me!

The gal snapped at the thoughtless statement of Germany.

– How can I keep living in such a strange place!?  It reeks of games and otaku. If we don’t return soon, even bargains will start.

– That’s right, I want to go home fast. There are no decent men for me here.

All boys cried at Miyakoshi’s statement.

– I, I also… want to go home.

Yuuki, who had tears in her eyes, muttered with a very thin voice. Yeah, I understand you. Conversely, if you began to say『Eeh〜? I still don’t want to go home ☆』 , I’d be surprised.

Arisugawa also muttered, looking dispirited.

– “This is a game”, if we were visiting it, I would understand it. But I’m scared because we don’t know what it is. Either way, I also want to go home soon…

Hinasawa agreed greatly with that opinion.

– I agree. It’s strange that help hasn’t come… and if it doesn’t come, we have no choice but to escape with our own strength.

There are a few exceptions, but it looks like the opinion of the great majority says they want to go home. However, capturing the castle won’t happen anytime soon. If that’s the case, then I don’t have to worry about Infermia being captured for the time being, right?

Ichinomiya looked at me with a wry smile.

– Even if you ask us, there are still many things we don’t know yet. But we must figure out the things of this world quickly to return to our original world.

– Well… you’re right.

– Because of that, about this discussion… Doumeguri is a very rare case. He may be a clue to know about this world or a clue to the capture of Hell’s Gate. Besides, something special may happen to Doumeguri in the future.

Wait, something even more special will happen, you say?

– So, for the time being, I feel we have to support Doumeguri. It’s better that he doesn’t act alone until he gets used to this world. This place is more dangerous than we thought.

The hero is so kind to a small aloof like me. Though I didn’t expect this, I felt a bit happy.

But I can’t acknowledge it. The point is that they’ll be watching me, don’t you agree?

– … I’ll take it into consideration. Sorry, but I’m a bit tired. Can I enjoy myself with everyone in the future?

I say so, leave my seat and everyone sent me off with appropriate goodbyes such as 「Thanks for coming」and 「Good night」.

The original purpose of this party isn’t a welcome party for me. In short, everyone wanted an excuse to be in high spirits. Asagiri had a vexing facial expression, I guess it’s because I rejected their suggestion. I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to achieve my goal the day I’m being watched. It’s not me but you who should be watched over.




+      +      +




I left the Dancing Unicorn Restaurant and headed towards the guild hall. The outside is already pitch dark and the stars are twinkling in the night sky. I don’t know the constellations very well, so I don’t know if this is a real starry sky or a constellation peculiar to this world. Since it was built to this extent, the probability of being the latter is high. If you omit it, that is, if you just simply paste the texture of a random starry sky, you’ll recklessly dis it and debug it when you have returned to reality.

When I enter the guild hall, many adventurers and merchants are hanging out at this time. All of them are NPCs. Unlike living human beings, they can work 24 hours, it’s amazing. They don’t complain about being a corporate slave.

I go to the counter, if I complete the check-in, I can sleep in the rooms inside this place. I request so to the girl of the reception desk then enter the guest room area from the adjacent door. There’s no key as an item, but because an access right was granted, the door opens automatically. I go up the stairs and the moment I search for my room number, I heard a sound all of a sudden.

Is this… a singing voice?

The door that is in front of me was my room. However, I returned to the stairs and went up the stairs as if I was invited by that singing voice.

What is this? Could it be the starting event of a quest or something? This is the downtown, so a battle won’t start all of a sudden, I suppose? I warn myself and go up the stairs like I was attracted to the singing voice. There was only one door at the end of the stairs I went up.

So I ended up coming to the rooftop? Well, I came all the way here, so I’m not going to turn back.

I quietly open the door. Then, the refreshing night wind blew through the opening and made my hair wave. I go outside without making a sound. Like I imagined, this was the rooftop of the guild hall.

At that moment, I was captivated by the night view of Caldart spreading in front of me. The lightning of the market illuminated the mixed East and West exotic buildings as if illuminating them indirectly. The lights of the activities of people and shops are connected as if the street map of the city emerged.

And the girl who receives that light on her white skin and who sings a song as her black hair is swayed by the wind.

――Shizukuishi Non.

She stands on the edge of the roof, her face seen from the side stares off into the horizon. Her eyes felt like she’s trying to look further beyond the end of the world. She has a very beautiful voice and appearance.

Her black hair dances in the wind, giving the impression it’s dancing to match the song. Her clear voice and her somewhat cheerful face in profile were all beautiful. This, coupled with her magician costume that matched the fantasy world and the background of the city lights rising to the surface in the night, seems like a painting. To the extent I want to capture this right now as a poster of Exodia Exodus. Above all, Shizukuishi, who sings looking like she’s happy and like she’s enjoying it, is beautiful and lovely. She by no means looks like Shizukuishi. I approached the witch who sung like floating in the night city, like I’m attracted to her.

– ――!?

She stopped singing abruptly.

Shizukuishi noticed my presence and turned towards me. Her face had something put on that the usual Shizukuishi didn’t have.


And behind the lenses, the usual harsh look in her eyes isn’t there. Pure, clear and wide-open eyes were there. The well-known forehead wrinkles aren’t there. She had the appearance of a very pure, clean, graceful and Japanese-style beautiful girl.

– Doumeguri… kun? Why are you here?


She gazes at me with puzzled eyes. Her facial expression is so cute that I’m embarrassed to make eye contact. Is she really, really Shizukuishi? I didn’t want to doubt. This isn’t an NPC that actually resembled her, right?

– Ah, you see… I heard your song.

Shizukuishi’s face suddenly turned red. Then she opens her eyes wide and her mouth trembles.

Eh? She also flustered like this? She’s always brusque, expressing emotions is something she never does, so this is extraordinarily refreshing.

– No way, to think I was heard… I, of all people, was negligent――

Shizukuishi puts her hands on her cheeks to cool them down and her fingertips touched the frame.

At that moment, Shizukuishi hardened. And her red complexion became blue this time.

– Ah…!

She twists her fingers in an L shape with a tremendous force and moves her hands violently.

I can’t see but, but it looks like she’s operating the menu.

The next thing I know is that the glasses disappeared from Shizukuishi’s face. And her usual stern expression was there. She frowns, carves wrinkles on her middle forehead and glares at me with eyes half-closed.

Eh? The beautiful girl that was here until seconds ago, where did she go? An incredible atmosphere was in front of me, I even felt that a romance would start, but why did they change her with a girl with a terrible look in her eyes? Change her, change her.

That girl with a terrible look in her eyes squints and declares coldly.

– What do you want? If it’s nothing, leave. You’re interrupting me.

Hey, why are you saying that? Normally, 『What do you want』is for ending something. I don’t get the catch of this conversation. Was this a senryu or something?

– Well, I don’t want to get in your way… but I heard a song and I wondered what that was.

Shizukuishi closed her lips tightly. I think this was a scene she didn’t want to be heard or seen. She squinted even more and sent me a sharp gaze.

– Yes. You know now the origin, so you’re satisfied, right? I have no interest in you and you being near me bothers me. What if you return to the welcome party quickly?

– Well, I just came out of it…

Shizukuishi loosened her mouth slightly. She by no means had a certain friendly smile, but a scornful one. Just to be sure.

– Hmm… I see. Doumeguri-kun now has two aliases: aloof and stalker. That’s right. Even if you’re the main character, you have no place to belong to, because that’s something normal humans can’t do. You’re below the average. To think that even if you come to this world, your character can’t put on airs, I’m so embarrassed. *

*TN: Aloof and stalker were adapted by me. The original words are “loneliness” and “stealth”.

Damn you, give me back the exact same words that appraised you seconds ago from the bottom of my heart! Yeah, why did I end up approaching this person!? I just decided in my head that I would make sure to not get close to Shizukuishi, isn’t that right, you moron!? And stalker is something I hear for the first time!

– … It’s an honor to receive your praise.

I bluffed the best I could. This is the end of my turn. I mean, I want to surrender already. She told me to leave moments ago, so it’s fine if I do so?

– So, what were you doing for the last six months? Did you inspect every person to get an angle to see the panties of the NPCs?

– You! You think I turned around characters, swung the camera up and down, left and right until I got 3D motion sickness? I’m not that kind of person!

– … You’re the worst.

You’re wrong! That’s an example, an example! It wasn’t me! I heard that from a friend, a friend!

– But coming out in the middle of it was worth it. I could see Shizukuishi wearing glasses.

– … Kuh!

Fufufu, she’s vexed, she regrets it. It looks like she didn’t want to be seen wearing glasses. She cramps because she keeps suffering damage, I have to return the favor a little. By doing this, now we’re equal. I mean, I grasped Shizukuishi’s weakness, right? Doesn’t that mean this is my big advantage?

I leave this sharp parting remark with a calm attitude to Shizukuishi who hangs her head and glares at me with upturned eyes.

– Leaving jokes aside, I just came to this world today. I’m surprised that there was a gap of half a year though.

– Hee… is that so?

Hmm? Somehow, Shizukuishi’s aura changed again. I try to leave, but I stop my feet and gaze at Shizukuishi. Shizukuishi is fixedly staring at me. Like she licked me from my head to my toes.

Err… please don’t look at me too much? I feel like my body tissue was peeled off.

– What was your home point?

– Hmm? I don’t know well what a “home point” is. But, when I came to myself, I was in the middle of a field.

– I see…

Her voice sounded uninterested. This means the conversation is finally over. I’m saved!

This is quite strange. I don’t know what she’s thinking about, and I should try to never get near her.

– Alright, I――

– That’s very interesting.


Shizukuishi puts her palms together and brings them to her mouth. For some reason, she looked like she assumed the posture of praying.

– We have investigated the area around Caldart within a two-day walk range. But within that range, only Caldart, Lavagear and Sigineser sell the equipment you are wearing.

My heart jumped. Cold sweat rose to the surface in an instant.

– It takes a whole day to travel to both Lavagear and Sigineser. But Doumeguri-kun said he came to this world today. Those clothes aren’t the initial equipment. So, where did you get them?

Where did I get them? That’s… Infermia’s――,

My body felt cold. Despite that, the sweat doesn’t stop. I thought this shabby equipment was obtained everywhere, but I was wrong? Wait a minute. This is bad, she――

Then Shizukuishi continued talking in torrents.

– The direction Doumeguri-kun came from is an area where monsters around level 5 live. You just logged in, you have no decent armor or knowledge and you are by yourself, so how did you reach this place safely?

This woman, Shizukuishi Non is――

Shizukuishi tossed her hair back and walked towards me.  Then mutters while passing me.

– I correct the words I said before.

Correct? What?

Shizukuishi, who turned towards me as I turned around, smiled. Her still wrinkled up middle forehead and her smiling expression feel extremely challenging.

– It results now I’m interested in you. Well, then, have a good night.

She says so and disappeared beyond the door.

I, who was left alone on the rooftop, was glaring at the door Shizukuishi crossed.

――Shizukuishi Non. She’s dangerous.

Maybe I ended up doing something I can’t recover from.



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6 thoughts on “Ecstas Online – Volume 1 – Chapter 3

  1. and why I wasn’t -> and why wasn’t I

    What I head from-> What I heard from

    How you don’t get that!? -> How don’t you get that!?

    It’s no me but you -> It’s not me but you

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